changing negative thought patterns to positive ones; dealing with nonphysical entities; using the LBRP without tools; dealing with depression
November 26, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Nov 26 16:32:27 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<jsn> hi hermes
<jsn> btw
<jsn> I had dream
<jsn> I was watching my hand and rotating it
<jsn> very close view
<jsn> I was realizing things are odd
<jsn> but I got awake
<Hermestr> what was odd about your hand?
<jsn> in the dream
<jsn> there was black background and hand in close view
<jsn> it was odd
<Hermestr> maybe a small OBE there
<jsn> hand was very bright
<jsn> yeah it was just coming
<jsn> but I got awake
<Hermestr> yea sometimes you finally realize you are dreaming and then when you do you wake up
<Misery1> I have a Q-- if you just start positive self talk, is it normal that your mind can lash back by becoming extra negative
<Misery1> to sort of keep the balance
<Hermestr> it is normal but there is no balance that has to be there. You are just conditioned to talk negative so you tend to fall back into it easily
<Hermestr> as you rid yourself more of these kinds of thoughts and get used to talking and thinking in the positive this sort of thing will go away.
<Misery1> I see
<Hermestr> you will have to fight it for awhile
<Hermestr> your mind will not give up easily with the pattern it has learned
<Misery1> I know exactly what you mean
<Misery1> :)
<Hermestr> and then of course it does not help that everyone you talk to also talks in a negative fashion
<mayacaedo> just repeat your positive sort a lot of times every time a negative thought comes up
<Misery1> it's like I have to fight with myself
<Hermestr> yes, you need to cancel out that negative thought
<mayacaedo> s/sort/thought
<Hermestr> so always follow a negative thought or spoken word with a more positive one
<Hermestr> in a few years you will be amazed at how far you have come along with riding yourself of these negative speech and thought patterns
<Hermestr> you will see it most when you listen to other people talking or having a conversation.
<Misery1> in your book, you're saying that what we perceive to be reality is just a mirror of our own thoughts?
<Hermestr> yes, the outside, your created world around you is just a mirror for what is going on inside you
<Misery1> isn't it possible that people may respond to someone in a negative fashion not because that person thinks badly of themselves but because they are prejudiced in some way
<Hermestr> well if you were completely free of all prejudice within yourself than it would be impossible for others to be prejudice against you.
<Hermestr> if you do not have it, it will not be in your mirror
<Hermestr> generally speaking of course
<Hermestr> in real life
<Hermestr> it is hard to remove every speck of these things from yourself
<Hermestr> but with work you can clean up 90% of yourself
<Hermestr> sometimes you will clear out all of some negative aspect of yourself and then see it again later on in your reality
<Hermestr> it only means that somehow you let it slip back in
<Hermestr> it only takes one thought in that direction to let it slip back into your life a bit
<Hermestr> but at this point you have done all the hard work
<Hermestr> it is just a matter of making a note of it and trying harder.
<Misery1> I read in a book that every person is intruded on by extra physical entities
<Misery1> is this true?
<Hermestr> there are nonphysical entities around all the time...
<Hermestr> some of these critters can attach themselves to you and feed off your negative energy
<Hermestr> they can make you tired and make it even harder to be positive
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<Hermestr> because they like to keep you generating negative thoughts because they feed off them and the strong emotions they generate
<Misery1> so if I'm tired all the time and I wake up tired does this mean I'm being intruded on
<Hermestr> it could be
<Hermestr> it could be other things
<Hermestr> too
<Hermestr> like a lack of vitamins
<Hermestr> or not enough exercise
<Misery1> but are there any definite signs of intrusion
<Hermestr> yes,
<Hermestr> but you only really learn this once you are free of negative thought and action
<Hermestr> once you clean up your act these guys go elsewhere
<Hermestr> then when you slip back they come back and you feel the drain on you, because you did not have the drain before
<Misery1> so positive thinking is the only way to get rid of them
<Hermestr> that is one you have to do anyway yes
<Hermestr> you can also do dreamwork to get rid of them
<Hermestr> or out of body work
<Hermestr> to start you have to reduce your negative thoughts
<Hermestr> then you have to learn to control your emotions
<Hermestr> once you have cleared those two out pretty good, you can then go after any stubborn entities that may be attached to you
<Hermestr> this involves dreamwork and using your nonphysical sword to go in and slay these guys
<Misery1> can you explain what is dreamwork?
<Hermestr> basically you program up a dream where you are confronted with this entity. You then use your sword nonphysical to hack it up.
<Misery1> ohh that sounds cruel
<Hermestr> well
<Hermestr> sometimes you need to take affirmative action on these entities
<Hermestr> but that is advanced stuff for when you have worked out all the other stuff pretty good
<Misery1> thank you
<demonhhi> hey all
<Hermestr> hi demonhhi
<demonhhi> been enjoying myself lucid dreaming
<Hermestr> nice
<demonhhi> except when I realize I am awake with in the dream I get so excited that I really wake up
<Hermestr> yes your knowledge of dreaming bolts you out of the dream
<demonhhi> same thing happened trying to sit up will trying to get out of body- lost the vibrations
<Hermestr> yes at first you tend to move your body
<Hermestr> instead of your light body
<Hermestr> because you used too much effort
<Hermestr> it takes about 1/3 the energy to move the nonphysical body
<demonhhi> :) new muscles I have to learn to move
<Hermestr> yea, time to get them working again
<demonhhi> how do you clear up vision- it was like looking through a plastic bottle
<Hermestr> well just try to look at something
<Hermestr> usually it clears up when you force yourself to use that nonphysical sense
<demonhhi> I'm trying to hard- need to relax
<Hermestr> usually once you start moving about in the OBE the sight and sound problems go away
<Hermestr> as you said you have to learn how to use these new muscles
<demonhhi> ok - I just need more work then -
<demonhhi> question on rituals if you have time
<Hermestr> sure
<demonhhi> I do a middle pillar before meditation- I would like to do a LBRP too but I don't want to set up altar etc, can this be done mentally with the same effect
<demonhhi> not physically drawing the pentagram
<Hermestr> well you do not need the altar
<Hermestr> you should however draw the pentagram in the air with your finger
<demonhhi> not really an altar just a table with objects representing the elements,
<Hermestr> I do the LBRP anywhere
<Hermestr> I just use my finger
<demonhhi> I'm trying to make it less formal than I used too
<Hermestr> you can use the tools but as you said this is only good in your home space
<Misery1> where are you reading about LBRP and pentagram?
<Hermestr> if you are someplace else well than the finger has to do
<demonhhi> ok-
<Hermestr> but it does work well with the finger
<Misery1> I tried to get to Malkuth by meditating and repeating the name over again
<Misery1> is that right
<demonhhi> this site has all you need misery1
<Misery1> ah ok
<demonhhi> the golden dawn stuff adds many many many steps you don't need
<Hermestr> yes Misery that should get you started
<Hermestr> you may have to keep at it for a few weeks to see results
<demonhhi> get rid of all negativity first
<Hermestr> yes always feel free to take magick rituals and adjust them to your liking. They will work just as well with all the extra stuff stripped off them
<demonhhi> believe in yourself 100% in what you want
<Misery1> oh demonhi that might take a couple of years
<Hermestr> some people like all that extra stuff so they keep it in.
<demonhhi> oh well, you will have to go through those years anyway why not be happy
<Misery1> I don't think it's liking it.. it more like it becomes a part of one's identity
<Misery1> so when you think of losing it, you think you're lo9sing a part of yourself
<demonhhi> I like the way hermes has the rituals- nice and neat
<Hermestr> well I was never one for wasting time, so I took these rituals and just used what was needed.
<demonhhi> thanks, I get lost reading the Key to Solomon
<Hermestr> yea
<Hermestr> that is a complex piece of work
<demonhhi> I think they did that on purpose
<Hermestr> yes it was intentional at times
<Hermestr> to keep people who were not into it from using it
<demonhhi> aaaahhhh-
<demonhhi> I thought it was to impress themselves :)
<demonhhi> I'm a sync
<Hermestr> there was a fear of the information falling into the wrong hands or the uneducated
<Hermestr> that time is past
<Hermestr> this is the time of full disclosure
<Hermestr> of the information being able to be used by anyone, not just a fortunate few.
<demonhhi> its great we can study this in the open - they had to hide
<Hermestr> yea, there was the problem back than of losing their heads for talking about this stuff
<Hermestr> I suppose that is incentive enough to hide the information in double talk
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<demonhhi> could you explain if there is a difference between Kabbala, Cabala or Quabala,
<Hermestr> those are just different ways of spelling the same thing [Kabalah, Tree of Life]
<Hermestr> I know it is confusing all the words they use
<demonhhi> thought so but wasn't sure
<demonhhi> thanks again for the great site and the help- I bought a bunch of large clear quartz and plan to relax- have a safe holiday
<Hermestr> nice
<Misery1> hermes one more Q what is the cause of depression and how to cure it
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<Hermestr> with depression you get caught in a self creating mode and can't break out of it
<Hermestr> your depressed thoughts go on to create your reality even more depressing
<Hermestr> eventually you get stuck in a bad circle of it
<Hermestr> depression is something to watch out for
<Hermestr> it is the quiet demon
<Hermestr> it sneaks up on you when you least expect it and does the most damage
<Hermestr> depression shuts down the solar plexus
<Hermestr> the solar plexus is where most of your reality creation energy comes from
<Hermestr> so as this chakra shuts down it becomes harder and harder to make changes
<Hermestr> breaking out is not easy
<Hermestr> but you have to literally force yourself to be happy
<Hermestr> to laugh
<Hermestr> even if you are faking it at first
<Hermestr> laughter
<Hermestr> is the one emotion that can turn on your solar plexus
<Hermestr> and start the reality creation cycle again of a more positive reality
<Hermestr> but you will have to really force yourself to laugh and be happy
<Hermestr> go rent some videos
<Hermestr> laughter is the key to end depression
<Misery1> I watch TV all the time
<Misery1> but it doesn't help
<Hermestr> well only watch things that make you laugh
<Hermestr> turn off the news
<Hermestr> turn off the violence
<Misery1> I did a couple of years ago
<Hermestr> go cold turkey with that stuff, at least until you get out of your depression
<Misery1> I have.. I just can't find the will to live I used to have
<Misery1> I tried to find new hobbies but everything bores me
<Hermestr> well is the problem you are bored or unhappy
<Misery1> neither bored or unhappy
<Misery1> I just don't see the point of life
<Hermestr> well life does not have to have a point
<Hermestr> you can just live it one day at a time
<Hermestr> to be honest if you keep looking for the point you will never find it
<Hermestr> life is about the moment
<Hermestr> and what you can do with that moment
<Hermestr> how you can change yourself and your world from that moment
<Hermestr> try to help someone, that is always nice
<Hermestr> set yourself to task to help one person each day with something
<Misery1> ok
<Hermestr> getting out of your depression starts with doing something
<Misery1> thanks
<Hermestr> well I'm going to depart if there are no more questions
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