restless night's sleep; changing your belief systems; Jesus & Christianity; removing bad self esteem issues; using Malkuth; tree and plant consciousness
November 21, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 21 16:32:43 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<Hermestr> howdy
<Gamble-> greetings
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<Misery1> Hello
<Hermestr> hi misery
<Gamble-> hi again
<Misery1> Oh I'm so glad you are here Mr. Hermes
<Misery1> hi Gamble
<Hermestr> so how can I help you
<Hermestr> misery
<Misery1> I am reading your book
<Misery1> And I have been reading other books as well
<Misery1> I can intellectually accept what I am reading
<Misery1> But I have no energy to do anything
<Misery1> I sleep badly almost every night and when I wake up I feel very tired
<Misery1> So, I don't know what to do
<Hermestr> have you tried the obvious like exercise and vitamins
<Misery1> yes, yoga and I eat very healthy
<Hermestr> maybe you just need some sleep, what is preventing you from sleeping
<Hermestr> are you restless
<Misery1> I sleep 9-11 hours a night
<Hermestr> oh
<Misery1> yes I do sleep but it's very restless
<Hermestr> well that is certainly enough sleep[
<Hermestr> sleep
<Hermestr> is it hard to keep your muscles still at night when you are trying to sleep.
<Misery1> yes
<Hermestr> it feels like you have to move them
<Misery1> yes,
<Misery1> also, I hear a very loud ringing in my ear sometimes
<Hermestr> iron deficiency
<Misery1> really??
<Hermestr> yep
<Misery1> oh that could very well be true
<Hermestr> you can take an iron pill if you don't get enough in your diet
<Hermestr> veggy eaters have this problem allot
<Misery1> that's a good idea
<Hermestr> or
<Hermestr> drink some guinness [beer]
<Misery1> that makes sense, I'm 90% vegetarian
<Misery1> can I find this in a health food store?
<Hermestr> iron pills
<Hermestr> sure, or even the supermarket
<Misery1> I'll try that
<Misery1> thank you
<Hermestr> 30 mg a day should be fine
<Misery1> ok
<Hermestr> ok now with some good rest your energy level should come back up
<Hermestr> I'm glad you are enjoying the book
<Hermestr> many people have found it helpful
<Misery1> I am, I have downloaded it to my PDA so I can read on the train
<Hermestr> ah nice idea
<Hermestr> so what chapter are you currently working on?
<Misery1> I think Chapter 5
<Misery1> where you describe the mechanism, vortex accelerator etc
<Hermestr> ah, good one, that is where you learn how thoughts become manifested events
<Misery1> so is this really true?
<Misery1> it seems too good
<Misery1> well I guess I know your answer
<Hermestr> yes amazing actually
<Hermestr> many people have had such good results with it
<Hermestr> it is a matter of learning how to focus your thoughts and send them out properly
<Hermestr> creating what we want in our lives is supposed to be fun
<Hermestr> but along the way everyone forgot how to do it
<Hermestr> so now it is a very frustrating process to make something happen.
<Hermestr> but reality creating is allot like chemistry
<Misery1> I was thinking about what you said of negative thoughts
<Hermestr> if you mix the chemicals together properly it has to work
<Hermestr> send a thought out properly and it has to manifest
<Misery1> and I'm shocked at how negative my thoughts are about myself
<Hermestr> yea
<Misery1> almost as if I am my own enemy
<Hermestr> that gets lots of people
<Hermestr> once you see it you are amazed at how often your own thoughts just pull apart your reality
<Hermestr> then you start to wonder how you were able to create anything at all
<Misery1> yes
<Misery1> I also wonder whether I'm able to think positively about myself
<Misery1> it seems like the hardest thing in the world
<Hermestr> yea it will take some doing to change the momentum you have behind thinking that way.
<Hermestr> but you can do it
<Hermestr> just follow up every negative thought you catch with a positive one
<Misery1> do you think that I can change other people's opinion about me this way
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> once you change your own opinion your world will change to reflect it
<Hermestr> what you see outside yourself is just a mirror of what is inside
<Misery1> wow
<Misery1> yes
<Hermestr> yes that will change and you won't really have to say anything to anyone
<Misery1> oh wow this is quite amazing
<Hermestr> yea it will free you
<Misery1> thank you
<Hermestr> your welcome, glad I could help and thanks for being open enough to try it
<Hermestr> so what other books are you reading?
<Misery1> Autobiography of a Yogi
<Misery1> Excuse me your life is waiting by Lynn Grabhorne
<Misery1> Projection of the Conscioussness - on OBEs
<Hermestr> looks like you are really putting forth a good effort to change your life on a couple fronts
<Misery1> I have been reading this sort of books for years
<Misery1> and I believe them while I read, but it's hard to keep up the new outlook once the books is over
<Hermestr> ah, yes,
<Hermestr> it is hard because when you return to your regular life everyone around you reinforces the old patterns
<Misery1> that must be it
<Hermestr> in a way you need to be a hermit for a bit while you are trying to change your belief system
<Hermestr> work on it in private and try not to talk about it till you have had some success with it
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<Misery1> I don't talk to anyone about it really
<Misery1> but my family is very religious
<Hermestr> well that is good
<Misery1> and they think I have joined Satan's forces
<Hermestr> oh boy
<Hermestr> family can be hard for sure on a belief system change
<Hermestr> but you can do it
<Hermestr> you have to be real strong
<Misery1> I have come a long way already
<Misery1> I used to believe anyone who isn't a Christian goes to hell
<Hermestr> wow that is a big step.
<Hermestr> acceptance of others
<Hermestr> and their beliefs is important for your own self growth
<Misery1> but I do see the upside of their beliefs
<Misery1> it's very comforting to believe in Jesus
<Hermestr> well Jesus is an ascended master
<Hermestr> he is not going anywhere just because you changed your belief system
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<Hermestr> you can call to him in dreams or quite moments and your energy will connect to his and he will help you
<Misery1> really???
<Misery1> oh I'm not worthy of that much
<Hermestr> sure you are
<Hermestr> everyone is worthy
<Hermestr> you just believe you are not
<Misery1> why did He say He is the son of God?
<Hermestr> we are all sons of God
<Hermestr> he did not mean that just for himself
<Misery1> oh
<Hermestr> but it was interpreted that way in Christian doctrine
<Misery1> did he really die for sins?
<Hermestr> he accomplished great things in that life
<Hermestr> he showed everyone that ascension is possible
<Misery1> I think He was the greatest of all masters
<Misery1> because He was so kind to people
<Hermestr> in a way he did die to remove many of the sins of man. His whole life was devoted to unlocking the goodness of others
<Misery1> oh I'm so glad my parents are right after all
<Hermestr> he is a good ascended master to aspire to, if you feel the connection there
<Misery1> did you ever have an experience of talking to Him?
<Misery1> an OBE I mean
<Hermestr> yes, nonphysically in several OBE's
<Hermestr> amazing experience
<Hermestr> so much love and compassion in one being
<Misery1> oh WOW
<Misery1> does He really look like in the pictures with long hair and blue eyes?
<Hermestr> well that is an icon that was adopted
<Hermestr> so he can look like that if he wants too
<Misery1> :)
<Hermestr> I do not know what his actual face did look like
<Hermestr> I see him in many forms and faces even
<Misery1> if you don't' mind, what did He say to you?
<Hermestr> well in my first encounter with him he said I needed to focus more in my life
<Hermestr> my thoughts were not going to any one place
<Hermestr> and my heart was not yet open enough
<Hermestr> I had went to him to ask him what I needed to work on
<Hermestr> so that is why the response
<Misery1> what does it mean to open your heart?
<Hermestr> I held too many judgments of others
<Hermestr> I was
<Hermestr> not feeling the god within each person
<Hermestr> when you look at someone
<Hermestr> you need to see what is inside, the goodness
<Hermestr> you have to look past the faults
<Hermestr> you have to not judge a life because of what you see
<Hermestr> this closes the heart
<Hermestr> cuts you off from the energy of universal love and brotherhood
<Misery1> but what if this person thinks badly of you
<Misery1> or mistreats you
<Misery1> you have to forgive?
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> you must forgive your enemies
<Hermestr> you have to only see the goodness inside
<Misery1> but how can you forgive someone who insults you or hates you
<Hermestr> you have to
<Hermestr> if you don't you are trapped
<Misery1> I know
<Hermestr> your own hatred will fuel his
<Hermestr> it will never stop
<Misery1> but to forgive means that you don't really believe what they say about you
<Hermestr> why should you believe what they say about you
<Hermestr> you should only believe what you believe in yourself
<Misery1> but what if you don't believe in yourself in the first place
<Misery1> if you have low self esteem
<Hermestr> well
<Hermestr> then you have some work ahead of you
<Hermestr> you have to change that first
<Misery1> how?
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<Hermestr> first, don't believe what people say about you when they put you down
<Hermestr> realize this is just an opinion and not a fact
<Misery1> how do I know it's not a fact?
<Hermestr> life is perception
<Hermestr> nothing is set in stone, just what you perceive
<Hermestr> you are a good person
<Hermestr> you are worthy of love and wealth
<Hermestr> you are worthy of friendship
<Misery1> well you say so
<Hermestr> keep telling yourself that over and over
<Misery1> but when you hear the opposite a whole lifetime
<Hermestr> you have been brainwashed to think otherwise
<MedSoul> goodevening guys =)
<Hermestr> hi medsoul
<Hermestr> you can change that lifetime of brainwashing quickly
<Misery1> how?
<MedSoul> good to see u around hermes!
<Hermestr> keep telling yourself over and over again that you are worthy
<Hermestr> your are unique
<Hermestr> you are special
<Hermestr> every time you pull yourself down
<Misery1> just say it in my head?
<Hermestr> pull yourself back up with a positive affirmation
<Hermestr> yes say it to yourself in your head
<MedSoul> misery1 is the self affirming going ok?
<Hermestr> when you go to sleep at night
<Misery1> I have yet to try medousl
<Hermestr> say over and over to yourself that you are worthy, you are special
<Hermestr> make it last thoughts as you go off to sleep
<Hermestr> you will de-program yourself by doing this
<Hermestr> keep it up for 6 months a year
<MedSoul> hermes is it alright to slip in a question to you?
<Hermestr> you can change 20 years of bad programming in less than a year
<Hermestr> sure
<Misery1> okay I will do that
<Misery1> thank you Mr Hermes
<Hermestr> anytime you need a kick in the self-worth butt just drop in here or send me an e-mail. I kick well
<MedSoul> what and where is Malkuth?
<Misery1> =]
<MedSoul> hehe I like the self-worth butt kicking idea
<Hermestr> Malkuth surrounds and goes beyond the earth plane. You could say it reaches out past the moon
<Hermestr> it is located on the etheric plane
<MedSoul> that's a plane that requires high vibrations isn't it?
<Hermestr> no
<Hermestr> just that you leave your body in some way
<Hermestr> either in dreams or mediation or out of body travel
<Hermestr> everyone can reach Malkuth
<Hermestr> it is the entrance to the Tree of Life
<MedSoul> yeah =) I think I've been there a few times.. a sort of feeling I know this is Malkuth.
<MedSoul> ahh the tree of life..
<MedSoul> and here what can be learnt/done?
<Hermestr> Malkuth teaches you how to be a good human being
<Hermestr> how to remove the blockages in your life that hold you back
<Hermestr> how to relate to others
<Hermestr> and to yourself
<Hermestr> it teaches you how to acquire more advanced skills and knowledge
<MedSoul> wow! sort of a self-development realm
<Hermestr> yes, a very powerful place
<Hermestr> very physical like
<Hermestr> man's imagination comes from Malkuth
<Hermestr> all his dreams and creations
<Misery1> how do you go to Malkuth?
<MedSoul> I think Ii visited not so long ago. yes, very powerful! Man's imagination comes from Malkuth..? that's nice y' know because when I visited it, I felt many ideas from my own head emanate from it =)
<Hermestr> you can use dreams, out of body travel, or even meditation to visit Malkuth. Set your goals to appear there, and if you want to meet with the archangel Sandalphon who is there
<MedSoul> when I was last there, I was sat in a wood, around a rock, and water cascaded from a rock on my left. in the center of the clearing was an angel/lady who seemed to know me. it was very much a scene from lord of the rings!
<Hermestr> he will help you with Malkuth and will enable you to travel the rest of the Tree of Life when you are ready.
<Hermestr> yes medsoul, Malkuth is very fairytale like
<Hermestr> the angel could of been Sandalphon
<Misery1> Is this place real or just made up of human imagination
<Hermestr> Sandalphon can be either male or female.
<Hermestr> Malkuth is a real nonphysical place. It exists outside the earth, but the earth is a part of it
<MedSoul> wow maaaaan I think I have my focus in Malkuth very often!! if it is fairytale like, I have these visions often and strongly
<MedSoul> maybe I saw Sandalphon? I know he has been one on my list of entities to visit
<Misery1> MedSoul were you dreaming or awake?
<MedSoul> that's amazing
<MedSoul> I was awake, meditating. I had allot of emotional crap in my head and it needed a good guide. so I meditated and found myself at the place I believe is Malkuth
<Hermestr> Misery after several visits in dreams to this place your disbelief falls away pretty fast
<Misery1> I believe that
<MedSoul> Hermes, this place Malkuth, is there any other places like it? anything similar, but with different qualities and types of existence and lessons to be learnt?
<Misery1> but do you actually see it as if you're there, are the images real
<Hermestr> Malkuth is a large place, you can do all sorts of things there. In the other Sephira you learn other things
<Hermestr> Misery, you can fully feel it if you are in an out of body state, from a meditation it is more like watching a movie
<Hermestr> in a dream it would depend on the dream whether or not it felt real or not
<Hermestr> in a dream it depends on how much of you is out of your body when you visit Malkuth.
<MedSoul> ahh ok, is there some material I can read about the other Sephira, including the Tree Of Life. I'm very unsure of the boundaries of these places and seeing as I find myself allot here I need to read up!
<MedSoul> thanks =)
<Misery1> but a lot of people meditate
<Misery1> and I've never heard any of them having such an experience
<Hermestr> have any of them tried
<Hermestr> I teach active meditation
<Hermestr> one where you focus on going someplace and going there
<Hermestr> you can also do the other, and you should, but some of your meditations can be more active
<MedSoul> out of body experiences are real, very real Misery1!
<Hermestr> you can go places, do things
<Hermestr> see people, nonphysical teachers and masters
<Misery1> really?
<Misery1> so how do you do it?
<Misery1> I thought when you meditate you just think of your breath
<MedSoul> (wow this great stuff Hermes! thanks, will be reading for many hours now!)
<Hermestr> well misery that is one form of meditation, but like I said you can take it to the next level
<MedSoul> meditation is a key not just to relax and allow us to breath, its about opening the door to a new unseen world full of surprises and knowledge for you and others to use
<Hermestr> I recommended that every third meditation be a travel meditation
<Hermestr> yess well put medsoul
<Misery1> hehehe
<Misery1> are you serious?
<Misery1> do you have to take mushrooms or something
<MedSoul> mine seem to be traveling ones allot Hermes. and chakra ones now and again
<MedSoul> we are both as serious as life itself =)
<MedSoul> haha no misery!
<MedSoul> drugs can propel you in some mad unpredictable direction
<Misery1> seriously I feel this is the twilight zone
<MedSoul> its better to consciously decide where!
<Misery1> wow and I thought the most exciting life could get is a trip to the supermarket
<MedSoul> Hermes, quick question. is this info on Sephira in the Reality Creator 1 book or the Non-Physical one?
<MedSoul> Misery1, its about time you started thinking 'no boundaries' =_
<Misery1> well I must go
<MedSoul> * =)
<Misery1> thank you Hermes for your advice I really appreciate it :)
<Misery1> bye
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<MedSoul> bye
<Hermestr> the tree of life stuff is in reality creator 2
<MedSoul> great! have been meaning to order the RC1 for so long now. will do it tommorow and if I don't I will kick myself damn hard
<Hermestr> RC1 goes into the physical side
<Hermestr> which is the first step
<MedSoul> along time ago Hermes, I read a workshop discussion (or maybe it was recent, I cant remember), and it was about things in ones life being part of that being..
<Hermestr> than in rc2 you learn how to create on the nonphysical plane
<MedSoul> yeah, I decided that I wanted to get RC2, but seeing as my 30 percent knowledge of physical creating was good, it was better to go for the RC1 first =)
<MedSoul> and that an object had a consciousness that could take on your energy and become part of you
<Hermestr> yes, like how a computer can mirror your own emotional state at times
<MedSoul> yes I know that all to well hehe
<MedSoul> and also that these objects or consciousness' have an assigned overseer's?
<MedSoul> in the non-physical that is.
<Hermestr> there is a Soul that watches over consciousness
<Hermestr> it is the mother aspect of divinity
<Hermestr> is this what you mean?
<MedSoul> so these souls are entities or energies that have been assigned for such things as consciousness and out of body travels, for instance?
<Hermestr> well you can have an out of body spirit guide
<Hermestr> his duty is to watch over you during your OBE's
<MedSoul> yes, any answer is welcomed =) my question lead to.. do trees have some sort of consciousness? and if they do, where does it come from?
<Hermestr> ah tree consciousness
<Hermestr> trees and plants are bits and pieces of larger beings
<Hermestr> they place a portion of their consciousness into a tree or plant so that they can experience a piece of physical reality
<MedSoul> (and the OBE soul who is in charge of all and that realm is Sandalphon?)
<Hermestr> their consciousness is too massive to incarnate into the physical plane
<MedSoul> ahh yes!! that's the one I'm hammering on about =)
<Hermestr> Sandalphon is the being responsible for assigning an out of body guide
<MedSoul> wow!! yes I want to hear more from where that came from Hermes..
<Hermestr> there are vast intelligences that span entire galaxies and more
<Hermestr> these beings are too large to incarnate into the physical plane
<MedSoul> and the larger beings? who are they and what can be learnt?
<MedSoul> they must be huge!!
<Hermestr> well you can't really learn to much from them because they are very far from the human experience
<Hermestr> you would have to evolve a few eons to get there
<MedSoul> that-is-awesome
<Hermestr> but they help humanity reach and evolve higher by lending pieces of themselves and putting them in the physical plane
<Hermestr> like a tree
<Hermestr> everyone takes things like trees and plants for granted
<Hermestr> however did you ever think about how hard it is to be a tree
<MedSoul> ahh, like a helping hand. so, in the essence of earth and the physical reality, this place holds many hundreds of forms of consciousness and therefore is a great place to be =)
<Hermestr> a plant or tree lives in two realities at once
<Hermestr> in the air and in the ground
<MedSoul> I guess your right!
<Hermestr> it is no small feat to stay focused like that
<MedSoul> I've always marveled!! especially at Redwood trees. they are my favorite..
<Hermestr> yes I can have much respect for a tree
<MedSoul> so, they have so much focus that they can do this?
<Hermestr> yes they are very focused beings and that is just a small part of the entire being
<Hermestr> it is these kinds of massive beings that create entire galaxies
<MedSoul> me too. I live next to a wood and it is my heart that lays in every leaf, animal and tree in that place
<Hermestr> realities, dimensions
<MedSoul> ahhhhh im getting the bigger picture now =)
<MedSoul> and smaller components make up these consciousness's?
<Hermestr> yes
<MedSoul> how did they ever get first formed?
<Hermestr> consciousness builds on one another
<Hermestr> they were first formed at the beginning of creation, when the creator had that first thought
<MedSoul> much like humans that evolved from worms or fish? single celled organisms and such
<Hermestr> yes
<MedSoul> this, as we speak, is opening many dormant doorways for me I'm pleased to say hermes =)
<Hermestr> our journey is to move upward. In the case of these massive energy beings they have a reality where they seed other realities
<Hermestr> they take parts of themselves and place them all over the universe
<MedSoul> so, if say, I hug a tree and concentrate on opening to its energy, what am I likely to receive and feel?
<Hermestr> they experience the universe from a nonspecific sort of place
<MedSoul> so this helps them grow in effect?
<Hermestr> you can and will feel the part of that massive being
<Hermestr> yes it is how they are growing and evolving
<MedSoul> like having eyes all around the world I must say =)
<Hermestr> and that being will be aware of you to a certain degree
<Hermestr> they have tremendous focusing power and can be aware of themselves in many places at once all over the universe
<MedSoul> interesting, I've done it before and felt that larger consciousness and wondered exactly what it was..
<MedSoul> so they may actually be aware of my being there?
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> if you are really still
<Hermestr> you will feel them probing you as you pass
<Hermestr> especially true in real old trees
<MedSoul> wow, no wonder why I spend so much golden time in the wood!
<MedSoul> I know what you mean.
<MedSoul> would that probing be the massive consciousness sort of checking you out?
<Hermestr> no it is actually very subtle because you are being probed by the tree consciousness, not the entire being
<Hermestr> it can be a powerful experience once you tune into it
<MedSoul> (ahh, my angel experience meditation appears it was in the East of Malkuth)
<Hermestr> yes knowing what direction you are in Malkuth can be helpful
<MedSoul> yes I've noticed it to some degree. does that tree know of its day to day existence?
<MedSoul> yeah I think this was so because it was emotional related and the lady appeared very fairylike, very much the surroundings too
<Hermestr> these consciousness are aware of time to a certain degree
<Hermestr> but they live outside of time too
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<Hermestr> I'd say they are only dimly aware of days in the way we keep count of them
<MedSoul> possibly they drift in and out when needs be?
<MedSoul> this may be a stumper, but what would a tree-consciousness appear like to human?
<Hermestr> some form of energy
<Hermestr> consciousness is energy in its most basic form
<Hermestr> it forms a physical body around it in the physical plane
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<Hermestr> in the case of people it is a body of flesh
<Hermestr> in the case of a tree it is a body of wood
<Hermestr> but inside is energy
<Hermestr> aware energy
<MedSoul> hello Attuned! Great to see u here!
<Hermestr> hi attuned
<Attuned> hello
<MedSoul> ahh, so energy can form the physical energy around it to be a part of that reality?
<Hermestr> yes, that is how you are here
<Hermestr> your energy bonded with a fetus and it grew
<Hermestr> 9 months later.... blop
<Hermestr> same thing for a tree
<Hermestr> they bond with the seed
<Hermestr> help it to grow
<Hermestr> and in 30 years or so, you have a big tree with energy consciousness at the center
<MedSoul> wow! when I focus on my energy body, I latterly feel my self lift up and my body becomes as hard as the path I walk and as cool as the air..
<MedSoul> hehe
<Hermestr> difference in trees is that they are more aware of themselves outside of the physical plane
<MedSoul> ahh ok
<Hermestr> you are still learning how to be conscious of yourself in multiple dimensions at once
<Hermestr> so it seems
<Hermestr> that you are locked in that body of yours
<Hermestr> but you are not.
<Hermestr> your consciousness is pure energy ,
<Hermestr> it can go anywhere it wants.
<Hermestr> of course not a good idea in rush-hour traffic
<MedSoul> yes, I've been working on this awareness..
<MedSoul> hehe no, the path in the woods, and I wouldn't be surprised if the trees were helping me!
<Hermestr> a tree can help you to ground yourself better into the earth
<MedSoul> so what tyes my own consciousness with my physical wonder-body?
<Hermestr> sit on the ground with your back against the tree
<Hermestr> and feel the energy as it goes up and downward
<MedSoul> ahh and back into the earth?
<Hermestr> yes
<MedSoul> I read a VERY important book the other day. it was about the need for psychic protection
<Hermestr> trees touch the sky and earth, you can use it as a psychic telescope too to extend your reach
<Hermestr> ok I must depart now
<Hermestr> I will be back on Tuesday
<Hermestr> attuned stop by on Tuesday earlier
<Hermestr> we can chat
<MedSoul> I like the sounds of that =) ill try this when I'm in the woods next. I managed to connect to what I believe to be my higher self last time I stilled in the woods
<MedSoul> Hermes, take care and thank you with the greatest of love and light for the chat =) g'night
<Hermestr> yes good chat catch you all later
* Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Nov 21 18:52:44 2002

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