sensing dark energy; the group mind and reality creating; keeping silent about your creations till they have manifested; using energyballs and the creation technique; freeing yourself from the clock and experiencing the fluidic nature of time
November 14, 2002 (workshop log file)

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<Hermestr> howdy
<justiceo> hi hermes
<Hermestr> how is everyone today
<justiceo> good here how are you?
<Hermestr> life is going well
<justiceo> what is the topic today?
<Hermestr> whatever you want to talk about
<justiceo> hermes have you ever experienced a reality shift?
<Hermestr> what do you mean by that
<justiceo> like buildings changing places you have been many times are different but in a physical sense
<justiceo> like billboards saying negative things on them where they used to be advertisements
<Hermestr> yes I have noticed signs changing or things being in places where I did not see them before
<Hermestr> that is a sign that you have switched probabilities
<justiceo> what does that mean?
<Hermestr> and that you have gone in another direction in your life
<Hermestr> it happens when you jump a great number of probability streams from the one you were on
<justiceo> so I switched destinies?
<Hermestr> usually it means your life is changing quickly or you have recently changed something you were creating,
<Hermestr> yes in a way but not so much on a grand scale
<justiceo> would it manifest as noticeably? like the city of Hollywood changing and it looking all satanic and stuff
<justiceo> I was driving around with a friend and he could see it too
<Hermestr> it depends on how great the shift was. Sometimes only one or two things will seem out of place other times lots of things can seem out of place
<justiceo> the ministry cd psalm 69 also changed. if you look at the cd itself there is like a moon or clock on it. the whole thing moved from the 2 o-clock position on the cd to about 6 o'clock
<justiceo> then the next day a friend told me about some asteroid they discovered that was heading towards earth
<justiceo> some other pictures changed as well
<justiceo> they are still different
<Hermestr> this does happen from time to time
<Hermestr> after awhile you get used to this sort of thing
<justiceo> and LA (Hollywood and Beverly Hills) was covered with all sorts of satanic symbols
<justiceo> and it felt very creepy
<justiceo> my friend was freaking out
<Hermestr> but it helps to know what you are creating in your life, so you can be sure of the direction it is now going
<justiceo> ;)
<Hermestr> the other possibility
<Hermestr> is that you are just picking up on some dark energy that for the moment is passing through
<justiceo> ahh that makes sense. it was pretty realistic though the billboards had all changed the words on them saying really negative things like you aren't going to make it
<justiceo> and you're not good enough
<justiceo> could these be concealed under vibrational illusions? so your subconscious picked them up and not your conscious
<justiceo> like subliminal messages?
<justiceo> the doorways to some of the houses in Hollywood also glowed red
<Hermestr> yes sounds like you were picking up on some dark energy for sure
<Hermestr> most likely it will just pass and things will go back to normal
<justiceo> so this world exists as well?
<Hermestr> it sounds like you are very sensitive to this stuff
<justiceo> it did after I went to sleep
<justiceo> it was on my birthday
<Hermestr> well you were picking up etheric plane messages or energy
<justiceo> happy birthday heh
<Hermestr> it was not actually physical but you saw it that way
<Hermestr> your consciousness was able to tune into that finer reality and you saw what was there
<Hermestr> energy like that moves in waves like a storm does
<justiceo> it looked very real not like outlines
<Hermestr> but on the etheric plane you can see this energy as it moves in and out
<Hermestr> of course it did
<Hermestr> the etheric plane is real
<Hermestr> just normally you do not pick up on it
<justiceo> I was also surfing the net around this time and found all sorts of weird things on government websites and such
<Hermestr> well of course the purpose of this energy is to effect you on a physical level
<Hermestr> so it would have some effect on you
<Hermestr> most people are unaware of these things and they just react to them not knowing why
<justiceo> like education 2000, the sample lesson plans they had for new curricula for kids was based around ritual magic
<justiceo> sigil creation and weird things like that
<Hermestr> however as you evolve and become more sensitive to these things you sense it and are able to fight it off like your body fights off an invading infection
<justiceo> so the kids didn't know what they were doing but they were demonic looking symbols with upside down crosses and such
<justiceo> yeah I can fight off days where the energy level has dropped
<justiceo> everyone else is lethargic and I am energized
<justiceo> I downloaded all of the stuff I found on the web but my computer was stolen soon after
<justiceo> really pissed me off that is my lively hood ;(
<Hermestr> sorry to hear that, about the computer
<justiceo> yeah that and most everything else I owned. it has been a tough time
<justiceo> now I am living with my parents in Buffalo NY
<justiceo> ;( this place is boring
<justiceo> but a good time to reconstruct my life from the ground up
<Hermestr> yes, you may as well use this as a good opportunity to start over
<justiceo> do you use tarot cards at all?
<Hermestr> yes I used them more at the beginning and less now that I am more aware of what I am creating
<Hermestr> they are good to check your reality creating with when you are uncertain what energy you are sending out
<justiceo> do you recommend any deck?
<Hermestr> just anyone that you like will work fine
<Hermestr> I used the wait deck
<Hermestr> and then later the mythic tarot
<Hermestr> and then the golden dawn deck
<Hermestr> I still like the wait deck the best
<justiceo> what is the wait deck?
<Hermestr> on the bottom of that page you will see some of the cards from the wait deck
<justiceo> so you use the tree of life in OBE's?
<Hermestr> yes you can use it to navigate to know where you are
<Hermestr> what may happen when you travel the tree of life is you will either see the colored tunnels telling you were you are going or...
<Hermestr> you will get these card images, or even visit a place similar to the card.
<Hermestr> for example
<Hermestr> between Malkuth and Netzach is the moon
<Hermestr> there is a nonphysical place there where you will see two towers one black and one white.
<Hermestr> Sandalphon the archangel in Malkuth will sometimes send you on a quest to this place to bring something back.
<Hermestr> the nonphysical quest in itself helps you to acquire certain energies you need to go further into the tree of life.
<justiceo> what does an OBE feel like?
<Hermestr> OBE feel much like being awake does
<Hermestr> just a bit lighter and more free feeling
<Hermestr> but of course that depends where you are and what nonphysical body you are in
<justiceo> do you realize at first you are OBE?
<Hermestr> at the beginning most of your trips will be in your most dense nonphysical body and on the etheric plane so things will be pretty much physical like
<Hermestr> later on you can travel to other dimensions and there you may not have a body at all and where you go may be energy or very different from the physical plane.
<justiceo> that must be an interesting feeling
<Hermestr> yes
<justiceo> have you thought about mass marketing your book?
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<til-> hermes hello :) its tiKklu
<justiceo> the internet is really powerful to promote new ideas
<Hermestr> yes it is a good time to move this idea
<til-> :)
<justiceo> I have bought a ton of books over the past few years. Luckily I did manage to hold on to most of them
<Hermestr> yea some of those books are not in print any more
<justiceo> a lot of people are waking up and need direction. I was one of those people
<Hermestr> I had an entire set of Enochian physics books and they got lost in moving, now they are all out of print and I can't get them
<justiceo> so I hit the internet and the book stores
<Hermestr> yea the internet is the best place to find this kind of information
<justiceo> the Celestine Prophecy kind of helped but that is a little too vague
<Hermestr> yes that book was a good primer for people just getting into it
<justiceo> but it is kind of hard to find reliable information and most of the sites with good info are hard to use
<justiceo> or are too hippy ;)
<justiceo> I have not found much practical information out there
<justiceo> it is kind of vague or too general
<Hermestr> yea putting all the info into some kind of order is a task and a skill
<Hermestr> I have tried various ways of putting the info over the years and worked on a format that was easy and not cryptic
<justiceo> I like how you explain hermetic magic in a straight forward manner
<Hermestr> thanks, that took me about 4 months to work on that
<justiceo> and show the similarities and principles
<Hermestr> I worked a little at a time. I wanted to get it just right
<justiceo> how did you figure it out?
<Hermestr> well it is a matter or understanding how magick works and why and then figuring out how to distill it down to its core
<Hermestr> which was the purpose of the series
<Hermestr> to get rid of all the cloak and dagger around the issue
<Hermestr> but I would have to say that it was a challenge to present it just right
<justiceo> that is important. it seems a lot like computer programming, you tend to get lost in the fancy terms
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> good analogy
<Hermestr> take a program and break it down to just what it does, leave the rest behind
<justiceo> it took me a while to figure out that a variable is a unit of memory
<Hermestr> :)
<justiceo> I kept trying to apply variable as in algebra, where it is an unknown
<justiceo> keep it simple. there is genius in simplicity. you won't find much genius in complexity
<justiceo> I have invented several software systems on that principle
<justiceo> and they work better than anything else on the market
<Hermestr> yes, in my discovery of the universe I have found that the universe works best when things are as simple as possible
<justiceo> too bad at the time my business skills aren't as strong as now
<justiceo> live and learn
<Hermestr> yea timing is everything with stuff like that
<Hermestr> but you may get another shot now that you have the knowledge
<Hermestr> and the wisdom
<justiceo> absolutely, only people who are not tapped into the creative current like complexity
<justiceo> it gives them a sense of mystique so what they do seems harder than it is
<justiceo> hopefully. I still haven't given up
<justiceo> but now my creations have a much more philosophical and humanitarian bent to them
<Hermestr> great you keep trying and so will I with promoting the books
<justiceo> sounds good.
<justiceo> books are the key to the universe for me
<Hermestr> yes these reality creating glitches happen for a reason. Usually you have to change a bit or learn something before you can progress
<justiceo> I have learned everything I know out of a book
<justiceo> and practicing
<justiceo> absolutely like scenes in a play or movie
<justiceo> you can't move to act 2 without experiencing act 1 completely
<justiceo> so you can move your life at whatever pace you want. I am still pretty young but I don't feel that way at all
<justiceo> I have lived a lot and learned a lot of tough lessons.
<justiceo> doesn't time move slower in the non physical? like a minute here is hours there or something?
<Hermestr> well some people bring their wisdoms with them from previous lives and use them straight out of the gate.
<Hermestr> it is a great time saver for sure
<Hermestr> time in the physical is fluid
<justiceo> true, it seems that I learn from my mistakes a lot quicker than most people. I can break habits easily
<Hermestr> it speeds up and slows down but you don't notice it too much because the clock brainwashes you into thinking it is linear
<justiceo> so time is really only the NOW?
<Hermestr> that is why in a dream time seems to be erratic when compared to the physical plane
<justiceo> standard time wasn't even invented until the railroads in 1850's
<justiceo> I can't really recall my dreams to well
<justiceo> so you can put all of your focus into the NOW and speed up reality creation??
<Hermestr> you can bend time
<Hermestr> slow it down or speed it up once you realize you can
<Hermestr> the idea is to focus on the goal not the clock
<Hermestr> you want to complete 5 tasks in an hour, but these tasks take over an hour to do
<Hermestr> instead of looking at the clock, visualize yourself completing these tasks in completion on time
<Hermestr> then go do the tasks
<Hermestr> works good also for catching trains and buses
<Hermestr> and getting to the office on time
<justiceo> so you visualize the result?
<Hermestr> yes, forget the clock and just focus on the result
<Hermestr> you will bend time to your will
<Hermestr> practice this on small things first than expand it as your power over time grows
<Hermestr> look at your day not as a matter of time but what you want to accomplish in that day
<Hermestr> than forget the clock
<justiceo> so if we focus on results and don't worry about measurement then we can transcend the limitations of time
<Hermestr> most likely you will be amazed you could do all those things in one day
<Hermestr> yes,
<Hermestr> it is the belief reinforced by the clock that time is stable that prevents you from doing this.
<Hermestr> but once the secret is out, so is your power to control time released from the bottle
<justiceo> I tend to recognize the numbers and their significance on the clock more like 11:11
<justiceo> so if you tell anyone?
<justiceo> it won't work ?
<Hermestr> well when trying to create into a deadline it is always better to keep silent about it...
<Hermestr> not because it does not work
<Hermestr> but because you do not want another person influencing this creation
<Hermestr> when you share a creation in progress with another person you put that creation into the group mind
<justiceo> this is true I have seen this at work in a political fashion as well
<Hermestr> it can than be affected by others to a degree
<Hermestr> this kind of thing will diminish as your reality creation power grows, but at the start it is best to remove all the unknowns from the equation.
<justiceo> I find that when I have ideas I am bursting over with energy and I can focus or sit still unless I express it
<Hermestr> yes exactly
<Hermestr> the energy is yours to use
<Hermestr> once you verbalize it
<Hermestr> you let the energy out of the bottle and you could lose control over that creation.
<Hermestr> the trick is to know when you can release such a creation into the group mind.
<justiceo> I have accomplished a ton of things in a short period of time in my career working by myself
<Hermestr> there you go, now you know why
<justiceo> it is much trickier working within a team
<Hermestr> yes group mind stuff can be baffling at times
<justiceo> when is the best time to introduce things into the group mind?
<Hermestr> after you have cultivated it and you can start to see that it is breaking into physical manifestation
<Hermestr> look for small signs that the time is right
<til-> hermes :)
<justiceo> ahh I see so keep quiet initially until it starts to take form and then release it into the group because it has more credibility
<Hermestr> yes and because you may want to get the group mind to add its energy to it
<justiceo> so they see that it is actually happening and they had better get on board
<Hermestr> this only applies to things that require the group mind to create
<Hermestr> with personal stuff it is always best to be silent about it till it fully manifests
<Hermestr> you create some things on a personal level and other things with others.
<justiceo> what about a diary or journal does that diminish the energy for creation?
<Hermestr> that is a very good tool for focus
<Hermestr> and to gather energy
<Hermestr> unless you let others read the diary it can be a useful reality creation tool
<justiceo> rather than talk to other people. that is what would focus my energy before. but they have to be on my level creatively
<justiceo> or emotionally
<justiceo> how can I best manifest something when I have a ton of energy from an idea but I cannot do anything physical to start manifesting it immediately?
<Hermestr> if there is that much energy around a project but the timing is not right, it usually means the idea has to be refined or changed first
<Hermestr> you can spend your energy figuring out how to make this fit more closely into your reality
<justiceo> are there any good techniques?
<Hermestr> well you could try to manifest it on a smaller scale in some protected way, so that the energy will evolve the idea naturally
<Hermestr> evolve the idea^
<justiceo> like a prototype
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> that would get the energy going and moving and in the right direction so it can change into something more stable.
<Hermestr> usually with great ideas
<justiceo> are there any good metaphysical techniques?
<Hermestr> yea patience
<Hermestr> as far as making something manifest physically the energyball routine works well
<justiceo> like say I applied for a job and I really wanted the job. I have a ton of energy for getting it and I apply it to my resume and send it off. are there any other ways of increasing the probability of getting an interview?
<Hermestr> yea use visualizations or my energyball routine to load up the etheric plane with that energy
<Hermestr> or you could use magick too
<Hermestr> basically you want to visualize yourself being on the interview, getting a call to come in, that sort of thing
<Hermestr> then send that off and every now and then keep sending that out. Maybe 3 or 4 times a day, no more
<Hermestr> it is best if you can put it out of your mind after you do the exercise
<justiceo> where do I send it. I can see the energy ball and feel it.
<justiceo> where should it go?
<justiceo> and what should I put in it?
<Hermestr> you visualize an energy vortex, or try to see it, and send it into it
<justiceo> what do they look like?
<Hermestr> a vortex is a swirling mass of energy going into a black hole
<Hermestr> thoughts get sucked into them
<justiceo> ahh ok I have created vortexes before
<justiceo> so you create a vortex to and put the ball in there?
<Hermestr> yes you keep doing that a couple times a day
<Hermestr> till it manifests
<til-> it manifests
<Hermestr> yes
<til-> :)
<justiceo> how would you put a job interview into the ball?
<Hermestr> just imagine yourself on the job interview
<Hermestr> gently push that into the ball between your hands
<Hermestr> then gently push the ball into a vortex, see it go into the vortex in your imagination
<Hermestr> then forget bout it for a few hours at least
<Hermestr> this technique teaches you the right amount of energy and visualization that is needed to bring about a manifestation you want.
<justiceo> so don't put to much energy into it
<Hermestr> eventually you will not need the energyball
<Hermestr> exactly, you just put enough than forget about it
<justiceo> I used to drown other people out in my energy. I seem to have a lot for creating
<justiceo> but I have gotten better at controlling it.
<Hermestr> good, that can offset people and then they can offset your own reality creating
<justiceo> can other people help you reality create more effectively as part of the group mind
<Hermestr> yes but only when that creation helps others as well.
<Hermestr> or if those people are very positive and supportive people in your life
<justiceo> like prayer groups and such
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<Hermestr> yes prayer groups are a good example of the use of the group mind to create change
<Hermestr> it is important the that group mind be all focused on the same thing and that there are not any conflicting options on the matter.
<Hermestr> ok I have to end the session
<Hermestr> but will be back next Thursday to continue
<justiceo> cool what about Tuesday?
<Hermestr> I have to go out at workshop time
<Hermestr> so I can't do a workshop on Tuesday
<Hermestr> not this Tuesday anyway
<Hermestr> take care good questions today...
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