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June 20, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jun 20 17:34:00 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
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*** Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<jsn> hi demon
<demonhhi> hi-
<demonhhi> any topics yet?
<jsn> nope, anything you would like to talk about?
<demonhhi> using clear crystals with meditation -
<Hermestr> what you want to know about it
<demonhhi> when I have them surround me I can feel it- but when I hold one in my hand it feels cold-
<Hermestr> your energy will respond to the crystals surrounding you
<demonhhi> I just thought with energy in them they would warm up
<Hermestr> so you will feel the energy or heat from them as you meditate
<Hermestr> however the crystal itself has an internal temp regulation, it will always try to radiate a temp of 72deg F
<Hermestr> not sure what that is in C
<demonhhi> I'm not metric
<demonhhi> how do I use the crystals to store energy so I can use them for lucid dream/obe
<Hermestr> I like to put them under my pillow or under the bed where my head is
<Hermestr> this will radiate the energy back into you as you sleep
<demonhhi> ok - I don't need to touch- just be in their field
<jsn> gambot_ convert 72 Fahrenheit
-GamBot_:#energyworks- 22.2 Celsius = 71.10 Fahrenheit = 295.4 Kelvin
<Hermestr> thanks jason for getting that info from the bot
<Hermestr> correct. You only need to be in their field to get the energy from them
<Hermestr> herkimer diamonds are especially good for dream recall, if you can find some of them
<demonhhi> are they pricey
<Hermestr> they can be, but I have found if you look around you can get a bargin on them
<Hermestr> ten dollars perhaps for one about 1 inch by 1 inch
<Hermestr> mostly you find the real small ones
<Hermestr> 1/4 inch in size or less
<Hermestr> they will work too even though they are small
<demonhhi> I make a circle around me of about 35 quartz , some are big- makes the skin tingle abit
<Hermestr> with the real small ones you should somehow wear it
<Hermestr> hehe
<Hermestr> yea
<Hermestr> it will pull at you for sure with that much quartz
<demonhhi> I love meditation for the calm, the quartz adds some fun
<Hermestr> the extra energy of quartz really does turn up the meditation quite a bit and bring on experiences much more easily than plain old meditation without crystals
<Hermestr> when I go away I make sure I take some of my crystals with me for meditation
<Hermestr> once you meditate with quartz and get used to it, you really don't want to go back to the old way.
<demonhhi> they become like friends
<Hermestr> yes they all have their own feel to them and are each unique.
<demonhhi> I like your LBRP better than the drawn out golden dawn
<Hermestr> I have one crystal I call my library crystal, as it has all sorts of information inside it that I can tap into and get when I need it.
<demonhhi> it is the same but they add some much
<Hermestr> I like to strip these formulas down to their essence and get rid of the extra stuff that does not really do much.
<demonhhi> your library crystal, stores in astral?
<Hermestr> well at some level the information is there in the subatomic I'm sure
<Hermestr> I tap it in meditation by focusing on the crystal and allowing the information to flow into my unconscious mind than move into the conscious mind
<demonhhi> do you mind if I pick your brain on the tree of life
<Hermestr> go ahead
<demonhhi> I should begin in Malkuth
<Hermestr> sure
<demonhhi> should I create a temple in my mind or is one already there
<Hermestr> you can begin to form it in your mind, with luck it will take off from there
<Hermestr> kind of get a life of its own and images and surroundings will pop into your head
<Hermestr> there is one already there
<demonhhi> ok - that part happens after vibrations and the calm
<Hermestr> but you do have to kick start it
<demonhhi> do I need to learn Hebrew or is the translated works ok
<Hermestr> in some cases you have to use the Hebrew sounds, but in most cases you can use the English translations
<Hermestr> on the website I do put the Hebrew sound files when needed
<Hermestr> not that my Hebrew is any where near right, but it will get you going
<demonhhi> pronunciation is tough-
<Hermestr> what kind of words are you trying to say or invoke
<Hermestr> in Malkuth really all you have to do is focus on being in Malkuth in your center or temple spot and you should find yourself there
<Hermestr> Sandalphon responds well to his name any way you say it.
<demonhhi> when I try to vibrate a word it sound strange like - adonai ah arertz
<Hermestr> I never really vibrated my names
<demonhhi> I just didn't want to offend him
<Hermestr> they worked without the extra tone
<Hermestr> you won't offend anyone
<Hermestr> just try your best
<demonhhi> good- I will stop then
<demonhhi> I have a thunderstorm rolling in - have to sign off- thanks for the help and the great site
<Hermestr> okay see you again soon
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Session Close: Thu Jun 20 18:53:34 2002

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