clearing the house of negative energy; the Oversoul vibration; OBE and exercise; dousing the condition of a chakra; getting the most out of life; the reincarnation switching game, incarnating in groups; spirit guides; religion
May 21, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue May 21 16:39:00 2002
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*** Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<hermestr> howdy
<fooki> hiya
<Learner> Hi Hermes - could you please give your expert inputs on how to make one's home "nasty being" proof.
<hermestr> sure
<Learner> And how often we should clear these bad spirits who may arrive.
<hermestr> you start with every morning and evening going around the house doing a LBRP
<hermestr> also you buy those 7 day candles and keep one of them burning all the time
<hermestr> and finally
<hermestr> once a week you go around the house and smudge it to remove negative energy
<hermestr> smudging is burning some herbs in a jar and letting the smoke fill the house
<hermestr> you walk around the inside perimeter of the whole house with the smudge smoke
<Learner> What about external garden etc.
<hermestr> you can use the herb sage, you can get the powdered stuff in the supermarket
<hermestr> but white sage smells nicer but is more money and you will have to go to a place that sells it
<hermestr> for outside you have to use the LBRP
<Learner> What about any "automatic" things like certain music, or lights, or drawings, etc.
<hermestr> you can use those too, but the methods I just discussed work very well
<hermestr> especially when you use them all
<Learner> Does this process also clear the humans living inside of the nasty beings?
<hermestr> well it will certainly help with that
<Learner> Is there any way to find out if there are any bad spirits still inside the house?
<hermestr> well you would have to be sensitive to that, or walk around the house out of the body
<Learner> What attracts these bad spirits back to the house once it's cleared?
<hermestr> any lower emotions
<hermestr> generated by the people that live there
<hermestr> anger, lust,
<hermestr> hatred
<hermestr> depression
<hermestr> sadness
<Learner> Lower emotions could also be present in guests who visit?
<sor--> hi
<sor--> all
<hermestr> yes, which is why you need to do the LBRP everyday and the smudge once a week
<hermestr> you will always pick up strays
<hermestr> there is no way around it, unless you want to be a hermit
<hermestr> so the only other thing to do is make it a daily habit
<Learner> Are these bad spirits watching/observing everyone living in the house and trying to influence them or is that they don't care?
<hermestr> yes, they feed off negative emotions and actions
<Learner> So they will try and influence my thoughts?
<hermestr> and will try to invoke those responses within you so they can feed off that energy
<Learner> Is nightmares a sign that they are trying to influence?
<hermestr> they will look into you for something they can inflame and then work on doing that
<hermestr> yes some nightmares are caused by these nasties trying to feed off of you.
<Learner> You mean I have no privacy in my own home?
<hermestr> no privacy at all. Privacy is a physical illusion
<Learner> Don't these nasties have any professional rules?
<hermestr> ahaha
<hermestr> yea right
<hermestr> they are like wild animals
<hermestr> they do what comes natural to them
<hermestr> there is no taming these guys
<fooki> what is "Oversoul Vibration" ?
<hermestr> The Oversoul is the Monadic level of divinity. It is your ascension energy
<Learner> I have another very strange question after reading some of the material from some other web sites. Is it possible for one to get sexually molested in the non-physical state i.e. can one's non-physical get molested or is this all crap that some are writing on their web sites?
<fooki> whose?
<fooki> what does it mean?
<hermestr> that can happen and does happen too. There are lust demons that feed off your lusts, they will try to invoke your lust and then feed off that sexual energy
<hermestr> fook, it is a vibration sent down by your divine self to help you with the ascension process
<Learner> I don't understand - how can they harm me when I am having OBE?
<hermestr> as you sleep, as you are awake
<hermestr> they try to get a response from you
<hermestr> they keep poking at you
<hermestr> you don't know they are there
<Learner> Poking my thoughts?
<hermestr> because you can't see them, but you react to them just the same
<hermestr> yes, your thoughts, your body
<Learner> Do they try and pollute my thoughts?
<Learner> Can they cause physical harm?
<hermestr> yes they will fill your mind with thoughts to get you to feel that way
<hermestr> they can cause you to do physical harm
<hermestr> some demons can even make weak physical conditions worse
<Learner> How can I know they are around me or someone else?
<hermestr> they feed off the illness and take what little healing energy you have in that area
<hermestr> there is no way to know, which is why you need to do some kind of regular cleaning ritual
<Learner> In OBE can one see them all?
<hermestr> it is the only way to get rid of these guys
<hermestr> you can see them in an OBE but not many people have that option
<hermestr> you can slay them in your dreams too if you can control yourself in that environment
<hermestr> and some demons you will have to do that
<hermestr> some are so much attached to you that the only way to get rid of them is to slay them in a dream or an out of body event
<Learner> Does that mean in out of body travel someone more powerful than my spirit guide can control my journey?
<hermestr> no, usually your spirit guide will oversee your journey
<Learner> How can I slay them when I do not know how many are around me and how they look like?
<hermestr> these demons will try to make you fearful, angry, lustful, whatever it is they feed off of.
<Learner> Is it true that simply speaking out aloud and asking them to leave will work?
<Learner> Have most of these demons ever been in human forms?
<hermestr> to slay the ones that won't leave with regular cleaning you have to learn how to control your dreams or out of body travel
<hermestr> or you have to learn how to remove whatever it is they are feeding off of
<hermestr> if that is your anger, then you have to stop being angry
<hermestr> if it is depression than you must not be depressed any more.
<hermestr> simply asking them to leave will not work
<hermestr> you need to use an energy key like LBRP
<fooki> what's "angelic realm" then?
<hermestr> angelic realm refers to the level above the Abyss in the Aethyr level. It is where you will find these divine beings.
<Learner> James Praag suggested lighting a white candle and asking them to leave. He then suggested the white candle attracts these nasties and the candle should be thrown out of the house.
<hermestr> well, I suppose there are all sorts of ways to do it
<hermestr> try it and see if it works
<hermestr> I have never seen a candle attract lower energies
<Learner> Is there any physical thing that attracts them?
<Learner> I heard salt too attracts them.
<hermestr> salt can clean them away
<hermestr> where are you reading that stuff
<hermestr> you can put a salt circle around the house to protect it
<Learner> I am not sure if this is true but the reason behind a candle attracting them is that these are the souls of humans who after death refused to be pulled up by white light or never saw that white light - so they are still hovering around with their negative energies waiting for the white light. The candle tricks them into thinking that this is the white light they have been waiting for.
<hermestr> but the LBRP works better
<Learner> This site has a lot of the stuff
<Learner> I will try the LBRP
<hermestr> well I burn a candle all day
<hermestr> I never see such things in the nonphysical
<hermestr> and I lived in a big city at one time where there was lots of dead people around
<Learner> I have yet to experience OBE so I am still a learner. No doubt the web is full of a lot of crap.
<hermestr> yes you do have to be careful where you get the information from
<fooki> hermestr do you get blight to your house?
<fooki> from the candles
<hermestr> blight?
<fooki> umh "carbon black"
<Learner> What is blight?
<hermestr> oh yea
<hermestr> have it on the fans and air conditioning vents
<fooki> that's kinda nasty if you are on rent
<hermestr> that comes from burning those candles with metal in the wick
<hermestr> unfortunately the less expensive candles use the metal in the wicks
<Learner> Ha ha that can make your landlord a physical nasty.
<hermestr> well it just means extra cleaning
<Learner> Can't one rely on colored bulbs - neat and they can be switched on and off?
<fooki> my ex mother-in-law said it's nasty stuff to clean from ceiling
<Learner> I was thinking of getting one of those "black" bulbs that give off violet light and leave it on in one of the rooms.
<fooki> Learner the bulbs don't work as good as the fluorescent tube ones
<fooki> (to radiate uv-light or "black light" if you want to call it like that"
<Learner> You get all sorts of colored bulbs at OSH, Home Improvement stores.
<fooki> well my point is that the bulbs are often just ordinary filament lamps with colored paint on them
<Learner> How can I know someone has passed his/her nasties to me?
<fooki> they radiate way less uv-light than the fluorescent tube ones
<Learner> Hermes thanks for teaching the chakra rotation to me. Does rotating the third eye chakra help in faster OBE. You know I have been trying to have OBE for sometime now.
<hermestr> the bulbs are not as good as the candles
<hermestr> it is the fire energy that helps to clear out the negative entities
<fooki> campfires rock my world =D
<hermestr> you can imagine the third eye spinning to help get it more sensitive
<hermestr> but the place where it is less painful to leave the body is the solar plexus
<hermestr> so that would be the place to stimulate the chakra on
<Learner> Does the third eye chakra spinning actually contribute to faster OBE? Also what does opening chakra and closing it mean?
<hermestr> in fact some sits ups or key crunches during the day can help
<Learner> You mean some physical exercise?
<hermestr> it can help in leaving the body from the pineal gland but that hurts like hell
<Learner> Nothing painful for me please.
<Learner> Does spinning the 3rd eye chakra actually help in developing psycic powers?
<hermestr> yea physical exercise of the solar plexus can help to loosen it up
<Attuned> how does one know if a chakra is open?
<hermestr> you can use a crystal over the chakra
<hermestr> on a string
<hermestr> if it rotates counter clockwise the chakra is completely closed
<hermestr> if it goes side to side or on an angle it is partially open
<hermestr> if it rotates in a small circle (20mm or so) it is partially open
<Learner> As a human one has to socialize - can't become hermit - but it seems socializing brings in influence (such as nasty beings, different thought powers etc.) . But where humans supposed to be aware of this spiritual knowledge or did our creators expect us to live an earthly life and get into all sorts of pain and pleasures.
<hermestr> if it rotates clockwise in a large circle 6cm or so, it is probably open
<hermestr> of course you can't douse your own chakra, you have to have someone else do it.
<Learner> Any crystal can be used? What about artificial glass crystals?
<fooki> Learner try to feel when you need company and when privacy
<fooki> privacy
<fooki> find a balance
<hermestr> it needs to be a quartz crystal with a natural point
<hermestr> not one of those ground ones
<hermestr> learner that is why you have these methods for clearing out these nasties, so you can be social
<Learner> Hermes - by tapping into this vast spirit info are we tempering with knowledge we humans are not supposed to have to learn life's lessons. I mean we are on earth to learn some lessons. By tapping the spiritual world are we cheating by looking at answers that can reduce our earthly experiences?
<Learner> I have heard my grandparents say "be earthly" 'love what the earth has to offer you" or "enjoy the earthly experiences"
<hermestr> you should enjoy the earth and what it has to offer
<Learner> There are people who live as if this life is everything and nothing more - they say even if there is life after death we should still live in the present moment and enjoy the offerings we are getting from our present state.
<hermestr> but that does not mean you can not grow spiritually
<hermestr> you should never use spirit as a means to leave the planet
<hermestr> you use it to enhance your experience on this planet
<hermestr> learn how to love each moment of your existence here
<hermestr> because it is such a precious gift
<Learner> By growing spiritually one starts understanding that these pleasures and pains are temporary. I mean just watch a kid eating an ice-cream he seems to enjoy it so much that he thinks this will last forever.
<hermestr> it does last forever
<hermestr> i can think back to eating ice cream and experience it all over again
<hermestr> physical life is temporary
<hermestr> true
<hermestr> but by getting the most out of each moment it makes it last forever
<Learner> What about our relatives are they all different in each life on earth.
<hermestr> sure, everyone switches who they are in other lives, wives become husbands, husbands become wives, cousins become friends
<hermestr> generally you try to reincarnate within your group
<hermestr> this means you each try on different roles for each other at various times
<Learner> But isn't that confusing - if my son is my great-grand father then 500 earth years from now who will I recognize my own child as - as my child or as my great grandfather because in the nonphysical state I will remember both relations.
<hermestr> yep
<hermestr> in the nonphysical there are energy bonds between people
<hermestr> there are no aunts, uncles, children and parents
<hermestr> everyone is a friend in a sense
<hermestr> some you are closer to and others you are not
<hermestr> it is the closeness and quality of the connection you share with that person that is important
<hermestr> not the role you played in this life or that one
<hermestr> in the nonphysical
<hermestr> no one owns any one else
<hermestr> so there is no need for a wife or a husband
<hermestr> your family is a group of people that you share an energy bond with. It has not label, just an intensity
<hermestr> not=no
<Learner> Doesn't that non-physical concept ruin our earthly discipline ways where we think of a girlfriend as a girlfriend and a sister as a sister?
<Learner> OK Hermes so how does one's non-physical connection increase or decrease?
<Learner> I may have cousins whom I don't like - does that affect my non-physical form of relation after death?
<hermestr> the physical plane is set up the way it is because that is how society has found it works best. the nonphysical has no such boundaries or needs for boundaries
<hermestr> if you don't like your cousin in this life, you won't like him in the afterlife either
<Learner> Is it true that one selects his relatives before taking physical birth on earth? What is the process? Who monitors it and says no you can't become that person's wife, etc. Or no you can't become a "rock singer" in the birth you intent to take?
<hermestr> emotional bonds in the nonphysical are formed by being attracted to someone, sharing an interest, doing things together
<hermestr> the only difference in the nonphysical is you do not have the same social structure as you do in the physical plane
<Learner> Why does the physical world have boundaries?
<hermestr> basically it has boundaries because everyone set it up that way
<hermestr> boundaries at certain times can help to hone your reality creating, so it is not a bad thing
<Learner> What do the non physical do together - I mean they can't experience pain or pleasure - for that they need a physical body.
<hermestr> it is just that in the nonphysical there are far less of these boundaries
<hermestr> of course they experience pain and pleasure
<Learner> And the question of choosing my own relatives before taking re-birth?
<hermestr> if i throw an energyball at you in the nonphysical you are going to feel it
<_Scorp> possible, yet it depends on your karma and past life times
<hermestr> and it can hurt like heck
<_Scorp> but u cant die or be injured from it, and that alone should make you stronger
<_Scorp> hey fellows
<Learner> Is Karma like airline mileage points? I mean using these points I can choose my next life's pleasures and pains?
<_Scorp> knowing your immortality is what makes you immortal, if you fear getting hert in the non-physical, you will feel an injury...
<hermestr> before you incarnate you work out all the details of who you will be and who others will be. Like I said you often incarnate within a group, so the group will often work this out. Of course there are counselors there to help you to create a life time that will help you to grow and learn.
<Learner> So why do we include relatives like cousin whom I may not like in the physical form?
<_Scorp> maybe for you to learn something out of the experience
<_Scorp> maybe for you to learn to like those whom you may dislike, to forget that they have done this or that...
<hermestr> its not only your own personal reincarnation group. This group moves outward from your center. And yes there are things to learn by incarnating with people you do no like: like learning to love and accept them.
<Learner> I may have had similar hatred for him in non-physical form - who allowed him in the room where we were discussing my incarnation? I mean didn't the counselors have a note outside (Meeting on no visitors allowed)?
<Learner> Wow can one really experience such discussions in the non-physical for someone who is yet to incarnate?
<_Scorp> define room? :) define note :)
<hermestr> learner you incarnate in groups. You do not personally define this group
<hermestr> this group is created by energy connections between you and others
<hermestr> you can choose not to incarnate with this group
<hermestr> but if you want to incarnate with sally and sam is sally's friend then you are going to have incarnate with sam as well
<hermestr> even though you may not like sam
<Attuned> cu everyone..
<Learner> SO are the spirit guides those in the group that did not incarnate.
<Learner> Hermes the Sally-Sam theory makes a lot of sense.
<hermestr> yes spirit guides can be some members of your group that did not incarnate
<hermestr> and often are
<hermestr> your whole spirit guide group will also included beings who's only job is to be a spirit guide
<Learner> Are these the same spirit guides that come to help during OBE?
<_Scorp> good night my friends
<_Scorp> love and light
<hermestr> your OBE spirit guides are special, they are assigned by Sandalphon, they are strictly nonphysical beings
<Learner> At what level (or plane) are these incarnation discussions taking place. Can one in OBE come across places where someone is planning his/her incarnation?
<hermestr> sure
<hermestr> they occur mostly away from the earth plane
<Learner> Can one meet his own spirit guides in OBE if they are different from those who assist with OBE?
<hermestr> in the teaching realms,
<hermestr> yes eventually you can meet your spirit guides in the nonphysical plane. At first they do not show themselves so that you can get the most out of your OBE's.
<Learner> Can one incarnate on another plane. I mean can one be human in this life and someone else on another planet in next?
<hermestr> sure
<hermestr> that does happen
<hermestr> but not too often
<hermestr> making the change from one planetary system to another can be hard
<Learner> But meeting one's spirit guide - they can tell you what was planned for self in the incarnation meeting?
<hermestr> but there are those people that seek those kinds of experiences, so they will bounce back and forth
<hermestr> generally, they only guide you, they will not reveal anything about your plan.
<hermestr> your plan is for you to discover on your own.
<Learner> Is inter-planet relation a reality or does the physical form of one planet not mix with the other? I mean can one have a girlfriend from another planet?
<hermestr> I suppose you could, anything is possible
<Learner> Oh like a mystery puzzle that one is supposed to solve in this life. Go back. And then make another puzzle.
<Learner> One last question before I log off. If God is one then why do we have so many different religions - why not one world one religion - I mean isn't God supposed to be powerful enough to have the same "messenger" "guru" etc, for all on earth. The worst thing is hatred between one religion with the other - basically going against the objective of having a religion in the first place.
<hermestr> religion was found to be a great way to control others
<hermestr> so mankind has corrupted religion
<hermestr> and in many cases he uses it as a tool to control others
<hermestr> God can not interfere
<Learner> Like the Kings many years back who used these worship places to gather wealth from donations and "brain-wash" the givers?
<hermestr> but this is changing
<hermestr> people are finding their own connection to spirit and God without any organizations
<Learner> Most humans still have a low IQ making them ideal "things" to be controlled by greedy humans.
<Learner> What about the many new cults that are being born everyday? Aren't these all slowing the direct contact of humans with God?
<hermestr> sure they are, but this is not something that has not happened before. There as always been cults
<Learner> Well it was a pleasure attending this workshop. Bye everyone - bye Hermes, bye fooki, bye sor.
<hermestr> everyone in time will wake up to spirit and forge their own connection to God.
<fooki> bye Learner
<hermestr> bye learner
<fooki> be well
<fooki> hermestr what's your view on the current events of the great change going on right now?
<hermestr> it certainly is a critical time for the planet
<hermestr> but the seeds of peace are there waiting to be born.
<hermestr> even though the threat of war looms overhead, peace is there under the surface
<hermestr> and many people are working hard to push that upward to the surface,
<hermestr> more than in any other time on the planet
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