out of body travel getting the tingling to cover your entire body; astral nasties that can suck your energy and prevent you from OBE traveling; bad reality creating and karmic reactions; getting over your fears; diet and OBE; probabilities and the future; predictions; cancer; tuning into your sprit guides
April 30, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Apr 30 16:24:58 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Energy, Energy, Energy, it is all about Energy! '
<Learner> Yes 9.30 GMT
<Hermestr> howdy
<Learner> Hi
<BeenThere> hi
<Hermestr> how is everyone doing?
<BeenThere> fine - just wondering if we are on time!
<Hermestr> yes you are perfect
<Learner> I tried OBE again yesterday for 1 hour. I relaxed my whole body. Stopped all thoughts. I felt some tingling in my legs. I thought I may get some vibrations soon. But nothing happened after that. Should I stop thinking that I will have OBE soon in that tingling position?
<BeenThere> OK then - how does this work, Hermes?, can we simply ask questions?
<Hermestr> yes just ask away
<Learner> Am I anywhere near to having OBE with the above experience?
<BeenThere> OK - I'll type up my question while Learner talks..
<Hermestr> you have to get that tingling to cover your entire body
<Learner> How do I bring it up from the legs?
<Hermestr> you do that by deepening your breath, and trying to imagine or coax the vibrations to spread
<Hermestr> as you breath in pull the vibrations up from your legs, or where ever they are
<Learner> Does the sound of my breathing affect the performance - I can hear myself breath.
<Hermestr> no, it should not
<Learner> Should I keep thinking "vibrations" will come any moment or should I stop my mind from thinking of vibrations?
<Hermestr> you can use the sound of your breathing to help go deeper into the trance
<BeenThere> I woke up recently and found myself frozen (heavy weight on my chest) with what seemed like a skinny female ghost at the foot of my bed. Upon noticing me, she tried to claw onto me but was prevented by some sort of energy bubble. I tried to scream and manage to squeal enough to wake my wife who nudged me fully awake. The question is, what was this creature and why was it visiting me?!
<Hermestr> those tinglings are the beginning of the vibrations, you just have to make them stronger
<BeenThere> any ideas?
<Hermestr> beenthere, at times you will pick up these nasty astral beings that will try to tap your energy, create some kind of fear in you so they can suck your energy. This happens all the time but because most people are unaware of their nonphysical self, they never know.
<Hermestr> when you go nonphysical you come face to face with these things
<Learner> I read some material from your site and it seems I have been having OBE's in my dreams 3 months ago. I remember in one of my dreams I got up and looked in the mirror and saw an old face which looked mine and I laughed jokingly "boy you are getting old now".
<Learner> Now I am trying to get OBE's on my own.
<BeenThere> So they can only attack / drain energy if you are afraid?
<Hermestr> most likely you were in a protective state that night, a guide probably wanted to call your attention to this.
<Hermestr> yes they will try to make you fearful so they can suck your energy. Fear creates energy gaps in your aura and they can get in
<Learner> Talking of nasty beings - is it possible to see nasty beings attached to my friends and relatives - maybe they are passing these to me when ever I meet them?
<Hermestr> you can pick these things up from anyone anywhere
<BeenThere> It is not the first time - I have had a number of weird visitors and even had what sounded like a high pitched male voice talk into my right ear - but I don't understand why.
<Hermestr> learner, yes usually you will have several OBE's in the dream state before you have one from a conscious state.
<Learner> Can I see in anyway how many or what type of nasty beings are around my friend?
<BeenThere> These things are what prevent me from consciously projecting - I have had a full, although not premeditated, OBE that scared the living daylights out of me.
<Hermestr> the best way to find these guys is from an out body state or in the dream state
<Learner> You can see we are so eager to get answers from someone experienced - you have to multitask answering so many different questions - but Hermes your help here is really needed.
<Hermestr> they can prevent you from projecting, which is why in encourage you to make contact with your out of body spirit guide first or ask for Sandalphon's help
<Hermestr> they can protect you from them as you learn to travel out of the body, then as you advance they will teach you how to dispatch these things on your own
<BeenThere> So, suppose, I get to a relaxed state, I let my body fall asleep / get heavy, get the visuals going and then get to the point where I hear the hissing wind in my ears, who do I call on for help then / how?!
<Learner> I try to practice OBE in my TV room which is empty at night but after a while I get scared and return to my bedroom where my partner is.
<Hermestr> well the hissing sound could be a pre out of body event
<Hermestr> but if you feel you are being threatened you should call for your spirit guide or Sandalphon to help you.
<BeenThere> Yes but it is so scary that I never push through it!
<Hermestr> well, it is a fear that you will need to conquer at some point if you want to OBE on a regular basis
<BeenThere> would something simple like 'my spirit guide please help me now' suffice?
<Hermestr> it should
<Hermestr> you have to ask for help to get it
<Hermestr> so that is the first step and thing to try
<Hermestr> in the beginning your spirit guide will help you a great deal so you can learn how to OBE
<Hermestr> later you will be required to dispatch these things on your own
<Hermestr> but for now you can let them handle it
<BeenThere> OK. I will keep the sound going as long as I can and call for help next time.
<Learner> When I called my spirit guide yesterday while trying OBE I started getting scary visuals. I then asked Sandalphon to help. Things became better and I got the tingling on my legs. That's how far I went.
<Hermestr> very good learner
<Hermestr> that is what you should do exactly
<BeenThere> Regarding the technique; I find that even before the rising sounds, I can cause the tingling in my limbs to 'move-up' and it feels like I am 'separating'. But I can not go further up than my neck.
<BeenThere> I seem to be stuck somewhere near my head
<Hermestr> well you can try to slow your breath
<Hermestr> deepen it
<Learner> I actually felt the tingle after I called Sandalphon and I remembered you had told me this is an important step in the previous workshop.
<Hermestr> and let go, like you are jumping off a cliff
<BeenThere> If I deepen my breath at this stage, the sounds start and my heart beat goes through the roof!
<Hermestr> beenthere, yes normal, your nonphysical ears are turning on, they are very sensitive, you will get used to the new dynamics of them.
<Hermestr> the sound may hurt a bit, but you will quickly adjust
<Hermestr> what has happened is that you are focused inside your body with your nonphysical ears
<Hermestr> this will naturally turn outward as you leave the body
<BeenThere> are you sure that no harm can come to me if I 'let go' when the vibrations are 'on'?
<BeenThere> its very scary..
<Hermestr> well I'm still here
<BeenThere> do you get the rushing sound too?
<Learner> How does a curse work? Or a simple envy that leads to trouble for the innocent? I know of someone who prays everyday. One day he was discussing his neighbors new car and saying "I don't know why God only gives to him - look at us we pray everyday and cannot afford such new cars still." The next thing was that the neighbors life became miserable. Is this a curse?
<Hermestr> yes, but not as much, as I move through the stages very fast
<_Scorp> I'm just joining in
<_Scorp> hi hermes
<_Scorp> been a while
<BeenThere> can you describe exactly what happens once the sound has risen- e.g. the next stage?
<Hermestr> learner, in a way it can be a kind of curse
<Hermestr> your thoughts can effect others and you are accountable for those thoughts and what they do to others
<_Scorp> that's exactly what i told learner, in a different way though
<Hermestr> in that example learner, if your friend's thoughts were responsible, karmically he will lose something he values as well
<Learner> You mean an innocents curse - did this person misuse the energy gained through daily prayers to create misery for the neighbor who was enjoying his material comforts?
<Hermestr> yes learner
<Hermestr> and in doing so he delayed his own rise from his poverty state
<_Scorp> but still, letting go of all the material desires is a faster way :)
<Learner> But what did the neighbor gain - he got trapped in this situation when he was minding his own business.
<BeenThere> Hermestr: can you describe exactly what happens once the sound has risen- e.g. the next stage?
<_Scorp> is there always a need to gain?
<_Scorp> beenthere, the sound is actually the energy level in you, when it rises it mean the energy is a bit more pure, at times it will also sink, but the higher it is the easier it is to perform in many situations
<Hermestr> well perhaps the neighbor will learn to be more appreciative of what he has, there are lessons for everyone in this kind of reality creating
<Learner> I am concerned that it is so easy to build up energy and then misuse it simply because the user does not have knowledge. The neighbor may have been leading a normal life but had to bear someone's envy.
<Hermestr> well now you seen the power of thoughts and the responsibility it carries
<BeenThere> So do you get the rushing / rising sound in your ears too, Scorp?
<_Scorp> true
<Learner> Not everyone is responsible - or many are ignorant of the damage they can do.
<Hermestr> in theory the neighbor could not of lost that which he had unless he himself had some karma to pay back
<Hermestr> but this does not negate the fact that some good energy was used improperly
<_Scorp> yes, but it is also felt in the hands and lower back, its all a matter of focusing on a certain part of your body
<Learner> So how does as in this example the neighbor prevent himself from future attacks?
<BeenThere> Does it peak at the moment when you 'get up' and project?, Scorp
<Hermestr> beenthere the next step is the dropping down of your consciousness. You lose the ego and become centered in your nonphysical body instead of the brain
<Hermestr> the neighbor would have to be careful not to think badly about others that may have more than he
<BeenThere> does this happen like a 'flash' giving a feeling of travel?
<Learner> At this stage is there a transfer of any nasty beings from the person who was praying to the neighbor i.e. exchange of these nasty beings?
<Hermestr> yes that can happen too learner
<Hermestr> any beings attached to that envy emotion would be thrust at that other person and work on creating the same misery in that person's life
<Learner> Now that is scary...
<Hermestr> if you could only see what goes on on the nonphysical with this kind of thing, you would all clean up your thoughts real fast.
<Learner> In an OBE stage can I walk around the neighborhood in the nonphysical plane and actually see the numbers of nasty beings attached to people around me? Is this logical or a bad idea?
<Hermestr> beenthere there is a kind of peak in everything when you do project, but you will not know what the peak is until you actually project from the body.
<Hermestr> yes you can and will see these things
<Hermestr> first you will see them attached to yourself
<Hermestr> then you will work on removing them from yourself
<Hermestr> then you will spot them on others
<Learner> That will make me panic.
<Learner> How do they look? What form do they have?
<BeenThere> The reason I ask is that I once did a guided pathworking (meditation in which one is taken on a journey) and I 'flashed' to a scene somewhere in Egypt a long time ago - it felt familiar yet I also had the impression of travel and time loss.
<Hermestr> it is not an easy reality at times to be thrust into, but it is a good way to learn of these things and to work on perfecting yourself.
<Hermestr> they can take many forms of gross looking things to almost human looking figures. Beenthere what did your astral nasty look like?
<BeenThere> Looked like a female vampire (grey / old / thin) wearing shredded ghosts sheets that floated about
<Hermestr> beenthere, yes that is travel through meditation. It is more mental in nature than a real OBE but the experiences are just as real
<BeenThere> had a long ugly face and looked really sad
<Learner> I must start working on my OBE more and more.
<Hermestr> these astral nasties will take on a somewhat human form but they will also try to find what you fear, and look like that as well
<Hermestr> they are very cleaver
<BeenThere> I know. The OBE I had when I was 13 took place above my bed in Spain - I hovered just inches from the ceiling and saw my body beneath - have never managed to repeat it since.
<Hermestr> you will beenthere, just keep at it.
<Learner> How can I hide my fears if the nasty beings can read my thoughts.
<BeenThere> and then I felt something pull me back in from the back of my head - that's when I became aware of my heartbeat as I reentered
<Hermestr> you can't you have to eliminate them one at a time
<_Scorp> i still have no luck with leaving the body, only partial departures and complete body asleep sessions that lead to paralysis and followed by falling asleep
<Hermestr> beenthere, you left your body through your pineal gland, in the brain. You can also leave the body from the solar plexus.
<Hermestr> Scorp, you have tried asking your spirit guide or Sandalphon to help you out, while in this state?
<BeenThere> is there a specific technique?!
<Hermestr> technique for facing fears?
<Hermestr> yes, get over it
<BeenThere> I find I can 'compress' myself into my head but I am locked in this state.
<BeenThere> no, I meant for exiting via the solar plexus
<Hermestr> the easy way is to request some dreams that can help you to get over it, otherwise you will have to face those fears on the physical plane
<BeenThere> I always assumed that exit would be via my head..
<Learner> I have had many OBE in dreamstate unknowingly 3 months back - I was telling my partner that most people sleep walk it seems I walk in my dreams. Now I am trying OBE when awake.
<Hermestr> beenthere, try using the solar plexus to leave the body. It is much easier
<Hermestr> learner that is a good progression to follow, the dream state OBE's help prepare you
<BeenThere> I find that I can 'float' my non-physical self up from my legs, past my chest and as far as my neck but I don't know how to shrink back through the chest to get out!
<Hermestr> getting out is real physical. Just put your nonphysical foot on the floor and then walk away from the body.
<Hermestr> it even feels physical
<Hermestr> in fact you may even think you are standing in the room physically
<Learner> How many hours in a day should one practice OBE before giving up? Yesterday I tired 2 hours and was very tired. I only managed to reach the leg tingling part.
<Hermestr> but there will be a strange feel to the room and yourself that will tell you otherwise
<BeenThere> I do get to wave my legs and arms slightly but I still feel pinned - I guess more practice is needed, or is it a case of energy?
<Hermestr> I suggest you try to OBE once or twice a week for an hour or so
<BeenThere> Yes I experienced the strange feel when I OBE'd that time - things were slightly different
<Learner> Is 12 o clock at night the right time - that's when everyone else is asleep.
<Hermestr> keep in mind you need several days of rest between attempts to get back the energy you lost while trying
<Hermestr> learner, whatever time is best for you, there is no time that is any better or worse.
<BeenThere> Regarding work with the tree of life - do you start going to a chosen sphere after OBE's or is it done from meditation?
<Learner> Is diet a concern - does it matter what I eat before trying OBE? Someone said red meat will not make one have OBE's?
<Hermestr> beenthere, you can visit the tree of life in dreams, OBE, or meditation
<Hermestr> diet can help. Things like lots of red meat can make it harder but will not prevent you from having an OBE.
<Learner> Is there any guide on diet before OBE on web?
<Hermestr> drinking only water for an hour or so before attempting can help
<Learner> What about how full the stomach should be? Yesterday after some time I felt rumbling in my stomach - but I did not want to get up and eat while practicing OBE.
<Hermestr> well I would watch heavy meals just before trying to OBE, otherwise your body will be busy digesting food.
<BeenThere> Would projecting / meditating into and through a round olive colored door be sufficient to take me to Sandalphon's realm?
<Learner> Are drinks such as Mountain Dew OK?
<Hermestr> that should work beenthere
<Hermestr> high caffeine drinks are a no no
<Hermestr> you will never be able to relax
<BeenThere> Wow Learner - I spoke to a another OBE'r once and he told me that he regularly drank mountain dew before projecting in the morning!
<Hermestr> yikes
<Hermestr> that is a new one
<Hermestr> well, I guess anything goes
<BeenThere> we don't have the drink here in the UK - don't know what it is
<Learner> Does that mean coffee, tea etc. are also not OK Should one stop these all together from daily life?
<_Scorp> what is that drink?
<Hermestr> you just need to limit the caffeine several hours before you try
<Hermestr> you can still have these drinks in your life
<BeenThere> Can I ask you about another entity that I met whilst on a meditation travel?
<Hermestr> sure beenthere
<BeenThere> This one was part of a little working I felt I had to do - but it bothered me.
<BeenThere> She was an old woman, completely covered in black.
<BeenThere> when I asked what I wanted, she reached out and I saw my astral hand give her a coin.
<BeenThere> I then returned.
<BeenThere> it was completely involuntary - not sure where the coin came from
<Hermestr> well it could of been some kind of nonphysical teacher
<Hermestr> but it could also be your neighbor next door
<BeenThere> is there any known entity fitting that description?
<Hermestr> the image is way too general to say
<BeenThere> e.g. I've also come across what must have be Pan
<Hermestr> the sisters of fate often look like that, dark robes old
<_Scorp> i wish i could still and read your thoughts some more, but i must go to sleep now, been nice
<Hermestr> if you are into getting visits from Greek mythology figures
<_Scorp> :)
<Hermestr> i only said that because you mention pan
<_Scorp> good night/afternoon/morning to you all :D
<BeenThere> gnight scorp - happy flying
<Hermestr> your psyche may more easily tune into the Greek figures of these archetypes
*** _Scorp is now known as A_Scorp
<Learner> Where do I go for answers to most difficult questions on my life? Am I supposed to take the risk? Or will someone push me in the right direction automatically? Are my spirit guides able to help me choose between two paths - or do I make the choice and face the consequences? If I have to choose then what use are my spirit guides - and if my spirit guides will help me with difficult questions then why are they hiding - why don't they communicate
<Hermestr> if that was the case she was asking you to pay something for the changes you wanted in your life
<BeenThere> Yes - I know that to be the case, for I have paid and the changes were made.. who says astral magick doesn't work..
<Hermestr> your spirit guides can help protect you and lead you to the answers you seek, but you must make the journey and you must make the decisions in your life.
<Hermestr> beenthere, correct nonphysical reality creating works very well indeed
<BeenThere> Oh yes, sorry, I forgot the modern term used on your web site!
<Hermestr> the Tree of Life is a wonderful place to find the answers in your life and to help you to make the decisions you need to make.
<Learner> I heard somewhere that one signs or makes a contract before coming in human form - where can one read the contract on what I want in life?
<Hermestr> beenthere, magick works too
<Learner> But to reach Tree of Life I have to master OBE first?
<Hermestr> well you can also use dreams or meditation to get into the tree of life
<BeenThere> I find astral/mental projection is much easier than astral/etheric projection
<Hermestr> but yes, you first have to master one of those skills to use it
<BeenThere> try doing a pathworking, Learner
<Hermestr> yes mental projection is generally much easier to use
<Hermestr> you can still work the OBE, but the pathwork may get you started faster
<Learner> Who is in control of my destiny - me or my spirit guides?
<BeenThere> Would you classify projecting into a photograph (and becoming aware of everything in the scene within) as mental or astral projection?
<BeenThere> it feels more like a lucid dream when there - different from the normal mental projection I normally start with.
<Learner> I was telling one of my friend the wonderful things we are missing such as OBE, etc. his questions was that if so many people are in touch with spirits then why didn't anyone warn about the September 11 attack in NY?
<Hermestr> learner, you are the one in control of your life, spirit guides guide
<Hermestr> beenthere, I have gone into the reality of a picture from mental projection and in OBE. Both are valid. Perhaps the OBE one is more real feeling.
<BeenThere> very few people in financial buildings are in tune with their spirit guides..
<Learner> We could have saved many lives if a psychic would have warned the innocent.
<Hermestr> and like who would of listened?
<Hermestr> also there are may probabilities out there, which one will manifest is like shooting dice at times
<Learner> Did psychics of the world know about the dangers coming?
<Learner> I agree that it was one of the possibilities that would have manifested.
<Hermestr> I was sick for several days before, so I knew something not good was coming
<BeenThere> I don't think anyone can tell the future accurately
<Hermestr> at one point I saw a black plane flying on a dark landscape
<Learner> Are future time travels in OBE also inaccurate?
<Hermestr> but that was all I got as far as a warning to what it would be
<BeenThere> Probably more a case of them being probable - not entirely certain
<Hermestr> traveling to the future is possible in an OBE but again which version of that future will manifest is the question. You are visiting one possible future.
<BeenThere> nature thrives on uncertainty.. as any chaos mathematician!
<Learner> Pretty close. I was watching a show on CNN on Sylivia Brown and James van both well known for talking to spirits. None of them came forward and say hey "breaking news" don't fly on this day.
<Hermestr> even if there was some kind of warning, who would of listened? Nobody believes psychics and... predictions are dependent on people choosing that probable action
<Hermestr> predicting a future is like picking the lottery numbers
<Hermestr> never base your life on a prediction
<Hermestr> you just take your reality creating power and throw it away
<Learner> So that means there are more than 1 future possibilities - it's what we accept? What happens to other possibilities - do they manifest in another parallel world or are they something that will happen someday in the unlimited time zone?
<Hermestr> they fall into realities that are not experienced by us
<Hermestr> you can visit these alternate reality streams in OBE's or dreams or a travel meditation
<Learner> What about the "pandits" in temples who make predictions based on your date of birth etc. etc. They "think" they know everyone's destiny. But if there are so many possibilities then they are just guessing?
<BeenThere> OK Hermes. I will continue practicing OBE (still scared) and I will attempt to contact Sandalphon and my spirit guide (will call them at least) - is there any last bit of OBE advice you can give me (I plan to try again tonight)?
<Hermestr> yes they are just guessing that you will follow a certain pattern
<Hermestr> if you follow that pattern you may manifest that future, or worse you may be led to follow that pattern and then experience it.
<Learner> That means in life one is always stepping on something whose outcome is unknown?
<Hermestr> beenthere, relax and have fun.
<Hermestr> the future is always unknown
<Hermestr> the only moment you can control is the present
<Hermestr> from the present your future is created, as you step into that future
<Hermestr> so you should always make your decisions based on what your present is
<Hermestr> not what may be or you think will be
<BeenThere> will try; thanks for listening. See you on here again soon. Tony.
<Hermestr> take care beenthere (Tony)
<Learner> I tried OBE yesterday so I will wait for a few days. Is there any other way to reach you Hermes? Sometimes it is a small thing that holds one from having OBE. I did not know about calling Sandalphon until you told me and it worked.
<Hermestr> e-mail is the best way to get me
<Hermestr> i try to answer the e-mail within 24 hours sometimes 48 hours depending on how many e-mails are before yours
<Learner> I never got an e-mail response from you. But on this interactive chat I have got answers to a lot of my questions on OBE.
<Hermestr> really
<Hermestr> I answer them all
<Hermestr> strange
<Hermestr> try the contact form next time
<Learner> OK next time I will also try e-mail. I also read the material on your web. It's nice and simple.
<Hermestr> send me a test e-mail later
<Hermestr> that way we will know if it gets through
<Hermestr> I will answer straight back
<Hermestr> glad you are finding the material on the website useful
<Learner> These days I am listening to a CD "Amazing travel out of body" It has rhythmic beat of African drum beats. I grew up in Africa and used to listen to these sounds every night. The witch doctors used these beats to cure. They said at certain beats the body starts healing itself.
<Hermestr> that is very true, sound is a powerful healing tool
<Learner> Now I am listening to these beats recorded by an American company to have OBE's.
<Learner> Thanks for all your answers. I hope to have a successful OBE soon.
<Learner> I am in USA west coast I presume you are in Europe.
<Hermestr> I'm in Florida
<Hermestr> the Euro group were the first people to actually take an interest in my workshops
<Hermestr> so I have continued with this time frame
<Hermestr> I did try to start up workshops at 9 or 10 pm eastern time but no one really showed up.
<Learner> I think in California everyone is crazy about these things. But there are lots of frauds here too so one does not know where to go to learn.
<Hermestr> I do send many books to California
<Hermestr> well not many
<Hermestr> but out of the entire country that has been a big percent of the books
<Hermestr> yes you do have to be careful with where this information comes from
<Learner> So you can have OBE at will? How long does it take a person like me to start having OBE at will?
<Hermestr> well it took me about 5 years of having OBE's where I could start to control the actual when
<Hermestr> before that, I would just set aside a certain time for OBE and if it happened, great.
<Hermestr> if not, then better luck next time
<Learner> My wife was recently in a routine test diagnosed with cancer. I have been encouraging her to take interest in OBE. She feels scared. So I am trying to understand. We both are looking for answers to so many questions that have come up in our lives all of a sudden.
<Hermestr> yes a crisis like that can shake things up a bit
<Hermestr> however keep in mind that cancer can disappear just as fast as it shows up
<Hermestr> cancer responds very well to positive thoughts
<Learner> She took one of the new wonder drugs and in 3 months there is no cancer cell in her. The doctors are surprised and now pushing her to take a bone marrow transplant which they say is a cure. But the operation itself is risky.
<Hermestr> i don't know if there is any cure for it just yet
<Learner> She says her inner feeling says she has no cancer now. Doctors don't believe in such miracles. They said when you came here 3 months back you had cancer.
<Hermestr> the root cause of cancer is when the body's energy is turned inward
<Learner> Her new lab reports show she has no cancer. Doctors are pushing for transplant still.
<Hermestr> well you have to do what you feel is right there
<Learner> One day before her diagnosis I got vibrations in my body but I felt scared. I am not sure if our guides were trying to communicate with us?
<Hermestr> it is possible, they will try to reach you in times of high stress
<Hermestr> to try to help you through it
<Learner> But how can I now make an effort to reach to them? Is OBE the right way?
<Hermestr> I would suggest you pursue your OBE but also start opening up a mental dialog with these spirit guides
<Hermestr> this can help to bridge the gap a bit
<Hermestr> you may find your dream recall increasing and help coming in the form of dreams
<Hermestr> as you reach to them, they will reach to you
<Hermestr> meditation is another way to reach your spirit guides
<Learner> I am not sure if I told you but when we moved to our new home 4 months back - (a nice little happy family used to live before us) - we all started getting nightmares at night. Then one night I played soft music at night and all nightmares stopped. After that now we have soft music playing every night. The nightmares stopped. My wife's cancer started curing. etc. We are at stage where doctors' are saying "but you did have cancer" it's just
<Hermestr> well like we talked earlier, things like people and houses can hold on to these astral nasties
<Hermestr> no doubt the music caused these beings to pack up and leave
<Hermestr> the LBRP is also good for this
<Learner> I bought a tape by John Edward on how to communicate with your spirit guide. However his exercises are too fast - I think breathing etc. should be slow.
<Hermestr> this^
<Hermestr> a relaxed state is important to tuning into your guides
<Hermestr> and of course a willingness to make the connection
<Learner> True.
<Hermestr> if the desire is there and you keep at it, it will happen
<Hermestr> I will send energy to you to help you with making this connection
<Learner> I will keep on trying-and thanks for the great advice. It's really helpful. I hope to have an OBE soon. I think I have understood the process. I also have a copy of your tips in my room which I again read before practicing each time.
<Hermestr> great, keep me informed
<Learner> Sure - I will also try and reach you by e-mail. I will let you know that I am "learner" since my e-mail will have a different name.
<Hermestr> good
<Hermestr> I'll send a reply
<Learner> I just can't explain how thankful I am for all your advice. If there is anyway I can help you feel free to let me know.
<Hermestr> no problem, I am here to help
<Learner> Bye!
<Hermestr> bye
<Hermestr> I guess that is a wrap.... or is rap...?
<Hermestr> Light, Peace
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Apr 30 18:10:14 2002

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