out of body travel basics; chatting with others in the pre-dream state; healing others; spirit guides; nonphysical privacy
April 25, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Apr 25 16:32:03 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<Hermestr> hi attuned, medsoul, trying
<MedSoul> Hey Hermes, good evening
<MedSoul> tried to raise the others but no success. but expect they will be here soon
<Hermestr> other people
<Hermestr> ?
<MedSoul> Attuned and trying
<Hermestr> ah
<MedSoul> anyway how does this evening/day find you?
<Hermestr> going well
<Hermestr> how is your spiritual progress going?
<Hermestr> is there anything in particular you are focusing on these days?
<MedSoul> good. It's lovely weather here recently so had lots of chances to feel good inside
<MedSoul> yea lots actually, was just thinking about what to tell u
<MedSoul> i am focusing on not being so self centered
<MedSoul> i have no many questions about spiritual but when i think of them i cant remember them!
<MedSoul> what about the transitional stages of moving from the earth to astral plane?
<Hermestr> yes it is important to see beyond yourself to the needs of others
<MedSoul> hey Phd
<Hermestr> well you do that through a trance state. You relax the body and keep the mind active. If you are successful you will start to feel vibrations in your body.
<phd> MedSoul, everyone: good evening.
<Hermestr> once the vibrations deepen enough so mind and body can be free of each other, you can leave the body
<trying> I am still trying to have my first OBE.
<Hermestr> once you leave the body you will find yourself on either the etheric, astral, or mental plane
<Hermestr> what stage of the process trying are you having trouble at?
<MedSoul> so this state is reached by focusing on outside the body?
<trying> I got vibrations twice and got scared. After that I never got vibrations again. Still trying.
<Hermestr> actually you reach this state by focusing inside the body
<MedSoul> ahh I see
<trying> How do you focus inside the body? Look at what?
<MedSoul> trying - your account last night..
<MedSoul> cross eyes? u remember that?
<Hermestr> you focus inside the body by not paying any attention to anything in the room
<Hermestr> you can use your breathing as one way to focus inside the body
<Hermestr> concentrate on feeling the breath go in and out
<trying> Yeah thanks MedSoul. I did not try yesterday since I had a bit of flu. Can one try OBE when having flu?
<Hermestr> sure, you can OBE while being ill
<MedSoul> flu is good isn't it? illness helps to drive conscious out?
<Hermestr> for the most part this trance is a deep state of relaxation
<Hermestr> illness can sometimes help or hinder the process
<Hermestr> it depends on the individual
<MedSoul> yes - the thought on your account last night Trying, was that the voices you heard woke you half from a dream into a Lucid Dream state from which you could have OBE'd from
<Hermestr> yes that would of been a good point to start
<trying> Does anyone have an explanation on where the voices came from? I heard more than one voice calling my name.
<Hermestr> the lazy way to get into trance is to try to do it just after waking up from a dream
<MedSoul> oh yes I read that one :)
<Hermestr> it could of been your spirit guides
<MedSoul> could the voices have been your family/friends?
<Hermestr> or yes those two
<MedSoul> either is cool :)_
<trying> One voice sounded like my brother-in-law but he was sitting in the same house but in a further away room. I later asked him if he called me and he said no he was too busy watching TV.
<Hermestr> :)
<MedSoul> ooooo.. interesting..
<Hermestr> if you can navigate that state of being you can actually have conversations with people.
<Hermestr> in that state your mind is connected to many dimensions at once
<trying> There was more than 1 voice. I could only recognize one that sounded like my brother-in-law.
<Hermestr> and like tuning a radio dial you can slide in and out of these.
<Hermestr> and even chat with a voice or two
<trying> The voice sounded as if someone is standing very close to me. I opened m eyes and there was nobody. While my eyes were open I started getting vibrations. That's when I got really scared.
<MedSoul> wow - Hermes does the shift in conscious come when the body vibrated at a different rate?
<MedSoul> sounds like the pre-stages of OBE trying
<Hermestr> well distance in that state is not dependent on space
<Hermestr> close could mean someone emotionally close to you
<Hermestr> or someone mentally close to you
<Hermestr> depending on what plane your mind was focused on at that time.
<Hermestr> also hearing in the etheric plane, which may be where you were focused, is 1000 times more powerful
<Hermestr> you can talk to someone down the street just like they were in the room.
<MedSoul> wow! my desire to OBE is so great -
<trying> My brother-in-law was just visiting from UK after 3 years. I was relaxed and went to my room - I thought I will have a quick nap so that I have energy to stay awake in the evening.
<MedSoul> the possibilities sound endless
<Hermestr> yes, true there are many possibilities to what it could be
<trying> MedSoul I thought you have had OBE's?
<Attuned> (hi all :)
<MedSoul> yes but not to the extent of getting past half a bloody meter away from my body
<MedSoul> hehe its so annoying
<MedSoul> Attuned! hey :)
<trying> Can one heal oneself through OBE's? I mean let's someone has flu and does OBE - can he be healed after 2 or 3 OBE's?
<Hermestr> your recuperative powers are greater because of the separation of body and mind
<MedSoul> That can happen..
<Hermestr> most likely you will heal faster
<trying> Can one who is experienced in OBE heal others? Like sick relatives or friends?
<Hermestr> this can be done yes, but some knowledge of how to heal would also be needed.
<MedSoul> I have learnt this healing technique nicely - though not through OBE's
<trying> How does one heal others?
<MedSoul> well - a technique i picked up on was 'feeling' the surrounding energy in my mind and mentally pushing it away/towards myself or others
<Hermestr> the personal art of healing:
<Hermestr> that would be a good start to healing
<trying> Is there a sure way of healing? Not like yeah continue to eat your medicine etc.
<Hermestr> healing involves using body or spirit as an energy conduit to pass the bad energy out of the ill person
<Hermestr> then passing good energy in to replace the bad energy
<Attuned> Hermes you once said that imagining the not-healthy person surrounded with pink energy can help -- from my experience it _really_ does
<trying> Yup sounds sensible.
<Hermestr> yes, attuned pink light will help to heal
<Hermestr> thanks for reminding me
<MedSoul> Attuned what's your method?
<Attuned> it sounds so (too) simple, but really seems effective
<MedSoul> hehe simple is best :)
<Attuned> yes :)
<Attuned> before falling asleep I'd imagine coming to person's room and seeing the whole room in pink light
<MedSoul> nice
<Attuned> and that it comes from above
<trying> What if one uses pink bulbs?
<MedSoul> yes, can you feel it??
<Attuned> so I was doing this every few days, and after a while, I actually dreamt this person telling me that I don't need to do it anymore, that she's well. and next time I saw her she announced she got almost well
<Hermestr> the pink light in your mind should work fine. You wont' need the bulbs
<trying> Do you see the person also turning pink with light?
<Attuned> Medsoul hm I don't think I was feeling it
<MedSoul> Attuned you sound like a loving healer! :)
<Attuned> :) thanks
<Hermestr> love is an important part of the healing process
<MedSoul> its weird because i feel the energy in my mind and in my body - though its hard to describe
<trying> How long should one do this everyday?
<Attuned> trying: I just knew this light filled the person and that it was helping her
<Hermestr> one of the reasons it is hard to heal ourselves is because we do not love ourselves enough
<Attuned> true..
<trying> There are some friends here with me who only love themselves. They love themselves so much that they don't know I exist.
<Attuned> trying: I'd do it for maybe 3 minutes. *knowing*/believing this is really happening is what I think matters, not time
<Hermestr> well, that of course is not the same, I think that is more narcissism behavior than self love
<trying> I will try again today to have a OBE.
<trying> After the voices I heard I could not get to the vibration again.
<Hermestr> in that evening or at all since
<trying> At all since - probably because I never felt relaxed.
<Hermestr> you should practice for a month just relaxing
<Hermestr> do not have anything else as your goal for that month
<Hermestr> learn how to relax your body and take it as deep as you can without falling asleep
<trying> Probably I am not doing it the right way. Tonight I will sit alone in the TV room on a sofa and try and relax my mind.
<MedSoul> (net connection froze)
<trying> The problem I face when I try to relax is that I start hearing faint sounds too like water dripping in the bathroom and then I lose focus and start wondering if someone left the tap open etc.
<Hermestr> you can use sound masking, turn on a fan to drown out those noises
<MedSoul> BWGEN is a good programmed for similar :)
<Hermestr> yes that can work as well
<MedSoul> anything to distract the mind for long enough?
<trying> There is a headphone by Bose that silences outside noise. I thought of trying that one but felt maybe the frequencies generated by such an electronic device will interfere with OBE.
<Hermestr> it depends on the individual, you would have to test it out
<trying> Well I got some really good info today here and I will use it tonight.
<Hermestr> great
<MedSoul> trying have you set up a schedule with Sandalphon?
<trying> Who is Sandalphon?
<trying> I am sorry...
<trying> O.K. how do I set it up? Do I just read out in my mind?
<MedSoul> well, if i spelt the name right.. going with Hermes teachings, he is the spirit guide that authorizes and teaches OBE's in the Astral. is that right Hermes?
<MedSoul> yes, or on Hermes site there is a Contract you can fill out and sign
<trying> OK I read that too. My apologies that I didn't recall fast enough - I am still new and learning or "TRYING"
<MedSoul> keep doing that and you will get there :)
<Hermestr> yes Sandalphon is the being that helps out of body travelers
<Hermestr> it can be helpful to try to mentally send off a message to him before you start and ask for his help
<trying> Just one time is enough right or do I have to do it every time I start OBE?
<MedSoul> and know that this message is heard?
<trying> OK will do that today.
<Hermestr> well the first time you should try to make it something special. Just like the first time you call up a teacher. After that you should still request help before each attempt.
<trying> Can 2 friends both have OBE's together and meet in Astral plane?
<Hermestr> yes, that is possible and does happen often
<trying> Do they behave normal as in physical plane?
<Hermestr> well things nonphysically are different
<Hermestr> so people and things will be different but perhaps somewhat similar
<Hermestr> you are a different person when you are out of the body
<Hermestr> you are free of the ego and of physical needs and wants
<trying> Who are spirit guides?
<Hermestr> this changes you considerably
<Hermestr> spirit guides are nonphysical beings who help you with your daily life
<trying> In astral plane would my friend rather be with his spiritual guides or me?
<Hermestr> they often carry mental messages to others for you, warn you of danger, surround you with protective energy.
<trying> Good explanation.
<Hermestr> most likely you will only see you friend. Spirit guides tend to remain invisible unless asked to appear
<trying> Doesn't the presence of invisible beings cause a concern of privacy. I mean sometimes humans behave foolishly. If I know someone is watching me I will feel "watched"
<Hermestr> there is no such thing as privacy in the nonphysical plane
<Hermestr> everyone is telepathic
<Hermestr> you cannot hide anything
<Hermestr> privacy is a physical illusion constructed to separate you from one another and the universe
<MedSoul> got to go now, goodnight everyone, thanks for the chat
<Hermestr> you may be unaware of a presence when you are in the nonphysical but once you tune into that presence a connection is made and information travels freely from one to the other
<Attuned> be well Medsoul
<Hermestr> take care medsoul
<MedSoul> thanks :) goodnight, love and light
<trying> Bye everyone. Gotta go now.
<Hermestr> bye trying
<trying> Thanks for the great advice.
<Attuned> see you
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Apr 25 17:51:24 2002

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