using the rose cross of protection; creating crystal devices; Atlantis; energy moving withing the body; kundalini rising; the Akashic records; quartz and the earth
April 11, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Apr 11 16:44:37 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
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*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<gnosis> see
<Rk1> Hello Hermes.
<Hermestr> howdy one and all
<Hermestr> was helping a neighbor snake a pipe through the house
<gnosis> that sucks
<Hermestr> so I'm a few minutes late
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<Rk1> No problem. Crayden has a few questions, and so do I.
*** Hermestr changes topic to 'Let the questions flow.... '
<Hermestr> I'm ready
<Crayden> oh
<Crayden> Hello hermes
<Rk1> The RoseCross, can you send it to a group of people, or should be made for every single one of them ?
<Hermestr> you can send it to a group of people
<Hermestr> but that group should be connected in some way
<Hermestr> it certainly is more effective sent single file, but in some cases it may not be possible. for example
<Rk1> So if I Visualize mi friends, and draw the Rose Cross, not all of them will be protected.
<Hermestr> sending protection energy to a bunch of people trapped someplace
<Hermestr> Your power and focus in that case is divided a bit, so it would not be as strong as if you did it one person at a time
<Rk1> Ok. Thank You.
<Hermestr> if you do enough rose crosses in a day, it will exhaust you
<Hermestr> so you have to make sure you watch your endurance with it
<Hermestr> which will build as time goes on and you use it more
<Crayden> concerning magnetism and wands...
<Crayden> Is there any (known) difference between using ferromagnetism and electromagnetism?
<Hermestr> I have noted that the energy filed is much stronger using electromagnetism
<Crayden> and can different electrical-charge pulse-rates/frequencies be better at directing different energies?
<Crayden> ok...
<Hermestr> I constructed a large staff with a really big crystal at the end. for an expirment I powered a magnetic field with 110 v ac current we have here.
<Hermestr> the energy produced by the crystal was 1000 times greater than using low power dc current
<Hermestr> if it did not burn up on me, I would of kept it
<Crayden> hehe
<Hermestr> but it was way too dangerous to use
<Rk1> Have to go. Bye. Thank you.
<Crayden> bye rk1
<Hermestr> so yea, frequency, pulse all will change how the crystal produces energy
<Crayden> I see
<Crayden> so it's not *just* about directing your own energy, but also generating?
<Crayden> .....and stronger electrical currents will then work better?
<Hermestr> with a wand with no coil around it, all you have is your own energy to direct. Once you add some magnetic energy behind it, it becomes better amplifier of your own energy
<Crayden> k..
<Hermestr> but keep in mind that that small wand with the coil I made works real well for most things
<Hermestr> healing, charging crystals, energy balls
<Crayden> yes
<Crayden> I've got some kind of instinctual drive towards electromagnetism
<Hermestr> well you should then experiment
<Hermestr> crystals respond well to those kinds of energy fields
<Crayden> I saw a program on Discovery about a scientist who'd made a very large e-magnet, with a parabolic design to concentrate the field
<Crayden> hmm...
<Crayden> what kind of crystals work best?
<Hermestr> clear quartz, single or double terminated
<Crayden> or would a blank crystal be more than enough for now?
<Crayden> k
<Crayden> just to note that, the interesting thing about his e-magnet was that it seemed to respond to his subconscious activity, producing weird phenomena like antigravity
<Crayden> but, there's another thing I'm curious about
<Hermestr> wow
<Hermestr> well thought does control energy to an extent, so it does not surprise me
<Crayden> also put fire to paper, shattered glass, devastated a very thick piece of wood
<Hermestr> most of the Atlanteon technology was based on thoughts controlling energy flow
<Crayden> Yes, regarding that, where'd you learn their history?
<Hermestr> well I have scoured libraries and book stores to fine a few scraps of information here and there
<Hermestr> there was not any one source of information
<Crayden> I see
<Hermestr> it seems you can find this information, you just have to put it all together yourself
<Crayden> Yeah, that's occurred as something of a pattern in these matters.....
<Hermestr> one book I still have here
<Hermestr> it is called crystal power by Michael Smith
<Crayden> ..
<Hermestr> there is another book here on crystals I have that has some info on Atlantis in it called Healing and quartz crystals
<Hermestr> by john D Rea
<Hermestr> these are old books so you may find it hard to find them in print
<Crayden> k
<Crayden> concerning energies
<Crayden> for the past - probably 6-8, not quite sure - months I've started feeling these energies moving in my body
<Crayden> supposedly I'm told it's the internal energy that flows through the chakras
<Crayden> I didn't consider it before I was told, but it seems very probable
<Crayden> however, they move somewhat like a mixture of water and air, fluidly with direction, respond to what I think in specific ways
<Crayden> and lately I've started noticing, when someone says something in an aggressive tone or otherwise tries to "tell me something" in a "non clear-text" way with underlying intents or negative thoughts behind
<Crayden> it feels like I get energy of that kind stuck onto parts of my body, or those parts coincide in space with my body where the energies are
<Crayden> in short, they react to external and internal moods and thoughts
<Crayden> now what I'm wondering is whether I might be keeping the chakras too open
<Crayden> and how come this has come about, whether it's natural that I've started becoming conscious of this, or if it's more probable that I might have opened this by some visualizations or practices I've forgotten I did
<Hermestr> as your chakras open up and your energy level starts to rise, you will get very sensitive to the emotional energy and negative energy coming from other people.
<Hermestr> meditation can help to reduce this from happening, but
<Hermestr> in all likelihood you have to learn how to block this energy from coming into your energy field
<Hermestr> wearing black can help at times
<Crayden> interesting....
<Hermestr> wearing or having a quartz crystal or quartz crystal pendent can help
<Crayden> I used to wear black allot some years back, and started again after I was told it was chakra energies
<Hermestr> for a time you will have to like charge up before you go out or contact
<Hermestr> others
<Hermestr> and realize that at some point you may run out of this charge and have to split
<Hermestr> it will not be like this forever
<Hermestr> but it may take a year or two of this before your learn how to naturally block these energies from coming into you.
<Crayden> I see
<Crayden> I raised kundalini naturally some week back
<Crayden> I didn't make an effort at it, didn't even know what it was
<Crayden> once again, I described it and was told it was kundalini
<Hermestr> yes it sounds like the kundalini is rising within you naturally
<Crayden> The next evening I tried raising it with effort
<Hermestr> from the symptoms you are talking about with being energy sensitive to others
<Crayden> and it happened almost as if by itself....
<Hermestr> yea it won't take much when you are in that mode
<Crayden> but, I suddenly wanted to stop it, I was a bit afraid of the whole idea of hurting myself by shorting the flow
<Hermestr> these stretches are very good for helping with kundalini rising:
<Crayden> and I visualized that good old golden ball in my head, to relax because it usually helps.......
<Crayden> thanks...
<Crayden> my question though...
<Hermestr> well, normally there will be no discomfort till it reaches a chakra that is blocked
<Crayden> oh...
<Crayden> well, I short-circuited it
<Crayden> with that visualization
<Hermestr> yea you can burn through them
<Crayden> quite uncomfortable, my whole body got a strong pang, and some pattern flashed before my eyes
<Hermestr> it depends how much discomfort you want to feel
<Hermestr> you can burn it through all at once, or pieces at a time
<Crayden> should I keep from raising it until I've gained a bit more control over my thoughts, or should I just let it go as it may, like, the current level it's at won't be dangerous anyway?
<Crayden> k..
<Hermestr> I worked on my kundalini energy about once a week
<Hermestr> and followed my intuition on it
<Hermestr> it will raise on its own without any input from you, but you may want to take a more active part in the process
<Crayden> ..doesn't seem a bad idea..
<Crayden> The only thing I can remember before it occurred was that I sent all the chakra energy I could feel up into my head
<Crayden> I probably did the golden ball visualization too
<Hermestr> sounds like you did good
<Crayden> could that trigger it?
<Hermestr> as long as you do not suppress it downward you will be fine
<Hermestr> yea, visualizations will trigger it, the MPE can also
<Crayden> MPE standing for..?
<Hermestr> middle pillar exercise
<Crayden> ah
<Hermestr> when your kundalini is at the point where it is for you, it does not take much to send it going upward
<Crayden> Oh, by the way
<Crayden> Lovely website you've assembled there :)
<Crayden> very likable
<Hermestr> thanks
<Crayden> How long have you been into/practicing these things?
<Hermestr> over 20 years now
<Crayden> I'm curious about such things, so I hope you don't mind me asking....
<Crayden> What made you start?
<Hermestr> I had some out of body experiences that got me into thinking
<Hermestr> that it may want look deeper into it
<Hermestr> from there it all just started happening
<Hermestr> reading and expanding my awareness of things
<Hermestr> once you start this path it takes on a whole new life of its own
<Crayden> I've noticed..
<Crayden> The Akashic records..
<Crayden> considering how these records contain everything
<Crayden> why isn't that more widely used to fill common gaps in occult knowledge?
<Hermestr> it is not easy to access, and there is the problem of distortion that happens as this information sifts through the unconscious mind of the person to the conscious level
<Hermestr> there have not been many people that have been able to accurately channel information from the Akashic records
<Hermestr> Edger Casey was one
<Crayden> ic
<Hermestr> I think my spelling is not correct for that name
<Hermestr> I am trying to find the right spelling
<Hermestr> Edgar Cayce
<Crayden> k
<Crayden> oh....
<Crayden> the MPE
<Crayden> heh.... looks just like an em-field
<Hermestr> in a way it is
<Crayden> with a wider frequency spectrum I'd guess
<Hermestr> the idea behind the MPE is to get your energy field moving. The more it moves the more energy it generates
<Hermestr> just like a magnetic field
<Hermestr> increase the energy and the field expands
<Hermestr> so the MPE expands your auric field around you
<Crayden> ok
<Crayden> Can you suggest any good reading on electromagnetism?
<Crayden> I'm dying to see what analogies there are between modern, western material science and the older types
<Crayden> ...or something on the material-scientific aspects of crystals and their structure
<Hermestr> well those two books I mentioned earlier have some information in there like that
<Crayden> I've read here and everywhere that they're good at directing energy, but I've not yet found an explanation just why they behave so
<Crayden> k...
<Crayden> hello phd
<phd> evening Crayden
<Hermestr> Quartz of course composes a great deal of the earth's core. which makes quartz a great mineral to use in channeling physical energy.
<Crayden> oh
<Hermestr> and quartz vibrates at a very high frequency so it is good for raising our own enegy fields
<Crayden> besides the fact that silver is closer in quality to a superconductor than copper, would there be any occult tradition saying one is better than the other for an em-wand or similar uses?
<Hermestr> silver and gold were used in ancient jewelry because they are better suited for transferring energy
<Hermestr> a mineral to gemstone was wrapped in the metal to better conduct the energy into the person wearing it
<Hermestr> mineral or gemstone^
<Hermestr> so yea, silver would be better than copper
<Hermestr> I used copper and still go good results however
<Hermestr> go=got
<Crayden> yeah
<Crayden> silver coil is damn expensive too :/
<Hermestr> very true
<Crayden> I just have to say I very much appreciate what you're doing
<Crayden> the website and answering questions online and such
<Hermestr> thank you,
<Crayden> always thought too few people do that kind of thing :/
<Crayden> excuse me for a moment, I have to make a quick snack and some coffee
<Hermestr> no problem
<gnosis> night everyone :)
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Apr 11 18:23:59 2002

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