seeing aura; seeing on the nonphysical; strange experiences as your energy shifts; helping to get through energy loss; the ripple effect of self evolution
April 9, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Apr 09 16:36:52 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<Hermestr> howdy
<fooki> hiya hermes
<MedSoul> Hermes! its been a while, how are you?
<Hermestr> I'm doing well
<Hermestr> so how is everyone doing?
<fooki> good ty
<MedSoul> thoughtful :)
<MedSoul> hey 666
<_666> hey
<_666> medsoul
<MedSoul> I had the chance to see auras yesterday
<MedSoul> hi hill
<Hermestr> great what happened?
<hill> hello!
<MedSoul> well to cut a story short I saw my work colleagues aura against the white wallpaper, although I am keen to perfect it
<MedSoul> heyy!
<Hermestr> that is a good start
<Hermestr> that is how it starts
<Hermestr> it is the easiest with a white background. Then as you practice it gets easier on other backgrounds
<MedSoul> as with color's merging etc?
<Hermestr> did you get to see any colors or was it just that light haze
<MedSoul> at first the haze, then colors formed within, purple was most visible
<MedSoul> I usually see the haze, quite often
<Hermestr> you can see aura pretty easily too around plants
<Hermestr> another good way to practice
<Hermestr> plus you don't have to worry about somebody saying "what are you staring at!"
<MedSoul> haha! I remember having to do it discreetly, yes :) I have seen auras on big trees, against the blue sky
<Hermestr> when you get good you can tell much about a person from their aura
<Hermestr> if they are happy, sad, sick, health
<Hermestr> it can be a handy tool to have at your disposal at times
<MedSoul> yeas especially if we need to know a mood of someone before we approach, or if a symptom of illness is about to manifest
<Hermestr> they have some photography now that takes pictures of your aura that shows the colors
<MedSoul> wow
<Hermestr> I don't know much about the technology
<Hermestr> I got an e-mail from someone that had it done
<Hermestr> I suppose one day the photo store will carry that film
<MedSoul> I heard that it wasnt really true?
<MedSoul> maybe it is though
<Hermestr> could be, I have not seen a picture and the person at the same time
<Hermestr> also seeing aura is often subjective
<Hermestr> different people can see different aura shading and colors at times
<MedSoul> can you see them?
<Hermestr> yes when I try
<Hermestr> if I don't try then they stay invisible
<Hermestr> some people can see them all the time
<Hermestr> which must be distracting
<_666> how can u see aura?
<giselle> and what happens when you see like an steam all the time
<_666> sorry for interrupting
<giselle> me too#
<MedSoul> your all welcome :)
<MedSoul> a stem could be kundalini energy
<Hermestr> well I can't see aura all the time, but I suppose if you could it would be a distraction indeed when looking at someone. However most likely you would get use to it.
<Hermestr> it is easiest to see aura if you put a plant for a person up against a white wall
<MedSoul> as with all things that a repeated, maybe
<Hermestr> plant or a person^
<MedSoul> you'd certainly live differently
<Hermestr> then look around the edges for a haze
<MedSoul> yeees, oh its so bright sometimes
<MedSoul> When a spiritual awakening of some sort occurs, there must be a disconnection from the hustle and bustle people going on?
<MedSoul> if we all followed people like sheep, we wouldn't ever be awakened would we
<giselle> is like an steam, vapor, smoke.. what what is kundalini energy? (if I not interrupting too much)
<Hermestr> some kind of recluse or hermit like existence often follows
<Hermestr> to give yourself the chance to hear the inner voice
<Hermestr> and take instruction on that level
<Hermestr> it is like smoke but it kind of shimmers
<Hermestr> kundalini is the spiritual energy stored at the base of the spine that when released energizes all the other chakra. It wakes them up.
<MedSoul> what do chakra centers look like? I imagine them to look awesome
<Hermestr> I have pictures on the website
<hill> do you look directly at the haze or focus on another point and look for haze in your peripheral vision?
<Hermestr> you look past whatever you want to see, and then the haze is easier to see
<Hermestr> your peripheral vision is the least damaged and the best part to use when you are learning to see aura
<MedSoul> Hermes I read somewhere you can see 360 degrees with the third eye, have you had any discoveries there?
<Hermestr> in the nonphysical you can see all around you
<Hermestr> it is very strange
<Hermestr> usually you can see around corners without too much effort
<MedSoul> that must be bizarre
<MedSoul> wow
<Hermestr> yea it takes getting used to
<Hermestr> but of course movement in the nonphysical is based on thought not action
<Hermestr> so it almost does not matter where an object is
<Hermestr> you just think to go there and you will go there
<giselle> is the same , when you are in meditation, and you can see all around, inclusive yourself, or is different
<MedSoul> ok. can there ever be times on our waking time when we are conscious that, we experience an overlap with the metaphysical
<Hermestr> it does happen, especially when you are first getting into this process
<Hermestr> and your energy starts making jumps up in magnitude
<Hermestr> magnitude
<Hermestr> your regular senses get confused
<MedSoul> weird, I have experienced something like this the other day
<Hermestr> they get more frequent and then less
<Attuned> wow.. hi all
<Hermestr> as your get used to the energy change they get less frequent
<Hermestr> hi attuned
<MedSoul> hey attuned!
<_666_> hello
<hill> hello
<giselle> hello
<hill> hehe, 3 in a row, tic tac tow
<Hermestr> anybody else have any strange experiences as their energy shifted or changed?
<Hermestr> medsoul what happened?
<giselle> my energy changes all the time when I with somebody having problems, I don't know yet how to control it, some times get funny
<MedSoul> sorry Hermes I was writing a poem :)
<Hermestr> giselle, sounds like your energy is getting sucked out of you
<MedSoul> when I feel this shift, I feel weird.. its like I'm living in parallel with a universe of knowledge and new things
<MedSoul> I'll walk along and suddenly I feel 'comprehension;
<giselle> sometimes
<Hermestr> giselle, have you tried doing a quick MPE at those times
<MedSoul> I'll be back soon guys
<Hermestr> also you could try wearing or carrying a small quartz crystal
<Hermestr> it can act like a battery and even out your energy field
<giselle> when I get connected I feel "me" die, is a very deep feeling of depersonalization#
<giselle> yes, and work. what I trying not to loose energy each time somebody needed
<giselle> the quartz sounds good idea
<Hermestr> yes it will help allot
<Hermestr> and afterward a short meditation can help to put the energy back you lost
<hill> what if this happens at a place like school? the only place you can be alone to meditate is in the bathroom!
<giselle> try it
<hill> ok, :)
<Hermestr> yea good point. I used to try to find someplace quiet and then spend a minute or two to charge back
<Hermestr> when that was not possible I would ask my spirit guide to send me some energy
<giselle> I can charge back almost any where
<hill> does having energy mean being able to relate and communicate with people around you or just not being effected by outside negative energy?
<Hermestr> well it is all tied together, the more energy you have the easier it is to communicate and ward off outside negative energy
<Hermestr> you are like a big battery
<Hermestr> the more energy you have the more tasks you can perform
<giselle> I did not try to mean that. I do an exercise to open my know , be aware, open empty
<MedSoul> hey all
<pbergnie> 6Hi Med
<hill> hello again!
<Hermestr> what kind of expertise, if you won't mind sharing it with us
<pbergnie> Hi Hill!
<pbergnie> (I seem to be on the wrong channel?)
<giselle> yea. relax, open your senses, beginning with the touch, feel your body (part by part) let go pain, discomforts, let them go)feel the body as a whole
<Hermestr> yes that seems like a nice way to clear out and charge up.
<hill> is there a limit on how much someone should meditate?
<giselle> and them you continue with the eye, see as a whole, the ear, open to the farthest noises until you get the sound of silence
<Hermestr> no you can meditate as much as you want
<giselle> is only 2 minutes
<Hermestr> so you use your eyes and ears to pull balance yourself
<giselle> hello again
<Hermestr> welcome back giselle
<Hermestr> I'll use something similar except I use my breath to focus on
<giselle> about the topic, can we separate the eternity from us?
<Hermestr> in entity you mean?
<giselle> y
<Hermestr> do you mean your soul or monad?
<giselle> monad
<Hermestr> your soul and you monad are forever connected to you
<Hermestr> you can go further from it
<giselle> so we all affects eternity
<Hermestr> yes everyone whoever they are will affect and change the universe with every action
<pbergnie> 6Yes, Giselle.. have you read Hermes RC1?
<pbergnie> It is really clearly explained there
<Hermestr> and because you are always connected to the monad, your thoughts and actions can have very widespread effects
<giselle> no is my first time here, I new that. I only try to understand the title
<Hermestr> oh the channel topic
<pbergnie> 6Wonderful book.
<Hermestr> yes your actions will ripple outward like a pebble thrown in a lake
<Hermestr> which means that all of you who help others can have very far reaching effects on the planet
<giselle> we can help, but what happen with the sleepers?
<Hermestr> you actions can serve as a reminder to them
<Hermestr> and will influence them to do better, even if they are not thinking along those lines
<shotbybot> hello
*** shotbybot is now known as magicm
<giselle> I understood with my mind, but I need to know it with my heart
<magicm> wrong name, sorry
<Hermestr> well in the heart it just comes by doing
<giselle> is true
<Hermestr> as you evolve and grow you will find the people around you doing the same, though not to the same degree as you are.
<Hermestr> you should always respect the beliefs of others, and never push your belief system on someone that is not ready for it or has not asked.
<giselle> much you grow , your eye become wide, and you can see that
<Hermestr> I say this often, just your actions as you evolve have a powerful effect on bringing peace and harmony to those people that see and know you.
<giselle> yes, I also try not to interfere in other life's, some times they ask you, but they don't want to ear the truth
<giselle> sorry.. interfere
<Hermestr> got to go
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Apr 09 18:19:11 2002

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