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April 4, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Apr 04 16:20:45 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
*** Now talking in #energyworks
<magicm> weid
<magicm> hello
<Hermestr> hi magicman
<magicm> everything ok with everyone?
<Hermestr> yea life is good
<Krisana> Hello hello I` m so exited to be here!
<Hermestr> hi krisana, welcome
<Krisana> I don` t know what you've been talking about, sorry
<Hermestr> i did not notice you come in, my head was on the other computer
<Hermestr> actually no one is saying much
<Krisana> Hello Hermes!!! (and everybody) I liked VERY MUCH your book.
<Hermestr> great, wonderful;
<Hermestr> wonderful
<Krisana> I'll say something then, I did a course called Ascension, which I believe to be the ultimate thing to reach enlightenment (hopefully). Your works prepared me to understand the power of it
<Hermestr> yea it is an important and very responsible step for sure
<Krisana> I have been reading the workshop seem....quite ¨enlightened¨...hehhe I don't know how to put it...but I'm kinda sure you'll understand, master. :o)
<Hermestr> thank you, I do try my best to learn the lessons and then pass them on
<Krisana> One question: do u think there are ¨entities¨ who pass our bodies.....let's say certain spiritual entities which can embody us for seconds or so? or is it bullshit?
<Hermestr> In times of great stress, a spirit guide may dual inhabit a body of their charge, but that is really the extent of it
<Hermestr> there have been some occasions where one personality left and another entered
<Hermestr> but this of course was predetermined before the incarnation
<Krisana> times of great the person is a bit lost and the guide takes over to help?
<Hermestr> more like in danger
<Hermestr> they come in take control of the body, to get it through the danger
<Hermestr> then leave
<Hermestr> afterward a person may say "how did i get through that" or they may not have any memory of the event
<Krisana> Oh. Thank you.
<Krisana> another: do you think people with heightened awareness is more prone to mood disturbances? Like being very sensitive and perceptive, (indigo children, for example) and if not having proper emotional support getting ciclotimic or manic depression and stuff?
<Krisana> I` going quickly though questions because it isn't easy for me to chat with you! (I hope I'm behaving correctly enough)
<Hermestr> well sure. In an ideal condition as a person gets more sensitive he also should be able to control his emotions more,
<Hermestr> but that is in the ideal case
<Hermestr> what I find is that the more sensitive you become the more you have to work on purging yourself of those moody tendencies
<Hermestr> but not everyone does that
<Krisana> control his emotions? how?
<Hermestr> the best way to describe it is an evening out of the high and the low periods in your life
<Hermestr> your emotions are like rubber bands
<Hermestr> if you stretch them too far in one direction they snap back in the other
<Hermestr> there is this comfort zone in the middle where you can still express yourself but not go to extremes
<Hermestr> what you are learning to do is take that emotional high and save that energy
<Hermestr> kind of ration off that happiness over time
<Krisana> go on go on this is extremely interesting
<Hermestr> by doing this you prevent the bounce to the opposite, like depression
<Krisana> how how
<Hermestr> well it starts with the times you are really really happy
<Hermestr> instead of dancing on the roof and glowing
<Hermestr> you hold some of that back and enjoy a quiet inner happiness
<Hermestr> you store this happiness inside the cells of your body and in your aura
<Hermestr> this then begins the evening out process
<Hermestr> now you won't rebound so low next time
<Hermestr> the stored happiness will act as a charge and keep you from sinking into a low state of depression
<Hermestr> you keep at this till you reach the comfort zone.
<Hermestr> this is where you have no more real high ups or downs
<Hermestr> you have evened out your energy field
<Hermestr> your emotions are in control at every moment
<Hermestr> you still feel happy and sad, but it is a more controlled version of it
<Krisana> in Ascension they say it's very important to express emotions freely (with pillows, for example) that it helps you heighten ur frequency how does this relate?
<Krisana> I understand about the energy holding....
<Hermestr> your emotions are expressed but in a controlled manner
<Krisana> controlled manner being...not outbursts or so....I guess....but also there are emotions held for long inside that would be good to take out yes?
<Hermestr> yes, the outbursts are diminished
<Hermestr> in that way you can save this energy and use it over time
<Hermestr> when you reach this comfort zone you are always fully expressing your emotions
<Hermestr> so there is no emotion that is bottled up
<Hermestr> that has to be let out
<Hermestr> you emotional energy is like an ocean
<Hermestr> a calm ocean
<Hermestr> on the surface all is well, but underneath there is movement
<Hermestr> I'm not talking about repressing your emotions
<Hermestr> just learning how to take the energy from these powerful emotions and use them over time as needed
<Krisana> I see.....
<Hermestr> this is a method to help even out your emotions
<Hermestr> in those moments when you are really flying high on life, you take a step back...
<Hermestr> and instead of blowing all this happy energy out of you over the next 24 hours
<Hermestr> you get composure and save some of it,
<Hermestr> relax a bit
<Hermestr> feel the emotion in the inside more than expressing it on the outside
<Hermestr> you are still expressing the happy emotion but not to the degree that you would usually
<Hermestr> this prevents your energy field from bouncing back in the opposite direction once the 'happy' energy is all burned off.
<Hermestr> it begins the process of preventing those terrible depressed states of being
<Hermestr> over time with this method you no longer have any depressing moments.
<gnosis> hi hermes :)
<Hermestr> your emotions ride gently up and down like a calm ocean
<Hermestr> hi gnosis
<gnosis> it's been a while
<Krisana> and all that energy is used for more practical matters
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> exactly
<Hermestr> it goes into creating more wonderful things in your life
<Hermestr> so yes as your energy goes, up and you become more sensitive this evening out becomes even more important
<Hermestr> because point for point your energy will be that much more powerful at creating
<Hermestr> having those emotions all evened out will spare you some heartaches along the way
<Hermestr> at some point you will find your thoughts manifesting in under an hour for many things
<Krisana> Thank you so much for teaching us this technique, Tom/Hermes.
<Hermestr> ah that is what I'm here for
<Hermestr> glad to help
<gnosis> hermes, your a vegetarian, right?
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> for over 10 years now
<Hermestr> probably 15
<gnosis> do you eat any eggs?
<Hermestr> sometimes
<Hermestr> not often
<gnosis> yeah
<Hermestr> if my protein is low I will crave an egg
<Hermestr> then I will have one
<gnosis> most breads have eggs, don't they?
<Hermestr> I don't eat meat, fish, chicken
<Hermestr> yea they do
<gnosis> yeah
<Hermestr> by products from animals is not as toxic as eating the meat
<Hermestr> the animal is designed to create by products
<Hermestr> when you eat meat you absorb a good deal of the animals emotions and energy
<Hermestr> this includes fear
<Hermestr> and lower animal passions
<Hermestr> it makes it harder to control your energy
<gnosis> yeah, i don't worry about that stuff
<magicm> you eat sea food hermes?
<Hermestr> no fish either
<Hermestr> I don't like fish
<Hermestr> even if I could accept the fact of eating something that was alive
<magicm> vegetables are alive too
<Hermestr> yea but they have a very different reality from us
<gnosis> life consumes life
<gnosis> this is the nature of our world, until you can sustain yourself spiritually
<Hermestr> the reason man is trapped here on the planet is because he is a slave to his animal nature. It does not make it easier on him when he consumes that which he is trying to rid himself of.
<Hermestr> you can eat what you want. I prefer foods sources of higher rather than lower energy vibrations
<gnosis> I don't do eat meats because it isn't necessary, and I feel it isn't right to inflict suffering or kill other beings for survival.
<Hermestr> that is good
<Krisana> hermes do u teach seminars or so in person?
<Hermestr> I did when I lived in NY, but here in Florida there has not been much call for it
<gnosis> living this way is very easy, it has become even more evident to me how unnecessary carnivorous diets are.
<Hermestr> yes I found that life was much easier by giving up meat
<Hermestr> and my body really did not miss it either
<gnosis> the whole world could live off of other foods, and millions of animals could enjoy their existence without being enslaved by us.
<gnosis> yeah :)
<Hermestr> if there was enough people someplace that wanted a seminar and it was economically feasible for me to go, I would do a seminars again
<Hermestr> yes the animal situation is so sad. Less and less animal consciousness incarnates on the planet each year
<Hermestr> many animal consciousness has moved off the earth plane to evolve in other systems
<Krisana> what do u think it will happen in the year 2012 or 2013?
<Hermestr> some kind of energy shift will happen or be happening at that time
<Hermestr> but what exactly is unclear
<Krisana> how will we feel it? (will we?)
<Krisana> oh
<gnosis> you will know
<gnosis> everyone will know
<Hermestr> my hope is the birth in a new form of thinking and living
<gnosis> it will happen
<gnosis> 100-200 years from now the differences will be very clear
<Krisana> i think so too....but do u know gnosis?
<Hermestr> true from a hind-sight perspective the event will be noticeable
<gnosis> :)
<Krisana> hind sight? meaning?
<Hermestr> it is always easier to see the changes when you look at it from a history perspective
<gnosis> even without hind-sight
<Krisana> English isn't my mother tongue.....searching hind in dictionary
<Hermestr> hind sight means looking at something that has already happened
<gnosis> during the time, every person on this planet will know something is happening, it will not be subtle.
<Hermestr> hindsight: : understanding of an event after it has happened
<Krisana> oh. ok. gnosis has me curious! :o)
<gnosis> haha
<Krisana> tell us more, can you?
<gnosis> that's about all I know :)
<Krisana> yeah yeah
* gnosis sings I'm a believer, I'm a believer
<Krisana> did you guys know there was a ¨seer¨ who visualized the twin towers attack? (in 1939) with drawings and all, very clear! . He said many more things
<gnosis> who was he?
<Krisana> an Argentinean guy called Bejamin Solari Parravicini
<gnosis> haven't heard of him
<Hermestr> major world events ripple through time and if you are sensitive to that stuff you can pick up on it. Problem is, there is no way to know if that future is in your probability stream. The future can and does change.
<Hermestr> you change probabilities as easily as you walk into another room
<Hermestr> so a prediction is only accurate at the time it is predicted
<Hermestr> after that it goes into the world of chance.
<Krisana> I have to study that probability thing more....but I intuitively understand it
<Hermestr> however some predictions do come true. The probability stream is not changed or, worse, the it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy
<gnosis> I suppose the only way to know would be follow the most likely or more certain events through time.
<Krisana> Anyway....this guy visualized in the 30` s Fidel Castro, the cold war, Franco and his fall in Spain, he hasn't missed a single thing it seems!
<Hermestr> well let's hope he has some good predictions to tell us
<Krisana> he talks about the ¨new children¨
<Hermestr> what does he say about them
<Krisana> that they bring messages to us, ¨they'll talk about the interplanetary man, the man ¨matter¨ and the man antimatter, the robot, the flying machine and the mission of the astral beings¨
<gnosis> wow
<gnosis> hehe
<Hermestr> perhaps he is seeing ascended beings
<Krisana> ¨superior beings missioners of God¨. The creator God, the one that constantly comes to help the man that ignores him¨ that forgets about him and even the one that talks in discomfort of the actual hour...and the no existence of other worlds in grace¨...¨the new child¨ is true¨ he says
<Krisana> Benjamin was born in 1898 and died in 1974
<Hermestr> the next 10 years will be very transformative for those people that take advantage of the energies that are here.
<Hermestr> the energy of this time is of self transformation and clearing out of the garbage
<Hermestr> if you take the time to work on this over this time, you will evolve yourself a million times more than you could at any other time in the history of the planet
<Krisana> he says (I'm translating now) ¨the re educated man, curious and studying, together with the new child now grown, both will talk and teach of the century to come....blah blah....the brothers from the high will help us....blah blah and with them peace will come
<Krisana> he says some more things about US shall I search the pages?
<Hermestr> the white brotherhood live in etheric cities that hover over the planet
<Hermestr> sure,
<gnosis> nice talking with you guys
<gnosis> time for some dinner
<gnosis> see ya :)
<Hermestr> welcome back magicman
<magicm> hello
<magicm> they've gone?
<Hermestr> yea looks like it
<Victoria> I'm Krisana
<Victoria> lost some things but will read them later on saved file. :o)
<magicm> we were wrong
<Victoria> on what?
<Hermestr> hi again
<Hermestr> was just finishing another one of your e-mails
<Hermestr> so that was all the predictions for now
<Victoria> :o)
<Victoria> I wanna thank you again and again for your clear and generous instructions
<Hermestr> glad to help
<Hermestr> and it is good that you are seeking to know and learn
<Hermestr> the world needs so much help
<Hermestr> and you will illuminate your corner of the world with light and love
<Hermestr> all while helping yourself to grow and evolve
<Victoria> here in Argentina there` s a strong victim mentality......
<Hermestr> oh that can create much pain
<magicm> Argentina huh. hard times
<Victoria> sometimes I wish to go public speaking about it and others I think maybe changing myself I help more?
<Hermestr> well for now help yourself and then later when you feel up to it, reach out to others
<Hermestr> like I said you don't have to do anything other than learn and grow yourself to have an effect on your own little corner of the world
<Hermestr> but most people who embark on this path feel the need to share it with others, and that is great too
<Victoria> :o)
<Hermestr> I spent years doing nothing but learning and growing within
<Hermestr> then one day I decided to reach out to others. the time was right
<Hermestr> it is important to spend time on yourself, especially if you want to help others. You can't help others if you yourself are lacking.
<Victoria> yes
<Hermestr> well I think I will depart
<Hermestr> it was a good workshop, thanks for coming
<Victoria> oohh ok good night!
<Hermestr> I'll be having another on Tuesday
<Hermestr> perhaps I will see you then
<Victoria> I'll try to assist. :o)
<Hermestr> light, peace
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Apr 04 19:15:21 2002

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