grounding yourself; changing your subconscious mind; using energy balls; body twitching as your energy goes up; the OLAP tweaking your body; uncontrolled reality creating, and the use of chemical substances;
March 26, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Mar 26 16:28:36 2002
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops.'
<Hermestr> howdy
<naf> hi Hermestr. :)
<Hermestr> hi naf, how is it going?
<naf> better and better. :)
<naf> lots of things have happened.
<Hermestr> ah that is very good to hear
<naf> yep.
<naf> I'd like to know about grounding, do you know about it?
<Hermestr> sure, it is important and your energy is going up
<Hermestr> and = as
<Hermestr> as your energy increases your grounding point into the earth must increase
<naf> the foot chakra is an essential part here?
<Hermestr> otherwise you will feel light headed and will have difficulty manifesting things in your reality
<Hermestr> the lower chakra and the foot chakra are important in this process, yes
<naf> ok, so MPE is the key here? :)
<Hermestr> yes that can help
<Hermestr> but what I find to be a bigger help is carrying some good grounding stones, like hematite, amber, obsidian
<naf> what are the symptoms if I'm not properly grounded?
<Hermestr> for a while I wore a hematite pendent
<Hermestr> eventually you can get rid of the hematite once your start to ground yourself better
<Hermestr> you will feel lightheaded and find it difficulty to manifest things in your reality
<naf> mmm... ok.
<Hermestr> the stones just help till the body and your energy field can adjust to the change in energy
<Hermestr> what kind of grounding problems are you having or think you are having?
<naf> problems with my subconscious
<naf> not as bad as it used to be.
<naf> as I said, I'm getting better and better each day. :)
<naf> it might not have anything to do with grounding though.
<Hermestr> the subconscious can be stubborn at times
<naf> yep, but meditation has helped me a lot.
<naf> and I've found the reasons for my anxiety.
<Hermestr> grounding problems would show up as the inability to focus on things, frequent day dreaming
<naf> I also feel like a different person. :)
<naf> sounds familiar.
<Hermestr> you would feel as if you are not fully in this reality
<naf> but negative 'day dreaming'
<naf> yep, something like that.
<Hermestr> well it can be negative or positive daydreaming
<Hermestr> hopefully positive, at least that way you won't trash your reality
<naf> yeah, but as I started doing the things I dreamed of, things got better. :)
<naf> also after I realized the things I had hidden from myself, I got relieved.
<naf> and now I'm just happy, living in this moment. :)
<Hermestr> sounds like you got it working for you then
<naf> but my subconsciousness is bothering me sometimes.
<naf> I actually see hallucinations, if I stare at one spot.
<naf> with my peripheral vision that is.
<Hermestr> you could just be becoming sensitive and your third eye is opening up
<naf> like, my chair turns into a ninja.
<naf> :D
<Hermestr> grounding will help to stop that
<Hermestr> you have too much energy in the upper chakra that is not passing into the lower
<naf> well, I don't mind, if I just knew what's going on. :)
<naf> ok, I've trained the upper chakras more.
<naf> sounds like that's the case.
<Hermestr> do you have any source where you can get a small piece of hematite
<Hermestr> carry it around in your pocket for few days and see if it helps
<naf> I don't know what a hematite is. :)
<naf> all I have is this crystal.
<naf> thanks.
<naf> also...
<naf> ever since I tried the OLAP things, I've been having these muscle twitches.
<Hermestr> I should shoot a picture of it
<Hermestr> and put it I that guide
<naf> but they're getting less..
<naf> could it be my subconscious?
<Hermestr> the OLAP like to tweak your body, they use needles of light
<naf> but I haven't summoned them for months.
<naf> and told them to stop. :)
<Hermestr> well that does not mean they are still not watching you
<naf> cos I was really having problems with my mind.
<naf> well, I get the twitches daily.
<Hermestr> well you could need grounding and you could be being worked on by your spirit guides and or the OLAP
<Hermestr> I'd tell you the MPE works with this condition, but the truth is the stones work real well
<Hermestr> amber will work too, that is petrified wood
<naf> btw, I created energyballs with 'ego-loss' command. And last night I saw a really weird dream which was some kind of a movie, in which I was some kind of a house keeper called 'Max'. :)
<Hermestr> ?
<Hermestr> strange
<naf> do you know about ego-loss?
<Hermestr> you mean reducing your ego so that it no longer controls your actions
<naf> I mean getting rid of all that is you.
<naf> temporarily of course. :)
<Hermestr> oh I see
<Hermestr> existing outside time and space for a bit
<Hermestr> without any interference from your reality
<naf> yeah, and suddenly not remembering anything at all, who you are, what you are.
<naf> and then, you just are.
<Hermestr> yes those moments can be powerful
<naf> right in this moment.
<naf> hi there
<magicm> hello
<naf> Hermestr, so, how about programming one's subconscious?
<naf> Hermestr, how to do it, and what is possible?
<naf> does meditation help?
<Hermestr> meditation does help, with programming the subconscious
<Hermestr> but works well too is mantras and saying phrases over and over again in your head
<Hermestr> and also dream work
<naf> I'm really getting further with meditation.
<Hermestr> working out some of the changes in your dreams can change the subconscious very quickly
<Hermestr> if you are having travel meditations you can also use some of those journeys to change your subconscious
<naf> at the moment I'm only trying to reach the void.
<Hermestr> another way is to visit the Tree of Life sphere of Yesod
<naf> what was in the Yesod again?
<Hermestr> personally I like to use mantras and phrases
<naf> oh, and also I need to get rid of my fears. :)
<Hermestr> Yesod is the level of consciousness associated with the moon. It is the place of the unconscious mind. It is the place of pre-thought forms. These pre-thought forms are the energy currents that come just before an idea or a thing manifests
<naf> so Geburah might help there.
<Hermestr> Yesod
<Hermestr> Geburah is where you go for strength and courage
<naf> well, courage is what I need. :)
<Hermestr> well then perhaps
<Hermestr> Geburah is the place to go for you.
<naf> hmm
<naf> Yesod sounds more interesting. ;)
<Hermestr> hi magicman, by the way
<naf> was it two nights ago, I was doing some lower chakra training in my bed before falling asleep. I imagined energy flowing inside me in each breath I took. I went trough all the lower chakras and at one point I was falling asleep, and heard this strange humming sound and I was going trough somekind of a space filled with little objects.
<naf> then I realized I was starting to see a dream, but woke up instantly.
<Hermestr> nice, you are becoming aware of yourself as you go off to sleep
<naf> now was it just a dream then?
<naf> I mean, I really wasn't thinking anything like that.
<Hermestr> dreams are real events that occur in the nonphysical plane
<naf> yes, I've become more aware after I started meditating.
<Hermestr> they are dreams because they are highly charged with symbols from your subconscious mind
<naf> ok.
<Hermestr> meditation is the great unlocker in the process of evolving yourself
<Hermestr> it is such an essential part.
<magicm> (looks up) oh hi hermes
<naf> forgot to meditate today. :/ Well, I composed some music. :)
<naf> and I did meditate 70 minutes yesterday.
<naf> and it was really interesting. :)
<naf> Yesod so I should create an energy ball to get there?
<Hermestr> sure, sounds like a good plane
<naf> or just think about going to Yesod when I go to bed?
<Hermestr> which one works for you
<naf> energy balls I guess.
<naf> few days ago I created an energy ball with my friend, and we both felt it at the same time. That convinces me a bit more. :)
<naf> anyway, I'm still not believing fully in anything, but I always like to test things.
<Hermestr> energyballs are great for making changes in your reality
<Hermestr> you pack them with energy then thought and send them off into a vortex to be manifested
<naf> yep.
<Hermestr> kind of like compiling your own C++ program
<naf> :)
<naf> well, I gave up programming.
<naf> I think I'll go and study some psychology and biology.
<Hermestr> okay have fun'
<naf> not now! but when I go to university. :D
<Hermestr> oh
<naf> ;)
<Hermestr> like any system it takes time to learn to trust it. The same is true with reality creating and making energy balls
<Hermestr> and it is good to be skepical at first
<naf> yeah. :)
<Hermestr> test everything you learn or plan to use
<naf> I kinda rushed into these spiritual things
<naf> and believed in them 100%
<naf> it's like, if I want something to happen, my mind can create it all.
<naf> and I don't know if that was the case with the OLAPs...
<naf> if it was, then I could have programmed my subconscious mind somehow and that's why there are still some muscle twitches.
<naf> now, I'm much more patient. :)
<naf> generally.
<Hermestr> well, these twitches could be normal, as you energy changes or goes up
<Hermestr> your body has to be adjusted at times to take on more energy
<Hermestr> this happens more in the first 10 years of evolving yourself
<Hermestr> and less after that, as the body gets into prime shape, less adjustments are needed
<Hermestr> hi attuned
<naf> yep, could be that at first it was the OLAPs and after that just some energy changes, daily. :)
<Attuned> hi all
<naf> hi again attuned.
<Hermestr> I find once you show your willingness to accept the help of the OLAP they will continue to help you along the way.
<Hermestr> unless you direct them not to
<Hermestr> they won't fix everything automatically, but they will tweak you every now and then.
<naf> it's just a bit freaky... ;)
<naf> I'd like to get along with my subconscious first.
<naf> I'm not satisfied with it. :)
<Hermestr> well you could have a grounding problem with the subconscious part.
<Hermestr> that will give you visions and weird reality shifts
<Hermestr> but it is an easy fix if you can get your hands on a hematite
<Hermestr> and it is normal too for you to be having grounding problems, so there is nothing to worry about
<Hermestr> your energy will go up and as it does it unbalances you from this reality
<naf> k
<naf> visions and weird reality shifts sound SO familiar. :)
<naf> I used to have those.
<naf> not anymore.
<naf> I just find myself thinking about things I don't have to think anymore.
<naf> and
<naf> when I try nitrous oxide, I get really bad thoughts and feelings.
<naf> others just love n2o, and I find it scary. ;)
<naf> sort of, I have the feeling that I don't know how many seconds I have before I go totally insane.
<naf> :)
<Hermestr> well anytime you uncouple you conscious mind it can be scary and dangerous from a reality creating point
<naf> k
<Hermestr> in normal dreaming you are in a controlled condition
<Hermestr> your body is doing what is natural
<naf> but how much damage can I do for my reality in 30 seconds?
<Hermestr> when your force it into that mode your subconscious mind is not following the preprogrammed program
<Hermestr> well any time you send negative thoughts out into your reality they have the potential of creating
<Hermestr> when you dream your subconscious mind does this in a way that is beneficial to your reality creating
<Hermestr> but when you are awake and under the influence of another agent these uncontrolled thoughts can get manifested real fast
<naf> is there any way to prevent it?
<naf> if I want to trip safely? :)
<Hermestr> yea, don't trip
<naf> :/
<Hermestr> what your thoughts are during those times should tell you where you need to work on in your reality. (do not take this as statement that I endorse this practice, because I do not!)
<naf> well
<naf> last time I smoked pot I had a really positive experience, and realized some things.
<naf> but
<naf> n2o is just totally insane.
<naf> :)
<naf> and it doesn't tell me anything
<naf> or maybe it did tell me that I'm having a latent subconscious thing.
<naf> and I should work with it. ;)
<naf> so there is no way to stop reality creating for few hours?
<Hermestr> no, your thoughts will always create your reality.
<naf> which thought will win? 'Ok, now I did it, I'll go insane' or 'But hey, this only lasts for one minute max, and after that I'll be okay'
<Hermestr> thoughts are commutative too
<Hermestr> they add to each other over time
<Hermestr> many things don't manifest that you think about because they do not get enough energy from you
<Hermestr> these thoughts will hang around you for a time and over time if you add enough similar thought energy to them, the will manifest
<naf> well, energy balls help here. :)
<Hermestr> yes, an energyball can undo some bad thought energy.
<Hermestr> However it would be better to not generate that negative thought in the first place. In fact it all practices that cause you to generate negative thoughts should be terminated.
<Hermestr> All practices that rob you of the power to control the present moment (and that includes any drug or alcohol induced states) should be terminated as well.
<Hermestr> What is worse is the use of any kind of drug or chemical for spiritual enlightenment. You may think you have found a good purpose for such a thing. But all you have found is an excuse to escape from physical reality and lose all control you have over it.
<Hermestr> It would probably be more beneficial to your health and well being to put a blindfold on and go drive a car on the freeway

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