Using meditation to connect to your higher self, Soul, Monad
February 7, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Feb 07 16:38:43 2002
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
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<Hermestr> howdy
<fooki> hi =)
<Hermestr> how are you today
<fooki> happy =)
<Hermestr> oh that is very good
<fooki> how did you make your first conscious spiritual communication?
<Hermestr> for me I suppose it was with out of body travel
<Hermestr> I knew there were these guides or something helping me along the way
<fooki> how old were you when that happened?
<Hermestr> 23
<Hermestr> or 22
<Hermestr> around that time
<Hermestr> after that of course my beliefs were open that there were these energies that assist and help
<Hermestr> and then other connections were made
<Hermestr> however I did also believe in the existence of such beings before. I just had no proof
<fooki> yes
<Hermestr> for me it was enough to propel me on the new journey
<Hermestr> to learn and grow and evolve myself
<fooki> yep
<fooki> so were the earthly things in your life all okay at that time?
<Hermestr> well not really, they were on the down and going down fast
<Hermestr> I suppose like everyone else I wanted answers to why my life was not going well and what else is there to life.
<fooki> hmm
<fooki> okay, interesting, thank you
<fooki> so, when was your first spiritual communication in meditation?
<fooki> or how was it like?
<Hermestr> meditation I started up about 3 years after I learned to OBE
<Hermestr> by then I had made many spiritual contacts in my adventures
<Hermestr> but then of course in meditation I did continue these contacts
<Hermestr> and made more
<fooki> oh okay
<Hermestr> meditation helped me to touch my higher self and my Soul and my Monad
<fooki> would you be more specific on that?
<fooki> especially the higher self part?
<Hermestr> well your connection to the higher self, Soul, Monad are inner connections..
<Hermestr> you need to be quite and still and focused inward, not focused on what is going on around you
<Hermestr> out of body travel is like physical reality in that it presents you with lots of data
<Hermestr> so much that you can not shut out these distractions to make these really important spiritual connections
<Hermestr> Mediation is by far the best way to quiet the mind and the exterior world so that you can hear and connect to these things
<fooki> how does it feel when it starts to happen? (connection with higher self)
<Hermestr> it is a warm peaceful sensation
<Hermestr> at first you can only sense it for a few seconds
<Hermestr> then it is gone
<Hermestr> but over time you learn to hold on to it more
<Hermestr> eventually you can hold on to this connection outside of meditation
<Hermestr> which is the true purpose of these connections.
<Hermestr> To take them with you in your daily life.
<fooki> figures
<Hermestr> but to get to that point you need the silence and quiet
<Hermestr> that only meditation can bring
<fooki> so what's this feeling in heart chakra then? =)
<fooki> when meditating =)
<Hermestr> it is kind of like that moment when you look into a lover's eyes or think about a lover.
<Hermestr> for a moment everything is perfect
<Hermestr> and as you make this connection upward, from higher self to Soul and eventually to Monad, this feeling gets more powerful
<Hermestr> lasts much longer
<fooki> how long does it approximately take to reach the higher levers? =)
<Hermestr> you can do it in a few months or it can take years
<Hermestr> it depends on how much you want to focus on it
<Hermestr> how many physical distractions you want to eliminate
<fooki> so, how do you focus on it? (in the beginning)
<Hermestr> well you start by just learning how to shut down the mind from chatting away when you are not doing anything
<Hermestr> in meditation your mind should be quiet. Most of the time in meditation you are just working on keeping it quiet (at least at first)
<Hermestr> then at some point your mind is empty, there is no chatter. This may only last a few seconds at first
<Hermestr> as you learn to hold on to this spot for longer periods of time, you will find
<Hermestr> that you are being spoken too, or hear things or feel things
<Hermestr> this can be your higher spiritual self starting to break through
<fooki> the technique remains the same when getting better? just to listen? =)
<Hermestr> yep
<Hermestr> it is the noise in our minds that stop us from making these connections
<fooki> okay nice
<fooki> so, let's suppose someone has done things the other way around than you did.. first that connection to your higher self.. now would that possibly help astral projection to happen?
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> the main reason it happened this way with me was because of my path of helping others
<Hermestr> it was a way to kick me in the butt and get me going
<fooki> hmm
<Hermestr> but meditation is the first step
<fooki> yes I see
<Hermestr> I stress learning meditation up front while developing the other skills
<fooki> okay
<fooki> any guesses what it perhaps would mean if the learning curve would be the other way around (not yours)
<Hermestr> at one point my spiritual teachers said they would take my OBE skills away from me till I learned meditation
<Hermestr> and they did do this
<Hermestr> for a short time to make the point, on how important it was
<fooki> what makes it so important?
<Hermestr> that connection to the your higher self, Soul, and Monad
<Hermestr> I guess it could be longer or shorter, it would depend on the individual
<fooki> the connection could be longer or shorter?
<Hermestr> well with mediation you start to make that spiritual connection right away
<Hermestr> with my OBE I really did not start to make any spiritual progress for several years
<Hermestr> at first it was a great distraction
<Hermestr> because it was fun and interesting
<Hermestr> but going to Jupiter or Venus does not really help you to connect to your Soul
<Hermestr> that connection starts by going no place
<Hermestr> I think also
<Hermestr> you can really appreciate the rest of the universe so much more with that spiritual connection
<Hermestr> because you are there and connected to it
<fooki> =)
<fooki> hmm.. so, again, any hints/tips to work on that connection? what things did you notice to help that connection get stronger?
<Hermestr> Meditation, it just happens naturally once you quiet the mind
<fooki> =)
<fooki> okay, wonderful
<fooki> I think I'll go to bed now.. thank you very much hermes, it was very enlightening discussion =)
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Feb 07 18:13:39 2002