the earth existing in five dimensions; contacting ascended masters; archetypes; the death gene; getting Sandalphon to help you with OBE; eating meat or not; animal evolution; time and space in the nonphysical plane
January 24, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 24 16:32:04 2002
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*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<fooki> Robael please ask hermes about it =)
<fooki> i think i have heard people talking about it a lot recently
<Robael> hi Herm
<fooki> that's my opinion so far
<fooki> =)
<Robael> that's why I ask
<fooki> works fine
<Robael> look good
<Robael> .
<Robael> hi anyone reading later :)
<Hermes`> hi everyone
<Robael> nice to read you again Herm :)
<Hermes`> yes good to see you too
<Robael> Herm, I want to ask about Earth shifting to fifth dimension
<Robael> what that exactly mean?
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<Hermes`> well it means the vibration of the planet goes up
<Hermes`> it could mean that some people will be able to use these other dimensions
<Hermes`> like sliding forward and backward in time.
<Hermes`> we do this now in dreams
<Robael> and what happened to others? hey stay in this dimension?
<Hermes`> move forward and backward in time
<Hermes`> my guess and it is only a guess, is that in order for you to actually access these higher dimensions you yourself would have to be at an equal vibration rate as the planet
<Hermes`> some people have theorized that there would be a split in the planet...
<Robael> Do you know something about universe people? They say they are all around planet and take care of us
<Robael> yes I read something about split
<Hermes`> where those people with lower vibrations would stay on a three dimensional earth and those with a higher one would go to another earth. I think it more likely that it will be the same earth but with some people able to access these other dimensions.
<Hermes`> this page looks like ascended masters
<Robael> yes
<Hermes`> which of course there are ascended masters around us all the time, helping us to grow
<Hermes`> you can contact these masters if you persistent by using dreams, or out of body travel, or meditation
<Robael> they say there are bad "aliens" or beings who want to command us
<Hermes`> well I'm sure there is. Greed is not limited to humans
<Robael> I read something they help to invented chip, which will be used under the skin of humans
<Robael> that help them to control us
<Robael> but, I must agree with it on some level of consciousness, need not I?
<Hermes`> there are lots of these alien rumors around, there is no way to know what is true or false
<Hermes`> as the existence of the aliens has not yet been validated
<Robael> but you meet them while out of body, don't you?
<Hermes`> I do meet with some aliens out of the body. but I have never meet one physically
<Hermes`> they exist for me, only on the etheric plane, and the ones I met seem very plesant and helpful
<Hermes`> lots of the fear around aliens comes from the race memory, back when there were high-tech wars and mind control going on.
<Robael> I have one lucid with some kind of dwarfs, they teach me how to work with energy, how to let flow energy through hands in that dream
<Robael> that dream was very strange, because on the end they reset my memory
<Robael> so after I wake up I remember nothing
<Robael> I remember just later that day
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<Hermes`> it is possible that is some kind of alien encounter
<Hermes`> there are also dwarf type beings on the etheric plane
<Hermes`> they come from the fairytale region of Malkuth
<Robael> I remember they lived under the Earth
<Robael> in some kind of wood
<Hermes`> there is also rumored to be a surviving Leumerian civilization under the earth
<Hermes`> earth^
<Robael> cool
<Hermes`> you could have met with them in your dream
<Robael> is there any being in astral words which represent Death?
<Robael> worlds
<Hermes`> well there are several beings of that nature
<Hermes`> the Greeks and the Egyptians all had such beings
<Hermes`> these are archetypes
<Hermes`> they are symbols to help us evolve and grow and understand the universe
<Hermes`> a ascended master or an angelic being will take on these roles
<Hermes`> to help evolve the culture.
<Hermes`> these are offices more than they are actual people
<Robael> I understand. is something truth on the saying that human body was designed to live forever?
<Robael> .
<Hermes`> it was designed to live longer then it does now
<Hermes`> several hundred years
<Robael> like in bible
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<Hermes`> yes
<Hermes`> at some point the DNA became crippled
<Hermes`> and the life span shortened over a period of several generations
<Hermes`> with modern DNA research I would venture to think that this will be corrected in the future
<Hermes`> in esoteric circles this has been referred to as the "death gene"
<Robael> who makes that defect?
<Hermes`> no one really knows
<Hermes`> it is said it was deliberate at some point
<Hermes`> but there is no way to know if it was.
<Robael> hmm
<Robael> do you mean Sandalphon knows about all of us who desire to achieve out of body state?
<Hermes`> he can become aware of your trying and then come to assist you
<Hermes`> he does not know before you try, you must make a continued effort to have and obe
<Hermes`> and = an
<Hermes`> this sets up a mental connection to Sandalphon
<Robael> sorry I make jumping from one theme to another, I just asked everything I find in my mind
<Hermes`> he will then watch and wait for the right time to assist you.
<Robael> but If I call him by his name or use mantra of Malkuth, does he hear?
<Robael> hear - mental connection
<Hermes`> I'm sure he does, but understand that he is a busy person and will help those that are really trying hard.
<Robael> yes I know
<Hermes`> i find he watches
<Hermes`> and waits
<Hermes`> and when he things you are sincere about the skill, he then assists you.
<Robael> Herm, do you eat meat? Does some kind of prayer help to "clear" meat?
<Hermes`> i stopped eating meat about 10 years ago
<Hermes`> never felt better since
<Hermes`> prayer can help to remove the negative energy that comes from meat
<Hermes`> but the best way is not to ingest it in the first place
<Robael> I know when you use energy much you don't need to eat so much
<Hermes`> yes, the more efficient you become with your own energy, the less need to eat meat
<Hermes`> however
<Hermes`> meat is the lowest on the energy food chain
<Hermes`> you get more energy from greens and fruity
<Robael> when I eat meat, do I tie some karma on me?
<Robael> because of death of animals?
<Hermes`> you don't get any karma, but you do absorb the fear and lower animal energies into your system
<Robael> I understand
<Robael> what kind of spiritual task is here for animals ? are they evolve too?
<Hermes`> animals are evolving on a different track from humans. Sadly because of the human abuse of animals less and less animal consciousness is reborn to the earth every year.
<Robael> so can animal soul incarnate as humans or humans as animals?
<Hermes`> animals incarnate as animals
<Hermes`> they are not able to incarnate as human souls, they are not ready for that.
<fooki> do their souls ascend?
<Robael> there's no exceptions?
<Hermes`> when I mean ready I do not mean they are a lower form of consciousness.
<Hermes`> what I mean is that animal consciousness is evolving in its own way, different from the way humans evolve
<Robael> and human soul? can incarnate as animal?
<Hermes`> the animal soul is not prepared for human development
<Hermes`> no humans no longer incarnate into animals, they did long ago and that was one reason why we got stuck on the planet here for so long.
<Robael> hmm stupid we :)
<Hermes`> yes, this was not all human souls
<Hermes`> but some
<Hermes`> enough so that their experiences influenced generations to come
<MedSoul> Helloo
<Robael> hi
<Hermes`> hi medsoul
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Session Start: Thu Jan 24 17:31:54 2002
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
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<Hermestr> hi again
<Hermestr> got disconnected
<Robael> we thought you just ascended :)
<Hermestr> ah...
<Hermestr> not yet
<MedSoul> he's here for a while guys!
<Hermestr> ok did I miss any questions
<Robael> no we waited for you
<MedSoul> :)
<Robael> guys, ask something
<Robael> I'm looking empty
<Robael> I just got idea...
<Robael> Herm it would be fun to organize one workshops where you would ask questions and students would answer
<Hermestr> that would be a reversal
<Robael> :)
<Hermestr> what would I ask?
<Robael> anything you want
<Robael> that would be test on how we are far on our path
<Robael> you would consider answers
<Robael> like teachers does
<Hermestr> well i have not seen need to test people on their path
<Hermestr> they are where they are
<Hermestr> and wherever that is, that is fine
<Robael> I know, it was just idea for funworkshop :)
<Hermestr> well I'll keep it in mind
<Hermestr> hi gnosis
<Hermestr> I just noticed you
<Robael> well, is it truth that when we chat, is there some kind of mental connection, some energy tie between us?
<Hermestr> Yes during the chats everyone is connected by a mental energy link. The chats here are not the only place. Anytime you chat with other people you are all connected mentally by energy threads you send out to each other.
<gnosis> hi
<MedSoul> eek got kicked off
<Robael> Herm do you have any idea how many people are reading your web?
<Hermestr> about 350 visitors a day
<MedSoul> Whew
<Robael> wow! that many? cool!!!
<Hermestr> when I started in 1997 it was 20 a week
<Hermestr> yea it has been growing and growing
<Robael> guys, I make 349 connection to web a day, don't tell hermes... :)))
<Hermestr> :)
<Hermestr> oh well
<Hermestr> so much for my delusions of grandeur
<Robael> :)
<Robael> it's nice to hear so many people are "waking up"
<Hermestr> yes people are getting very enlightened these days. It is a welcomed site
<MedSoul> Out of all sites Hermes, its the one site I go by and 'trust' if you know what i mean
<Robael> me too
<Hermestr> ah thanks
<MedSoul> Its what all brings us all here all the time :)
<gnosis> bye everybody :)
<Robael> bye gnosis
<Robael> late
<Hermestr> yea that was a fast disconnect
<Robael> my girlfriend call for me, its fight now inside me - to be or not to be :))
<MedSoul> it always is :)
<Robael> I stay for a while
<Hermestr> you can go, not much is going on here so far
<Hermestr> except for all the good stuff you asked earlier
<Robael> Herm, did you travel to the space close to physical dimension?
<Hermestr> you mean outer space around the planet?
<Robael> yes
<Hermestr> yea it is my favorite place to go
<Robael> how far you was?
<Hermestr> well I have gone into other galaxies at times
<Hermestr> the sun, the moon
<Robael> the sun? must be tremendous feel
<Hermestr> and hovered over the planet, so it was like a big blue ball
<Hermestr> yea the sun is an awesome site. All this fire and eruptions going on around you
<Robael> I must to experience it. I just got new motivation to exercise
<Robael> :)
<Hermestr> yes they are a must see and do, when you learn to OBE
<Robael> is there any beings?
<Robael> on the sun?
<Hermestr> well I did not meet anyone there
<Hermestr> but most likely it is full of fire spirits
<Hermestr> the whole universe is alive in some way
<Hermestr> full of energy and consciousness
<MedSoul> Wwwoooowwww <jawdropping>
<Robael> :)
<Robael> when you are outside of body, do you sense time in some way?
<Robael> real time
<MedSoul> *sigh* an avenue which I wanna travel beyond that anyone will know! i want to OBE so so much
<Hermestr> well time does not exist outside the body
<Hermestr> all time is one
<Hermestr> 1920 is next to 1999
<MedSoul> is it we, humans, that segment it into time
<Hermestr> you just kind of step to the side and you are there
<Robael> so is possible for example to stay outside forever?
<Hermestr> yes, the brain orders events in a time sequence
<Hermestr> this is so you can learn the result of your thoughts
<Hermestr> a certain thought, generates a certain reaction.
<Hermestr> manifestation is slowed down in a time framework so you can clearly see the results of your actions.
<Robael> how long is your average trip through night in your perception?
<Hermestr> well some nights can seem like years and others like seconds
<Hermestr> when you return to the body the brain tries to make sense of what you experienced
<Robael> years? :) cool
<Hermestr> what you experienced is out of time
<Hermestr> so it does its best to put it into a time sequence
<MedSoul> wow that's amazing
<MedSoul> what does years 'feel' like???
<Hermestr> it feels like a long time
<MedSoul> haha i guess that would make sense yea!
<Hermestr> for a few moments it feels like you have been gone from home for years..
<Robael> so you can take a trip out and stay there for month of teaching /for example in tree of life/?
<Hermestr> then after a few minutes as the brain says "that can't be possible" the realness of this time falls away.
<Hermestr> but for the first few moments it does feel like you were gone for a long time.
<Hermestr> yes you can experience months worth of experiences in one night
<MedSoul> Gooood that's so wow!
<Robael> ok guys I must to go. my spirit ask me to let him go outside.
<Robael> :)
<Robael> I hope I succeed to come next workshop
<Hermestr> okay take care
<Hermestr> see you next workshop
<Robael> I prepare some good questions for you Herm
<Robael> so thanx for answers and help
<Hermestr> your welcome
<Robael> hope to meet you out of body sometimes.
<Robael> have a good time till next
<Robael> bye
<Hermestr> oh well, I guess I'll call it a night too
<Hermestr> take care
Session Close: Thu Jan 24 18:19:34 2002

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