learning to pace yourself as you acquire spiritual energy; negative energy and illness and how the body handles it; the need for solitude while learning new beliefs; witchcraft and surviving knowledge; ghosts noises; energy hot spots, what you can do with them, and what to watch out for
January 22, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Jan 22 16:33:11 2002
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<hermestr> howdy
<jsn> hi
<jsn> I think your dates are mixed up on the wshops page
<hermestr> I did
<hermestr> oh no
<Dovey> hello :-)
<jsn> hi
<hermestr> hi dovey
<Dovey> hello hermes
<hermestr> are you new here or just old with a new nickname
<Dovey> :-)
<Dovey> I am new, just found you yesterday
<Dovey> wonderful information, had to come :-)
<hermestr> great, thanks for visiting
<hermestr> you are right jason I messed up the date
<jsn> not a big deal tho =)
<hermestr> well fixed it but that does not help us for today
<Dovey> I was late dropping in yesterday so worked for me
<hermestr> ah good move dovey
<Dovey> lol
<hermestr> so what information were you looking for when you came across the website?
<Dovey> a friend sent me to a old log for twin souls, doing some work in that area
<Dovey> though I found a lot interesting, I've read a lot of the esoteric things but didn't much understand some at the time
<hermestr> well, it takes time to understand everything up there. But small steps will do it.
<Dovey> lol yes
<Dovey> I was surprised how much more I already seemed to understand now and had not really read much
<Dovey> the first reading was sheesh maybe 5 or 6 years ago
<hermestr> then you have made good progress
<Dovey> surprising a little :-)
<Dovey> all the dream information and things on meditation and conscious connection was also good
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<Dovey> so I'm interested in everything
<hermestr> wonderful
<Dovey> you work a lot with Theosophy, or it just came to you in your connections?
<Dovey> I saw St. Germain somewhere and smiled to myself
<hermestr> yea there was a period of a few years back where I had made connection with Saint Germain. He helped me get my thought energy under control.
<Dovey> I am working with that again recently through meditation
<hermestr> yea it is those subtle ways we betray ourselves and others with our thoughts.
<hermestr> I was amazed when it was pointed out to me.
<Dovey> so many layers of it
<hermestr> yes
<Dovey> once you are clear, how do you stay there in relationship with others?
<hermestr> well at times some detachment is necessary and some time to yourself in meditation, to purge yourself of what you may pick up from others.
<hermestr> and you have to find your limits
<hermestr> you have to know how long you can stay around others without your own energy being lowered to a point where you can not control it anymore
<Dovey> seems my lessons these days are exactly that :-)
<hermestr> yea once you find that point you will find it easier
<hermestr> getting there means you have to go past it sometimes
<hermestr> so it may be bumpy for a bit
<hermestr> and of course sometimes your friends and relatives won't understand when you need to be alone to recharge
<Dovey> I wonder about detachment and connection, I see many who say they are connected but feel more cut off
<Dovey> I am playing with this balance too, trying to find a genuine place
<Dovey> yes, that's an issue as well
<hermestr> yea it takes practice
<hermestr> I even mess up from time to time with it
<Dovey> that's reassuring to hear
<hermestr> in the beginning days, I used to get really drained and sometimes even sick after being around too many people.
<hermestr> well first I had spent a couple years in isolation
<hermestr> doing lots of meditation and out of body traveling
<hermestr> meeting these beings of light.
<hermestr> in all that time being charged up from their high energy
<hermestr> so when that period ended and I started to be among people more, I found that high-energy charge which made me feel real good, was drained away real fast.
<hermestr> and I would feel awful.
<Dovey> you would think there is protection in that level of energy but it's depleted fast
<hermestr> I'd spend days in isolation again just trying to recover the energy I lost
<hermestr> yea it goes real fast
<hermestr> I thought I would never be able to be around people ever again
<Dovey> wondered the same here, some friends of mine wondering the same
<hermestr> but over time, I did learn to tap more energy and to be able to share more of that energy with others
<Dovey> by time you are speaking of years it sounds like
<hermestr> yea
<hermestr> but perhaps you can do it quicker
<Dovey> hard to say these days
<Dovey> quick and slow seem kind of relative ;)
<MedSoul> Hey hermestr and Dovey
<Dovey> hi MedSoul
<MedSoul> And jsn :)
<hermestr> hi medsoul
<jsn> hi medsoul =)
<MedSoul> is everyone ok tonight on channel? I'm all flu'ed down at the moment :(
<hermestr> I'm well here
<Dovey> tired but no flu yet, sorry to hear that MedSoul
<MedSoul> Does bring me to a question actually - is a cold or influenze say, just a disposition or glitch in the Aura - physical body relationship or really actually a bug??
<MedSoul> yea this ones left me with very blocked ears so its lucky im typing hehe
<Dovey> :-)
<hermestr> from an energy stand point the body is riding itself of built up negative energy. Negative energy builds up on the etheric level, then filters down to the physical level if it is not cleared. The body then reacts to remove the negative energy through illness.
<MedSoul> ahhhh
<MedSoul> So, clearing methods would include MPE's etc?
<hermestr> yea, mpe, meditation, and working on removing negative thoughts you generate
<hermestr> but the first two will help a great deal till you can get the third under control
<MedSoul> which takes some practice I guess as those negative energies ain't that friendly and easy to master!?
<hermestr> yea takes lots of practice
<Dovey> how does this work with more chronic things, immune system fatigue etc, more stuck or...?
<hermestr> when large amounts of energy sit there for a long time then you get the real nasty stuff manifesting
<Dovey> ick
<MedSoul> woah!
<hermestr> yea negative thoughts, actions, they are like taking a hammer to the body
<MedSoul> ok - this stumps me more. we (all the family in the house) all went down with it at the same time
<hermestr> well what happens is you have this built up negative energy that needs to be released
<hermestr> it is not being cleared on the etheric plane so it has to be then cleared physically
<hermestr> the body then looks for an illness it can grab on to, to make this happen
<MedSoul> wow cool
<hermestr> so in the case of your family, each of your bodies saw the illness as a way to remove negative energy from you. and you all get it at the same time.
<hermestr> till the next time.
<hermestr> but with energy work MPE, WLE, some meditation, and perhaps some herbs, you can really take that out of your life
<hermestr> reduce the amont you spend feeling ill to may be once a year or even less.
<MedSoul> this is real incredible stuff!
<hermestr> and then with your body already at a low negative energy level, because of all the clearing work you are doing regularly
<hermestr> you will never get that real nasty stuff
<MedSoul> so out bodies sought a dumping mechanism; a immune system bug
<hermestr> yep
<hermestr> intelligent thing the body consciousness
<MedSoul> ok this is clearing things up to something I've been meaning to clear up and was confused about..
<MedSoul> since I've started med and MPE's on a regular basis, I haven't got I'll for well over a year .. everyone around me, my girlfriend, her parents and my family all got ill but me, I just stayed well..
<MedSoul> so I guess that just about answers why I didn't get ill (until now <grin>)
<hermestr> yep
<hermestr> good work
<MedSoul> god imagine try and tell someone in my family THIS is why you are ill
<Dovey> lol
<hermestr> ahaha
<hermestr> yea they will think you are nuts
<MedSoul> but, seriously, they would yea!
<hermestr> I know I've heard it from mine, they think I went off the deep end a long time ago.... oh well
<MedSoul> say if I was to talk to them about it.. I'd walk off doubting myself and certainly whats been said in this chatroom!
<MedSoul> haha! <giggles>
<hermestr> that is true, they will try to unprogram you to their own belief system
<hermestr> this is another reason why a bit of solitude is good for these kinds of studies
<hermestr> it gives you a chance to test the new beliefs out without anyone trying to influence the results
<MedSoul> yeah and trouble is, the belief's are stronger on their half and there is more visible and substantial evidence to believe there side (even tho there is more;) )
<Dovey> good point
<Dovey> yes
<hermestr> yea you have to be real strong
<MedSoul> so what we just been talking about is mostly about being strong, strong willed
<hermestr> yes, either that or spending time alone in the dessert
<hermestr> desert^
<MedSoul> id be dead hehe
<hermestr> well luckily these days you can do it without getting that skin burn.
<Dovey> oof lol
<hermestr> people are a bit more tolerant these days
<Dovey> sometimes
<hermestr> yes sometimes
<MedSoul> I want to goto see a desert! I wanna travel
<MedSoul> tolerant? u mean the sunblock factor is higher
<Dovey> <gggg>
<MedSoul> hehe :oP
<hermestr> well you could look at tolerant in that manner. :)
<MedSoul> Hermes do you mean that people have become tougher?
<Dovey> lol
<hermestr> I mean people are more willing to let you be your own way today,
<MedSoul> hehe it IS one way I suppose!
<hermestr> where as 100 years or more ago people would just shoot first ask questions later
<MedSoul> god yea! I agree with u
<MedSoul> or burn you for witch craft, certainly us
<hermestr> basically that is why those masters went off into the desert or the forest to be alone and learn
<hermestr> they knew people would just not understand
<MedSoul> went to an interesting witch craft museum with my girlfriend, Gem, not so long ago.. learnt some important things
<Dovey> yogis in their caves and such
<hermestr> yea dovey, exactly
<MedSoul> so they wud banish those to have them out of the way and the knowledge stay minimum
<Dovey> <shudders> it's hard to believe that really was a blink ago
<Dovey> now we are trying to stay where we are, big change
<MedSoul> in this witch craft museum I saw the spells they cast; they were very hard and complicated ways of manipulating energy
<hermestr> I know, we have come a long way in a short time if you really think about it
<hermestr> yea that old magical stuff was not easy
<hermestr> you had to be very precise with how you sent the energy out
<MedSoul> its the modern world, the technology wow.. things have accelerates its scary
<MedSoul> hehe it looked rich in visuals and do's but hap-hazard in reality creating hehe
<Dovey> <grins>
<Dovey> I wonder though sometimes
<MedSoul> for what?
<Dovey> it's amazing there's any trace left, they got their stuff out there anyway
<MedSoul> are you talking of the things that were destroyed? witchcraft and stuff
<Dovey> yes
<MedSoul> * witchcraft
<MedSoul> gmm I guess somethings were saved back in little wooden lofts and underground bunkers
<MedSoul> what did survive is very important, especially of this occult
<MedSoul> it shows that for ages humans have attempted to control realities, but in some way, weren't sure of exactly how to do it
<MedSoul> and what's more amazing now, in addition to what you were saying about this happening all in a short time is, we have leaned to purely and precisely control realities NOW and here, today
<hermestr> yep
<MedSoul> we'll be real human beings in the next 100 years :)
<hermestr> yes sounds about right :)
<Dovey> :-)
<MedSoul> proper ones, not just people tripping up and wondering what to do next
<hermestr> people are coming together. it will happen, and is on its way.
<MedSoul> *cough* ooowww I might go soon and get some nice drink for my throat, this flu has me bed ridden alot
<hermestr> ok, yea take care of that flu
<MedSoul> how long Hermes, until people are brought together in this way do you think?
<Dovey> it's been a real pleasure
<MedSoul> like-wise guys :) thank you
<hermestr> I think we will see great changes in people over the next ten years.
<hermestr> but there may be some discomfort along the way
<hermestr> after that, however, people will be different
<Dovey> clearing clearing clearing <grins>
<MedSoul> yea I was thinking something like that.. seems very short term indeed. it is accelerating
<hermestr> yes as the planet's vibrations go up (it evolves too) so does the rate at which we must develop and learn.
<MedSoul> Dovey what are you clearing?
<MedSoul> yup
<Dovey> stuff I don't even know to tell you it feels like
<MedSoul> I sure hope they also realize they must stop killing mother earth too!
<Dovey> yes people must see this, we hope
<MedSoul> otherwise there will be no vision at all to hold to
<MedSoul> mentally send me the feeling Dovey :)
<Dovey> I'm clearing things on levels I'm not even conscious of, I sent but I'm a little tired too ;-)
<Dovey> I have a twin nearby these days
<MedSoul> Ohhh! I got that!.. I see a wizard lying in bed
<Dovey> rofl
<Dovey> interesting that is exactly what he is and where he is. lol
<MedSoul> Hermes, do you know you remind me of? If I could ever see you, in my imagination you are just like Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings
<MedSoul> Is that true Dovey? hehehe
<hermestr> humm I have not seen that movie
<Dovey> um yes. lol
<hermestr> I'll have to look that guy up.
<MedSoul> Read the book
<Dovey> I still like Merlin as well :-)
<MedSoul> the movie's merely a snippet of the book
<MedSoul> oh yeah old Merlin kicks some serious butt!
<MedSoul> But the movie IS a feat of cinematic performance! wow I was amazed
<Dovey> I've heard nothing but raves and I was kind of skeptical for Tolkien
<Dovey> haven't seen it yet either
<MedSoul> says on the blur.. 'book of the century', lives up to it for sure
<MedSoul> yea, check it out guys. Hermes you'll understand why you remind me of Gandalf if you know of him, he is One Of the Wise :)
<Dovey> :-)
<MedSoul> anyway, I'm going to drown my bad influenza energies in a warm drink now and some nice food, speak to you all later if not soon
<Dovey> have a wonderful evening MedSoul
<hermestr> okay get well soon
<MedSoul> (the book reminds me of how Malkuth would be like if I could interpret it like that)
<MedSoul> thanks guys, take care and goodnight. light, love and peace
<Dovey> I think I need to reread synchronicity too after I rest.
<Dovey> lolol
<Dovey> it's been a real pleasure Hermes... you here on Thursday also?
<hermestr> yes
<hermestr> I'll be here
<hermestr> I'm leaving as well
<Dovey> :-)
<hermestr> see you then, great chat
<Dovey> Till then
<Dovey> Is there a way to save this?
<hermestr> um well I'll be posting the log file on the website later
<Dovey> :-)
<hermestr> so you can get it from there if you like, if your program does not save it
<hermestr> you came in from the website?
<Dovey> I'll get it then if I can't find it here
<Dovey> yes, using the web browser one
<NoxAngelu> hi
<hermestr> ok that one does not save the file
<Dovey> hi Nox
<Dovey> :*(
<Dovey> it'll be on the site though ;-)
*** NoxAngelu is now known as GargowL
<hermestr> yea in a few hours
<hermestr> hi Gargowl
<Dovey> see you rested on Thursday. <chuckles>
<hermestr> okay take care dovey
<Dovey> blessings all
<GargowL> hmm.. I had something important to ask you... but I forgot it...
<GargowL> oh, I just remembered something else..
<hermestr> ok
<GargowL> I on the discovery channel that there is a group of people the record ghost's voices...
<GargowL> they go to "haunted" places and record... and then when they edited the sounds on the computer there are some voices on a very low frequency
<GargowL> impossible to be caused by humans...
<GargowL> is it really possible for the dead to manifest this way physically?
<hermestr> it takes a great deal of energy but they can often make sounds or move objects
<hermestr> usually these beings are very angry and that emotion helps to supply the energy needed.
<hermestr> also
<hermestr> some of these ghost places are energy hot spots..
<hermestr> so the ghosts are able to tap into a larger amount of energy than usual.
<hermestr> in most cases they could only make that noise or move that object in that area near that energy vortex.
<GargowL> can the living also tap those energies?
<hermestr> yes
<hermestr> but mostly it is used in this case for manifesting things real fast
<hermestr> you won't be moving objects with this energy
<hermestr> being human ties up a great deal of energy
<GargowL> then if somebody wants to try telekinesis, this would be the place to go?
<hermestr> there is not much energy left for levitation and such.
<GargowL> oh...
<hermestr> yes,
<hermestr> it could me more possible to move an object in such a place
<hermestr> but as I said you would still find it difficult
<GargowL> how about astral projection, spells and spiritism?
<hermestr> sure all that stuff would be easier
<hermestr> but also remember
<hermestr> you fears will manifest just as quick
<hermestr> so it is a good idea to have a handle on your emotions, feelings, and negative thoughts before going to such a hot sop
<hermestr> hot spot
<GargowL> are these hot spots located at random places or do they exist more in certain places?
<GargowL> like graveyards, churches...
<hermestr> they are in precise places on the planet. Many ancient churches were constructed on these spots, to take advantage of the healing and spiritualizing effects of the area.
<hermestr> usually the monks or priests did much to tender the environment so that the energy was used to create harmony
<hermestr> which is why people would feel great when they were there
<hermestr> the monks would tap into the vortex and use this energy to lift the negative energy from all who came.
<hermestr> they would then channel this negative energy into the earth and use it to grow plants and stuff
<hermestr> for an untrained person, these energy hot spots can be nightmares
<hermestr> I mean
<hermestr> a hot spot that is not maintained, like the monks did
<hermestr> thoughts can instantly manifest and usually it is the person's darkest ones.
<hermestr> which is also why these haunted houses possess such fear and foreboding
<GargowL> so a house on a hot spot can become haunted or be a heaven for astral projections?
<hermestr> yep
<hermestr> it depends on who is there and how they use the energy
<hermestr> I lived in a house on a hot spot
<hermestr> when I was a teenager
<hermestr> I had frequent out of body travels that scared the pants off me
<hermestr> I had no idea what was going on.
<hermestr> also while I was a positive person and was able to use that energy to manifest nice things in my own life
<hermestr> my parents were very negative in nature and many not nice things were manifested by them.
<hermestr> we eventually had to move because it got so bad.
<hermestr> but when we did
<hermestr> I lost my magic touch as I call it
<hermestr> but it was good
<hermestr> it taught me to work on making that magic touch in my life without a vortex
<hermestr> which I have done now after many years of practice
<GargowL> well, I gotta go...
<hermestr> yea me 2
<hermestr> talk to you later
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Jan 22 18:44:25 2002

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