the monad and how it breaks itself up into individuals; creating in harmony; connecting with your spirit guide; the past, present, and future; using your dreams; getting out of the body; sleeping and out of time events; the wearing out of the body
January 8, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Jan 08 16:35:31 2002
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<Hermes`> hello everyone
<Hermes`> happy New Year to all
<Akir4> hello hermes
<Akir4> you to
<Akir4> o
<Trinity2> Hi Hermes :)
<Hermes`> so did all of you manifest wonderful things over the Holiday?
<Akir4> I don't know =/
<Akir4> maybe
<sor--> oh
<sor--> happy new year ppl:)
<Akir4> happy new year
<Hermes`> ho soren, good to see you back
<sor--> Hermes`: )
<Trinity2> So what is tonight's topic?
<Hermes`> anything you want
<Akir4> guess noone knows?
<Akir4> anyone? lol
<Akir4> hmm
<Trinity2> I know something I am very interested in - getting in touch with my spirit-guide. I am still very early on "The Path' and heard your spirit guide can get you going in the right direction. Any ideas how to begin?
<Akir4> I think your spirit guide is your subconscious
<Hermes`> well your spirit guide often does talk to you through the subconscious,
<Akir4> people don't listen to themselves, maybe when people do they think its some sort of guide
<Hermes`> but of course other things also do come through the subconscious as well
<Trinity2> Hmmm - but I have heard of having a 'dialogue' so to speak with 'higher' beings...
<Hermes`> yes that process begins with the connection with your spirit guide
<Akir4> you never know if your actually speaking with anything but yourself
<Hermes`> the best way to begin this process is to talk to your spirit guide in your mind, just like you are talking to another person.
<Hermes`> this action will begin to open up the door.
<Akir4> yea well I suppose there's no harm in trying I just don't think its true
<Akir4> I believe in a lot of things but not guides
<Hermes`> like I said earlier a some of those 'voices' you hear in your head are from your spirit guide
<Trinity2> I know you need to begin by quieting your own 'mind' like through meditation, but I have tried that but just think everything is still only coming from myself
<Akir4> =)
<Akir4> there's a line you have to cross I suppose
<Akir4> but it might as well be the line to insanity
<Akir4> bending your mind into believing in something
<Akir4> and then again maybe not
<Hermes`> around any given person there are a number of nonphysical beings
<Hermes`> dead friends and relatives
<Hermes`> nonphysical teachers...
<Hermes`> entities just passing through
<Akir4> that would be beautiful wouldn't it
<Hermes`> and your spirit guidance, who is responsible for keeping all that mess to a minimum
<Trinity2> Yes- I want to 'sense' them and know them but do not know how yet
<Akir4> hermes what do you expect to see when you die?
<Hermes`> I suppose the same thing I see when I travel out of body
<Akir4> which is
<Hermes`> nonphysical beings, dead friends, teachers, ascended masters
<Akir4> why are your dead friends still there :(
<Akir4> why aren't they moving forward?
<Hermes`> well I use that term in a general sense
<Hermes`> sometimes they will pop in and say hi as they go about their way
<Akir4> hmm
<Akir4> :)
<Akir4> sounds nice
<Akir4> tell me
<Hermes`> yes the nonphysical is very community like
<Akir4> when you reincarnate
<Akir4> is it another physical plain?
<Hermes`> in the nonphysical there are various levels or planes
<Hermes`> each plane is different from the next to some degree
<Akir4> does time cross trough it?
<Akir4> or isn't there any time at all?
<Hermes`> time does not exist in the nonphysical
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> the future past and present are all merged together
<Hermes`> they are like rooms you can visit at will
<Akir4> is that so
<Akir4> so there can't be another "me"
<Akir4> in another dimension
<Akir4> or timeline perhaps
<Hermes`> there are other probable versions of yourself
<Hermes`> but there is only one you
<Akir4> strange
<Hermes`> it is a very complex place in many respects
<Akir4> will I get reunited with them as a stronger being with more experiences?
<Hermes`> which is why the physical plane serves as a better medium to learn
<Akir4> I think its complex to me right now
<Akir4> but I reckon when your there
<Akir4> you'll have to understand it
<Hermes`> you will exchange information from one to another and that will make each of you stronger, but each probable version of yourself has a life independent of you.
<Akir4> everyone is created somehow
<Akir4> right
<Hermes`> yes everyone is created and unique
<Akir4> so why did I get created an x number of times?
<Hermes`> well the human experience begins with the Monad. A vast nonphysical being. The Monad breaks itself up into 12 Souls and each of these Souls breaks itself up into 12 individuals.
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> you are one of 144 pieces that make a greater being
<Akir4> but they don't get reunited?
<Hermes`> each piece is unique and independent
<Hermes`> they do and they don't
<Akir4> is this what a soulmate is?
<Hermes`> as you gain more awareness of the other pieces there is a union that starts to occur
<Hermes`> you are able to tap into the knowledge of your other soulmates
<Trinity2> But their are far more than 144 individuals on this planet!!!
<Hermes`> and you start to feel a oneness with the whole group
<Akir4> were probably not on the same planet/reality/dimension trinity
<Hermes`> there are many monads
<Akir4> but maybe they enter realities in pairs hermes
<Akir4> a male and a female probably
<Hermes`> yes twin flames descend into the physical plane together
<Akir4> whoa I'm good :P
<Akir4> but some people die
<Hermes`> that twin flame would be your ultimate soulmate
<Akir4> before finding them :(
<Hermes`> in most likelihood you will not be reunited with your twin flame till your last incarnation
<Hermes`> or after it
<Akir4> my last incarnation?
<Akir4> I have to incarnate on earth several times?
<Trinity2> Bummer
<Akir4> true
<Akir4> lol
<Hermes`> you have been on the planet a long time
<Hermes`> have had many incarnations already
<Hermes`> no one here on the planet is new at this time
<Akir4> but why this planet
<Akir4> its so full of evil what am I doing here?
<Hermes`> this is the planet you choose
<Akir4> I'm an idiot then =)
<Trinity2> LOL - other choices must be pretty bad then :(
<Hermes`> well it may seem so. but after all is done, you will know that it was all worth it
<sor--> :)
<Akir4> I know hermes I'm being sarcastic
<Akir4> I wish I would know what my goal or purpose here is though
<Akir4> what to look out for
<Hermes`> well simply
<Trinity2> yes-that is why people choose seek their spiritual path to find answers
<Akir4> live?
<Hermes`> your goal is to be, and to learn and grow
<Akir4> but its hard to grow on this planet
<Hermes`> to learn to live in harmony with everything around you
<Akir4> there's so many distractions and disturbances
<Hermes`> that is the great challenge, that is why you are here
<Hermes`> because it is hard
<Hermes`> anyone that incarnates on the planet is here for a challenge
<Akir4> how can you live in harmony when there is evil around
<Trinity2> Is it a test though - like pass or fail?
<Akir4> you cant
<Akir4> no this is probably why we incarnate several times trinity
<Hermes`> there is no pass or fail, just a slow movement from creating disharmony to more harmony
<Trinity2> Well yeah if you fail you have to try it again!
<Akir4> hermes
<Hermes`> well yea I guess
<Akir4> is there evil on the psychical plane?
<Akir4> non*
<Hermes`> sure
<sor--> hermes but you gotta have a scope here
<Hermes`> it only exists around the earth plane however
<Akir4> why
<Hermes`> evil exists to teach you how to create in harmony
<Akir4> yes but
<Akir4> there's evil people
<Akir4> evil souls
<Akir4> are they "robots"?
<Hermes`> it is there to remind you what happens when your creation is out of harmony with others
<Akir4> or our counter parts
<Hermes`> no they are people like yourself that have not yet started to create harmonly
<Hermes`> harmony^
<Akir4> I see
<Trinity2> So they get other chances in other lifetimes
<Akir4> do you know what's the purpose of harmony?
<Hermes`> harmony allows you to create what you want without disrupting other people's creations
<Akir4> oh that sounds impossible
<Hermes`> well perhaps difficult
<Hermes`> but not impossible
<Akir4> I suppose
<Hermes`> you know that complete wonderful feeling you have when you are in love?
<Akir4> yes im deeply in love right now
<Hermes`> that feeling is a glimpse of the future, of what happens when you create in harmony...
<Akir4> thus you can only create harmony with someone else?
<Akir4> yin and yang idea
<Hermes`> creating in harmony allows you to feel connected to everyone and everything
<Hermes`> it removes the loneliness
<Akir4> my girlfriends ex is stalking her
<Akir4> they were together 8 months ago
<Akir4> but its making me go crazy
<Akir4> he's sort of disrupting our harmony
<Akir4> every time I'm with her I have to think of him sometimes
<Akir4> and I feel bad again
<Hermes`> when you create in disharmony you create walls between yourself and everyone else. It cuts you off from the connectedness of everything
<Akir4> :/
<gnosis> hi everyone
<Hermes`> well there it seems you have a mini lesson in creating harmony and disharmony
<Akir4> hello
<Akir4> but I'm not creating it
<Akir4> all I want him to do is leave her alone
<Hermes`> no but you feel what it is like when disharmony exists
<Hermes`> in the situation
<Akir4> but no matter how much I want it its not happening
<Akir4> yes that I do
<Hermes`> well that is the point, of this, how creating in harmony helps you to feel so wonderful
<Hermes`> because you are able to feel a part of everyone and everything
<Hermes`> and this helps you to create even more
<Hermes`> because now you are able to tap into this vast energy bank that is there and use it to fuel your creations
<Akir4> what you are saying its true I have felt it
<Akir4> still its blur
<Hermes`> well it is not so 'cut and dry' as it sounds
<Hermes`> but you do get the general idea of it
<Akir4> I know
<Akir4> so how do you reduce disharmony then?
<Hermes`> well that is what all the living and dying is about. But simply it is being mindful of others in ways you normally do not think of.
<Akir4> I see, well do you want to call it a night?
<Hermes`> that is up to you
<Akir4> hehe, I'm ok
<Akir4> doesn't seem like anyone else is in the talking mood though
<gnosis> what should we talk about? :P
<gnosis> :)
<Akir4> lol
<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<gnosis> hola
<Akir4> well, is anything bothering you gnosis?
<gnosis> hehe
<gnosis> not really
<gnosis> just the usual
<Akir4> good then?
<Hermes`> trinity originally asked about connecting with your spirit guide. I can tie this in a bit with what we are talking about now.
<gnosis> mmm....I'd say better :)
<Akir4> yea but she left
<Hermes`> your spirit guide can help you to create harmony
<Hermes`> (yea but there will be a log file posted
<Hermes`> she can read the rest there)
<Akir4> heh oh ya
<Hermes`> earlier I said that you have all these nonphysical things around you
<Akir4> yes
<Hermes`> these nonphysical things can be distracting
<Hermes`> even though you are unaware of them
<Akir4> and your guide stops these nonphysical things from distracting you?
<Hermes`> one of the things your sprit guide does is keep these distractions down, so that you can feel more connected with universe
<Hermes`> this guide is also a link to that harmony we talked about.
<Akir4> and your in touch with yours?
<Hermes`> yes, all the time these days
<Akir4> what is it?
<Hermes`> but in the beginning it was probably more important than it is now
<Hermes`> because reaching for my spirit guide helped me to cut out the distractions that wanted me to create disharmony
<Akir4> is your spirit guide your intuition?
<Hermes`> they can come though as intuition
<Hermes`> but they are separate entities
<Hermes`> they just help you
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> to create harmony
<Akir4> how did you get in touch with yours?
<Hermes`> okay, you can start by just talking to him or her in your head. This mental exercise just opens the door.
<Hermes`> next you can program some dreams where you can get in touch with him or her
<Akir4> program a dream?
<Hermes`> ask that you remember a dream where you meet your spirit guide
<Hermes`> do this at night before you go to sleep, let it be the last thing on your mind as you go off to sleep.
<Akir4> I don't believe so :(
<Hermes`> then start meditating twice a week or more
<Akir4> and then at some point I will get aware of it?
<Hermes`> meditation teaches you to shut out the distractions so that help and guidance from your spirit guides, intuition, your soul can come through
<Hermes`> yes,
<Hermes`> as you do all these things your awareness will start to happen
<Hermes`> you will feel this warm glowing presence around you at times
<Akir4> does it come in the form of an animal in your dreams like the Indians say?
<Hermes`> you will have more dreams perhaps where you are talking to this person.
<Hermes`> many spirit guides also have an animal form
<Hermes`> you can ask your spirit guide to show you his or her animal form
<Akir4> do they exist on this plane as animals?
<Hermes`> not that I know of
<Akir4> it would make sense though
<Akir4> somehow
<Hermes`> animals are separate entities that are on a different evolutionary track
<Hermes`> at times, a spirit guide or nonphysical teacher could use the animal to connect with you
<Akir4> oh
<Akir4> but they might as well be you and me
<Hermes`> but this may be brief
<Hermes`> I had a student that her spirit guide would use a bird to get her attention
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> the bird was used in this case just to remind the student that the guide was around
<gnosis> Hermes, I have a question.
<Hermes`> sure gnosis
<gnosis> okay
<gnosis> There is only now, right?
<Hermes`> yea, only the present exists
<gnosis> shoot
<Akir4> hermes your not making sense
<gnosis> I have to run an errand
<Akir4> there is a past and a future on this plane
<gnosis> brb
<Hermes`> ok gnosis
<Hermes`> well there is a past and future but you can not touch it
<Hermes`> you can only touch the present
<Akir4> what about memory's
<Akir4> without the past these would not exist
<Hermes`> memory is the mechanism by which you put events into order
<Hermes`> if you were on the nonphysical, no such order of events exist
<Akir4> but you can touch the past
<Akir4> thinking back
<Hermes`> I can walk from my room in the 20th century and into the next room and be in the 12th century
<Hermes`> nonphysically that is
<Akir4> heh
<Hermes`> you can touch the past, by stepping out of the physical framework
<Akir4> but nonphysically there is no past or future
<Akir4> you said so yourself :)
<Hermes`> when I use the term past or future it is only a reference
<Akir4> a reference
<Hermes`> well you know that the 12 century is in the physical past
<Akir4> yes
<Hermes`> and I know that as well
<Hermes`> but in the nonphysical these times exist next to each other
<Akir4> you mean you can watch it but you cant touch it?
<Hermes`> in the nonphysical you can touch it anytime you want
<Hermes`> it is merely a step into the next room
<Hermes`> haven't you ever had a dream where the time elements seemed to be all messed up
<Akir4> I see
<Akir4> yes I have
<Hermes`> your past was there as well as your present in some form
<Akir4> its scary
<Hermes`> yes well this is how the nonphysical is
<Hermes`> past, present, future are all together in a big mess
<Akir4> is dreaming a way of outer-body travel using physical elements?
<Hermes`> yes, dreaming is a very mild form of out of body travel
<Hermes`> when you dream you have left the physical plane and are not out of its time constraints
<Hermes`> this is also why dreams can have a time frame of their own. Lasting what seems like days when only several physical hours have past.
<Akir4> yes but I've always thought my brain describes the non physical plane with its own forms
<sor--> Akir4: its the only way it knows
<Hermes`> the remembered event is a distillation of the original, with your brain doing much of the interpreting
<Hermes`> so yes true
<Hermes`> your brain does change things a bit
<sor--> Hermes`: I studied dreams lately.. they are more an help from your subconscious to you
<sor--> than facts happens in dream plane that you go to visit
<Akir4> ok here's something else
<Akir4> why do people need sleep?
<Akir4> its like visiting the physical plain is needed
<gnosis> back
<Hermes`> yes soren dreams are great helps in creating your world and helping you to evolvoe
<Hermes`> their out of time way of putting things can tell you much about yourself
<sor--> Hermes`: and they say really a lot..
<Hermes`> you sleep so that rest and healing can occur to the physical body. And because your consciousness can not be confined to time and space forever. it is far too creative to be bottled up for so long.
<Hermes`> it yearns to escape the limiting qualities of life, and needs it, or you would go insane
<gnosis> People only "sleep" as you know sleep to be because they haven't learned to maintain full consciousness and identity.
<Hermes`> that is true gnosis, part of that full identity would include being conscious of being in other dimensions other than the physical plane
<gnosis> When I think of sleep, I think of a lapse of physical consciousness.. or unconsciousness.
<Hermes`> yes, you leave the physical body and become nonphysical for a time
<gnosis> This is only because people haven't learned to sustain the connection to physical memory.
<Hermes`> your consciousness floats strange currents that take it all sorts of places
<Hermes`> true and also people have not learned how to be conscious in more than one place at a time
<gnosis> when this is learned...sleep is no longer and refreshment are...but not sleep-as in unconsciousness.
<Hermes`> correct
<Akir4> is that why getting up is so hard?
<Akir4> because your linked?
<gnosis> Even the need for rest is almost eliminated when a soul has learned to rejuvenate its being from source to manifestation, or materialization.
<Hermes`> yes Akir4, you are switching your consciousness from and out of time and space environment to a more confined one. Some adjustment is needed.
<Akir4> well its not pleasant :)
<Hermes`> yes gnosis it would be nice to reach that point.
<gnosis> Oh, I was going to ask something before I left.
<Hermes`> on some evenings I am very much aware of my nonphysical self as it returns to the physical body. The feeling is one of pouring a liquid into a container that can only fit one tenth of the entire amount.
<MedSoul> Goodevening all
<Hermes`> it certainly does take some adjusting for sure. often I have to think about just what I want to pour in this container.
<Hermes`> sure go ahead gnosis
<Hermes`> hi medsoul
<MedSoul> yea Hermes :)
<Akir4> ok, its been enlightening but I got to get some sleep now
<Akir4> g'night all
<gnosis> night :)
<MedSoul> Hi and by Akir
<gnosis> All evolution, all change, all growth that happens, happens to the physical body, right?
<gnosis> There is only now, the present.
<Hermes`> well while we are physical we perceive those changes within the physical body
<Hermes`> and yea there is only the present that you can reach
<gnosis> right now, the physical self is the soul.
<Hermes`> the physical self contains the soul.
<gnosis> yes
<MedSoul> but the soul can leave momentarily in such as OBE's?
<Hermes`> yes
<gnosis> and all capacity for change and growth must come through a change in the physical self.
<Hermes`> well that is the main focus for being physical, so that we can observe change and growth in a more slowed down fashion.
<Hermes`> in the nonphysical change is instantaneous, so often you cannot see what is leading up to those changes. In the body and the physical plane, change is slowed down over time, so that you can see how you got from "A" to "B".
<Hermes`> you can look and know that action "A" caused event "B". And then determine if that action was in harmony or not.
<Hermes`> okay I am rambling, continue on with your question gnosis
<MedSoul> its an interesting plane to inhabit huh
<Hermes`> yes a very interesting plane to inhabit. Very unique in terms of what is available in the universe for experiencing.
<MedSoul> hehe lots to see and do yea!
<MedSoul> shame I don't know any other plane the same realness as I know this one. still no success with OBE's
<gnosis> how much sleep do you get, hermes?
<Hermes`> well even with out of body travel you won't get the same realness as you do with the physical plane (at least while you are physical). But I know what you mean MedSoul.
<Hermes`> I get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep
<Hermes`> OBE is a matter of persistence. You just have to keep at it. Keep trying.
<gnosis> Our capacity to reflect is directly proportional to the body's state of fatigue.
<Hermes`> set aside one or two sessions a week to practice OBE
<MedSoul> ahhh I want to do OBE'ing so much
<Hermes`> no more than that
<Hermes`> and try to read something about the subject that day of the session.
<gnosis> would you agree, Hermes?
<Hermes`> gnosis, well if you are tired it is harder to reflect, if that is what you mean. Basically I think this is because our consciousness is tiring of time and space. So it starts to turn from physical memory toward events not ordered by time.
<MedSoul> ok does the reading do something to support the old belief systems?
<Hermes`> well the reading of 'out of body' material will help to focus your thoughts in that direction
<Hermes`> it is like taking a math test. right before the test you read the text book to brush up
<MedSoul> I saw an experiment on TV where they deprived these people of sleep, it turned out beyond strange!.. and to make it worse one of them had to wear a special pair of glasses that turned everything upside down haha
<Hermes`> this helps to focus your unconscious mind in that direction as well, bringing more power to that moment
<MedSoul> ahh yeah thought that might be so, I've tried reading just before an attempt and it helps allot
<gnosis> I don't agree, Hermes. I think it is easier to reflect when we are "tired", that is why sleep comes so easily, our ability to turn our attention away from the physical is increased.
<Hermes`> yea time and space start to merge in those sleep deprived people. Their consciousness starts focusing out of the body more and more.
<gnosis> It is in this area where full evolution is possible, getting a feel for it, learning to focus within these conditions.
<Hermes`> gnosis what you are sensing there is the order of events being lifted. It is like viewing events from a dream. And when events are put together in these other ways, you can be very enlightened.
<MedSoul> hehe I talk some strange crap when im tired, I get really creative and filled with inspiration for some reason
<sor--> I'm going
<sor--> night everyone:)
<MedSoul> so being tired does have an advantage hermes?
<MedSoul> night sor
<Hermes`> yes, the time when you are falling asleep can be very enlightening
<Hermes`> it helps you to learn how to put events together in a different way
<gnosis> it's more than that, it's the whole process and experience
<MedSoul> I hear not sleeping makes you go mad, or at least makes your world turn to turmoil
<Hermes`> well like I said gnosis, you are moving out of physical time and space, and when this happens you begin to experience yourself without the time and space restrictions
<Hermes`> in the nonphysical there is no remembering
<gnosis> Medsoul: Only if you don't know how to work within those conditions.
<Hermes`> if I think of the past for example, I am instantly sent there, to experience it
<Hermes`> so it is more, you do experience events too as well.
<gnosis> Things are far more powerful and subtle with little sleep.
<gnosis> If aren't vigilant, you could easily start thinking of something and a moment later your dreaming.
<Hermes`> yes medsoul when you deprive yourself of sleep, your consciousness begins to focus on the nonphysical plane were events have no special order. So it may seem like you are going mad, as you are looking at out of time events while still being physical.
<MedSoul> that's so crazy!!! so why is it best to have lots of sleep? firmly ground u into physical'ness?
<Hermes`> As you evolve, there are things that can only get done when out of the body. These means more sleep is necessary.
<gnosis> It's not!
<gnosis> I'd say it all depends on your lifestyle.
<Hermes`> we won't agree on this at all gnosis so don't even try
<MedSoul> wow we have a view conflict here, both true? one true?
<gnosis> oh yeah ! :)
<gnosis> haha
<gnosis> Until a person has a feel for there consciousness within these conditions, there is great instability.
<gnosis> It is like walking a tightrope, one move in particular direction can send you falling.
<gnosis> So I don't recommend anyone try this if they have to work all day or have any sort of schedule to keep.
<MedSoul> someone help me u understand the etheris of life!
<gnosis> this is a friendly discussion hermes, ok :)
<gnosis> Hermes, how can you continue to evolve if your body has no more capacity for growth?
<gnosis> this is the next step to take
<Hermes`> etheris of life?
<Hermes`> gnoisis, that is easy, you need a new body
<gnosis> and besides, if doesn't work, you can always go back to your previous way of life :)
<gnosis> You won't know tho until you have fully explored that area.
<MedSoul> etheris of life is my way of saying everything that is; I don't make sense sometimes, sorry :)
<gnosis> The physical body has all the potential we need.
<gnosis> This has been fun :)
<MedSoul> I have so many questions but I cant remember them, grr
<Hermes`> I'm here
<Hermes`> phone call
<MedSoul> oh yeah, hehe.. is it possible to mentally move an object in physical (no hands!)
<Hermes`> yes the physical body is meant to bring us to ascension.
<Hermes`> so it does have all we need
<gnosis> yeah
<Hermes`> but it can wear out before you get to that point
<Hermes`> which is why you have reincarnation.
<Hermes`> every time you create disharmony it is like taking a hammer to the body
<Hermes`> so the body can only take so much of this
<Hermes`> it eventually wears out
<MedSoul> disharmony? like feeling angry, loads of upsetting emotions?
<Hermes`> yea that stuff
<MedSoul> woah its an art teaching that discipline for me
<Hermes`> the purpose of life is really to create harmony Medsoul
<Hermes`> to learn how to create harmony
<Hermes`> the beginning of this workshop we talked much about this, so try to read the log file later.
<Hermes`> and of course the better you create in harmony with everything that is the better shape your body will remain in.
<MedSoul> yeah I got that guist to. its quite hard to rule out things that have been taught to me though
<Hermes`> yea unlearning the bad programming over the years is the toughest part
<Hermes`> but you can do it one step at a time.
<MedSoul> so the earlier you sort of start, the better
<Hermes`> yep
<Hermes`> there is no time like the present
<Hermes`> well I think I will call this a night
<gnosis> good evening, all.
<Hermes`> good workshop
<Hermes`> catch all of you on Thursday
<gnosis> audios
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Jan 08 18:53:29 200

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