facing demons and inner fears in dreams; chi-breath and sensing energy; seeing aura through IRC or over long distances; the amount of sleep you get
December 21, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Fri Dec 21 15:57:32 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<fooki> hi hermes =)
<Hermes`> howdy
<Hermes`> well I'm only 4 days late
<hill1> like knowledge is feeling for the subject
<hill1> ? hi!
<hill1> this is my first time in here
<fooki> hill what you feel is right for you probably is right for you =)
<jsn> hermes, hi
<Hermes`> hi jason, fook, hill
<Hermes`> gamble
<andrey5> hi hermes
<jsn> hey andrey, can you see me?
<andrey5> haha
<andrey5> now I can
<andrey5> :P
<Hermes`> hi andrey
<Hermes`> so how is everyone doing?
<andrey5> oops
<andrey5> I'm good
<fooki> good
<hill1> Hermes, were you on a spaceship that first came to earth? good thanks
<andrey5> hahaha
<andrey5> #lazy.pp.home
<andrey5> LOL
<Hermes`> well I have had a couple dream-memories of that
<andrey5> what do u mean?
<Hermes`> I have had a couple dreams where it was a long long time ago, and I was on a colonizing ship coming to the earth.
<Hermes`> these dreams are like OBE's but feel less real than an OBE but more real than a normal dream
<andrey5> oh I had a dream too!!
<andrey5> I had a dream where I'm running from people who try to feed me candy that would turn me into zombies like them
<andrey5> :)
<andrey5> that was last night
<andrey5> and I didn't know I was dreaming...:(
<andrey5> weird eh
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> well
<Hermes`> those kinds of dreams can be one of two things
<Hermes`> either you are expressing some inner fear you have on the dream plane
<Hermes`> or you picked up a astral nasty (mini demon) in your travels and it is trying to induce fear in you.
<Hermes`> these thought forms feed off strong emotions like fear
<andrey5> oh
<Hermes`> you can pick them up from other people, or just because you were someplace where it was.
<Hermes`> however these kinds of dreams are great for kicking out inner fears.
<Hermes`> when I get a dream like that I make it a point to go back in the next evening or that night and kick the crap out of it.
<andrey5> hahaha
<andrey5> how u do that
<Hermes`> you just set your sights on doing it
<Hermes`> put that goal in your mind as you go off to sleep
<andrey5> k
<Hermes`> many inner fears can be removed by doing this sort of thing
<andrey5> but what if its a good dream
<andrey5> it comes
<Hermes`> if its a good dream than have fun, enjoy
<andrey5> and I kick the crap out of it ..
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> accidentally
<Hermes`> well, you can't tell the difference between a good dream and a bad one?
<andrey5> I mean, if I put intent in mind before sleep to kick the crap out of dream
<andrey5> and its not bad, I don't do lucid dreams yet
<andrey5> I am close to lucid dreaming I think
<Hermes`> well most likely if you find yourself in a good dream you won't remember that you are looking to face that fear
<andrey5> oh
<Hermes`> your unconscious mind is very selective
<Hermes`> if you embark on the quest to meet that demon, you will and then remember it.
<Hermes`> but if on the other hand there is a more important dream to have..
<Hermes`> the unconscious mind will discard the directive and enter in that more important dream
<andrey5> oh , like Bruce lee haha
<andrey5> he fought his demon
<andrey5> in movie
<Hermes`> yea, it is important to get rid of these fears and inner demons, dreams are a nice way to do that safely
<andrey5> I'm still working on my dream journal, but what is prana? is it same as chi
<Hermes`> they are similar, prana is more related to the in and out energy of the body
<Hermes`> it is the universe as it breathes in and out
<Hermes`> energy in and energy out
<Hermes`> breathing is a way to teach us to do this naturally
<andrey5> consciously u mean?
<Hermes`> so that when we are nonphysical and no longer need to breathe, we still move energy in and out of us
<andrey5> consciously
<andrey5> hmm
<andrey5> someone told me that breathing energy, to do that , u just breath
<andrey5> then energy comes from breath, but is there a way to 'breath' energy without breath
<andrey5> physical breath.
<andrey5> maybe ill rephrase,
<Hermes`> well the problem with that is no breath, no air to lungs, blue face, then unconsciousness
<Hermes`> :)
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> I hear that is a good technique
<andrey5> :)
<andrey5> but I read in Secret of Shambala
<Hermes`> as you breathe in if you can spend time feeling the air and energy get sucked into the pores on your skin
<andrey5> where they told him to breath
<andrey5> oh
<andrey5> I never paid that attention
<Hermes`> if you practice this you will feel the energy go into you through your whole body
<Hermes`> I call it chi-breath
<andrey5> tell me if I am right,
<Hermes`> sure
<andrey5> I was preparing for bed
<andrey5> and I started to notice
<andrey5> something at the top of my mouth
<andrey5> like when I breath in, I notice something
<andrey5> that was never noticed before,
<andrey5> is it energy?
<andrey5> that is what I thought
<Hermes`> sure, energy is all around you
<andrey5> it was
<andrey5> but am I noticing that energy being breathed in?
<Hermes`> if you are still enough you will feel where it is in higher concentration
<andrey5> jsn says. jsn: hey you forgot to mention it tasted like battery =)
<jsn> hermes, how could I see someone's aura thru irc?
<andrey5> lol, I could taste it
<Hermes`> you are probably becoming more sensitive to the energy around you
<Hermes`> and yea it can have taste as well
<andrey5> k
<Hermes`> however the most striking time I tasted energy was when I put my finger on a live electrical wire
<Hermes`> man that taste in my mouth was there for days
<andrey5> HAHAHA
*** jsn sets mode: +o Gamble-
<jsn> nice to see I'm not only one who has done that
<andrey5> did it taste like chi?
<andrey5> jsn lol
<jsn> even tho we have 220v :)
<jsn> (230v nowdays)
<andrey5> my parents say
<andrey5> I stuck a fork in a outlet!!!:) when I was 2 or so
<jsn> gj =)
<andrey5> how many volts ..I donno
<fooki> way to go andrey =)
<andrey5> LOL
<andrey5> THANK U ROOM
<andrey5> :)
<jsn> I think there is 110?
<andrey5> in outlet
<andrey5> maybe THAT made me more sensitive to energy
<andrey5> hmm
<Hermes`> that is a good way to eat energy. use a fork on an outlet
<Hermes`> it is possible the incident made you more sensitive to energy
<jsn> I remember when I stuck my fingers to there (I was something like 3 or so).. it was hehe something I don't really recommend... but I dont get how I got lose from it
<Hermes`> there is always a good reason for these things
<jsn> it kinda 'keeps' you in it
<andrey5> hahaha
<andrey5> bzzzzzzzzzz
<jsn> hermes, tell me about seeing aura thru irc
<Hermes`> wait, you want to see a person's aura through irc servers
<Hermes`> ??
<jsn> yes I heard someone did it
<andrey5> someone saw my aura on irc!!!!
<andrey5> I don't know how
<andrey5> he saw it
<andrey5> and a girl saw it too
<andrey5> :0
<andrey5> ;o
<andrey5> :?
<Hermes`> well as you get sensitive to energy, you can pick up on people's energy patterns as you talk to them
<andrey5> but this is not talk
<Hermes`> well the conversation helps to establish the connection
<Hermes`> but then the information can just transmit across.
<Hermes`> you can practice this.
<Hermes`> just close your eyes and imagine the person on the other end of IRC and what colors do you see around them.
<Hermes`> if you keep practicing this, you will get better and more accurate at it.
<andrey5> oh
<andrey5> I have question about breathing aura
<andrey5> I chi
<andrey5> tho, the other is possible too
<andrey5> like once when I think I was breathing chi,
<andrey5> I noticed I was not breathing
<andrey5> like
<andrey5> I noticed I was almost not breathing,,
<andrey5> or breathing very slowly
<andrey5> is that how u breath chi?
<Hermes`> well the energy can be felt independently of the breathing of course. The breathing just helps you to develop it.
<Hermes`> and as you pull more energy into your body in this manner, you can decrease the amount of air you take in, to a point
<andrey5> really
<andrey5> wait hermes
<andrey5> about what u said
<andrey5> u said u need less air, but I am asking, about food and sleep
<andrey5> as your energy increases, do people need food and sleep?
<Hermes`> you will require less food. Yes
<Hermes`> and while you can require less sleep, there is much work that goes on in sleep for a person working toward ascension....
<Hermes`> so you can get less sleep, but on the other hand a normal 6 to 10 hours of sleep would be better
<Hermes`> I have used my chi-breath and nearly eliminated the need to sleep. Gone days without sleeping
<Hermes`> however when I finally did go to sleep,...
<Hermes`> man there was lots of crap to deal with.
<Hermes`> for me, not sleeping is like a vacation from work. When you come back you have twice as much to do as before.
<andrey5> oh
<andrey5> so u say, it is possible
<Hermes`> yes, I have done it
<andrey5> I heard about food not being needed
<andrey5> like
<Hermes`> used ch-breath to completely rejuvenate the body and mind
<Hermes`> well I have lowered the amount of food I eat, but some is still required...
<andrey5> a sanyasin, goes to be alone, in someplace and he does not eat
<Hermes`> I would assume that it may be possible to go without food if you were very close to ascension.
<andrey5> oh
<andrey5> I sleep too much
<andrey5> I sleep almost 13 hours
<andrey5> don't l know why
<Hermes`> that is okay too
<Hermes`> in my early days of learning this stuff, I slept 12 hours normally
<andrey5> oh
<Hermes`> much work goes on at night
<andrey5> u mean that I have many things to deal with
<Hermes`> you learn quite a bit, even though you do not remember it
<andrey5> more than some maybe
<Hermes`> well it could be you are learning a great deal
<Hermes`> trying to expand your consciousness
<Hermes`> so you are taking advantage of all the teachers and teaching realms that are in the nonphysical
<Hermes`> so you sleep longer, needing more time to complete your knowledge seeking.
<andrey5> but I just get weird dreams
<andrey5> one time after practicing to remember dreams
<andrey5> I got a thought as this is a dream
<andrey5> like I knew it was just a dream
<andrey5> not long ago
<Hermes`> dreams all contain messages and are useful in some way. The weirdness of dreams comes because your mind is trying to put together events that are beyond its experience.
<Hermes`> your mind searches for the closest thing to relate it too and sticks that into what you remember
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<andrey5> guys I have to go
<andrey5> so ill talk to you tomorrow
<andrey5> :)
<jsn> laters andrey
<andrey5> cya jsn :)
<andrey5> fooki :)
<andrey5> hermes:)
<Hermes`> yea me too
<Hermes`> catch all of you later
<jsn> laters
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