balancing the spiritual and the physical sides of life; the cube experiment; keeping the body healthy; bananas and beer
November 27, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Nov 27 16:41:53 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is '...and I think to myself: what a wonderful world! '
<fooki^> hi h =)
<Hermes`> hello there
<Hermes`> I'm a bit late
<Attuned3> welcome back :)
<fooki^> Ferrina1 now you can ask all you want =)
<Hermes`> yea good to be back on the circuit
<Hermes`> but I did get lots of work done on RC2 in the recess, so that is good.
<fooki^> I stayed alive =D I'm satisfied =)
<Hermes`> alive is good
<Ferrina1> hi hermes
<Ferrina1> ?
<Ferrina1> lol
<Hermes`> hi ferrina
<Hermes`> you seem new to the channel
<Ferrina1> lol
<Ferrina1> I dun seem
<Ferrina1> I AM new
<Ferrina1> :)
<Ferrina1> so any topics today hermes?
<fooki^> Ferrina1 you had some trouble balancing spiritual / physical?
<Ferrina1> ummm so far
<Ferrina1> I'm having hols at home
<Ferrina1> lol
<fooki^> hols?
<Ferrina1> holidays
<fooki^> ah ok
<fooki^> but still it was some trouble with your healing work or what was it?
<Hermes`> what kind of trouble are you having with balancing the spiritual and physical
<Ferrina1> lol no not trouble with healing
<Ferrina1> I was just wondering about how I would be able to balance my life now
<Ferrina1> now that I can pick up things easily
<Ferrina1> I only go to my meditation group once a week
<Ferrina1> and come online lately every day
<Ferrina1> when im back in school....I get carried away with stuff and I tend to push that side of me away trying to be practical
<Ferrina1> just wondering that's all
<Hermes`> yea the mainstream tends to take the forefront at times. This can as you said push your spiritual side down.
<Hermes`> and then you start to forget what you learned.
<Ferrina1> yeah
<Hermes`> meditation several times a week can help
<Ferrina1> lol ok...
* Ferrina1 looks down been slacken
<Hermes`> however, there is a rhythm to life in these matters.
<Hermes`> at times you will focus intently on the spiritual and then at times you focus on the physical.
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<Hermes`> each oscillation of this process tends to bring you slowly into balance
<Ferrina1> okies :)
<Hermes`> so if you did nothing, in time you would naturally balance the two out
<Hermes`> the two things that help me lots in this matter, are meditation and a dream diary
<Hermes`> at lest this way I get some reminder of my other life
<Hermes`> while I am engaging in a very physical life.
<Ferrina1> lol k
<Ferrina1> just too spiritual
<Ferrina1> outta a sudden
<Ferrina1> so a bit not used to it
<Ferrina1> used even
<Attuned3> tell your guides to cut down on the lightwork they make you do :)
<GargowL> hi
<Ferrina1> lol k attuned
<Ferrina1> hi gargowl
<Ferrina1> is gamble a bot?
<Hermes`> that will work too. You control the spiritual side of your life. If at some point you find it to intense, just ask that it be a bit less.
<Gamble-> no he isn't
<Ferrina1> lol
<Ferrina1> hi gamble
<Ferrina1> :)
<Gamble-> hi :)
<Hermes`> hi gargowl
<Ferrina1> :)
<Attuned3> Hermes do you know the cube personality test?
<Hermes`> what is that?
<Attuned3> it's interesting
<Ferrina1> hmm
<Ferrina1> is it my screen freeze
<Ferrina1> or is everyone supposed to be quiet
<Attuned3> it's quiet
<Hermes`> just hit the computer monitor that will bring it back to life
<Attuned3> did you check that site Ferrina?
<Redswan> Hello
<fooki^> hi Redswan =)
<Redswan> What is going on in here?
<fooki^> welcome
<Redswan> thank you
<fooki^> just a bit patience =)
<Ferrina1> yeah attuned
<Ferrina1> I still dun understand tho
<Ferrina1> hi red muah
<Redswan> muah, Ferrina1
<Ferrina1> :)
<Redswan> :o)
<Ferrina1> but it doesn't seem to fit
<Ferrina1> or at least I dunno how to associate some of the things with wat I visualize of the stuff on that page attuned
<Hermes`> oh well, my desert does not have too many flowers
<Ferrina1> lol
<Hermes`> but it does have a hungry horse
<Ferrina1> I see a flying unicorn
<Ferrina1> so wats dat mean
<Ferrina1> lolol
<Ferrina1> and the ladder I see is a sapphire crystal one
<Attuned3> and what's your cube like Hermes?
<Hermes`> nice ladder
<Ferrina1> thx
<Hermes`> my cube is smooth sort of beige colored
<Hermes`> with a wooden ladder
<Ferrina1> :) cube is a clear shining crystal one
<Ferrina1> hmmm wats beige mean then
<Hermes`> it is like the color so sand
<Hermes`> flesh colored
<Hermes`> sort of
<Ferrina1> yeah does it represent anything
<Ferrina1> I dun get wat the analysis is about
<Hermes`> I just saw the exercise myself. It is a sort of peek into your life and your unconscious mind
<Ferrina1> oooooh
<Redswan> what's happening here?
<Hermes`> but the exact way to figure out what that means could take time to figure out
<Ferrina1> k
<Attuned3> Ferrina:
<Attuned3> yes there are whole books about it
<Attuned3> Redswan:
<Ferrina1> k
<Ferrina1> hmmm
<Ferrina1> the pic it has a goats head on the staff
<Redswan> That's cool...I just did it, thanks
<fooki^> lol =D I had a huge massive shiny golden cube, with an aluminium ladder on side of it taking you to the top of that cube. a small pretty white and friendly pony.. tiny winy whirl as storm =D and like there was a river and lots and lots of all different kinds of flowers there =DD
<Attuned3> aw nice :)
<Ferrina1> lol
<fooki^> why would I imagine anything but nice? =D
<Ferrina1> my storm was one that was a cloud dark one dat rained flowers
<Ferrina1> and the flowers were rainbow colored all over the half of the desert
<Ferrina1> :)
<Redswan> That was very creative, I like it
<Ferrina1> :)
<Hermes`> seems like a nice exercise, what else did everyone get?
<Redswan> My cube was a bubble, my ladder was in the middle and it went into a horse was big, white with a long mane
<fooki^> btw. my pony was on an oasis =) eating grass and relaxing.. being calm =)
<Ferrina1> wow mothership
<Ferrina1> coolies fooki
<Redswan> my flowers were bright pink and scattered around the color was aqua/turquoise.....and the storm was on the outside of the bubble like a dark tornado
<Redswan> my cube went around the entire dessert, which was pale beige...with a pleasant blue, blue sky
<Attuned3> I did a longer version which I don't know if it's on the net, if anyone's interested I can tell it
<Redswan> go
<Attuned3> ok..
<Attuned3> here you walk in the desert (not just put things in it)
<Attuned3> so first you see a cube. then you walk on and you see a cactus
<Attuned3> what's it like and what do you do about it
<fooki^> hi guys =)
<phace> hey. nice to see you all again :)
<tiKklu> heeelllo :)
<Ferrina1> hi place
<Ferrina1> hi tikklu
<phace> place? :)
<tiKklu> :D
<tiKklu> wonderful world :) which one?
<Ferrina1> oops phace
<Ferrina1> lolol
<Hermes`> anything else attuned? or is that it?
<tiKklu> Hermes *hug*
<tiKklu> :)
<Hermes`> hi tikklu, phace
<Attuned3> no there's more, just wasn't sure if anyone's doing it
<Attuned3> so after cactus there the horse
<Hermes`> I'm hanging out with the cactus right now
<Attuned3> you choose if you'll get on it or not
<Attuned3> or to just ignore it and walk on alone
<Attuned3> you see keys
<Attuned3> again what you do with them, what do they open
<Attuned3> then you see oasis
<Attuned3> do you go there, do you drink, does horse drink, do you drink together, how do you feel there
<Attuned3> then the scene changes into a forest
<fooki^> btw. phace & tiKklu.. we are talking about this short but interesting test:
<phace> lets try)
<tiKklu> ok
<Attuned3> is the horse still with you, what's the forest like, how many paths are there, what's at the end of the forest or what do you think there is
<Attuned3> that's all
<Hermes`> interesting, this one was a bit different from the other one
<tiKklu> Im losing my hair... :(
<tiKklu> im thinking too much :)
<Attuned3> yes I think it's better
<Ferrina1> lol
<Hermes`> in the long version there are more elements, so I suppose you can get greater detail about what is going on underneath your own hood.
<Attuned3> so the cactus represents helpers in your life, and especially parents (so the way you treated it should tell you something)
<Hermes`> cool, glad I did not chop that up
<Redswan> My time to go has come...thank you for letting me join you, room
<Redswan> namaste
<Attuned3> cube and horse the same as in the other
<tiKklu> namistai
<Redswan> (((((((((((((love and light))))))))))))
<Attuned3> see you Redswan
<Hermes`> bye Redswan come back
<Redswan> I will do to all, peace and joy
<Ferrina1> L&L red
<Attuned3> keys are children, and children as a source of "life wisdom"
<Attuned3> oasis - security, also marriage or relationship
<Hermes`> I was on a lawn chair in my oasis.
<Attuned3> forest - your whole life, how optimistic you are, what's at the end of it is what's your "goal" in life and your approach to life and also how you look at death
<Attuned3> what did you think it's at the end Hermes?
<Attuned3> at the end of the forest
<Hermes`> I saw a house or a hut at the edge of the forest
<Hermes`> the forest was think and green
<Hermes`> now I'm going to have to figure out what these images mean to me
<Attuned3> what about the horse, how much was it with you?
<Hermes`> the horse was with me all the way. We walked some way, some of the way I road the horse. My keys opened up a chest full of treasure which I attached to the horse's saddle and took with me the rest of the journey
<Hermes`> well in my real life however there are no keys or horses, so I'll have to figure out what to replace them with
<Hermes`> I suppose the closest thing to off spring would be my reality creator books
<Hermes`> anybody else do the second cube exercise? what did you get?
<Attuned3> here:
<Attuned3> cube -- 50×50cm, pale yellow, paper, hallow, I push it so that it rolls
<Attuned3> cactus -- usual looking one, big thorns, but I hug it and kiss it
<Attuned3> horse -- black, I come closer and it gets on its last legs, but it then calms down, I hug it and ride it, am real happy it's there
<Attuned3> keys -- modern looking ones, 2, car keys like, I put them in my pocket
<Attuned3> oasis -- I ride wildly to it, horse and me start drinking together, we're happy we drank, I hug it and kiss it, I look around the oasis and really enjoy it, I send love to it, I love it
<Attuned3> forest -- light, green, tall trees, only one wide road, walking slowly on it with horse by me, enjoying it, at the end light sunny big space with little house/village, a real nice place
<Attuned3> desert -- completely straight, no dunes or anything
<fooki^> I did. well. ~130cm tall cactus with flowers (again =D I'm a hippy =D) ok. and nice oasis, rode my horse partly, partly walked alongside. drank from the oasis, it was pleasant. my forest was full of spring-alike light that had light green colour because all the leaves of the trees all around. no paths. it was so spacey there that you could take any direction you liked
<Attuned3> I don't really like my cube.. but couldn't imagine anything big and shiny because I don't like big things in desert..
<Hermes`> hugging that cactus had to be a delicate job
<Attuned3> I felt gratitude for it being there
<fooki^> oh keys.. well in fact I imagined car keys too =D
<Attuned3> heh
<fooki^> I didn't feel much anything towards my cactus. it was just a beautiful plant, nothing more
<Hermes`> fook better not let mom and dad read the log file :)
<fooki^> hehe =) well in fact the situation is exactly like that
<Hermes`> wow,
<fooki^> and I'm 100% comfortable for it being like that
<Hermes`> at least it tracks then
<fooki^> partly yes, partly no.. I mean that "it's just cactus, nothing else" part is exactly accurate
<Attuned3> what it tells me seems it's what I'm really like, and wasn't aware of it (because of some other ideas how I think things should be)
<fooki^> I am just mainly amuset by my cube (shiny-golden-massive-huge) if it represents me =D
<Hermes`> it is interesting how our real selves reveal itself with these kinds of tools.
<Attuned3> yes. we just need to let them
<fooki^> lol, there was this bot that did tarot reading to me earlier today, and it was claiming something big was going to happen =)
<Attuned3> bot needs to tell you that?! :)
<Hermes`> a tarot reading bot.
<fooki^> bots may tell me whatever they wish to =)
<Hermes`> I guess the human touch is gone from divination
<fooki^> personally I would prefer a bot who would praise andreas krämer's music every once in a while =D
<fooki^> hermes it lets you pick the card by querying for a number
<tiKklu> .)
<tiKklu> would someone happen to know, why im losing my hair?
<tiKklu> :D
<tiKklu> this ain't funny
<fooki^> tikklu don't worry, that makes two of us =)
<Hermes`> nerves is usually the cause
<tiKklu> .) gr8
<tiKklu> nerves
<tiKklu> :(
<Hermes`> yea worrying about everything
<tiKklu> well, im not worrying
<tiKklu> actually
<tiKklu> life is good, and confusing :)
<fooki^> me neither! =) it's just a dominant gene =)
<tiKklu> but something is wrong
<fooki^> (boldness) lol =D in both meanings of the word
<Hermes`> well the herb saw palmetto can help you tro keep your hair
<tiKklu> hmm
<Hermes`> Iris is real good with herbs and vitamins, you could e-mail her and ask her for more herbs that can help.
<tiKklu> that would be nice :)
<Hermes`> her e-mail is on the workshops page
<Hermes`> you could simply be lacking in something in the body
<tiKklu> oke, I'll drop her a line :) thank you :)
<tiKklu> well, I don't eat , or sleep
<tiKklu> either
<tiKklu> :D
<Hermes`> you can't or you don't like to?
<tiKklu> well I don't feel the need
<Hermes`> well the body does need a minimum amount of nutrients and rest
<Hermes`> without it, you will run the body down.
<tiKklu> I know
<tiKklu> :(
<Hermes`> some chamomile tea could help you to sleep
<tiKklu> how can I have too much energy from nothing?
<Hermes`> perhaps you just need to learn how to relax
<tiKklu> :)
<Hermes`> have you tried meditation at all
<tiKklu> yes
<Hermes`> any luck,
<tiKklu> cant concentrate
<Hermes`> the "B" vitamins can help you with calming down
<tiKklu> :) I've tried that before
<Hermes`> and if you potassium levels are low too
<Hermes`> eat a couple bananas a day.
<fooki^> oh yes tiKklu you must get multivitamin tablets for yourself.. I use "vitatabs maxi"'s they are like less than 60 "penniä" per day
<tiKklu> hey, I was just feeling like bananas
<tiKklu> I mean to eat them :)
<tiKklu> ok, my shopping tomorrow vitamins and fruits, herbs
<tiKklu> wig
<Hermes`> sounds like a good plan
<tiKklu> :)
<tiKklu> thanks :)
<Hermes`> balance in everything in life is important to being healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
<fooki^> or spirit / hangover balance =D
<tiKklu> well I don't drink
<tiKklu> :D
<fooki^> me neither
<fooki^> I can still talk like I would =D
<tiKklu> its the irc
<fooki^> no.. it's being too tired =)
<tiKklu> I wish I would be
<fooki^> tiKklu eat something.. it will make you tired
<fooki^> the more greasy the better =D
<Hermes`> exercise too can help to tire you out a bit
<fooki^> (taste and sleep-inducing-effect)
<tiKklu> well this weekend
<tiKklu> I danced about 7h
<Hermes`> and that did not help to tire you out?
<tiKklu> nope
<tiKklu> more adrenalin
<tiKklu> :)
<fooki^> you are in too good shape =D irc some more =D
<tiKklu> :D
<tiKklu> thanks
<tiKklu> running on empty I would say
<fooki^> I thought that r.o.e. meant lack of creativity =/
<tiKklu> :D
<tiKklu> heh
<tiKklu> well I was meaning that cause I don't eat
<tiKklu> where is the energy coming?
<fooki^> from vattenfall? =D "elämässä pitää olla virtaa"
<fooki^> that is really twisted slogan though
<tiKklu> very twisted
<tiKklu> D
<tiKklu> : oh my eyes
<tiKklu> :D
<Hermes`> well the body can become very efficient on the little you give it
<Hermes`> so how much you eat is not as much a factor as in what you eat
<Hermes`> you can eat very little as long as you give the body the nutrients it needs to do its chemistry stuff
<tiKklu> yes
<fooki^> well like there might be like a full circle there.. no food -> chemistry messed up -> no sleep -> no appetite
<tiKklu> yes.. sound familiar
<fooki^> so the solution would be the multivitamin tablets
<fooki^> proper ones
<tiKklu> I don't believe on tablets
<tiKklu> or medicine
<tiKklu> or doctors
<tiKklu> :D
<fooki^> well the laws of nature are the same on everybody's bodies
<tiKklu> I hope I don't get sick ! :D
<fooki^> laws of chemistry etc
<fooki^> you REALLY must try the multivitamin tablets
<fooki^> I've like hmm.. got three people feel so much better by making them buy those
<fooki^> all of them ate very little
<tiKklu> but I feel good
<Hermes`> well if you can't do the vitamin stuff start with the banana.
<tiKklu> only my hair is going away
<fooki^> of course
<Hermes`> the body can do lots with banana
<tiKklu> :D fruits are good
<tiKklu> :O
<tiKklu> sorry :*)
<fooki^> =D =) that would be a nice Chiquita slogan =D
<tiKklu> *veydirtymind*
<fooki^> =DDDDDDDD
<fooki^> rotfl =DDDDD
<phace> heheh
<tiKklu> :D
<tiKklu> sorry guys
<tiKklu> :D
<tiKklu> well I really will buy bananas
<fooki^> good for the banana industry =)
<Hermes`> :)
<Hermes`> yea well I'll tell you a story
<phace> :)
<Hermes`> at one time my body was not so good
<tiKklu> ok
<Hermes`> chemistry all messed up
<Hermes`> I would get sick for a month at a time
<Hermes`> finally I decided to ask the nonphysical healers what I should do.
<Hermes`> they suggested two bananas a day and a bottle of beer a week.
<Hermes`> I almost wanted to laugh at them
<Hermes`> but they were serious
<Hermes`> so I tried it, and it did bring me out of that bad spot
<Hermes`> my body got healthy and I got well
<Hermes`> so I don't discount the power of those two even today.
<fooki^> you continue that diet?
<Hermes`> yea
<tiKklu> wow
<Hermes`> but I eat other things now too
<tiKklu> I don't like beer
<fooki^> is that like a universal kind of diet or does it suit just for you?
<Hermes`> but then I did not like to eat much
<fooki^> "man cannot live on beer alone..." =DD
<Hermes`> well I don't like beer either
<tiKklu> :D
<Hermes`> so I force it down
<Hermes`> your good today fook :))
<tiKklu> beer nonalcoholic?
<fooki^> Hermes` btw. would nonalcoholic beer do the banana
<Hermes`> I suppose you can use the nonalcoholic type
<fooki^> and beer thing?
<fooki^> ok
<tiKklu> :D
<Hermes`> hi victoria
<phace> bye victoria
<tiKklu> :D
<fooki^> the logfiles have like turned out to be rather loony lately =/
<tiKklu> :D
<fooki^> if compared to previous ones
<Hermes`> yea the last few were something else
<tiKklu> why is that?
<tiKklu> 8o
<tiKklu> :D
<Hermes`> I guess we have lightened up a bit
<Hermes`> anyway this stuff is supposed to be fun. As long as everyone still learns something
<fooki^> I hope it doesn't scare people away
<fooki^> and by people I mean mainly middle aged people in here =D
<fooki^> no offense though =/
<fooki^> ok good
<Hermes`> there they go
<phace> :)
<fooki^> split splat
<phace> some food now.
<Hermes`> also as a side note to the banana thing. Healers use up potassium when they heal other people. So if you do lots of healing on others, you need to keep your potassium levels up.
<Hermes`> I came across many healers that were just run down because they had depleted all their potassium in the body.
<fooki^> potassium.. uranium.. plutonium.. sounds dangerous =D
<Hermes`> hehe could be.
<Hermes`> well I
<Hermes`> I'm going to wrap it up
<Hermes`> I will try to come back here on Thursday, even though it is not listed as a workshop this week
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<Hermes`> so see everyone on Thursday.
<fooki^> mmkay
<Attuned3> see you
<fooki^> cya
<jsn> nigth
<tiKklu> netsplit :) guys you left me behind!!!
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Nov 27 18:59:23 2001

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