Getting over depression; Electronic Voice Phenomena; indigo aura people; the earth's energies now; self healing; the manifesting physical body; the creation mechanism; astrology; that sweet spot between wake and sleep; Reich Wilhelm and his Orogone Accumulator; giving and taking energy from each other; the cities of the future; Mayan astrology; physical exercise
November 1, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 01 16:30:26 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
<Hermes`> hello there everyone
<Hermes`> hi naf, fook, jason, gamble
<naf> hi there
<naf> oh, it's Thursday, I didn't even notice. :)
<Hermes`> yea
<naf> hey, what energy techniques help to get over depression?
<Hermes`> well I find that depression is a learned behavior. And with these learned behaviors it is best to attack them from several angles...
<Hermes`> first running some mantras around periodically during the day...
<Hermes`> saying things to yourself like "I am happy!"
<naf> "new in, old out"
<Hermes`> yea
<naf> ok
<naf> hmm
<Hermes`> of course meditation is great for ridding depression
<naf> I've been doing that lately. I really don't know why? :D
<naf> maybe I was guided or something.
<Hermes`> well now you know why, unconsciously you knew this was away to rid yourself of it.
<Hermes`> yea that too
<naf> ok
<Hermes`> and of course you can create an energy ball or two to help create happiness in your life
<naf> yes that thing.
<naf> what about MPE?
<naf> cures the drowsiness a bit?
<Hermes`> the MPE would help to remove the negative energy in your aura
<Hermes`> so that would help also.
<Hermes`> you also may want to consider that you may be susceptible to other people's depression as well...
<Hermes`> depression can be contagious, especially if you are prone to it yourself..
<Hermes`> to help against that, you could use the psychic protection exercise, when you feel depression coming on that is not from you.
-> [jsn] PING
<naf> ok
<Hermes`> depression is not easy to get over. I can tell you from first hand experience
<naf> well, it teaches you things. :)
<Hermes`> yea. It teaches you not to be depressed
<Hermes`> nothing good comes from depression
<naf> nothing good?
<Hermes`> it breaks down your solar plexus, which you need to ward off psychic attacks, and you need it to reality create your world
<Hermes`> much of the energy you use in creating your day to day world comes from the solar plexus
<Hermes`> depression closes the solar plexus down
<naf> I see
<naf> but MPE helps here, right?
<Hermes`> yes the MPE will help you.
<Hermes`> but you still have to rid yourself from the depression, to be free of its destructive effects
<Hermes`> you have to find the good in your life and focus on that
<Hermes`> forget about the bad for now.
<Hermes`> get back your zest for life and the wonder of it all
*** jenkkka is now known as phace
<naf> Hermes`, ok.
<Hermes`> hi phace
<phace> hermes:)
<phace> hey
<naf> hi there phace.
<phace> naf hey
<phace> :)
<phace> tiKklu.. hello there.
<phace> :)
<tiKklu> hello everyone :) phace
<tiKklu> huh " 6713.94 years ago"
<tiKklu> still cant believe :)
<Hermes`> believe what?
<tiKklu> I was counting my birth time
<fooki> how do you count that?
<tiKklu> there was some Error
<tiKklu> and now I'm 6713.94 years old :)
<fooki> how do you calculate that?
<naf> Hermes`, I heard today that when it's full moon, large amounts of energy is concentrated in your head. What do you say?
<naf> Hermes`, that's why it's good to meditate when it's full moon.
<tiKklu> well, I don't mind.. fooki it was some funny "Biorhythmic Compatibility Test" and it went crazy
<Hermes`> well when the moon is full there is much more subtle energy about
<Hermes`> and you can tap into this energy during a meditation and use it to help open up your inner senses, like your third eye, intuition,
<phace> are there any other things like full moon, when there's more subtle energy around?
<Hermes`> major planetary alignments, like when the planets lined up, not too long ago.
<tiKklu> that was some crazy time
<Hermes`> and of course at sunset and sunrise, just for those 5 minutes or so, when the earth is in the in between place
<naf> hmm, I think I'll go and meditate a bit ->
<phace> okay.. to other thing, just head about it.. thanks tiKlu ;) .. hermes. what do you know about Electronic Voice Phenomena.
<phace> heard.
<Hermes`> what is that?
<tiKklu> EVP
<tiKklu> when you hear voices thru something other than your radio
<phace> sounds that came from electronic devices, that seems no have explanation. in those phenomenon's voices usually points to afterlife.
<phace> because..
<Hermes`> I know of hearing voices in your head
<phace> hehe
<phace> but..
<phace> I tell you the little story
<phace> some months ago me and my friends were at one of ours place.. there was a guitar effect-box.. and nothing was playing.. when suddenly we heard some (probably) Russian speak from the loudspeaker. and we have been wondered where that came. and now .. a few mins ago I heard about that "electronic voice phenomena"
<tiKklu> space voices
<tiKklu> 'in between worlds or dimensions
<fooki> phace distortion boxes have very high gains, so they amplify very weak signals into audible voice. radio weather varies all the time. it might been that the radio weather just was suitable for that thing to happen.. sounds like am mw receiving to me =) (sorry)
<tiKklu> fooki, party-pooper :)
<phace> yep. that's most possible choice.. but still.. :)
<fooki> sometimes even CB-radio transmitters mess up am-signals causing things like that
<tiKklu> everything is possible
<phace> but I just asked if hermes knows something about that EVP. :)
<Hermes`> well I have not heard of it
<tiKklu> hermes have you read Drunvalo's books?
<Hermes`> no those books don't sound familiar
<tiKklu> or "flower of life"
<tiKklu> Drunvalo Melchizedek
<tiKklu> he was talkin about these Indigo children
<Hermes`> I have read things long time ago about the Indigo aura children
<tiKklu> yep, same ones
<Hermes`> they are supposed to be pre-packed with knowledge
<Hermes`> so they only have to relearn things, and not learn them from scratch
<tiKklu> yes
<Hermes`> they also are supposed to find our traditional learning system very difficult
<Hermes`> as they are not used to information being hammered into the brain
<Hermes`> they like to learn things by doing
<Hermes`> they are very physical people in that to know something they have to touch it, hold it,
<fooki> why did they choose to incarnate like that and not the usual way?
<Hermes`> well they are supposed to help the earth evolve
<Hermes`> and this knowledge is supposed to assist them as they move into adulthood and start creating their reality
<fooki> so they like have higher knowledge with them to import to this planet? or just evolve it like the rest of us?
<tiKklu> all were born after 1984?
<Hermes`> I would not say higher knowledge
<Hermes`> but specific knowledge needed to help transform the planet
<phace> first ones was met 1974.. wasn't it like that? :)
<tiKklu> those were 'dna'-children
<tiKklu> in china
<Hermes`> I forget about when these births were to happen but it could of been in 74.
<phace> right..
<tiKklu> yes, after 1974 all these were becoming public knowledge
<Hermes`> well the earth is also coming into a time of expansion, so all this secret knowledge needs to be revealed
<Hermes`> and since 74 or there abouts that has been happening
<tiKklu> heh, nice year I picked to born
<tiKklu> :)
<Hermes`> this is the best time to be on the planet
<tiKklu> yes it sure is
<Hermes`> it has been thousands of years since the planetary energies have been so good for evolving consciousness
<Hermes`> a person incarnate now can reach ascension in one life time when before it could of taken 20
<tiKklu> dimension is chancing to a higher one
<Hermes`> yes and just before that happens you have all these new and wonderful birthing energies all about
<Hermes`> energies that can become part of your core being
<Hermes`> and help you to soar.
<naf> Hermes`, does repeating 'Malkuth' during meditation have any effect?
<Hermes`> that can help you to focus on Malkuth's energies
<Hermes`> they are very nurturing energies
<Hermes`> will help you with out of body travel and dream travel on the etheric plane
<naf> so you'll get access to these things: Greater ability to discriminate in your life; to overcome a sense of inertia in life; physical health problems of self and others; affairs of home; greater self discovery; elemental life; realm of the saints and spirit-guides.
<naf> or?
<Hermes`> yea
<naf> nice. :)
<tiKklu> how about Bast :) meow
<naf> I think I'll 'Malkuth' for 20 minutes or so. :)
<tiKklu> sounds good
<tiKklu> sounds, I think
<tiKklu> no :)
<naf> Hermes`, it works for all the spheres?
<Hermes`> sure
<Hermes`> anytime you focus on a Tree of Life sphere you pull those energies toward you
<Hermes`> the main purpose of the Tree of Life is to help you to acquire these energies so that you can have an easier life
<Hermes`> and to transform you into the divine.
<Hermes`> so these spheres are just purging out energy that you can tap into, even without visiting there.
<naf> ok, great.
<tiKklu> hey, what about healing other people?
<tiKklu> how about that
<tiKklu> :)
<naf> works for self-healing, too. :)
<tiKklu> thanks :)
<naf> no problem. -> meditation
<tiKklu> I know :( and I wish everyone would
<tiKklu> nowadays I'm too hyperactive even to meditate
<tiKklu> so many things to do
<Hermes`> meditation is a great way to calm the spirit
<tiKklu> and my dreams, are now much more vivid
<tiKklu> I actually had something in my mind to ask
<tiKklu> about yellow light
<tiKklu> is it giving me 'too much' energy?
<gnosis> hi
<tiKklu> I of course have violet and blue light at home also . hi gnosis
<Hermes`> well follow your own inner self
<Hermes`> if you feel you need that color than stick with it
<Hermes`> when you feel you don't then get rid of it
<tiKklu> yes, sometimes that yellow makes me sick :)
<tiKklu> I suppose I know when I'm full
<tiKklu> hey, do you guys know
<tiKklu> anything about Bastet or Hathors ot Thot?
<tiKklu> and Horus of course
<tiKklu> the school master
<gnosis> hey hermes
<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<gnosis> I have a question
<phace> heh
<gnosis> let's say you cut yourself cooking, how could you heal yourself?
<fooki> stop cooking for good in the future. buy ready made meals =) (sorry, I'm tired) =D
<tiKklu> hehee :)
<tiKklu> 'don't use sharp objects'
<gnosis> -and heal yourself in minutes?
<Hermes`> well that I could not tell you
<gnosis> how would you do it?
<Hermes`> I know you can make it quicker
<Hermes`> by putting energy into the wound
<Hermes`> pass the energy through your heart chakra
<gnosis> are there limitations then on how quickly the body even in ideal conditions can heal itself/yourself.
<Hermes`> well I think it is a matter of your belief in it, and the amount of energy you possess
<Hermes`> I have found that as my energy has gone up, so has my ability to self heal
<gnosis> ok
<Hermes`> when I can instantly heal I will let you know,
<Hermes`> for now I apply energy for a bit, then wait to see how it heals.
<Hermes`> apply more
<Hermes`> I think I am able to heal myself in half the time it would take without intervention
<fooki> so it's a realistic goal to be able to heal instantly?
<gnosis> How is physical form materialized?
<Hermes`> I think it is possible to heal instantly. I don't know how many people can actually hit that goal.
<Hermes`> of course there has been many stories of this in the past
<Hermes`> usually, as you get very close to your ascension this kind of thing starts to manifest
<Hermes`> instant healing of others and self.
<Hermes`> physical form: your consciousness pulls physical matter together to form the physical body
<gnosis> I think once you get to the point where you understand the physical materialization, it is possible.
<Hermes`> like a magnet it holds matter into form and shape. After you die and consciousness leaves, the physical form decays because there is no directing will to keep it manifest.
<Hermes`> you are talking about the body?
<Hermes`> or just things manifesting generally
<gnosis> both.. it's all the same
<Hermes`> yes it is the same
<Hermes`> when you manifest something in your life, your consciousness sends out energy that pulls these things toward you.
<Hermes`> things come together to form things in your life.
<Hermes`> You need a car. So you send energy out to manifest a car...
<gnosis> I think you have to work backwards until you reach the source, and then such things can be done.
<Hermes`> this then may pull circumstances into your life to help manifest that car, like a new job.
<fooki> btw. any tricks to strengthen the awareness of what you really need in you're life right now?
<Hermes`> I suppose just some self examination of why you want something in your life
<fooki> I mean your life =D not "you're life" =D
<fooki> no special tricks to do that?
<fooki> other than meditation
<Hermes`> well for myself, I find that I want things before there is a need for them
<Hermes`> some part of my consciousness goes into the future and sees all the neat things going on with it
<Hermes`> and so this desire springs up
<Hermes`> I have learned to look at these desires and weigh them against my current reality as to if I really need them
<Hermes`> then I realize that this is a future desire.
<Hermes`> but then I keep a watchful eye out for the right time
<Hermes`> and be patient
<Hermes`> yes gnosis, we are working to bring ourselves back to source, and then once we do that, then these instant manifesting of things can be possible
<Hermes`> over the years, as with healing, I have seen my own manifestation power increase and the time it takes to manifest things decrease.
<Hermes`> so if the path holds steady, there could come a point where you could manifest things instantly, where no time would be required
<phd> Any idea about what is the mechanism behind the process of "pulling" the course of events toward goals (desires)?
<gnosis> I think it's like this: it's far easier to move a seed than a tree.
<Hermes`> well I call this process the Creation Mechanism
<Hermes`> really what happens
<Hermes`> is your thoughts go out into a non-time framework for awhile
<Hermes`> while they are there they act like magnetic energy and pull like thoughts from other people toward them.
<Hermes`> eventually they gather enough energy and strength to move back into physical reality, but much stronger...
<gnosis> you can move the seed anywhere, nurture it, and a tree will grow. But try to move or change a tree, its roots and trunk firmly planted deeply in the earth, and your in for a lot of work, if not impossible.
<Hermes`> then these thought waves program some of our actions so that we move closer to that manifestation
<fooki> I've moved trees btw =)
<tiKklu> also the wind
<Hermes`> very true gnosis, very insightful
<Hermes`> gnosis in many ways that is how the creation mechanism works. out small mental waves go out and collect bigger waves.
<Hermes`> eventually they gather enough energy to create something much bigger than they were.
<Hermes`> so yea, plant the seed of thought and then watch it manifest
<naf> Hermes`, do you know that visual buzz you get when you are distracted by some accidental sound?
<gnosis> and so the analogy is like this: first something is subtle, like a thought or intuition...or a seed, and then it grows and spreads outward towards other ideas, thoughts, feelings, and so on, all the while becoming more vivid, more intense, and much more solid, until it manifests into something objective.
<naf> Hermes`, while meditating or falling asleep.
<Hermes`> yes gnosis that sounds like the process
<Hermes`> what visual buzz?
<Hermes`> explain?
<naf> your vision fills with some kind of pattern
<naf> for a VERY short time
<naf> less than a second
<Hermes`> yes I know that
<Hermes`> you are seeing sound
<Hermes`> for a moment the signals are crossed
<naf> synaesthesia
<Hermes`> sound is routed to the eyes
<naf> is it possible to sustain that state?
<Hermes`> I suppose, but I have not heard of it, without drugs
<naf> oh, so there's nothing spiritual in it then. :)
<Hermes`> well, everything does happen for a reason
<Hermes`> but mostly, I do not think so.
<Hermes`> I have not found those moments to be filled with anything special that I could detect
<Hermes`> however , you never do know
<naf> :)
<tiKklu> what is cosmic cross?
<Hermes`> I know of a mystic cross
<Hermes`> rose cross
<tiKklu> astrological term?
<Hermes`> oh that cross
<tiKklu> I have in my birth chart
<Hermes`> well my astrology notes here do not show that cross, however if I remember correctly, it means you have to carry some burdens in life
<tiKklu> oargh :)
<naf> ;)
<tiKklu> surprise
<Hermes`> twos and fours were downers in astrology
<tiKklu> it was Venus, Pluto,...amm the bossy planets
<Hermes`> and threes and sixs were upers
<andrey5> hi phace
<Hermes`> Pluto is transformation
<Hermes`> Venus is sensual energy
<tiKklu> :) and I have a vivid imagination
<Hermes`> it could mean transformation to the divine through relationships
<andrey5> hi hermes
<Hermes`> never an easy thing to do
<andrey5> how do I register this copy? plz
<Hermes`> hi andrey
<Hermes`> what copy?
<tiKklu> well, I wouldn't change a day :)
<andrey5> it keeps interrupting me by saying unregistered copy
<Hermes`> oh okay
<andrey5> please ask webmaster to register it...meaning this interface
<Hermes`> you have logged on to the website without the www in it
<andrey5> oh u mean I have to type in the whole URL?
<Hermes`> you have to disconnect from the applet then put the www back in, then reconnect
<tiKklu> go astral on ethernet :)
<Hermes`> yea, the license is for the whole address
<andrey5> ok thanx.. I'll try
<Hermes`> I have to send a note to the developer on that
<andrey5> back
<Hermes`> is it working better now
<andrey5> :)
<andrey5> yes
<Hermes`> I have to send a note to the developer on ti
<Hermes`> it
<andrey5> strange solution
<andrey5> np
<naf> Hermes`, what could you tell us about different eyesight? For a VERY short moment I saw my right hand through my eyelids.
<tiKklu> ok other Timeless Travelers.. I was just about to ask that
<naf> it looked more 3-dimensional than normally, and it was kinda movie-like.
<tiKklu> these 'matrix'-effects
<tiKklu> :)
<Hermes`> perhaps you were using your third eye
<Hermes`> it can see with your eyes closed
<Hermes`> at times it can turn on and then off real quick
<naf> I've seen trough my eyelids before, but this time it was in color.
<tiKklu> like the 0101010100001001's of the 'World as we know it' is breakin
<Hermes`> maybe you are getting better at it.
<naf> nice. :)
<tiKklu> eyelids suck anyway :)
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> y is that
<naf> well, I was doing 'Ma-ah-zod', 'dee-ee-oh' and 'Malkuth'. :)
<tiKklu> actually this whole physical form is too limited
<naf> tiKklu, yeah. :)
<tiKklu> jep, its frrrrrstrating
<andrey5> what is the topic tonight?
<Hermes`> we talked about lots of things already
<Hermes`> already^
<andrey5> k
<andrey5> no set topic is cool
<gnosis> It's not form that is limiting, it's the mind within it :)
<fooki> but hey, how you'd rave if you had no physical body? huh?
<andrey5> party u mean?
<tiKklu> :D I would rave so baaaad anyway
<Hermes`> true gnosis it is the mind that traps you
<andrey5> rave*
<naf> fooki, you'd rave with your astral body. :)
<gnosis> You have many bodies :)
<Hermes`> free your mind and you can sore even in the body
<tiKklu> even more if not physically limited
<gnosis> they're all there, waiting for you.
<tiKklu> all partying
<tiKklu> yes, I wanna go astral
<tiKklu> I have one experience of that
<tiKklu> I was 11 years
<andrey5> I would like to know if there is a way to tell how much you have evolved
<tiKklu> heh, I think I've been 'on pause'
<Hermes`> well I suppose you are as evolved as you think you are.
<Hermes`> no one would know better than your own self would.
<andrey5> how about in reference to going astral
<andrey5> how does one tell how far away he is from being able to do so
<Hermes`> well some people have learned how to do that in a previous life, so they find it easy in this life
<andrey5> have you learned it in this life?
<andrey5> hermes
<Hermes`> well I was an OBE traveler in previous lives but never took it to the level I did in this life
<andrey5> ok
<Hermes`> however I did not have an easy time relearning the skill here in the physical plane
<andrey5> how come?
<gnosis> bye
<Hermes`> I think this was partially done so that I could help others more easily
<andrey5> bye gnosis
<andrey5> you mean it was planned out so you were stalled in your own development? to help others? buthow
<andrey5> how do you help others
<Hermes`> well for myself it was necessary to go through all the beginning steps, so that I would know what they were, to teach them to others...
<Hermes`> many people who have done OBE in previous lives just go right through the steps and are out of the body.
<andrey5> so you were meant to teach others to follow in your foot steps
<Hermes`> If you ask them what they do, they can not really tell you.
<andrey5> but you can
<andrey5> would you call that your purpose in life?
<tiKklu> these previous life are funny, every now and then, in the middle of learning something, you notice, that you already know it
<Hermes`> yes I do think that I was meant to be teaching this in this life, even though I was not set out to do this in my own mind.
<andrey5> how do you come to this conclusion? was it a sign of somesort?
<Hermes`> I had a very different very physical life planned for myself
<andrey5> that made you decide...
<tiKklu> karmic lessons
<Hermes`> but then my life took a sharp turn, things fell apart very fast and this new path was here
<andrey5> can you tell me what you wanted to do before?
<Hermes`> I did reject it at first
<Hermes`> but I have come to accept it.
<Hermes`> I wanted to have a family, get a job, be a normal person for my society
<tiKklu> you can go where ever you want, and still , you'll be where you're meant to be :)
<andrey5> hmm
<Hermes`> yes tikklu, that is it, your path is never far from you.
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> do you now live in Brooklyn?
<fooki> I wonder what my path will be as studying seems to suck a lot =)
<tiKklu> fooki, you have chosen :) it yourself
<fooki> tikklu stop it =) you're making me feel guilty =)
<andrey5> 5th
<andrey5> fooki:?
<andrey5> naf?
<tiKklu> Finland is full of Old Souls
<tiKklu> oke let's go back to seorius stuff
<naf> fooki, You asked something earlier this evening... You can ask for guidance in your life from your spirit guides if you really don't know what's best for you. You'll notice different things, people will talk about things that relate to your problems and so on. :)
<andrey5> 2i read about that
<tiKklu> spirit guides can also be animals?
<naf> I guess they can show up as an animal in your dreams.
<andrey5> 2i read that too...
<Hermes`> each spirit guide also has an animal form
<fooki> I'd like to ride my spirit guide as a horse this night =)
<tiKklu> cos I have tigers everywhere and I feel a connection with them
<tiKklu> fooki :) beautiful
<fooki> hmm
<tiKklu> hmm to yourself
<fooki> strange. I seem to have much more lively and realistic imagination when I am extremely tired
<tiKklu> well of course
<fooki> like I imagine smells / visions all sorts of stuff like 30 times more lively
<fooki> why's that?
<tiKklu> your limits are lower
<naf> I get strange heavy atmosphere and I start hearing everything I read trough some kind of a flanged effect. :)
<fooki> what limits?
<tiKklu> me too
<andrey5> limits??
<andrey5> flanged effect?
<tiKklu> kinda 'speed limits' in yer brain
<fooki> speed limits? =DD
<fooki> my brains sure are a residential area then =D
<andrey5> lol lol
<tiKklu> 10 Mbps
<tiKklu> :)
<naf> you have too much traffic lights in yer brain fooki.
<andrey5> haha
<fooki> naf yea we're discussed that before
<andrey5> ...
<naf> fooki, I know we did. :)
<tiKklu> I usually smell roses and see things
<fooki> but like what causes this lively imagination?
<andrey5> yes please tell
<fooki> tikklu that's girly =)
<tiKklu> when I'm in a garden ? :)
<tiKklu> hehe roses are the Angel smell
<tiKklu> yasmmin also
<tiKklu> yasmin
<andrey5> hermes are you here?
<andrey5> who?
<tiKklu> and enjoying it
<Hermes`> yes I am here, after 7:00 EST here it gets busy and my attention goes into other things
<andrey5> it is 7;19pm
<andrey5> in Michigan
<tiKklu> *2am*
<naf> yawn
<Hermes`> normally I end the workshop at 7:00 but I'm hanging in here for a bit more today, but my attention is not always focused here on the chat channel
<tiKklu> on what?
<fooki> Hermes` what causes imagination to be more lively when you are extremely tired?
<fooki> like 30 times more lively
<tiKklu> wOW
<naf> fooki, does music sound better?
<fooki> naf nope
<fooki> naf music sounds irritating in this state of mind
<Hermes`> there is a chemical build up on the brain that breaks down the barrier between your conscious and unconscious mind
<fooki> I prefer silence instead
<tiKklu> then its useless state
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> lol
<Hermes`> it helps you to sleep and so your consciousness can leave the body easily
<fooki> ah okay I see
<fooki> so like.. can I use this state of mind to do some stuff? (other than just imagine nice situations)
<tiKklu> who would like to be in a tired body anyway
<andrey5> I have a question for you hermes
<andrey5> or anyone else as well
<fooki> tiKklu it's kind of fun to be in a tired body
<andrey5> Do you know the name Wilhelm Reich?
<tiKklu> if it's your own :)
<tiKklu> Reich is a german guy
<andrey5> yes
<andrey5> anyone else?
<andrey5> hermes?
<tiKklu> wait a sec
<naf> Wilhelm is a sausage brand in Finland.
<andrey5> lol
<naf> ;)
<tiKklu> they all will now open google
<tiKklu> or altavista :)
<andrey5> I c.
<tiKklu> kiddin :)
<andrey5> and say, yes I KNOW the name
<andrey5> lol
<Hermes`> no have not heard of him
<andrey5> ok,
<fooki> hermes so like.. can I use this state of mind to do some stuff? (other than just imagine nice situations)
<Hermes`> yes fook, I use it often to launch dreams, out of body travel, make mental connections to other people (mostly students).
<Hermes`> I try to stay in that spot between wake and sleep as long as I can
<fooki> wow =)
<Hermes`> it is a good experimenting state.
<andrey5> how much do you know tikklu?
<tiKklu> nada
<andrey5> ill tell you a little, he is a German psychologist/scientist
<andrey5> who died in NY
<andrey5> but its not interesting to you..
<tiKklu> also when you have fever
<fooki> well at least some stuff happens
<fooki> usually it doesn't
<Hermes`> what happened Andrey, continue
<tiKklu> died in NY , when?
<andrey5> he died in a prison
<fooki> why was he in prison?
<andrey5> he was connected with Einstein.. one u know
<andrey5> He was investigated by the FDA
<andrey5> and imprisoned
<tiKklu> stole his brain?
<andrey5> ?:/
<andrey5> no
<andrey5> lol
<tiKklu> *very tired Finnish girl*
<tiKklu> I was just thinking about Einstein
<andrey5> about what?
<fooki> Einstein had no sense of hairstyle at all =)
<andrey5> as in u were thinking about him before I said it??
<andrey5> b4 I said his name??
<tiKklu> made a test that tells me how well me and him would have come along
<andrey5> tikllu
<tiKklu> before I cam here
<andrey5> really
<fooki> tiKklu you and Einstein? =D
<andrey5> lol
<tiKklu> it awas 82% :)
<andrey5> well?
<andrey5> oh wow
<naf> hehehe
<tiKklu> and the Mental % were 99,55%
<andrey5> was it like a quick IQ test or something?
<andrey5> meaning what?? mental??
<tiKklu> astrological
<tiKklu> stuff
<tiKklu> biorhythm
<tiKklu> *type 101*
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> hmm
<andrey5> have any of you heard of P.O.R.E.
<tiKklu> same test were saying that my age is 6713.94 years
<tiKklu> *bore* :)
<fooki> tiKklu is that test on the web?
<tiKklu> jep
<fooki> address?
<tiKklu> one moment
<andrey5> I would like to Finnish...
<tiKklu> :D sorry
<tiKklu> *Finnish*
<andrey5> he was imprisoned because he was not allowed to distribute something called an orgone accumulator
<andrey5> *finish*
<andrey5> *Orgone Accumulator*
<andrey5> sound familiar? no?
<tiKklu> here
<tiKklu> pore? no
<naf> andrey5, what the heck is that?
<andrey5> is said that he could collect the life force
<andrey5> as in , chi, ki, aura or whatever u call it
<andrey5> energy, bio-magnetics
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> hermes, have you heard of it?
<naf> yes, I've heard about some Russian dude, who made an energymeter.
<andrey5> energymeter??
<tiKklu> RAsputin :)
<naf> I'd like to blow that meter up with energy balls. :)
<andrey5> he is made to a movie
<andrey5> :??? hmm::
<andrey5> so there is a way to measure it?
<Hermes`> I have not heard of the Orogone Accumulator either
<naf> andrey5, I guess it's possible in the future at least.
<andrey5> what do you mean by that naf?
<tiKklu> why is this world moving so slow
<andrey5> you mean it is possible to measure energy in the future if not now?
<andrey5> naf
<Hermes`> at some point somebody will (or has) figured out a way to measure the energy field of a person.
<naf> well, if there's such thing as Orgone Accumulator and that energymeter.
<andrey5> ok, I understand that
<andrey5> do you think that it will help in the evolution of our race?
<andrey5> and how could it
<andrey5> could*
<tiKklu> fooki and naf
<naf> tiKklu and fooki
<fooki> hmm?
<Hermes`> as with any tool, how it is used would determine if it would help in our evolution or now
<tiKklu> here's a link for you, its in Finnish
<Hermes`> now=not
<naf> thanks
<tiKklu> Mayan astrology
<tiKklu> tell me you sign them
<tiKklu> then :)
<Hermes`> I would hope that society would have the wisdom to use such a device wisely
<andrey5> I would like to add one more thing
<tiKklu> *5*
<andrey5> he has invented an engine
<fooki> I'm a seed =D
<andrey5> which transfers the life force into mechanical energy
<andrey5> does that make sense?
<naf> andrey5, if you can measure energy levels with some meter, I guess lots of people want to know why some people get higher results. That'll awaken some people.
<tiKklu> fooki, is that your year and the day also?
<andrey5> thank you naf, I think I know better of what to do
<Hermes`> well the body is a device that takes life-force and turns it into mechanical action. So it could be possible to do the same thing.
<fooki> tikklu? where does it read?
<fooki> I've born in the year of the magician
<tiKklu> there's a link onda year
<tiKklu> then opens the calender
<Hermes`> however it does sound that these kinds of devices are years away from our wisdoms to use them
<andrey5> however, hermes, do you think such a device which takes life energy, could be dangerous to life itself?
<Hermes`> it would depend how it was used
<tiKklu> people are not ready for that
<andrey5> say, to power a city?
<Hermes`> we give and take energy all the time from each other, This is nothing new
<andrey5> a city of Shambala?
<Hermes`> someone calls you on the phone, and you get off feeling drained. You have just lost your energy to the other person.
<andrey5> *Shambala
<tiKklu> physic vampires
<tiKklu> *type abc*
<andrey5> my grandmother calls me a good type for stealing energy. knowing how to but I don't really
<Hermes`> now I suppose some device could be made to store this energy and everyone could donate some of energy to power up some good thing
<tiKklu> these people who are stealing energy, don't know that they are doing it
<Hermes`> but I really doubt that something like that would be used positively just now.
<andrey5> Let me paint you a picture. You are living in a city outside of the physical,
<andrey5> You are not alone.
<tiKklu> je, Osama would steal it
<andrey5> There are many who are as evolved as you are. Home is not somewhere you go to sleep, the city is your home.
<Hermes`> tikklu, many people are unconscious of how they take energy from others.
<tiKklu> noticed
<naf> tiKklu,
<tiKklu> naf YÖ :)
<andrey5> Inside that city , there are devices which amplify your thought
<andrey5> patterns
<andrey5> those same devices also store life energy
<andrey5> making manifestation possible
<jsn> hey tikklu nice that Mayan thing or whoever pasted the address
<tiKklu> jep :)
<tiKklu> I'am ETZNAB
<andrey5> as your home is a mental projection from yourself
<tiKklu> the Mirrow
<andrey5> that I believe is the city of the future
<fooki> <- that's me
<tiKklu> Atlantis is rising ? :)
<tiKklu> fooki = seed :)
<fooki> I don't like being a seed so much
<Hermes`> you could be right andrey. There is a nonphysical place I go to. It is my space. It is built from my own energy and thoughts and it changes as I do. It is my home off the physical plane.
<fooki> as far what I have read
<Hermes`> naturally these nonphysical places are the echo of things to come.
<Hermes`> as we spiritualize the physical plane
<andrey5> thank you for listening
<Hermes`> I have the highest regards to humanity's future
<Hermes`> it will be a wonderful place one day
<tiKklu> :) me =
<Hermes`> filled with much light. love, and wonder
<tiKklu> Love is the Key
<Hermes`> it is nice to see other people with similar visions
<andrey5> yo, I can't read Finnish
<tiKklu> :) but you can learn
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> can you read it for me?
<andrey5> what is that site for?
<naf> why doesn't my HERB part have ganja in it? :/
<tiKklu> Mayan astrology
<andrey5> if I tell you my birth day can u tell me what it says?
<tiKklu> my flower is written 'orgidea'
<tiKklu> :)
<fooki> food orgy
<tiKklu> ok
<fooki> hmm
<tiKklu> :)
<tiKklu> I thought this was a SERIOUS channel
<tiKklu> :)
<fooki> do you guys think you're Mayan horoscope (whatever) applies to yourselves?
<andrey5> 10/5/80, tikklu
<naf> hmm, this is interesting: "flower scent: white orchid (opens the path for dreams)"
<fooki> tikklu it WAS =D
<andrey5> ok?
<fooki> we Finnish spoiled it =)
<naf> yea!
<tiKklu> well I was afraid of that
<fooki> well I think mine applies too
<tiKklu> when I came here
<tiKklu> :)
<fooki> but I still don' like it so much
<tiKklu> stop whining
<andrey5> Hermes, what of signs by books?
<andrey5> from books
<naf> fooki, if mine applies, I'll get strange experiences in the futures. :)
<Hermes`> what signs from what books?
<fooki> naf yeah right sure.. you get to experience all the cool stuff :<
<tiKklu> andrew is that 10th of may?
<tiKklu> sorr, andrey :)
<andrey5> no no tikklu 5/10/80
<andrey5> October 5
<tiKklu> ok
<andrey5> signs
<naf> "ability to get connect and communicate with the galactic consciousness"
<andrey5> I can give you example
<andrey5> I was in borders, and just picked up a book on science
<andrey5> I wanted to read something random about inventions
<andrey5> and I picked a chapter with the discussion of cancer
<andrey5> and cures of
<fooki> magician is the opposite force of seed =/ I'm born in the year of magician and my sign is seed =/
<andrey5> then I stumbled upon the name Wilhelm Reich
<andrey5> I then bought a biography of letters and notes by him
<jsn> nice going fooki =)
<fooki> jsn yea I screw everything up =D
<jsn> btw, I'm seed too =)
<tiKklu> hehee
<fooki> jsn you like it?
<tiKklu> andrey
<jsn> except born in year of moon
<andrey5> then I wanted info from library, I went there and within 1 minute was holding his book as it jumped in my view from a stand
<tiKklu> you're same as phace
<andrey5> yes tikklu??
<andrey5> what do you mean
<tiKklu> Oc
<tiKklu> it means a Dog
<tiKklu> :) wuff
<jsn> all the text makes me dizzy perhaps I'll read it someday
<andrey5> however the library held no information about him
<andrey5> but his book...I found it right away, without looking!
<Hermes`> sounds like you were led to that book
<tiKklu> here andrey, you can learn Finnish
<andrey5> what does that mean...tikklu, dog? and what do you think Hermes?,
<tiKklu> :)
<Hermes`> andrey, there must be something in that book for you to learn, otherwise it would not have been in your path.
<Hermes`> or perhaps something in that book for you to share
<andrey5> I would like to say that I have found out that he lived in Maine
<andrey5> and I am going there next week!!!
<andrey5> hahaha
<Hermes`> wow
<andrey5> he has a museum!
<andrey5> I have so much interest in his research
<andrey5> and what his potential is and could be
<andrey5> potential*
<Hermes`> well you will have to let us know more about what you find
<andrey5> I definitely will
<andrey5> oh
<andrey5> his research covers many fields
<andrey5> this is research on life energy itself!
<tiKklu> well you should
<andrey5> he calls it orgone-
<andrey5> I believe he found the transition between Life and Death
<andrey5> there is soo much I want to discuss
<andrey5> so many topics of interest
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> ok I'm
<tiKklu> check also
<andrey5> hmm?
<tiKklu> Drunvalo Mechizedek's Work
<andrey5> who is he? and what is his work?
<andrey5> briefly
<andrey5> I mean
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> I'm there!
<fooki> btw. a lot of people present
<fooki> *toast*
<fooki> =D
<tiKklu> and it's not even x-mas :)
<fooki> lol =D
<fooki> I
<andrey5> At that point they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything that exists is them.
<fooki> I'm born 23rd of dec
<fooki> almost messiah =)
<fooki> O=)
<tiKklu> WHAT
<fooki> yea
<tiKklu> I'm born in 22 of dec
<tiKklu> *%
<anothejsn> that's scary
<fooki> I was supposed to born 24th
<andrey5> my sis is Dec 23
<andrey5> I mean 27
<tiKklu> spooooky :)
<andrey5> lol
<fooki> but I just don't have the persistence
<fooki> not now not then
<tiKklu> fooki, don't you just hate it when Christmas comes
<tiKklu> and theres only ONE present
<tiKklu> 'merry x-mas and happy birthday'
<fooki> tiKklu well xmas is hypocrite. and =/ okay. I just have some personal stuff against it.. I'm just glad when it's over.. the food is good tough
<tiKklu> :)
<tiKklu> hey in Finnish
<fooki> I hate giving / getting presents
<fooki> or hellos
<tiKklu> I like givin
<fooki> to people
<andrey5> hermes, I would like to know of a block in my throat
<tiKklu> but not at Christmas
<andrey5> I believe a chakra block
<tiKklu> 6th chakra
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> :)
<tiKklu> blue light then
<andrey5> no idea
<tiKklu> blue skies
<andrey5> lol
<tiKklu> it's communication chakra
<andrey5> I can describe the feeling
<fooki> hmm.. would blacklight be like stimulating some chakra?
<tiKklu> ONLY from behind
<andrey5> it feels dull , like my whole throat is tight a little
<andrey5> all the TIME
<andrey5> !
<tiKklu> blacklite has violet and it should never but on your face
<tiKklu> violet is too strong
<tiKklu> so put is on you neck, heals sore throat nicely
<tiKklu> tried
<andrey5> why do you guys think that I have a block there?
<andrey5> for 2 years! or so
<tiKklu> you've been communicating a lot ? or then too little?
<andrey5> a lot maybe
<andrey5> I deal with customers all time
<tiKklu> focus your communication energy
<tiKklu> don't let it fly everywhere
<andrey5> how can I focus it?
<tiKklu> uno momento
<tiKklu> Shalila Sharamon & Bodo J Baginsgi - Chakra Handbook
<tiKklu> that would really help you
<tiKklu> but I think
<tiKklu> that maybe you a 'reasoning' everything too much
<andrey5> analyzing?
<andrey5> u mean
<tiKklu> and livin only through you rational thinking
<tiKklu> jep
<andrey5> hmm
<andrey5> y do u say?
<andrey5> I have felt energy when I was 13 maybe
<andrey5> since then I could direct it at will
<andrey5> but recently, or 1 -2 yrs ago I have lost some of that
<tiKklu> ok
<tiKklu> do you have difficulties in showing your feelings?
<andrey5> some
<tiKklu> your problems might be that you should be more open on that side
<andrey5> you mean be more outspoken:?
<tiKklu> try to find Inner space and independence
<andrey5> space?
<tiKklu> inner space sorr
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> oh
<andrey5> lol
<tiKklu> do you write poetry?
<andrey5> I like to write
<tiKklu> or paint?
<andrey5> not poetry...
<andrey5> draw little ....but no
<andrey5> like to play music
<tiKklu> well you're creative
<tiKklu> anyway
<andrey5> yes?
<tiKklu> you wouldn't be HERE otherwise
<andrey5> huh?
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> what do you mean...if I was not creative I would not be here?
<tiKklu> I think this place is for the creative kind
<andrey5> in this chat , this site?
<tiKklu> yep
<andrey5> I think evolution is creative
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> Hermes, what do you think?
<Hermes`> andrey, do you wear a scarf or cover your neck often?
<andrey5> no
<andrey5> never
<andrey5> I will buy one when I go shopping
<andrey5> :)
<Hermes`> no don't buy a scarf
<Hermes`> I was just wondering.
<Hermes`> many people who cover their necks have had their heads taken off in a previous life, so they protect their throat chakra.
<tiKklu> try
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> hehe :)
<andrey5> but I can feel it all the time...? why?
<tiKklu> and let other people see your creativeness, maybe your mental energy is blocked in your head
<tiKklu> and you need to get in touch with you emotions
<andrey5> yes, I have not found ANYONE to talk to about what I enjoy
<tiKklu> hermes, help ? :D
<andrey5> almost anyone...
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> I do also talk to my mother alot
<tiKklu> well try to feel also, not just talk
<andrey5> but there are still things I can't talk to her about
<andrey5> hey I got a good story
<andrey5> hehe
<tiKklu> go to the nature :) find blue skies
<tiKklu> yes
<andrey5> have any of you experimented with your energy field, imagination
<andrey5> with other people?
<andrey5> like ...
<andrey5> I could imagine something I want to happen...and the person does that
<tiKklu> Yep
<andrey5> well..I did that some success with a bunch of girls
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> not very good at it though
<tiKklu> usually with a 2 months too late
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> what do you mean late 2 months?
<tiKklu> some people are not getting the message so fast that I'm delivering it
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> well I could usually do it in less then 10 minutes
<tiKklu> uuuh =:D
<andrey5> I don't know how, but it was sexual, hehe
<tiKklu> hah
<andrey5> the girls liked it I think :)
<tiKklu> don't go there
<andrey5> lol
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> did you ever experiment as such hermes?
<tiKklu> well and find something blue that you like
<andrey5> my eyes are blue :)
<fooki> wear blue sunglasses
<andrey5> I like green...what is green good for?
<tiKklu> heart
<tiKklu> heh
<andrey5> how much do you need to exercise...and how?
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> for developing yourself and energy? I mean physical
<tiKklu> am I your doctor now :)
<andrey5> lol
<tiKklu> hehee
<andrey5> I would like to grow to be able to travel OB
<tiKklu> 'just stretch a lot' :)
<andrey5> so I should know ...
<andrey5> what about running and such
<andrey5> I like tai chi :)O
<tiKklu> how about relaxing for a while?
<tiKklu> tai chi is very good
<andrey5> hehe, I c your tired
<andrey5> but what about running and biking and pushing weights
<tiKklu> tired, and also not a pro of these things
<andrey5> its k, u do out of body?
<tiKklu> so don't believe me :)
<andrey5> travel
<tiKklu> astral on the ethernet :)
<andrey5> what does that mean
<tiKklu> joke :)
<andrey5> oh
<andrey5> hehe
<andrey5> can you move energy, tikklu?
<Hermes`> I exercise an hour a day, various, biking, weights, aerobics,
<andrey5> thank you hermes, I needed to know what is good
<tiKklu> well we have a physical body also
<Hermes`> exercise is important in grounding spiritual energy so you can use it physically
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> hmm
<andrey5> so stretching alone is not enough right?
<tiKklu> and I think I'm moving energy as I type :)
<andrey5> what about tai chi alone?
<tiKklu> are you thinking about sex all the time :)
<andrey5> tikklu *I mean a sense of moving energy
<tiKklu> kinda
<andrey5> if you mean fantasizing. no
<andrey5> like ki-gong
<andrey5> you do know what I'm talking about right hermes?
<andrey5> Hermes
<Hermes`> I find stretching is not enough, but it is a good start
<andrey5> ok
<andrey5> but about the energy movement?
<tiKklu> ' go to a blue place an stretch'
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> :) I don't have a blue place
<tiKklu> 'under the sky' ? :)
<andrey5> its cold here!
<andrey5> :)
<andrey5> winter
<tiKklu> hah is it snowing?
<andrey5> well...fall
<Hermes`> I also do some Tie chi, but I find it is also not enough
<andrey5> not yet
<tiKklu> tie? :) lol
<Hermes`> however, do what feels right for you
<andrey5> have you ever felt unable to imagine anything , Hermes?
<Hermes`> I only found that for myself, if I do all these things I feel really great
<andrey5> I think I understand
<Hermes`> there were times in my youth when I would want to imagine something but could not. however that has not happened in a very long time.
<andrey5> what is the reason for it? I can not do so now, it is hard, but before.. I could
<Hermes`> I never really found a reason for it
<andrey5> hmm
<Hermes`> what is it you are trying to imagine?
<andrey5> people...girls.. hehe
<andrey5> but can't focus now
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> something which maybe you find easy...or trivial
<andrey5> I can not do
<naf> hey, I'm going to bed now. good night everyone!
<andrey5> night naf: )
<tiKklu> nite :)
<Hermes`> well perhaps you should try to imagine other things
<Hermes`> maybe you are being shown to focus your thoughts other directions
<andrey5> my has become fuzzy
<andrey5> like blurry and unstable
<andrey5> and almost invisible
<fooki> delete windows and install linux
<andrey5> what::)??
<fooki> nothing =D
<fooki> sorry
<andrey5> lol
<fooki> go on please =)
<tiKklu> :D
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> ill delete your windows!
<andrey5> :)
<fooki> please don't =)
<andrey5> lol
<andrey5> j/k
<andrey5> hermes...what makes you do what you do?
<andrey5> why do you do what you do.
<andrey5> the path you've chosen, is not your first choice
<andrey5> but why have you chosen it?
<andrey5> guys?
<fooki> I'm here
<jsn> diudiu
<tiKklu> *on the phone*
<andrey5> hi
<jsn> hi andrey
<andrey5> wonder where hermes is
<Hermes`> well sometimes the path chooses you
<jsn> it was you asking earlier?
<tiKklu> I think
<tiKklu> :)
<andrey5> :)
<andrey5> I was asking hermes
<fooki> hermes btw =) if you are really tired and want to experiment, sit on a chair with no support to head. then try to fall asleep. when you are falling asleep, you're head nods and you wake up =D that's the easy way to learn where's the limit of falling asleep..
<Hermes`> the best I can
<Hermes`> I'll keep that in mind Fooki
<fooki> I tried that out in a computer nerd assembly in 1997 =) my friends told me to stop it as it looked ridiculous =)
<fooki> but it worked alright
<jsn> fooki, you must being the one we took pictures at assembly doing that
<andrey5> after your last alteration
<fooki> jsn still have that picture?
<andrey5> yeah
<jsn> fooki, was just kidding, we did look one fellow who did that it was very funny :)
<jsn> not sure what year it was tho
<fooki> well I might not have been the only one =)
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