controlling time; male & female, thinking & feeling, balancing the male and female within you; unpleasant dreams and nightmares; facing your fears; full moon and its effects
October 30, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Oct 30 16:45:38 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
<Hermes`> whoa
<Hermes`> full house and I'm late
<Arithon> :-)
<Arithon> just on time ...
<Hermes`> well I endeavor to be on time, even when I'm late
<Arithon> that's what counts.
<Attuned2> hi Hermes. did you get a mail from Kilta Kuchenmüller?
<Attuned2> about point of power?
<MedSoul> Good evening everyone!
<Rich1> hi
<Attuned2> hi you once known SoulFlyFree :)
<Arithon> Hi Med ...
<Hermes`> yes I am reading it now
<MedSoul> Heyy! Yes, this is the good 'ol SoulFlyFree! :)
<MedSoul> Hi Attuned and Arithon, Hermes and everyone else!
<sor--> greetings
<MedSoul> Hey Sor! Its been a long time since I've been.. I've been missing you all!
<Hermes`> yikes I've never seen so many people here at one time
<Attuned2> and so many new ones
<Hermes`> yea welcome new people
<MedSoul> so how is everyone?
<Rich1> ok
<sor--> I'm fine
<sor--> well, let's start with a question for the Teacher
<sor--> :)
<Hermes`> I'm ready
<sor--> great
<sor--> its about time.. you can control time?
<sor--> I know the answer is yes.. I'm curious on how you do it and if there is some exercise to practice it
<Hermes`> to some degree you can slow it down and speed it up, relative to your own reality.
<sor--> except being happy to stretch time or bored to slowing it
<Hermes`> well it is useful in times when you need more of it, or in those times you need to hurry things along
<fooki> anyone has a theory why the trip home from the place you visited always feels hundred times slower than the trip to the place you are going to visit? =)
<fooki> sorry. other way around =)
<Hermes`> ah well that can be an example as to how your consciousness is able to stretch or compress time
<fooki> the trip home feels faster
<sor--> (fooki because when u travel to a new place u are more concentrate.. and you 'lose' time to analyze everything instead of looking up in a database of past feelings and thoughts for a place you already know)
<fooki> sor can you rephrase that, I quite didn't get that..
<sor--> uhm.. sorry you are right
<Arithon> um ... if say Sor stretches time, how does that affect my perception of time?
<sor--> fooki : I misunderstood your question, I was thinking of the differences between goin in a new place and an old place
<Hermes`> well consciousness is the reformer of time. If you focus on your goal than time will reform itself to create that goal.
<sor--> fooki : I think the times goes faster when you are back home because you already know where you are going
<Hermes`> you need to be someplace by a certain time, and it is past how long it usually takes to get there...
<Hermes`> so instead of just saying I'm going to be late, and then creating it, you focus on getting there on time...
<fooki> sor I get the effect even if the place is familiar to me (for example traveling to visit my folks)
<Hermes`> you use visualizations to see yourself arriving on time.
<Hermes`> and then you forget about the clock
<Hermes`> if you keep checking the clock you will be shackled by its seeming limiting nature of time.
<Hermes`> If you do this experiment, you will find in most cases that you arrive on time, and not sure how you did that.
<sor--> uhm.. maybe because you often go back to home than to other place, so is a more mechanical action.. and times goes faster.. you don't think about the clock, like hermes said
<Hermes`> yes the more you think about time, the more you are contained by it.
<Arithon> It works for me on the tube every day ... I always manage to get to work on time ... somehow ...
<Hermes`> time... I mean the clock
<Hermes`> there you go Arithon
<Hermes`> now once you realize and see that you are able to bend time, then all the fun stuff starts to happen.
<Hermes`> you slowly stop living by the minutes and instead live by the tasks or goals you want to accomplish
<Hermes`> you will accomplish much more in a day, than you would of thought possible
<sor--> a 1,000,000$ question
<sor--> what the role on women on earth?
<sor--> on=of
<sor--> until now man got the control.. he build, invented news things, destroyed them and so on
<Hermes`> male and female are ways that you are able to experience different aspects of your core being.
<sor--> I 'think' women are here to spiritualize the earth...
<Hermes`> the idea of course is to merge the two into one being, because in the Monadic plane there is no male or female
<Hermes`> well men can spiritualize the earth as well
<Hermes`> they just do it in a different way
<sor--> I think so because women tend more for peace, stability..
<Hermes`> I guess you have never been in a girls locker room
<Hermes`> :)
<sor--> ehehhe:)
<sor--> well think if this is a women society instead of man one
<sor--> mhmh.. bad prospective
<sor--> eh
<sor--> they know they exist more than men.. because they create life
<sor--> I think that for this they got a more strong feeling of what they are and why are on this earth.. but being a male I can be wrong:)
<Hermes`> well in the female gender the feeling element is stronger, this is one of those areas about experiencing reality from a different perspective
<Hermes`> in the male the mental element is stronger
<Hermes`> both are valid ways of reality creating but they do it from different starting points.
<jsn> I think there's men who are feminine and women who are masculine. We really cant say all the women are for peace or all men want to destroy everything
<Hermes`> that is why...
<Hermes`> I am not saying men and woman but male and female
<Hermes`> I am talking about male energy and female energy
<Hermes`> traditionally, this energy was limited to the sexes
<Hermes`> but as we have seen in today's society that is expanding..
<Hermes`> this is happening to help broaden your ideas about male and female and man and woman
<Hermes`> in the higher planes of existence there is no differentiation of sex, and this is the beginning of getting you used to the idea.
<Rich1> androgyny
<Hermes`> yes
<Hermes`> in each of us is the male and female. In different lives we will tend to pull one or the other out of the hat.
<Hermes`> of course balance is important, and can help you in your everyday life. If you tend to be masculine then try to pull in more of the feminine.
<Hermes`> and of course the reverse.
<Arithon> ying and yang?
<Hermes`> yes the fusion of the two, in balance
<Arithon> brb
<Hermes`> and any of you that are in a relationship, with the opposite sex..
<Hermes`> you have a good opportunity to study your other nature in the reality of your mate.
<Hermes`> because as we have talked about here, when you are in a relationship you mirror the other person back to them.
<Hermes`> In this way the relationship helps, or can help, each one to grow and evolve
<Hermes`> so next time you look into your mate's eyes, look real deep and you will find your own opposite sex nature.
<Hermes`> I guess we are all quiet again
<sor--> :)
<fooki> silence is beautiful
<Attuned2> laws yes!
<fooki> although not so practical right now
<|Gamble> maybe we should shorten the time until the next question
<Hermes`> good idea
<Hermes`> questions no longer need a 30minutes wait in between
<fooki> this will make time go faster for a while
<Hermes`> yea that is a time passer for sure
<Hermes`> well I guess I'll go brew a tea
<Hermes`> brb
<Hermes`> okay tea is done
<fooki> what kind of tea is it?
<Hermes`> it is called computer stress tea
<Hermes`> it has eyebright and kelp in it
<fooki> what? =D
<Hermes`> eyebright is an herb that is good for the eyes
<fooki> ok
<Hermes`> and kelp is a good for the muscles
<Attuned2> <Hermes`> so next time you look into your mate's eyes, look real deep and you will find your own opposite sex nature.
<Attuned2> do you mean we'll recognize ourselves in them?
<Hermes`> yes
<Attuned2> or our self that we don't even know of?
<Hermes`> well you do know it, but not on a conscious level
<Hermes`> because your other nature is buried usually
<Hermes`> if you are male by nature than your female aspect is buried
<Hermes`> so your mate can act as a mirror showing that inner self
<Attuned2> can we first make one aspect strong and THEN work on awakening the other?
<Hermes`> yes, which is why we have had male and female
<Hermes`> it was a way to develop each aspect without the interference of the other
<Hermes`> but as you get into your last few lifetimes it becomes important to try to merge those natures
<Hermes`> part of the ascension process is the fusion of the male and female within yourself.
<fooki> btw. is there any non-earthly exercise /trick that would like have extremely radical results very fast? =) like just to test it?
<Hermes`> yea, but you need to spend six months learning how to control the energies it invokes
<Hermes`> so the answer is yes and no
<fooki> well what's the trick then? =)
<Hermes`> well you need to be in training for six months learning how to control the magical elements
<Hermes`> then you can perform the exercise to cause physical changes
<fooki> ok
<fooki> what kind of changes?
<Hermes`> anything you want
<Attuned2> not like you need that Fooki
<Attuned2> or anyone
<Hermes`> of course because it is magick you are bound karmically by any disharmony it may create
<fooki> attuned it sounds fun anyway =)
<Attuned2> what about all the other fun things! all everyone talks about is this "magickal changing"
<Hermes`> so while you are learning how to control the magical elements, you also need to learn how to keep your reality creating in harmony with all that is
<fooki> you mean by practicing magick and not knowing what I'm doing, I might cause chaos or create nasty events and then be responsible what I did?
<Hermes`> yea fook
<Hermes`> well attuned I like to think that the reality creating tools we talk about here are ways to change your reality as well, without all the karmic weight that the other would cause.
<fooki> to which group do the sigils belong to?
<Hermes`> they are part magick and part Kabalah
<Hermes`> the Kabalah was a way to create change in your reality without invoking too much Karma.
<fooki> hmm.. there has been directions to remove the letters that occur twice in a sentence you'd like to program to the sigil, is it like that with the type of sigil that's on wisdomsdoor?
<Hermes`> the sigils were a way to help you to create harmony by getting assistance from the divine energies in the Tree of Life
<fooki> I've had like weird dreams lately
<Hermes`> that is not a Kabalah way, if I remember correctly
<Hermes`> that was more a magick way
<fooki> like.. last night someone had smashed my car with baseball bat =/
<fooki> in my dream
<MedSoul> I had a dream I got stabbed the other day!
<Hermes`> they don't sound like nice dreams
<fooki> and like.. one night I was very angry and yelled at a person who is close to me and has like.. well.. been nasty to me in my childhood
<fooki> well they haven't been that scary
<fooki> but like.. I didn't see dreams like that nearly at all in past
<fooki> they were like.. quite everyday and mild
<fooki> "normal life"
<fooki> as are the new dreams too
<fooki> but like.. the new dreams sort of seem to have kind of meaning.
<fooki> they invoke a lot of feelings
<fooki> old dreams were like much more random or something
<Hermes`> most likely that is what they are supposed to be doing
<Hermes`> well this is a time of great change
<Hermes`> so your dreams should be helping you to evolve and grow
<Hermes`> sometimes your dreams can be powerful like that, to help you remember them.
<MedSoul> ..And if I don't understand these dreams, we get scared.
<MedSoul> Ok everyone - gotta jet..catch you all later, hopefully next Tuesday or Thursday :)
<Hermes`> well usually,
<Hermes`> nightmares are urgent messages that something in your life needs to be put into balance quickly..
<Hermes`> they are the last line of defense before you manifest something not so good.
<MedSoul> WOW! I agree.. it all makes sense.. something like that has happened recently 2 me
<MedSoul> Goodnite everyone
<fooki> hmm
<fooki> like.. there's this one person who sees nightmares like every night =/
<fooki> what does that mean then?
<fooki> like for many years
<Hermes`> they have lots to change and work on
<fooki> heh that figures 100%
<tiKklu> Hermes , Fooki :) the guys I have heard a lot about
<Hermes`> most likely that person has many inner fears that are controlling his or her life
<Hermes`> good to see you here tikklu
<tiKklu> thanX
<tiKklu> good to be here
<fooki> so what do you suggest that person should do to get rid of those fears?
<fooki> so, Hermes`, what do you suggest those nightmare-seeing people should do to get rid of their fears?
<Hermes`> well if they can, in the dream they need to stop running from the demons and face them
<Hermes`> this can work out lots of those fears in the dream state so that they do not have to manifest.
<tiKklu> Lucid
<Hermes`> it does not have to be lucid
<Hermes`> you can go to sleep with the suggestion that you will turn and face the demon in you dreams
<Hermes`> if you are resolve enough in this , your dream self will start to do this
<fooki> is there other way to face the fears in dreams? does it have to be a nightmare?
<tiKklu> why not face the fears when you're awake?
<tiKklu> easier, but bit scarier
<fooki> the ones you are conscious about: daytime. the unconscious ones: dreams.
<fooki> ..I suppose
<tiKklu> or meditation
<Hermes`> you can face them during the day too, the choice is yours
<Hermes`> meditation of course always helps
<tiKklu> I've been noticing that I 'run' to the things that scares me, like when I'm choosing a job or a relationship, isn't that 'facing the fears'
<tiKklu> very creative way
<Hermes`> sure
<Hermes`> you have to face your fears and confront them
<fooki> Hermes` what causes "moon lunatics" ? =)
<fooki> or full moon lunatics or whatever they are called
<tiKklu> :D hehe
<fooki> in English
<tiKklu> magnetism
<tiKklu> same thing that causes low n high tide
<fooki> doesn't gravity cause tides?
<Hermes`> the extra energy from the moon, causes the energy field of people to go out of balance. This happens in people that mainly do not know how to control their own energy.
<tiKklu> :D like I just said to fooki in private, that cause of the full moon , I have energy like in a small village
<Attuned2> bye all
<tiKklu> *sighs* .... waiting for the 5. dimension
<Hermes`> the gravity from the moon is a representation of this energy
<Hermes`> everything has an energy field around it.
<Hermes`> as the moon gets closer to the earth the magnetic field of the moon effects the earth.
<tiKklu> everything _is_ energy
<Hermes`> in the same way the aura or energy field of the moon, effects everyone on the planet
<Hermes`> yes everything is energy
<Hermes`> and as the moon comes closer to us, we are affected by the moon's energy.
<Hermes`> in people with unstable energy to begin with,
<tiKklu> and these 'energy spikes' that I'm having, are killing my back
<Hermes`> they do not know what to do with this extra energy, so it imbalances them
<tiKklu> in very positive way though
<Hermes`> well time to go
<Hermes`> good chat , catch everyone later
<tiKklu> :´(
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Oct 30 18:58:23 2001

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