More on using sigils; spirit guides and out of body travel
October 27, 2001 (workshop log file)

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<GargowL> hi
<Hermes`> hi gargowl
<GargowL> hey I'm pretty confused about the rose-cross sigil creator
<Hermes`> okay
<GargowL> where shall I start...
<GargowL> what do 2 letter underlined mean?
<Hermes`> what undefined letters?
<GargowL> like _ch_, _gh_, _tz_
<Hermes`> that is the sound of the letters
<Hermes`> tz would sound lke Zar
<Hermes`> ch would sound like choke
<Hermes`> gh would sound like ghost
<Hermes`> in from Hebrew to English there are some not exact letter to letter translation
<Hermes`> so they used the sounds of the words instead to approx it
<GargowL> oh, ok
<GargowL> and what is the difference between letter separated by , not separated or on top of each other?
<Hermes`> without the comma it is the sound
<Hermes`> with the comma it means that square can be used for either of those letters
<GargowL> square?
<GargowL> what's that?
<Hermes`> the box where the letters are in
<Hermes`> actually they are called petals
<GargowL> oh, ok
<GargowL> ok, next...
<GargowL> why are there 2 O and 2 A ?
<GargowL> and why is the E between ()?
<Hermes`> each "o" is a different sounding "o"
<Hermes`> same with the "a" and "k"
<Hermes`> and some other letters.
<Hermes`> however, I have found it does still work even if you get the wrong sounding pedal of the letter
<GargowL> what about the E?
<Hermes`> okay the (e) in the a pedal shows that it is a different sounding "A"
<Hermes`> in English our vowels can sound two ways
<GargowL> how can you make an E like in yes?
<Hermes`> you mean where is it
<GargowL> yyp
<GargowL> yep
<Hermes`> you would draw from the Y pedal to the S pedal
<Hermes`> generally you do not need the vowels
<Hermes`> but you can use them if a word needs the vowel
<Hermes`> I realize this sigil thing is anything but precise
<Hermes`> it is an old system that has been adapted for the modern language
<Hermes`> so there are translation problems
<Hermes`> but I still find that these sigils do a good job
<GargowL> another thing, when I use 2 letters on the same petal, like v and u, do I make a triangle?
<GargowL> or do I make the line go there twice?
<Hermes`> you make a small u kind of thing
<GargowL> a u or a v?
<Hermes`> see the sigil of Metatron
<Hermes`> it stops at the t twice
<Hermes`> and the e because it is a vowel is omitted
<GargowL> yes, that's what I mean
<GargowL> if the same petal is used twice I make a v
<GargowL> what about if it is used 3 or 4 times?
<GargowL> is it just a v or should there be more?
<Hermes`> there would be bunches of those v-things th en
<GargowL> lol
<GargowL> right
<Hermes`> now on the sigil of Metatron
<Attuned2> let me guess.. the topic is sigils
<GargowL> and where do the v point? to the center of the rose or do they point down?
<Hermes`> there is a blip on the R
<Hermes`> that is because that stops there, before going on to the next letter
<Hermes`> the direction of that v pointing does not matter
<GargowL> ok..
<GargowL> one last thing (I hope)
<GargowL> how can I make an X like in fox?
<Hermes`> that is a good question
<Hermes`> I would have to research that
<Hermes`> I can't remember the way and x was translated in English
<GargowL> ok...
<Hermes`> let me dig
<GargowL> one last thing, not related to sigils..
<GargowL> did the workshops change days?
<Hermes`> no this week I had some unexpected things come up
<Hermes`> and just moments before the workshops were about to start
<Hermes`> so I could not make it on the regular days
<Hermes`> next week will be normal
<Hermes`> at some point soon we will switch from day light savings time to standard time
<Hermes`> when that happens the workshops may shift an hour, depending if you use day light savings time or not
<Hermes`> here they will still be at 4:30 PM time but it will be EST time instead of EDT
<Hermes`> so far nothing on the x
<Hermes`> there may be no x sound in Hebrew
<GargowL> oh no! now I can't make the Fox Sigil!
<GargowL> lol
<Hermes`> yea we are out of luck there for now
<GargowL> now I think about it there aren't those many words with ex
<GargowL> x
<GargowL> or at leas with that sound
<Attuned2> so Gargowl did you do those other things for starting to feel self love?
<GargowL> not really..
<Attuned2> why is that?
<GargowL> I was more worried in studying for my math test today
<Attuned2> yea ok :) but do you plan to do those things?
<GargowL> but now I have 9 days without school
<GargowL> and so I'll try to do those :)
<Attuned2> great :)
<psyke^> hi :)
<psyke^> I finally made it :)
<Attuned2> I see, nice :)
<psyke^> anyway, I indirectly met my spirit guides yesterday :)
<Attuned2> that's one unbeliever less :)
<Hermes`> yea knock another one off the list
<psyke^> lol, I never said I didn't believe... it was in my pile marked "To Prove"
<psyke^> :)
<psyke^> I just want to ask... what's the bets way to meet my guides?
<psyke^> when I project, should I try to move to a higher plane, then call out for them, or ask to move to them?
<psyke^> will they appear or will I move to them?
<Hermes`> just holler
<Hermes`> are you there
<psyke^> ok...
<Hermes`> hay show yourself
<psyke^> yep
<Hermes`> at least that is what I do
<psyke^> and they just materialize? or do I move?
<Hermes`> they will just be there
<Hermes`> they kind of move into your view
<psyke^> cool
<psyke^> will they follow me to higher planes? will they be able to show me how to move up one plane higher (from the physical-copy)?
<Hermes`> yes, that is what they are there for.
<Hermes`> in the beginning you get no place on your own
<Hermes`> when you are traveling in the nonphysical your sprite guide will perch himself on your back just under your neck
<Hermes`> he will direct energy into your neck to turn you in the right direction
<Hermes`> you will not know he is there unless you become aware of it and think of him.
<psyke^> oh?
<Hermes`> then you may feel his presence on your back
<psyke^> like a hitchhiker? lol
<Hermes`> yea,
<Hermes`> but he does the driving
<psyke^> oh? I dunno, I like controlling my movement...
<Hermes`> well sure, if you know what you are doing and where you are going
<psyke^> is it possible to do it yourself? I have no real problems with movement
<psyke^> the only real problems I ever have is with the length, it's always around 30 seconds, never much longer
<psyke^> I mean, if we had somewhere to go I could "follow" my guides, instead of being directed?
<Hermes`> eventually you will guide yourself
<Hermes`> but at first they must teach you how to get to places
<psyke^> ah ok that's fine
<psyke^> the medium said that my Divine Intuition is active, but I havent got my Auric Field blending with the Hold Spirit - what does this mean?
<Hermes`> it means you have to learn more
<Hermes`> you have not yet fused knowledge into wisdom
<psyke^> ah
<psyke^> so it's possibly my belief system getting in the way too?
<psyke^> yes/no?
<Hermes`> well that will change over time
<Hermes`> as you acquire wisdom it changes your beliefs
<Hermes`> so yea, there most likely are places in your belief system where you are blocking yourself
<psyke^> I guess I have the medium to thank for this... until then I was skeptical of sp guides, and they actually said they knew that they were not believed in or appreciated but understood... however... I wish to make amends now
<Hermes`> yea I did the same thing
<psyke^> what changed your opinion?
<Hermes`> I felt very bad for all the time I did not even consider their existence
<Hermes`> I had an out of body experience and found out there were many things I did not know.
<psyke^> oh ic
<psyke^> I guess in my case the amount of research gave me prior expectations
<psyke^> (research on OBEs)
<Hermes`> yes that can prepare you
<psyke^> hermes do you ask your guides to help you out of body, or do you stick to a technique?
<Hermes`> well I did ask in the beginning
<Hermes`> sometimes they would help me, when I really needed it. but for those times I was just being lazy they did not help
<psyke^> :)
<GargowL> can they help not being lazy?
<Hermes`> hehe
<Hermes`> well for that you need your own effort
<psyke^> yeah I guess
<psyke^> ok it's approaching 1am, I guess I better get some sleep
<psyke^> oh one last thing Hermes` - from meditation, can you see your guides (minds-eye ability)?
<GargowL> 1 am? where are you from?=
<Hermes`> sometimes I can
<Hermes`> I do see in my minds eye all the time in meditation
<Hermes`> but not all the time do I see my spirit guides
<Hermes`> they are always there
<Hermes`> they just like to stay out of sight while I experience whatever it is I am doing
<psyke^> yes ok
<psyke^> I'm in Ireland
<psyke^> as far as I gather lightworkers from the '80s onwards are Indigo Children?
<Attuned2> bye all
<GargowL> well, I'll be going too
<psyke^> lol
<psyke^> Hermes`: ?
<Hermes`> I did read that someplace about the light workers
<Hermes`> indigo aura people are supposed to be pre-packed with knowledge
<Hermes`> the color allows a greater concentration of knowledge to be held in storage
<Hermes`> that is the theory of them at any rate
<Hermes`> but I do find lots of light workers from many back grounds, not just indigo aura people
<psyke^> ok
<Hermes`> well I got to go as well
<psyke^> the medium told me that indigo children are *often* lightworkers, and pre-80's they were the "baby-boomers"
<psyke^> ok cya dude
<Hermes`> good chatting with you
<Hermes`> catch you next week
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Session Close: Fri Oct 26 20:04:15 2001

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