various ways to create self love; creating sigils to help you change your reality; schizophrenics and paranoia; crystal aura people and their inability to be themselves when in a group; establishing your connection to God;
October 18, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 18 16:36:55 2001
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<Hermes`> how are you doing?
<Attuned2> hi Hermes
<psyke^> hey I'm fine :)
<sor-> good evening:)
<psyke^> just back from my holiday
<psyke^> hey sor-
<Hermes`> holidays are always good
<fooki> hermes, would you mention a few simple and concrete steps to effectively learn to love myself (and every living thing)?
<Hermes`> Okay,
<Hermes`> first you can use a mantra and repeat over and over, at various times during the day, "I am loved" I feel love"
<Hermes`> I use mantras quite often because they kick butt in the unconscious mind
<Hermes`> the unconscious mind is so resilient to change
<Hermes`> but long term mind chatting like a mantra just goes in and does a nice job of changing it on that level.
<Hermes`> You can also use energyballs...
<fooki> what they should contain in this case?
<Hermes`> in the morning program up a couple energyballs and fill them with love. Then send them out with the command that they will return later, say 6 hours later for one and 12 for the next
<Hermes`> then you will be sending you a dose of love at various times during the day when you may need it the most.
<Hermes`> what you can do is think about something you love or perhaps the last time you felt in love..
<Hermes`> put this energy into the energyballs
<Hermes`> now another way is to go visit the Tree of Life sphere Netzach..
<Hermes`> see the archangel Haniel and ask him/her to give you the energy of self love.
<fooki> could you be more specific on how to do the latter one?
<Hermes`> you can program up a dream if you like to do this one
<phace> hey
<psyke^> hi phace
<Hermes`> what I would do is augment the dream thing by making a talisman of sort..
<Hermes`> go to the sigil creation page on the website and create a sigil for "self Love" and "Haniel"
<psyke^> sorry guys I have to go... cya later
<Hermes`> put these on a index card and carry it around with you for a few days.
<Hermes`> at night put the card under your pillow and think about visiting the sphere Netzach and seeing Haniel..
<Hermes`> try to make this the last thought on your mind as you go off to sleep.
<Hermes`> then when you wake up, see if you remember anything. Or perhaps you will just awake with a feeling of love.
<fooki> sounds nice
<Hermes`> yea it works well too because you are using your willpower and energy keys to achieve results.
<fooki> heh, can I just print that sigil? =) (or should it be handmade?)
<Hermes`> you can print it up on the printer as well
<Hermes`> I make all mine with the computer these days
<fooki> interesting..
<Hermes`> these energy keys are something new I've introduced into the website. I'll be adding more later on.
<Hermes`> they do help a great deal in making connections and changes.
<Attuned2> is there some special reason why they weren't on your site before?
<Hermes`> well I guess partly I never got around to it. and partly as no one was really asking about them.
<Hermes`> and I think back also as to how much they helped me on my journey
<Hermes`> so perhaps it can help all of you as well
<Hermes`> now if you are creating sigils with multiple words, like "self love"
<Hermes`> you can make two separate sigils for each word or make one for the combined word
<Hermes`> either one should work. It just depends on your preference
<sor-> hermes, may I ask a question?
<Hermes`> sure
<sor-> mentally disturbed ppl..
<sor-> like for example schizophrenics, paranoids
<sor-> have they our own vision of the world..
<sor-> now we can't really say that the world we see is objective
<sor-> so also their world vision can be real
<sor-> btw what I wanted to ask.. for examples paranoid think about ppl hating them, ufo coming to get them etcetera
<sor-> so in a way they create ppl hating them and such? or they are just...well forgiven because they can't deny what they think?
<GargowL> hi
<Hermes`> well the reality mirror works on them as well. If they focus on paranoia then that is all they see in their reality
<Hermes`> they are just as responsible for their thoughts and actions as anyone else
<Hermes`> karma will work on them as well
<Hermes`> now there can be many reasons for a person being like that
<Hermes`> some of them include demons that have attached themselves to their energy field and constantly torment them.
<Hermes`> another reason is the individual is fearful of physical reality so they have left the back door open to the nonphysical plane...
<Hermes`> as such what they see is a combination of physical and nonphysical reality.
<sor-> I see
<Hermes`> sometimes the medications can help to close these doorways, or deaden the parts of the brain that are receiving this extra information
<Hermes`> also a good healer can sometimes close these doorways or dispatch these demons
<Hermes`> however, I have found with the later, if the person does not resolve the reason these doorways were open, they will in time reopen them some weeks or months later.
<sor-> ok, thank u
<sor-> of course there is always a reason if they are mentally disturbed
<Hermes`> of course
<Hermes`> many times this reason can come from a previous life time
<Hermes`> if this is the case a good past life regression can help to heal the individual
<fooki> how can it be overcome?
<Hermes`> the person needs to relive the incident over. so that they can put it behind them. It is sometimes easier to put past lives behind you when you are in the next life time already.
<Hermes`> the past is done, so it cannot hurt you now.
<Hermes`> the trauma can be released.
<Hermes`> normally this happens in between life times
<Hermes`> but sometimes a very deep trauma will not clear until the next life or the one after that.
<Hermes`> once the person is ready to face that past trauma the hard work is done
<Hermes`> in some cases, these people will live an entire lifetime out of phase, or as you would call it mentally ill...
<Hermes`> this just puts distance between them and the traumatic past life, so it can be dealt with in a future life time.
<sor-> mhmh.. gotta go.. I'll follow on the log or later
* sor- is AWAY at 23:15:18 : Not behind the keyboard
<Hermes`> It is important in the reincarnation game to not let too much time pass between lives.
<Hermes`> so often a person will have to reincarnate more quickly then they can clear this past trauma in the nonphysical
<Hermes`> in this case they will have to deal with that past trauma in the current life or next.
<phace> hey hermes.. to another subject.. could you list few good ways to find own personality. remove the society blocks away, and be able to be just own self.
<Hermes`> what kind of blocks
<phace> hm, well in some part of my life. the conditions, and myself have created a some kind of 'ego' to me. which isn't me anyhow. and, now when I would like to be myself. I somehow fear that how they take up the attitude to me.
<phace> this is hard one to explain.
<Attuned2> the "be yourself" thing?
<fooki> well.. like a wall to protect the REAL you, right phace?
<phace> and, I feel that I don't have own personality with other ppls at all. I always subconsciously start to behave a way that the ppl around me would accept me.
<phace> fooki. yeah :)
<Hermes`> well this is often a problem with people that have a crystal aura.
<fooki> a wall to provide shelter. a mask to put on you're face to let people think something else than you're real feelings are. because if they think it's stupid, it's not then the REAL you they criticize, it's you're mask they are criticizing..
<Hermes`> when you have a crystal aura you tend to take on the aura of other people
<phace> I may vision it to you like I did to fooki. I feel like a clown inside a cage, and I cant find the keys.
<phace> hermes.. hm. tell me more
<phace> are there ways to live differently with it?
<Hermes`> the MPE or WLE is a good start to build up your aura so that it is not as susceptable.
<gnosis> hola
<Hermes`> meditation is also very good because it helps you to define your own aura.
<Hermes`> also, we talked today about making sigils
<Hermes`> take a card and put the sigil of the Tree of Life sphere of Hod, Michael, and strength on it.
<Hermes`> carry the card with you for about 30 days
<GargowL> hey, that reminds me
<Hermes`> this will help pull some strength to resist the energy of other people when they try to sway your position on things
<GargowL> I have a jacket/sweatshirt with a sigil
<GargowL> sigil
<GargowL> but I don't know what it means
<Hermes`> you can use the sigil creator to figure it out, if it is a traditional one
<GargowL> what's the sigil creator?
<Hermes`> there are other sigils that are not created using the sigil creator I posted.
<GargowL> oh I don't think I can create it with that
<Hermes`> well then the only way to know what it does is to search through texts that list various sigils and their use.
<GargowL> it has an inverted pentagram, an inverted cross and two 6 that connect at the top of the sigil
<Hermes`> well a cross and pentagram upside down is a sign of the dark force
<Hermes`> energy applied toward destructive and chaotic means
<GargowL> oh...
<GargowL> I guess I shouldn't wear it as much as I usually do..
<Hermes`> well, that is up to you
<GargowL> anyway the ink seems cheap, so after a couple of washes there will probably be no more sigil :)
<Attuned2> I have a question
<Attuned2> God is all that is, a spirit consuming every energy unit. that's like nonpersonal God, but what about the personal one, it being a being or something you can develop a relationship with -- the thing most religions talk about. what about that aspect of God? what is it and how to "find" it?
<Attuned2> how to think about it
<Hermes`> well God is within each of you. Within each of you is your own unique and personal link to God
<Hermes`> you have to focus on making that connection by directing your will inward
<Hermes`> it is a very personal and loving connection, once you make it.
<Hermes`> this may help you to strengthen and establish this connection
<Hermes`> lie down on your stomach or back, keep your feet and body long and straight...
<Hermes`> take your arms and extend them over your head and make a point using your two index fingers
<Hermes`> this will help to focus energy through the center line of your body...
<Hermes`> as you do this, think about your own personal connection to God, What you think this should look like or feel like
<Hermes`> take slow deep breaths..
<Hermes`> take this image and try to imagine it within you.
<Hermes`> try to feel it if you can.
<Attuned2> what image?
<Hermes`> do this for 10 minutes a day
<Hermes`> any image you want that reminds you of God
<Hermes`> I sometimes use the center of the universe, with is swirling mass of energy and starts
<Hermes`> sometimes I will also imagine myself being wrapped up in a warm glow of energy that swirls around me
<Attuned2> I think about it as a huge heart filled with that Love-light that NDE people report
<Hermes`> that can work, sure, sounds like a nice one
<Attuned2> ok, I will be doing that
<Hermes`> it took me a few weeks to start to feel something
<xor-> re
<Hermes`> now after years of doing it the feeling is quite intense
<Hermes`> I devote one evening a week to it.
<Hermes`> instead of OBE or dreaming I focus on this connection
<Attuned2> ok. going now. bye all!
<Hermes`> okay if no more questions then I'll be off
<Hermes`> See everyone on Tuesday
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