Earth entering 4th dimension; time and space; faster than light particles; spiritualizing the physical plane; using the Aethyrs for ascension; ridding destructive beliefs; fighting off a demon; healing meditation; Enochian magick; 8th & 9th chakra; judging others
October 9, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Oct 09 16:47:08 2001
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<Hermes`> hi ya-all
<Attuned2> hi!
<|Gamble> greetings
<Hermes`> I'm a bit late
<Hermes`> but better late than never
<Attuned2> it's been quiet
<Hermes`> oh no, we need some noise
<|Gamble> someone fire up the stereo
<Attuned2> not me, I had more than enough noise for today (very noisy day here)
<Hermes`> been quiet here too
<Severian^> hi attuned2
<Severian^> and hermes
<jsn> hi attuned2,hermes,severian,gamble
<|Gamble> hi jason
<Hermes`> so everybody is quiet here tonight
<Severian^> laugh
<phace> hello
<Severian^> I think we just stare at the screen for 20 secs, then alt-tab to something else, flip back in 5 minutes and notice someone said something of the same effect
<Severian^> hi phace
<jsn> hey pahce
<jsn> phace
<phace> howdy
<phace> do you guys think we are moving to 4th dimension soon. :)
<phace> (if no-one have red about it)
<Severian^> I've read somewhere that time is moving "faster", but... haven't been able to verify :-)
<Hermes`> well the Mayan calendar says it will happen in 2012
<Severian^> anyone notice that days are getting shorter? is that an effect of a higher vibration? can we notice it?
<phace> hmm
<Hermes`> well I find time to be fluent. I can speed up or slow down the day with my will.
<Hermes`> which I do often to help create things in my reality
<Severian^> do entities that reside in dimensions higher than ours also perceive of time as linear?
<Severian^> or is it a human thing?
<Hermes`> they do not perceive time
<Hermes`> outside of the physical plane there is no time
<Severian^> ok
<Hermes`> everything is simultaneous
<Hermes`> past, present, future are all steps away
<Hermes`> on the nonphysical you can move to another time just as easily as you move into a room
<Hermes`> you just kind of step sideways
<Severian^> hmm...
<Diziet> salve
<Severian^> I guess, Einstein says that virgin light (that has yet to encounter anything), time doesn't
<Severian^> 't exist
<Severian^> hmm... as if the physical world is light that has chosen to sacrifice itself, and slow down into matter
<Hermes`> yes that is what has happened
<Hermes`> faster than light particles slow down to create the solid nature of physical reality
<Severian^> and we 'control' what it becomes?
<Hermes`> yes these particles can be ordered by our consciousness
<Severian^> ayreh kaplan wrote something to that effect in his explanation of the sefer yetzirah
<Severian^> that we reside in the physical to bring down a divine awareness to it?
<Severian^> or the divine purpose.. I don't know
<Severian^> that the physical has been impregnated by us, in a way
<Severian^> ? =)
<Hermes`> yes, we choose to spiritualize this very dense dimension
<Hermes`> to bring the energy of perfection into this reality
<Severian^> I think that is really fascinating
<Severian^> we are capable of good & evil because we aren't as 'in-touch' with the divine as higher dimensions are?
<Severian^> our conscious selves that is
<Hermes`> yes because we engaged in the 'fall' away from our divine selves, we can choose to create good or evil
<Severian^> so the energy of perfection is always trying to move into more and more dense dimensions?
<Severian^> and we are a kind of frontiers on this one?
<Hermes`> yep... all of you are the brave ones that have set out to complete this great task.
* Severian^ pats himself on the back. ;)
<Hermes`> it is no easy job and many entities look upon the people of the earth with great respect because of this task.
<Hermes`> even though we tend to create some terrible things at times
<Severian^> ...but this is as dense as we will go? to go further a seed must fall again from this dimension?
<phace> heh.. my gf says greets that you hermes have feathers on your sandals. and fishermans hat :)
<Hermes`> well there could always be more dimensions, I suppose, but for now there is this one to tame.
<Hermes`> say hello and thank you to your gf phace.
<phace> sure
<Severian^> hmm =)
<Severian^> how does that tie in with the ascension? I wonder...
<Hermes`> well we all have to return to our divine selves
<Hermes`> and when one of us achieves ascension, then we pull in a great deal of divine light down into the plane, while we are doing it
<Severian^> even before we have brought awareness into this dimension?
<Hermes`> our energies open up energy conduits through which energy will continue to flow even after we have ascended
<Severian^> to ascend, means that we bring our present consciousness back to our divine selves?
<Severian^> I understand that there are many simultaneous selves
<Hermes`> yes and in the process, our physical bodies are transmuted into a body of light
<Hermes`> this body of light is then free to move anywhere it wants, even on the physical plane. so you become an anchor point
<Hermes`> where divine energy can flow.
<Severian^> what about the rest of the physical, does it ascend also, or just our beings?
<Hermes`> when enough of the people on the planet ascend then the planet itself will ascend
<phace> .my gf says greets back: "well, winged fisherman, take care of your Caduceus ;)"
<Hermes`> because a great deal of divine energy will be pouring into the planet at that time.
<Attuned2> bye all
<Severian^> bye
<Severian^> someone has explained the Aethyrs as barriers surrounding the earth
<Hermes`> yes phace, I try my best to keep it in good shape
<Severian^> they are coming down? or just opened?
<Severian^> or am I completely wrong :)
<Hermes`> they are rings or dimensions around the planet, each ring or dimension slows down divine light a little bit
<Hermes`> they are like transformers stepping down divine current with each level
<Hermes`> till it finally gets to the physical level
<Hermes`> with each level down there is more detachment from the divine source,
<Severian^> ah
<Severian^> the Enochian can explain the ascension then...
<Hermes`> by ascending or connecting from the bottom up, we decrease this detachment and bring the harmony down
<Hermes`> yes, Enochian physics is a blueprint of both the fall and ascension
<Severian^> should we take an active part in that?
<Severian^> or conscious part, that is
<Hermes`> if you want too, the Aethyrs are there for you to use
<Hermes`> with conscious use, you accelerate your reconnection to the divine energy
<Hermes`> without conscious use, it just takes longer
<Severian^> from one thing to the other :) does pronunciation matter? =)
<Severian^> I mean, for example when using the Aethyrs... and so on
<Hermes`> the exact pronunciation is not important
<Hermes`> there are energy keys that go along with the words that will pull you toward that level
<Severian^> ..but it seems that intent isn't enough, that it has to be vibrated correctly
<Hermes`> well, you can get better results by vibrating the words of power
<Hermes`> but it will work without such exact vibrations
<Severian^> what would work better? the 'angelic' letters or the English equivalents?
<Severian^> in writing I mean
<Hermes`> the angelic lettering does work better than the English
<Hermes`> but in my very begging's with the Aethyr, I did use the English equivalents and I did get results
<Severian^> I tried some, but didn't get any results, sigils on the other hand verified to me that there was something there.
<Severian^> I'll just start memorizing, and happen upon it that way, if it is meant to be.
<Severian^> what do you think about that method?
<Hermes`> sure, the nice part of the Aethyr system is that you can go at it in many forms
<Hermes`> the sigils are another way into the system
<Hermes`> it is made accessible in many ways because not everyone is the same, and some people find one way easier than another.
<Severian^> would you describe Enochian entities as Enochian entities only, or that they are entities that go under different names in other systems?
<Hermes`> some of the entities share their teachings with other systems, some of them do not.
<Severian^> ah well, so much to do, so little time :)
<Hermes`> yea, it will keep you busy
<Severian^> I guess, whatever one does, that it is the right path in the end
<Severian^> would you agree?
<Hermes`> yes there are many paths to ascend
<Hermes`> each person must find his or her unique path
<Hermes`> and whatever they choose that will be the right one for them
<Severian^> ..but 99,99% of the population doesn't even know the word
<Severian^> they just try to be good people, well most of us :)
<Severian^> to 'find' a path always sounded a bit stressful to me :/
* Severian^ is lost in the woods.
<Hermes`> well you can be on the path and not actively seeking it. Everyday life is meant to evolve the soul
<Hermes`> as you create things you see what happens and this helps to shape and evolve you
<Hermes`> but if you want the fast track...
<Hermes`> then you have to take a more active role and seek the path, instead of letting the path come to you.
<Severian^> ok..
<Severian^> or :) letting the path come to oneself by seeking it
<Hermes`> well you can just go about your life and not ever think about ascension or bettering yourself...
<Hermes`> life will naturally pull you in an upward direction with its lessons, its cause and effect properties
<Hermes`> this may take a long time, but it will happen.
<Hermes`> or you can say, I am ready to seek the path and work hard at ridding myself of the garbage
<Hermes`> without having the cause and effect thing over time working on you.
<Severian^> what would garbage be?
<Severian^> fears?
<Hermes`> all your fears, negative energies, lower self
<Hermes`> learning to tolerate others
<Hermes`> learning not to be judgmental
<Hermes`> learning how to create in harmony with the universe, instead of against it
<Severian^> hah, the third one sounds difficult
<Hermes`> yes judging others is a real big one
<Severian^> the other ones feel more karmic, that what we allow ourselves to do unto others, we allow to be created in our lives as well
<Severian^> I meant the harmony-with-the-universe. :) how do you know the universe's intent?
<Hermes`> ah
<Hermes`> that one is not easy either
<Severian^> feelings?
<Hermes`> well that takes a bit of time and effort, you have to watch your creations to see if they have bad effects on others or your world
<Hermes`> emotions and feelings have to be controlled.
<Hermes`> you cannot let your emotions run wild as that creates disharmony in the universe
* Severian^ nods.
<dg23> hello people
<Severian^> do you know any good ways of getting out of destructive beliefs? that we don't know that we have, but that messes up our lives?
<Diziet> salve eg23
<Severian^> scientology is big on that.. but I'm not into that church, only the reasoning
<Severian^> hi dg
<Hermes`> well you look into your life where disharmony exists
<Hermes`> there you will find a destructive belief in action
<Severian^> recapitulation?
<Hermes`> then you have to just go backward to find the though process that creates that disharmony
*** Retrieving #energyworks info...
<dg23> Hermes, do you know anything of lower level astral entities that look like, say a hooded creature/person, that tries to suffocate people in their sleep?
<Hermes`> yea a recapitulation
<dg23> I have run into such a thing repeatedly in dreams. and so has a friend of mine. I didn't know it was common. I was wondering if you had heard of anything like that before.
<Hermes`> well there are many astral nasties out there
<dg23> Yeah.
<Hermes`> but there are those that will suck the energy out of you, you will think of it as not being able to breathe
<dg23> ah.
<dg23> That was the first dream I ever remembered. I was 3 or 4. He came back last year. but didn't suffocate me this time. And then I talked to a friend, and he ran into the same thing, and it tried to 'suffocate' him.
<dg23> we both have a lot of anxiety.. and I've asked my old therapist about it, and she called it just a night anxiety attack.
<Hermes`> there are things you can do
<Severian^> is it a necessity to locate and rid oneself of negative egoistic tendencies one by one, or can we simply leave them be and transcend them instead, in some way?
<Severian^> ops
<Severian^> have you tried praying dg23?
<dg23> But I thought that it was rather odd that it coincided with the appearance of a cloaked person in dreaming.
<dg23> No.
<dg23> Praying to what?
<Severian^> I sometimes quite informally wish to be protected by an archangel, and negatives don't bother me anymore.
<Severian^> shrug, works for me :)
<Diziet> sev: good for me too
<Hermes`> yes prayer works, asking for help from your angels and spirit guides works too.
<dg23> Ok. I will try that.
<dg23> Are there people who can enter other people's dreams at will?
<Hermes`> if you do not want to try those you can try the Merkabah or the psychic protection exercise on the website
<Hermes`> though I always say asking for help and praying are good ones to try first.
<dg23> Ok. Thanks I will look into that.
<dg23> I think there is a person in my geological location that enters other people's dreams.
<dg23> This doesn't relate to the hooded creature thing I was inquiring about.. however, waking comments by this man and dreams I have that somehow he just walks into are too synchronistic. He has scary energy too.
<Severian^> isn't it often a matter of how much you believe in your own 'powers'? when I started out I was often quite afraid and protected myself allot, now I hardly ever do that
<Hermes`> yes severian your belief in your ability to defend against these kinds of attacks makes a difference
<dg23> Have you ever ran into astral nasties yourself Hermes?
<Hermes`> sure, many times
<Hermes`> it is part of the ascension process to remove them from your energy field and keep any new ones away
<Severian^> how would one go about that?
<Diziet> Hermes: I have read some of the logs on this channel........I have a question regarding OBE....if I may?
<Hermes`> well prayer, and belief , and the some energy exercises
<Hermes`> doing MPE's regular, meditation
<Severian^> please say LBRP, laugh
<Hermes`> keeping your thoughts positive
<Severian^> cough cough
<Hermes`> yes LBRP is one way
<Hermes`> Rose Cross is another
<Hermes`> I use all these tools and more...
<Hermes`> the more comes from your trips into the Tree of Life and the Aethyrs
<Severian^> so they feed on negative (last question on this from me)
<Hermes`> you are given tools to help you in this process
<Hermes`> nonphysical tools that you can use to defend yourself
<Hermes`> if you are attacked in a dream or the nonphysical
<Hermes`> oh yes
<Hermes`> they feed off your negative energy
<Hermes`> in theory if you have no negative energy within you, then a demon can not attack you.
<Severian^> I guess they don't like that I'm so hell bent on being happy whatever the consequence ;))
<dg23> wow. That makes a lot of sense.
<Severian^> anyway... time for bed, cya all and thanks
<dg23> bye Severian!
<Hermes`> night severian
<Diziet> pax sev
<dg23> Also, how does one go about repairing rips in their aura from life trauma's that have left them exposed to unwanted energies?
<dg23> I have tried visualizations and energy exercises, and they don't seem to work for me.
<Hermes`> well you could do a healing meditation. You lie down and call in the OLAP healers or your own spirit guides to heal you.
<dg23> I read about that on your website.
<dg23> I will try that tonight.
<Hermes`> good, let me know how you make out
<dg23> ok.
<Hermes`> this chapter is also very good on self healing techniques:
<dg23> Hermes, do you have personal experience in working with Enochian magick?
<Hermes`> sure, I use it every now then
<dg23> do you work in groups IRL in it?
<dg23> or by yourself?
<Hermes`> I do it by myself.
<Hermes`> I don't belong to any group or organization
<dg23> so you don't necessarily need a reader and a seer like all the material I've read on it?
<Hermes`> no, you can be both
<dg23> ciik
<dg23> cool
<dg23> Have you ever belonged to a group or organization?
<Hermes`> no I have never been associated with any group or organization
<dg23> I haven't. But I would like to do some Enochian work and didn't want to be so alone in the endeavor.
<Hermes`> this was part of my own journey in this life, and also to help keep the material as pure as possible.
<Hermes`> you can seek to do these things in a group if you like, but they will work as well on your own.
<dg23> I have a problem with belonging to groups and organizations, so I will try some things on my own. thanks Hermes.
<Hermes`> your welcome
<dg23> Oh, frame of reference, I emailed you a few weeks ago with questions about the 8th chakra and the spiritual chakras.
<Hermes`> yes I remember
<Hermes`> how are you doing with that work?
<dg23> I have been doing energy exercises to send energy to my 8th and 9th chakras, and the more I work with the 9th, the more my eye problem improves.
<dg23> Kind of like it was a hard wired problem from another life.
<Hermes`> ah it does sound like it
<Hermes`> yea that 9th chakra can have several of those faults in them
<dg23> Are there more chakras above the12th that you are aware of?
<Hermes`> I am told that the system continues upward, but for human ascension these are all we need to know about.
<dg23> Ok.. Interesting. Thanks!
<dg23> Have you read Osho's Book of Secrets?
<Hermes`> no I have not, at least not yet, but several people have talked about reading it.
<dg23> It has a lot of information in it.
<dg23> A chapter on how to become conscious during dreaming was what drew me to that book.
<Hermes`> this book is on the net?
<Hermes`> so the book then helped you.
<dg23> No it isn't. Not that I know of.
<Hermes`> okay, just wondering where people were reading it from
<dg23> Yes, well sort of. The first page was a chapter on Tantra, I opened the book, and at the bottom of the page, was how a person used to insult me! or I was so immature I thought it was an insult.
<dg23> Something about the way to enter the kingdom of heaven is to be like a child or a fool.
<dg23> But to be non-judging is a good way to be. At least I have found.
<Hermes`> yes if you can eliminate all judging of others you are well you your way.
<Hermes`> every time you judge a person you cause your own reality creating to be constricted
<dg23> So when that man called me 'touched' and like a child, I should have taken it as a compliment!
<dg23> Yes that is true.
<Hermes`> yea in that context a person saying you are 'touched' and like a child was a compliment
<dg23> He told me he studied eastern things and laughed at me when I was taken aback by his comment.
<Hermes`> but I can see how you can take that as in insult if you do not understand where it is coming from.
<dg23> I was young. He wasn't making much sense.
<dg23> But now a lot of things make sense that didn't before.
<Hermes`> well that is good, your life is clearing up
<Hermes`> okay then I'm going to call it a night
<dg23> Thanks for the time hermes!
<Hermes`> thanks for stopping by
<Hermes`> come back again soon
<dg23> ok!
<Hermes`> see everyone on Thursday
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Oct 09 19:30:23 2001

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