healing and the OLAP healers; creating health and illness; reality creating and controlling your own destiny; breaking free of bad beliefs; leveling off your emotions; rebuilding your life; using the Aethyrs to evolve; dream programming; time-delay energyballs; the MPE (middle pillar exercise) WLE (white light exercise) LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram); ascension;
October 4, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 04 16:41:28 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<naf> hi Hermes`!
<Hermes`> hello
<Attuned2> hi Hermes!
<Hermes`> how is everyone tonight
<Attuned2> everyone is making nice progress
<Attuned2> what presences naf?
<naf> Attuned2, spirit guides perhaps.
<naf> OLAP surgeons at least. :)
<Hermes`> yes naf sounds like you are making good progress with the OLAP
*** ^^Severia is now known as Severian
<Hermes`> hi Severian
<Severian> heya
<Severian> learning irc :-)
<naf> Hermes`, yep.
<naf> hi Severian. you'll learn quick. :)
<Severian> the biggest problem was finding an ircnet server, seems like all I got was efnet ones, hohum
<Hermes`> yea there is a shortage of ircnet servers
<naf> yep. at least you know one server now. :)
<Hermes`> naf how is the work with the OLAP healers coming along?
<Severian> yap, one that let me in. :)
<naf> Hermes`, well I had a session few moments ago.
<Hermes`> how it go?
<phace> hello :)
<naf> Hermes`, I wasn't concentrating deeply enough to feel it as strong as last night.
<naf> Hermes`, but I guess they did their job. :)
<naf> hai feis.
<Hermes`> yea you will find the energy fluctuating from session to session
<Hermes`> naturally the more focused you are the better the results will be
<Hermes`> in many respects healing is a matter of great concentration and focus
<Hermes`> as you focus on more perfect energy patterns you begin to channel those energies into what you are healing..
<Hermes`> this displaces the negative or lower energy that is present in the body.
<Severian> Do OLAP healers help also those who don't directly request their assistance?
<Hermes`> as far as I know they only can help people who make conscious requests
<Severian> oh..
<Hermes`> you see it is the individual's right to create sickness
<Hermes`> as well as health
<Hermes`> so they can not decide for you what that will be.
<Hermes`> So if you want the OLAP to help heal you then you must ask them.
<Hermes`> In that way you are deciding your own destiny
<Hermes`> you are choosing health in this case.
<Severian> Do we unconsciously create sickness in our lives?
<Severian> err sub, whatever. :)
<Hermes`> yea and consciously too
<Hermes`> for example people will say things like "this thing is going to run me down..."
<Hermes`> or "this will be the death of me..."
<Severian> My mother is like that :)
<Hermes`> nasty reality creating there
<Hermes`> here is a unconscious example of getting sick..
<Severian> The trouble is, she phones to ask me if I've had a tough day at work, if I'm ill, and so.
<Severian> It can be hard to fend off negative thought...
<Hermes`> you say to yourself that you are tired of working and want some days off. However you can't just take days off. So you unconsciously create an illness.
<Severian> What about aging and dying?
<Hermes`> aging is the result of constant negative thoughts and strong negative emotions on the body.
<naf> so in theory we could live forever?-)
<Hermes`> a negative thought or action is like taking a hammer to the body
<naf> how long could one live?
<Hermes`> yea if we could live without any negative thoughts, in theory we could live forever
<naf> oh. :)
<Severian> I'm thinking that our society, world, etc, 'programs' us to believe that we age, and die, and so forth.
<Hermes`> well at one time the life span was in the hundreds of years
<Hermes`> that happens too Severial
<Hermes`> Severian^
<Severian> hihi
<Hermes`> we see people getting old so we think we should as well
<naf> the healthiest male of the World born in Finland, but he ends up as the sickest man of the World. This is a strange phenomenon.
<Severian> how do you mean?
<naf> Some bad attitude here?
<naf> Severian, statistics tell us so.
<Severian> ah..
<naf> we have the healthiest babies. :)
<Severian> Maybe it is the Finnish sentimentality :)
<naf> ;)
<Severian> statistics can do allot of things I guess ;)
<Hermes`> how did he get so sick?
<Severian> I think it was a generalization
<Hermes`> ah
<Severian> about death and aging, I'm curious about what you people think about the world, if we create it, or if we are 'trapped' in its creation, so to speak
<Hermes`> we create our world, we are only trapped in our creations if we believe we are
<xoo> hi all:)
<Severian> I feel it is very hard to break free of all common beliefs
<Hermes`> it is not an easy thing to do
<Hermes`> but you can break free of at least some of them
<Hermes`> the more you can break free of these limiting beliefs the more you will control your own destiny
<Severian> is that a good thing?
<Hermes`> hehe, well hopefully you will create some thing nice for yourself
<Severian> :)
<Hermes`> so many people feel trapped in situations because they think they do not have the control.
* Severian nods.
<Hermes`> but they do, you can change anything in your life
<Hermes`> it starts with changing how you think
<Severian> yea, just changing my perception of things has made a very big difference
<Severian> very liberating
<Hermes`> exactly
<Severian> one can choose an appropriate emotion for any situation
<Severian> does that make it less real?
<Hermes`> not at all. it makes you the one creating it, so it should be more real, more personable, more likable
<Severian> people who can get really fired up over things, negative as well as positive things, seem more.. genuine, alive
<Severian> but they do not come across as centered
<Hermes`> yes, they are suffering from emotional bounce...
<Hermes`> it is an effect from taking an emotion too far in one direction...
<Hermes`> it bounces back in the opposite direction
<Hermes`> it does this because there must the energy around a person should be balanced..
<Severian> what about children?
<Hermes`> the universe tries to counter balance these energies by bringing their opposite to them. The trick to freeing yourself from this kind of thing is to start leveling off your emotions on both ends.
<Hermes`> children often react to the energy that is around them. they have not learned to command their own emotional energy yet, so they ride on the wave that is around them.
<Severian> ahh
<Severian> leveling off emotions sounds .. like dying in a sense?
<Hermes`> you may think so but it is not..
<Hermes`> you learn to experience life in a moment to moment fashion. Instead of just living it in the extreme.
<Severian> I was quite depressed when I was younger, and the only way out was to find some status quo
<Severian> ..but taking it too far too early :)
<Severian> how do people learn to live in the moment? meditation helps?
<Hermes`> yes meditation is an excellent way to help level the energies in you.
<Hermes`> also try to hold on to the energy from a happy moment, instead of blowing it all out...
<Hermes`> imagine that this energy of happiness is finite...
<Hermes`> and so you have to stretch this energy out till the next time you get some more..
<Hermes`> in this way you will start to level off your emotional runaway.
<Severian> are we in a way destined to become centered enough to understand these things? like how people step out of their fog?
<Severian> or helped in some way
<Hermes`> one day, like all of you, they start to ask why, and want to learn why.
<Hermes`> so they read more and seek help, try to understand the world they are in.
* Severian nods.
<Severian> does it come like a revelation for most people, or just gradually you think?
<Hermes`> I've seen it both ways
<Hermes`> some come to it slowly and others just wake up, like a light came on.
<Severian> if you don't mind me asking, how was it for you?
<Hermes`> I woke up
* Severian nods.
<Hermes`> my whole world had fallen apart
<Hermes`> everything I believed in was not working
<Hermes`> I had no choice but to reexamine my path
<Severian> can you remember your inner-self from 'before' it happened?
<Severian> inner-self, I mean... your inner dialogue :)
<Hermes`> I was confused, I did not know why things had fallen apart. growing up I was always so lucky, so in the right place at the right time
<Hermes`> it was so foreign to me to have things not work. to have life just suck so bad
<Hermes`> so I had to examine who I was growing up and what had happened when I became an adult
<Hermes`> I discovered that I had given my reality creating power away to others. I waited for others to do things instead of making them happen myself...
<Severian> oh..
<Hermes`> I started to believe in what other people were saying
<Hermes`> when I knew in my heart it was not true.
<Hermes`> stupid things like, "well that is out of your control"
<Hermes`> "people just get sick"
* Severian nods.
<Hermes`> when I was a child I had no such limiting beliefs.
<Hermes`> I knew I could do anything I wanted and make it happen.
<Severian> so you realized that you were responsible for yourself
<Hermes`> yes
<Severian> frightening and empowering =)
<Hermes`> yes
<naf> Hermes`, I find myself somehow in your story.
<Hermes`> oh no,
<Severian> laugh
<naf> well, the worst times are gone.
<Hermes`> well then the best is coming to you naf
<naf> :)
<Hermes`> I will say that the climb up is not as easy as the fall down, but it is well worth all the effort.
<Severian> I feel helped in some way, regarding this.. assuming responsibility
<naf> well, it's been fun this far. :)
<Severian> do we get un-requested assistance in waking up?
<Hermes`> un-requested assistance?
<Hermes`> oh
<naf> spirit guides inducing first OBE vibrations etc. I assume?
<Severian> I mean, whatever I do, things turn out well, I feel helped...
<naf> you mean waking up spiritually?
<Hermes`> yes you are helped in your wake up
<Severian> Also, prior to 6 months ago, I can't remember my inner dialogue.
<Hermes`> much nonphysical effort is put forth because you are at a most precious point in your life...
<Hermes`> you are open minded!
<Severian> how do you mean?
<Hermes`> you are at a point where you can believe in other things
<Hermes`> your old system has failed to work
<Hermes`> so you are ready to let it go and embrace new ideas
<Hermes`> so your spirit guides will help you greatly in this time to put new more powerful ideas in your head
<Severian> oh
<Severian> sounds like brain washing ;))
<Hermes`> well I did not mean to sound like that
<Severian> I know. :))
<Hermes`> a better example would be, your old house has fallen down and now it is time to build a new one. So you consult architects and how you can improve on your old design, because, well, the old one did not work. Look at these nonphysical helpers as those architects. You are the one that does the building however and not construction or belief is ever forced upon you.
<Severian> but there must be something that spurs, something that moves one into a direction
<Severian> out of the fog so to speak
<Severian> (or into it)
<Severian> I've read that at a certain point in our lives, we become 'ready' to take up where our spiritual evolvement left off in a previous life. What do you think about that?
<Hermes`> sure, in each life we come along a bit more
<Hermes`> in some lives we will get to a point and just stop
<Hermes`> then pick up in the next one.
<naf> Hermes`, where did you get that information about OLAP surgeons?
<phace> hermes. greetings from my gf :) phoning with her. and she have found her lightballs.. Leonardo, Pythagoras and the Egyptians. :) and, "see you in the 4th dimension" :)
<Hermes`> I met the OLAP in my out of body travels. They reside in a Aethyr, let me check which one.
<Hermes`> hi phace. you will have to tell us more about it when you get a chance
<Severian> when you say Aethyr, do you mean the one mentioned with the Enochian?
<naf> I guess lots of OBE'rs meet them?
<Hermes`> yea Enochian Aethyrs
<Hermes`> that is a link to the section on the website.
<Severian> I had a real scare half a year ago regarding that, so I'm staying clear :)
<Hermes`> well it is not an easy system to approach
<Hermes`> with the Aethyrs you have to take it very slow
<naf> Severian, OBE vibrations? :)
<Hermes`> and only progress to the next level when you are real comfortable with the next
<Severian> no, just fear, I thought I was going insane, had to drop and do pushups to control my thoughts, dunno what happened
<naf> Hermes`, now I get that Aethyr page, after reading the tree of life.
<naf> Severian, what did you try to do?
<Severian> No, I was just doing random stuff, not Aethyrs though (which I think is safe and gradual)
<Severian> calls, sigils, and so.. just out of curiosity
<Hermes`> yea if a sigils comes from a region you cannot control, it can be a not good experience
<Severian> I wanted very much to verify my spiritual being, in some way
<Severian> like how kids can scream at god just to dare him strike them down with a lightning bolt, to see if he is there
<Hermes`> oh boy
<Severian> yes hermes, it felt just overpowering
<Hermes`> Some students have been through much of the Enochian system in previous lives. However I still recommend that they start from the bottom and work their way upwards.
<Severian> what is the bottom? moving through the Aethyrs?
<Hermes`> TEX and RII are the bottom
<Hermes`> they are very physical like dimensions
<Hermes`> in these dimensions you meet aspects of yourself personified in other beings
<Hermes`> they mirror to you what you can obtain and what you should get rid of
<Severian> I tried to visit TEX in a lucid dream, but it didn't work. :-)
<Severian> hmm
<Hermes`> you may have to keep trying
<Hermes`> it can take several attempts to gain entry
<Severian> what method do you recommend? lucid dreaming doesn't come easily to me, for example
<naf> Hermes`, how often do you have lucid dreams?
<Hermes`> you can just program up a dream
<naf> with an energyball?
<Hermes`> focus on your target (TEX) as you go off to sleep
<Hermes`> then when you wake up, recall your dreams to see if any one of them may be your journey
<Severian> exactly what do I focus on, when I don't know what it is =) I know the letters...
<Hermes`> naf, I have only one or two lucid dreams a month. It is easier for me to have OBE's.
<Severian> am I supposed to remember it clearly, if I visited it successfully?
<Attuned2> bye everyone (although this is a really interesting talk)
<Hermes`> well, you may not find it very clear. It does get clearer the more you travel there
<Hermes`> the clarity depends on how skilled you are at remembering your dreams
<Hermes`> so the more you remember your dreams the more clear they will get.
<Severian> in my lucid dream, a muscular version of a friend appeared, showed me a tree, said things about it I don't remember, and a thermometer :-) How's that for lucid!
<Severian> re: TEX
<Hermes`> that is nice
<Severian> oh ok.. so I might have to go back, even if I've passed it (because I can't remember)
<Hermes`> yea what will happen is you will have a whole bunch of encounters in one level.
<Severian> ok
<Severian> what do you think about calling on an angel to help you find the system that works best for you within the Enochian?
<Hermes`> sure, call your spirit guide
<Hermes`> program up a dream where you meet your guide and he shows you
<Severian> hah, that guy... :) we don't get along well
<Severian> I'll try that dream-programming, I've never done that before...
<Hermes`> for example in that dream you recounted, the muscular man could be your spirit guide and he pointed to the tree to tell you to start with the Tree of Life.
* Severian nods.
<Hermes`> dream programming, basically you just focus on where you want to go and make that the last thing you think about before you go to sleep.
<Severian> I've done some work, but I don't think I'm ready to pursue. I still need to discipline myself to get through basic mental exercise.
<Hermes`> yea good groundwork is important
<Severian> it is not like one can read a book, do some meditations, and be done
<Severian> I feel that it must take its time, if its 20 years or 2 months
<Hermes`> yes
<Severian> which sucks of course :)
<naf> Hermes`, how do energyballs work as dream programmers?
<Hermes`> well I don't usually use energyballs for that. But you could construct one. Put a visualization of the dream in to the energyball. Then send it off and tell it to return to you when you are sleeping.
<Severian> neat
<Hermes`> it should work. I sometimes create energyballs with a time delay return, if I find that I may need some energy at some point during the day and won't be able to make a energyball to help.
<Severian> on reality creation, is the delay the same for most people, or does it vary allot?
<Severian> I find that what I formally wish for, happens in about 3 months, not sooner
<Hermes`> it varies. But basically, as your energy goes up, the delay from thought to manifestation goes down.
<Severian> oh
<Hermes`> the MPE or the WLE can help to add to your energy bank and shorten your manifestation time.
<Severian> what is that?
<Hermes`> they are energy gathering exercises.
<Severian> what do you think about the LBRP for energy gathering?
<Hermes`> I recommend all my students do one of these a day
<Hermes`> the LBRP is good for protection, but I find it does not do much for building your energy up.
<xoo> re
<Severian> oh
<Hermes`> the LBRP can build your power in a way, because it keeps the negative energies from draining you
<Severian> I've just started with the middle pillar, cool...
<Hermes`> the MPE and the WLE will build on that energy bank
<Hermes`> I think you still should use the LBRP
<Hermes`> if you are using that.
<Severian> yes, I'm just questioning myself abit on that, but I try to be disciplined
<Severian> thing is, it is hard to know when you do it right
<Severian> as with most of the exercises I guess
<Hermes`> well I never really felt much from the LBRP
<Hermes`> but the MPE is usually dramatic
<Hermes`> you can feel your spine tingling or a heat go up your spine
<Hermes`> or even light headed
<Severian> I've done the LBRP for 4 months, the only thing I can tell is that I can close my eyes and see my 'limbs' doing it from behind the eyelids, I don't feel any energy at all
<Severian> I'll try the middle pillar, if I can discipline myself :)
<Hermes`> yes give it a try
<Hermes`> you will feel it very quickly
<Severian> I guess it is rewarding once one gets to feel that something happens.. difficult to keep doing something without rewards
<Hermes`> true
<Severian> then again, there are always potato chips ;)
<Hermes`> :)
<naf> hey, nice talking to you. I have to get some sleep. bye.
<Hermes`> good night naf
<Severian> yes, me too.. take care
<naf> I wonder if OLAP will appear. ;)
<gnosis> hello hermes
<xoo> gotta go eat something
<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<gnosis> how are you?
<Hermes`> see you soren
<Hermes`> I'm doing well
<gnosis> great :)
<xoo> seemed an interesting workshop
<xoo> too busy:/
<Hermes`> yea we covered lots of good stuff
<xoo> I got a pair of question from some time...
<gnosis> Hermes, what is the next step for you in your spiritual process?
<xoo> well they aren't question, more thoughts..
<xoo> gotta run, btw.. is incredible how everything happens
<xoo> is a lesson.. I mean ..I catch it
<xoo> I see thigns happening to other and that I critics for example.. coming back to me
<xoo> well, gotta go, later:)
<Hermes`> gnosis, hummm
<gnosis> :)
<Hermes`> of course like all of you I am working toward my ascension
<Hermes`> I currently am trying to find all those little spots where stuff hides,
<Hermes`> having removed most of the big things
<Hermes`> the very subtle areas where I tie up energy
<gnosis> yeah
<gnosis> What do you mean by ascension.. would you define it?
<Hermes`> well the text book term of ascension is the lightening of your body, mind, and spirit so that you can travel to any plane of existence
<Hermes`> you lose all the negative energy that grounds you to the earth and imprisons you in the body...
<gnosis> ok
<Hermes`> however
<gnosis> that's a good definition
<Hermes`> that is the textbook definition
<Hermes`> I think in more realistic terms
<gnosis> how many hours of sleep do you get, hermes?
<Hermes`> many people achieve ascension a few hours after they die
<Hermes`> if they are so prepared.
<Hermes`> I get between 8 and 12 hours of sleep
<gnosis> yes
<gnosis> do you think full ascension is possible without reducing your sleep?
<Hermes`> well I think you need more sleep to achieve ascension. it is during sleep that the masters can radiate your body and assist. If you do not get enough sleep, they cannot do this.
<gnosis> hehe
<gnosis> my thoughts are exactly opposite :)
<Hermes`> well in reality I suppose it does not matter
<Hermes`> if you are going to ascend you will do it regardless of how much sleep you get
<Hermes`> I do a great deal of nonphysical work at night, and I see this work as part of the ascension process. However it just may be part of my own ascension process.
<gnosis> for me anyway, it seems that when sleep is reduced to an absolute minimum, consciousness isn't as constrained to physical focus.
<Hermes`> well time to depart
<gnosis> you still there, hermes?
<Hermes`> yea
<gnosis> yep, good night :)
<Hermes`> catch you next week
<gnosis> maybe :)
<Hermes`> ok
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Oct 04 18:52:26 2001

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