meditation music; the importance of being connected to your spirit guide; the spirit guide communicator board; testing spirit guides
October 2, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Oct 02 16:38:56 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
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<Hermes`> hello hello hello
<fooki> hi
<Hermes`> how are you doing?
<fooki> can you see attuned / severian?
<fooki> (in here)
<Hermes`> no just, you and jason and the bots
<fooki> okay, they splitted just a second ago
<Hermes`> I guess they will be back
<Hermes`> well time for a tea, being it is quiet
<Hermes`> brb
<Hermes`> pokay
<Hermes`> back
<fooki> hermes btw. Do you know some artists who make "meditation music" ?
<fooki> not kitaro but something like that
<Hermes`> have not heard of kitaro
<fooki> doesn't "the silk road" ring a bell?
<Hermes`> I do meditate to Enya every now and then, I find that nice
<fooki> well it was a TV series by BBC about a trading route in far east.. And kitaro's tune was used in it
<fooki> or something like that
<fooki> okay
<fooki> I'm not into Enya I find it too commercial
<Hermes`> hi attuned
<Attuned2> hi
<Attuned2> what was the talk about?
<Hermes`> nothing yet, fook wanted to know about good meditation music, but the only thing I could come up with was Enya
-> [Attuned2] PING
<Attuned2> I see
<Hermes`> I usually do not listen to music when I meditate
<Hermes`> so I have not really looked around for any
<Attuned2> what helps me greatly is hearing (calm) water sounds
<Hermes`> yea that would be another good substitute
<Hermes`> have you tried anything like that fook?
<fooki> yea.. The meditation music I mean many times contains stuff like water/bird/whale sounds alongside with peaceful very harmonious and wide soft chords
<fooki> I haven't really tried music for meditation
<fooki> you can't get the REAL meditation music from anywhere but from the stored dedicated to spiritual things
<Hermes`> yea I always like the music they play in those places
<Hermes`> I never however manage to walk out with the CD
<Attuned2> I really liked the last workshop, about spirit guides. How important would you say being (at least mentally) in contact with them -- or would you even say it's the most important thing?
<Hermes`> I find it very very important, if you are interested in evolving yourself, and living life much more easily
<Hermes`> it is one of the first things I recommend to new students
<Hermes`> that they establish this connection
<Hermes`> besides the methods outlined in the last session, you can also make a spirit guide communicator board
<Attuned2> you wouldn't say it's the most important? (my opinion is that it is) what would you then say is most important?
<Hermes`> well it depends on where the student wants to focus first
<Hermes`> some students want to stray on the physical side and learn a bit about reality creating
<Hermes`> creating
<Hermes`> so we would not do the spirit guide thing first off with them
<Hermes`> yikes I'm talking about myself in plural
<Hermes`> so I would not...
<Hermes`> but as soon as they are ready to plunge into it deeper, then I bring up the spirit guide connection
<Hermes`> I guess to answer the question
<Hermes`> the most important thing is to see what the student needs first
<Hermes`> but you are also correct in that the establishment of your connection to the divine forces is most important
<Attuned2> what's the spirit guide communicator board?
<Hermes`> okay you take a piece of paper and draw a half circle on it.
<Hermes`> then cut that half circle up into 26 section and put the letters A to Z in each box
<Hermes`> if you want you can put a second half circle underneath and put "0 to 9" in there
<Hermes`> then take a crystal and put it on the end of a string
<Hermes`> then ask a question
<Hermes`> start with yes and no
<Hermes`> use y and n
<Hermes`> hold the crystal by the string and let it start to move back and forth
<Hermes`> your spirit guide will then move the crystal to the letter y or n
<Hermes`> then build the communication up for words and sentences
<Attuned2> how do you know it's your spirit guide and not some bad spirit?
<Hermes`> well it is important to mentally connect with your spirit guide first
<Hermes`> you will find a certain feel when your spirit guide is around
<Hermes`> like anything you have to be smart
<Hermes`> if it does not feel right of course you should stop
<Hermes`> the communicator is not a Ouija board type device
<Hermes`> it works on the basis of your higher self and intuition
<Hermes`> the movement actually comes from your own self, your higher self
<Hermes`> by unconscious vibrations in the finger tips
<Hermes`> I recommend this device to students that have a hard time believing in these unseen forces
<Hermes`> it is a way for them to physicalize their spirit guide.
<Hermes`> the board becomes useless very fast because soon your spirit guide starts to talk to you inside your own head
<Hermes`> which of course is the better way to communicate with him or her
<Attuned2> it's just whenever I mention being in contact with my spirit guide, everyone ask how do I know it's not someone bad (and I just recently watch The Exorcist movie, and I finally see what they mean). but isn't it true that if you're always focused only on the good and on being in contact with the higher-guides of yours (not on the low lost souls) then that's who is the one communicating with you. Is that right?
<Hermes`> yes, where your attention is that is what you will draw toward you.
<Hermes`> however of course I would recommend that like any friendship you build this relationship over time
<Hermes`> with each of you gaining trust in each other over that time.
<Hermes`> I would have to say I went slowly with my spirit guides
<Hermes`> I was always testing them for integrity and honor
<Hermes`> it was a few years before I could really say that I was sure they were there to help me.
<Hermes`> you tell a person's or beings intent by their actions not their words
<Hermes`> you put your spirit guides to the test the same way
<Hermes`> see how they help you
<Attuned2> isn't it also important to specifically mean/say wanting to get in contact with them, and not "just someone out there that could help me"?
<Hermes`> yes you have to have the intent to connect with your spirit guide
<Hermes`> the spirit guide board is used with the intent to talk to your spirit guide, not you dead aunt sally
<Attuned2> well thanks for help, as always
<Hermes`> okay
<Hermes`> well I guess that will be it
<Hermes`> catch everyone on Thursday
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Oct 02 18:18:38 2001

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