chaotic and unfocused thoughts and how they effect your reality creating; contacting your spirit guide and spirit guides in general; how you miss-create unpleasant things; life and death, the choice to die; taking the 'accidents out of life'
September 27, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Sep 27 16:42:47 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops._'
<Hermes`> hello everyone
<fooki> hi
<naf> hi
<Hermes`> so is life going well for everybody
<fooki> yea a lot better for a change
<naf> getting better.
<phace> hey again everyone :)
<Hermes`> hi phace
<fooki> it's funny how suddenly you're life can turn like upside down
<Hermes`> yes all those chaotic thoughts you have been having gain enough strength to manifest
<Hermes`> thoughts = thoughts
<Hermes`> when thoughts don't have enough energy to begin manifestation they will hang around you
<Hermes`> they seek like thoughts and this keeps feeding them
<fooki> chaotic is rather strong term =D
<Hermes`> eventually they are strong enough to be absorbed by a thought vortex and then turned into manifestation
<Hermes`> true it is a strong term
<Hermes`> how does negative thoughts sound
<Hermes`> but of course this can happen with a bunch of weak positive thoughts too
<Hermes`> perhaps a better word would be unfocused thoughts
<Hermes`> for example every so often you casually think about how boring your life is and how you would love for it to change.
<Hermes`> but you do not give this thought any specific way that it should change your life
<Hermes`> so it is unfocused and waits to get stronger or attached to other like thoughts
<GargowL> heil
<Hermes`> wehn it is strong enough these unfocused thoughts go on and manifest but do so in a very chaotic way
<Hermes`> it is like shooting craps, you never quite know what you are going to get...
<Hermes`> so your life turns upside down for awhile
<fooki> I guess so
<naf> Hermes`, could you tell us some basic stuff about communicating with our spirit guides?
<Hermes`> sure
<naf> thanks
<Hermes`> one way is through your dreams, by requesting a dream with your spirit guide...
<Hermes`> another way would be in meditation
<Hermes`> and of course out of body travel...
<Hermes`> but you may not think of these as too basic.
<naf> I consider meditation as basic stuff. :)
<Hermes`> The most basic way is to communicate with him or her directly with your thoughts, throughout the day
<naf> it's not so interactive. :)
<naf> at least I can't do it that way.
<Hermes`> true, but this does open the door for other ways
<naf> ok
<naf> I guess you need a little warming up then., :9
<Hermes`> yes, you have to let your spirit guide know that you are ready for the contact
<Hermes`> so talking to him or her is a very basic way to do that...
<Hermes`> then you may find things happening..
<Hermes`> like feeling someone touch you when no one is there..
<Hermes`> or perhaps a tickling someplace in your body..
<GargowL> <Hermes`> like feeling someone touch you when no one is there..
<Hermes`> some students will eventually start to hear their sprit guide in their own heads
<GargowL> <Hermes`> or perhaps a tickling someplace in your body..
<GargowL> that happens to me all the time
<GargowL> (oops sorry for pasting)
<naf> I feel tickling from time to time. must be something else then.
<Hermes`> well it is possible that is your spirit guide trying to communicate with you.
<Hermes`> it could be something else too, you have to investigate it.
<fooki> I get huge amounts of tickling when listening to music.. the tickling gets more intense if I have practiced meditation recently. another tickle amplifier is sports. about equal in strength.
<Hermes`> when you feel this tickle, as your spirit guide if it is him or her and ask for another sign
<naf> fooki, endorphin?
<Hermes`> well that kind of tickling is more your body becoming in harmony with the energy of the universe
<fooki> naf nope.. I believe it's the rhythmic breathing when doing sports
<naf> ok
<fooki> sort of meditation too I suppose
<naf> I can make my whole head tickle by meditating a bit. :)
<fooki> me too
<naf> acid-head! ;)
<naf> but anyway, about that meditation link?
<fooki> and I can do something above my head that I am totally unable to express in words =)
<naf> how should I start?
<Hermes`> I like to focus intently on what I want to do in meditation just before I start the meditation...
<Hermes`> I'll do this for a few minutes, then I'll relax and start the meditation...
<naf> you empty your mind?
<Hermes`> then after my mind is quiet I begin to get sounds and visions.
<Hermes`> and with luck one or more of these will be messages from my spirit guide.
<naf> have you ever established a sort of visual contact with your spirit guides by meditating?
<Hermes`> first you focus on what you want, then empty your mind, then look to see what fills in your had.
<naf> ok
<Hermes`> well in visual I guess you mean physically, I would say no. But I have seen him in inner vision
<naf> and felt his presence?
<naf> interesting...
<Hermes`> yes I feel it all the time
<naf> well, you're so advanced already. ;)
<Hermes`> true, but you can feel him or her too, in time,
<Hermes`> and not to long either, a couple months of trying.
<naf> I've felt someone from time to time.
<Hermes`> as you and your spirit guide tune into each other, the contact can become more physical like...
<Hermes`> yea, you will feel someone standing next to you, or a warm glow come over you.
<naf> I've heard that there can be more than one guide.
<Hermes`> yes you can have anywhere from 3 to 10 guides
<naf> 3 is minimum?
<Hermes`> yea pretty much
<Hermes`> I have not seen many people with less
<naf> ok
<naf> but one of them is the closest one?
<Hermes`> yes one of those guides will be your guardian angel or master guide
<Hermes`> the other guides are under him and are in training
<Hermes`> the contact you most likely will establish first will be with this master guide
<Hermes`> the later you may find other guides coming through or feeling their presence
<naf> ok
<naf> well, thanks for the information.
<naf> I gotta try the meditation next Sunday.
<Hermes`> you should set up a regular sprit guide contacting mediation and try to do it every week at the same time
<Hermes`> you can find this very effective in establishing contact
<naf> yep, I guessed that already.
<naf> same thing with the OBE.
<Hermes`> right
<Attuned2> bye all
<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<gnosis> oh, hi
<gnosis> how are things going?
<Hermes`> things are going well
<gnosis> great
<gnosis> hermes, do you believe in accidents?
<Hermes`> no
<Hermes`> there are no accidents
<fooki> traffic accidents? =)
<Hermes`> they are created too
<Hermes`> each person in a traffic accident creates it for some reason
<Hermes`> even if those reasons may be askew
<phace> karma?
<Hermes`> not really karma
<gnosis> What about someone slipping and falling? Did they consciously intend to injure themselves?
<Hermes`> many people create things for the wrong reasons
<Hermes`> for example...
<gnosis> or stubbing your toe
<Hermes`> you say things like this to yourself..
<Hermes`> I can't stand going into work anymore
<Hermes`> I wish something would happen so I could get some time off.
<Hermes`> so you send these unfocused thoughts out and they get created in unwanted ways...
<Hermes`> like an accident that lands you in bed for a month
<Hermes`> it was created by you but in response to some other aspect of your self
<Hermes`> I had started this workshop with unfocused thoughts and we come back to it. These are the dangers of these thoughts
<Hermes`> they have no real direction so one is created for them
<gnosis> so what about stubbing your toe? or slipping and falling?
<Hermes`> the same
<gnosis> how so?
<Hermes`> you say some thing like
<Hermes`> that guy is a pain in my life
<Hermes`> and so you go and stub our toe to create it that way
<gnosis> oh yeah
<gnosis> what about ice skating for the first time and you fall on your bum?
<Hermes`> get a better instructor
<gnosis> I'm serious
<Hermes`> you fall because you fear that you will fall
<Hermes`> so you create it
<Hermes`> you say...
<Hermes`> I hope I do not fall...
<Hermes`> and bam you do
<gnosis> fearing falling actually falling are two different things
<gnosis> and
<Hermes`> they are not to your consciousness
<iris^> Hi everyone
<Hermes`> by saying I hope I do not fall, you tell your consciousness that you want to experience a fall
<Hermes`> so down you go.
<GargowL> so you better say "I hope I stay up"
<Hermes`> a better thought would be, I will stay on my feet through the entire practice
<Hermes`> exactly gargowl
<GargowL> I'm constantly jiggling thoughts to make them positive :)
<GargowL> jiggling = juggling
<gnosis> no you don't, by saying "I hope I do not fall, your saying.. "I hope I do not fall"...even if you perfectly visualized falling, you would still have to make it happen by manipulating your body in such a way.
<Hermes`> the body just follows the mind, and part of that mind is unconscious
<GargowL> I think the problem is there is no "no" to the consciousness
<Hermes`> the unconscious mind does not know what the meaning of words like 'not' are
<gnosis> let's try something :)
<GargowL> so if you say "I will not fall" you're saying "I will fall"
<gnosis> I want you to think about lifting your hand.
<gnosis> ok
<fooki> hehe =) bush has been using the word "not" a lot.. like "we will not tolerate this"
<gnosis> of everyone in here, whose hand was lifted by merely thinking about it?
<GargowL> when I'm drunk my body moves just by thinking of it :P
<Hermes`> gnosis you are missing the point here
<gnosis> no, I'm not
<gnosis> there *is* a difference between thought and physical action
<GargowL> we're not talking about physical action but reality creating
<Hermes`> we are talking about learning how to control the unconscious mind which is responsible for a great deal of the things that are created in your life
<gnosis> I understand that when you begin thinking about something, you begin focusing on the feelings, thoughts, ideas, actions, whatever...associated with it, but until you are actually working with the body's reality and actions, nothing will happen.
<gnosis> anyhoo
<gnosis> :)
<gnosis> the reason I brought it up was because of the concept of "accidents"
<Hermes`> much of your body motions are controlled by the unconscious mind
<Hermes`> when you go to eat you do not think of all the little muscle movements that have to happen to accomplish that feat.
<gnosis> In a specific sense, accidents do not exist. But in a general definition of the term, they do.
<Hermes`> your unconscious mind doe that
<Hermes`> yes, in one sense there are accidents but in another there are not
<gnosis> ok
<gnosis> what do you think about the world trade center collapsing? Do you think those people specifically chose to die?
<Hermes`> yes, if you believe in free will of man then on some level you have to know that each of those person's choose to leave the planet for whatever reason.
<gnosis> why?
<gnosis> why should death be special?
<Hermes`> someone asked the same question and I posted the answer in the Q&A section
<gnosis> What about the thousands that were killed in Hiroshima or Nagasaki?
<gnosis> that they all wanted to die?
<iris^> not so much that they wanted it - just that they permitted it to happen. On some level they gave their consent to be part of it
<Hermes`> I realize it is hard to imagine but no one leaves this planet unless they want to
<gnosis> If you were out for a run or walk in the mountains, and I leapt out from a bush and pushed you off the cliff...would you still say that you consciously/unconsciously wanted, desired, sought to die?
<Hermes`> yes they let it happen, on some level they let go of living
<iris^> perhaps to work through their own karma
<iris^> or to learn through the experience, because we each learn through our death experiences
<gnosis> :)
<gnosis> We learn from everything...even taking a sh**.
<Hermes`> every moment on this planet is a learning
<iris^> so true
<naf> is it true that someone managed to stay alive after jumping down from the WTC tower?
<gnosis> There is learning in every instant of existence, period. That is not the point.
<iris^> not that I know of
<naf> well, I kinda guessed someone starts such a rumor. :)
<gnosis> Hermes, you haven't my question :)
<Hermes`> what question
<GargowL> I think a guy who jumped from the their floor only broke a leg... just don't ask me why he jumped :P
<gnosis> answered my question
<gnosis> If you were out for a run or walk in the mountains, and I leapt out from a bush and pushed you off the cliff...would you still say that you consciously/unconsciously wanted, desired, sought to die?
<Hermes`> yes
<gnosis> why?
<Hermes`> because any other answer takes my reality creating power and gives it away
<Hermes`> I am in charge of everything that happens to me, the bad and the good
<Hermes`> I make no discrimination
<iris^> and if he didn't want to go off the cliff, he wouldn't be there at that exact time
<gnosis> haha
<gnosis> so what?
<gnosis> you think those thousands of people would've called in sick at world trade towers?
<Hermes`> many of them did
<iris^> I cannot tell you how many people I know that should have been there that morning and for one reason or another were not
<iris^> who got up late, who took the day off, who was out of town...
<GargowL> and many people managed to escape
<gnosis> If this is how you see things.. you are giving up all your power to the unconscious.
<iris^> no, giving power to your higher self
<naf> interesting topics tonight, but I have to get some sleep now. Light, love & peace, friends, and good night. :)
<gnosis> can you believe this believe that your higher self has you on leash, or is always holding your hand.
<gnosis> night :)
<iris^> then who are we if not our higher or inner selves?
<gnosis> there is no higher or lower
<iris^> we should have our physical selves have us on a leash?
<gnosis> we are all on the same level, just experiencing different things.
<iris^> well, that is the real issue you are dealing with
<gnosis> no, I believe we might have spiritual guides, friends, that communicate with us, but I don't believe there doing all the time, like a babysitter, or a mother holding her child's hand on the first day of school.
<iris^> then if there are spiritual guides, then can't each of us be spiritual in a physical body for the moment?
<gnosis> we are independent, no one can do anything to us that we don't allow, accidents do exist circumstantially.
<gnosis> of course
<gnosis> All I'm saying, is that things can happen that we don't necessarily want to happen.
<Hermes`> yes because we inadvertently create it by sending out the wrong thought energy
<Hermes`> which is why as you become more conscious of your thoughts and actions, you can better control your life and take the 'accidents' out of it.
<gnosis> in some way or another
<Hermes`> it is not easy to take a look at the contents of your mind at any given time, but it is a good exercise to do.
<gnosis> it's all about circumstances.. right time, right place.. or wrong time, wrong place.
<Hermes`> pick a certain time of the day and at that time just jot down everything that is going through your mind.
<Hermes`> do this for one week
<gnosis> haha
<Hermes`> you will be amazed at the random stuff that is going on in your mind.
<gnosis> nothing escapes my attention
<Hermes`> it is these chaotic unfocused thoughts that create your world.
<GargowL> that's what I do while I'm playing quake
<gnosis> you must learn to forget these chaotic unfocused thoughts, to let them go... and there will be nothing to create.
<Hermes`> if something happens to you in your life that you do not like, then somewhere you sent enough of that thought energy out to create it
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Session Close: Thu Sep 27 19:13:14 2001

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