strange light balls after or during sex; 112 meditations to enlightenment; the eye technique meditation (from the 112); using mantras to fall asleep and to stop smoking; addiction; darkness; karma and short term relationships; acquiring self-love
September 25, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Sep 25 16:36:29 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops.'
<fooki> hi there
<Hermes`> hello everyone
<Attuned2> hi all! (and there are a lot of you!)
<phace> hello.
<Hermes`> hello phace
<phace> thanks for the reply you sent. If you remember. :)
<Hermes`> glad I could help phase
<phace> yeah.. It gave more relaxed feeling. :)
<phace> because we both were very amazed of it what happened. :)
<Hermes`> so the exercises are working well for you then
<phace> exercises? .. hm. I was the one who told about those light balls in email. :)
<Hermes`> ah got the e-mail mixed up
<phace> thought so. :) no problem.
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<Hermes`> that must of been quite and experience however
<Hermes`> especially when you are not used to such things happening.
<Hermes`> No more light balls since that time?
<phace> yeah.. well. these kind of things are familiar to both of us.. But we haven't never read/experience anything about light balls.
<phace> no. not since that.
<jsn> phace, could u tell more about the light balls, you saw some sort of ligthballs?
<phace> I can send the email I sent to hermes if you like
<jsn> yes please
<jsn> thanks
<phace> and it was my gf. Not me. :)
<phace> mail sent.
<jsn> reading, I see, they were floating in the air?
<phace> yep.
<jsn> I had similar experience with my gf when 1999-2000 change, but they were only 2d in the walls
<jsn> but there was no explanation where those lights could come, there were similar amount as well
<jsn> lights
<Hermes`> I forgot about that Jason, maybe there is a connection
<jsn> yeah it sounded too familiar
<jsn> 2d in the walls -> kinda like if there were spotlights pointed to walls.
<phace> hmm
<jsn> similar size as well
<phace> those were _very_ bright and glowing
<phace> as my gf said
<jsn> well those were very sharp and moving very fast but still smooth
<jsn> we both did see them me and gf, and we did check if there would being some "logical" explanation like some person spotting them but it was absolutely not possible
<phace> hm
<phace> well..
<phace> I didn't sow those balls myself. but .. I was already woke up. and.. to tell the truth. I didn't felt normal in that time my gf sow those.
<phace> and what's strange too.. is that she said that I covered her brow and eyes with my hand.
<phace> and he felt that very live.
<phace> he as she.
<jsn> yep
<jsn> =)
<phace> :)
<jsn> I suppose it also lasted pretty much same time, it happened fast and ended pretty quick too, cant remember exact time but 2-minutes about
<jsn> at maximum
<phace> yeah.. It just wonders that. What was the meaning that someone show them to us. Why? :)
<phace> to her.
<phace> sorry. ;)
<GargowL> hail
<jsn> Well, I have no idea hahaha =)
<Hermes`> it is possible you were both picking up on souls looking for incarnation
<jsn> why to anyone, is it just hallucinating or what.. But hopefully she finds out why see saw those, I'm going to find out why I saw them...
<phace> yeah..
<Hermes`> when there is a great deal of sexual energy around
<Hermes`> they are like moths to the flame
<Hermes`> normally you can not see them
<phace> deja-vu by the way.
<phace> ;)
<jsn> hermes, that sounds reasonable
<xor-z> oh hi hermes attuned Jason phace gargowl
<xor-z> hey... I idled too long
<jsn> hello again soren =)
<phace> hey hey.
<jsn> yeah idling is so good hobby =)
<phace> hm..
<phace> many nationalities here.. How many? :)
<jsn> 5(?)
<xor-z> at fi hr pt usa ita
<jsn> well bots from .at
<xor-z> right
<Hermes`> it is nice to see the room fill up
<jsn> but it doesn't matter =)
<Hermes`> maybe other people have seen these lights as well, and will e-mail me about them when they read the log file.
<jsn> Hermes, while everyone else is more or less quiet, I'll want to fix one thing up. You though"perhaps they want to cover their ass..." when I told about the 112 meditations techniques that should not be altered or modify, the reason for that is...
<phace> hope so. Its glad to hear other experiences similar to this.
<GargowL> what lights?
<jsn> ...They're already "perfect" as they're from Shiva, one of those will be perfect to any human which is all that is needed
<jsn> person only needs to find which one is best and then do that technique, they're very ancient techniques
<Hermes`> well 112 is quite a bunch to choose from, so I'm sure one of them will work.
<GargowL> hey 112 that's the Portuguese 911
<jsn> gargowl, its whole Europe..
<GargowL> (just a thought)
<GargowL> oh, really?
<jsn> yes
<GargowL> I didn't know that
<GargowL> lol
<jsn> =)
<GargowL> I just keep learning :P
<Hermes`> Jason wasn't there some kind of website where those meditations were posted.
<jsn> I tried to find good page before today's workshop but I did not find :(
<jsn> there's one, I'll paste the address of it, it will do
<jsn> if someone finds better, let us know =)
<phace> jsn . do you know where that elias haviolan mediaatio-opas is nowadays? its not anymore in that same URL it was.
<jsn> I have no idea, sorry :(
<phace> ok
<fooki> phace it's still in google's cache:
<phace> heh. Thanks :=
<phace> :)
<Hermes`> yikes what a long URL
<jsn> the book of secrets, will cover the 112 techniques pretty well.
<jsn> bottom of page contains small info about it
<Hermes`> so have you tried any of these meditations yet Jason? or has anyone here?
<jsn> I have only read the volume four, it contained 2 interesting methods already, I've tried the eye technique its pretty interesting
<jsn> it goes like this:
<jsn> touching eyeballs as feather,
<jsn> lightness between them opens into heart
<jsn> and there permeates the cosmos.
<phace> :)
<jsn> it could require some explanations about it but I wont start to write whole chapter here =)
<jsn> the "not so good" URL I gave looks like giving it this way: 90. Touch your eyes lightly.
<Hermes`> what were your experiences with the eye technique?
<jsn> well its not for me, but it could require some practice to master it
<jsn> also it seemed to already do what he explained it should do
<Hermes`> which was what?
<jsn> eyes feel more energetic after it
<Hermes`> ah okay
<Attuned2> I want to mention that I just today heard that just repeating "Silence" really works nicely for meditating, if anyone wants to try
<jsn> I'm not into mantra's really
<jsn> for attuned
<Hermes`> mantra's can be real powerful
<Hermes`> I use them often
<Hermes`> especially at night when going to sleep.
<Hermes`> the last thing you focus on when you go to sleep is the first nonphysical thing you do
<Attuned2> in my old insomnia days I could only fall asleep when repeating "silence"
<Hermes`> so it is a great technique to run a mantra as you go to sleep to achieve some results
<jsn> I'll write what osho comments on he's book about mantra if that is okay with you hermes?
<Hermes`> sure
<jsn> Someone is smoking too much and he wants to stop it. But smoking in itself is not a problem; the problem is something else. You can stop smoking, but the problem will remain, and it will have to come out in something else. When do you smoke? When you are anxious, nervous, you start smoking, and smoking helps you. You feel more confident, you feel more relaxed...
<jsn> ...Just by stopping the smoking, your nervousness is not going to change. You will feel nervous, you will fell anxious; the anxiety will come, then you will do something else. And you can find something which is a beautiful substitute; ...
<jsn> it looks so different. You can do anything. You can use a mantra instead of smoking, and whenever you feel nervous you can say, ram, ram, ram - anything continuously....
<gnosis> hey everyone
<jsn> ...What are you doing with smoke? It is a mantra. You smoke in and out, - it becomes a repetitive thing. Because of the repetition you feel relaxed. Repeat anything and same will happen....
<jsn> ...But if you are using a mantra and saying, ram,ram,ram, no one is going to say that you doing something wrong, And the problem is the same...
<jsn> ...The problem has not changed; only you have changed the trick. Previously you were doing it with smoke; now you are doing it with a word....
<fooki> tobacco is about chemicals, not about breathing
<jsn> ...Repetition helps; any nonsense thing will help. You just have to repeat it continuously. When you repeat a thing it gives a relaxation...
<phace> I'm not addicted to cig's chemicals. I'm addicted to cig itself.
<jsn> ..Because it creates a sort of boredom. Boredom is relaxing. You can do anything that creates boredom..
<phace> jsn is right
<jsn> (its not about smoke, its about mantra!)
<jsn> and its not me.
<xor-z> well is right... every abitudine give you security
<xor-z> abitudine=usual thing you do
<Hermes`> well a mantra certainly sounds better for your body than a cigarette
<jsn> If you are smoking, everyone will say that it is wrong. And if you are chanting a mantra, no one is going to say that it is wrong. But if the problem is the same, I am saying that it is also wrong - rather more dangerous than the previous one, because with smoking you were aware that it was wrong. Now, with this chanting of the amntra...
<jsn> mantra... ... you are not aware, and this disease that you're unaware is more dangerous and more harmful.
<gnosis> they might think your crazy :)
<xor-z> maybe is better to know what anxiety wants to tell with u
<jsn> -or
<xor-z> with u = to u
<Hermes`> well we all have areas of our being that need to be tamed...
<jsn> and what comes to fook, have you ever heard that tobacco is also social drug?
<Hermes`> the idea sometimes is to find the most nondestructive way of doing that
<xor-z> hi iris
<jsn> hi iris
<iris^> Hi everyone!
<xor-z> idling for some mins..
<Hermes`> saying a mantra is certainly better than smoking a cigarette but you are right in that it may not be a cure...
<Hermes`> however mantras are very powerful in that they bring into you energy that you need...
<jsn> There's also another few pages comments about mantra's but that one more easy to find =)
<Hermes`> so in theory, by substituting a mantra for smoking you are pulling in the energy you need in a more natural way and a more clean way.
<Hermes`> eventually you do not need mantra's any more...
<Hermes`> they do their job of filling you with that energy and then you move on.
<jsn> So mantra works as shortcut from your point of view, what if you cant stop using mantra?
<Hermes`> I have never seen that happen
<iris^> I know I came in late, but why is using a mantra a problem?
<jsn> there's some religious orders that uses only mantra, Krishna people and so, I don't think they even going to think about giving it up, but I have no knowledge of their systems.
<jsn> iris, I don't know if its problem, but I don't like using such method, its not for me.. Happy for people who like to use it and works for them and so.
<Hermes`> there was a text published that mantras were addicting and that substituting a mantra for say smoking was not curing your problem
<Hermes`> that is the short version of it anyway
<jsn> yes well shortened, but I'll try to find better example about it as it seems to come so tobacco oriented.
<Hermes`> in my own experience I use mantras to help me tune into certain energies that I need...
<Hermes`> It usually takes me about 6 months to acquire the energy on my own and then I leave the mantra.
<Hermes`> I use the mantra as a tool to help me focus my consciousness in that direction.
<Hermes`> but I'm sure someone somewhere is addicted to mantras as anything is possible here on this planet.
<phace> idle.. Calling to my gf. She is having some problems.. doesn't feel the same. doesn't feel as "warm" as before. And asking for me why.. Wish me luck mates..
<Hermes`> okay good luck there
<iris^> isn't the real issue that when we become dependent on anything so that we cannot function without it - isn't it then a problem, regardless of what it is?
<iris^> good luck with the gf!
<jsn> gl, phace
<Hermes`> yes that is the real issue
<Hermes`> I just never heard or thought of a mantra as being addictive
<Hermes`> but I guess it could be
<jsn> still searching, anybody any questions meanwhile?
<jsn> Hermes, what you think about darkness?
<Hermes`> in what sense?
<jsn> when you put lights on there's no more dark...
<Hermes`> darkness is unsupported
<Hermes`> it has not real power of its own
<Hermes`> which is why light always shatters darkness
<GargowL> oh hermes I have something...
<GargowL> remember me saying I wasn't sure of which girl I loved?
<Hermes`> yea
<GargowL> now I'm sure.... and she is moving away to the mainland (forever) in some months :((
<Hermes`> yea life loves to throw you those twists
<Hermes`> well if she is moving away from you, then most likely the relationship is not a good one for now.
<Hermes`> if it was beneficial to both of you, there would be an attraction that would pull the two of you together.
<Hermes`> many times and in many relationships, especially those short ones that only last a year or two...
<Hermes`> there are karmic issues that each of you have to work out between you...
<Hermes`> so you are attracted together to burn off the karmic energy...
<Hermes`> once the energy is gone then the two of you fly apart from each other..
<Hermes`> perhaps that is what happened with this one girl...
<Hermes`> you burned off the karmic energy that kept her in your sphere and now that you are both free of it, she and you are moving on.
<Hermes`> these often happen with loves from previous life times
<Hermes`> where there was one or two unresolved issues.
<jsn> I try to find it for next time, or then not.. I think everyone is free to use what suits for them
<GargowL> well I just wish those issues wouldn't make me have to fall in love for someone I'll have to lose :(
<Hermes`> yea, well, that would be nice
<jsn> gargowl, start loving your self, you cant lose that, will be great start
<Hermes`> very true
<Hermes`> self love is the best way to eliminate that stray energy that pulls these kinds of things toward you.
<Hermes`> you can work the karma out within yourself, and like you said Gargowl, that would be the better way to do it
<GargowL> well that seems kinda like a vicious cycle, because I feel I can only love myself after somebody else does...
<GargowL> but as I said before my self esteem and social life have been getting better lately, this is probably just a bump in the road :)
<Hermes`> yea keep working on it Gargowl
<Hermes`> everything will just open up for you once you are comfortable with yourself and can feel love within yourself.
<Hermes`> what attracts a mate is your love for life and yourself just flowing outward
<Hermes`> when you lack self love, then you push love away.
<Hermes`> people that could love you won't because they don't sense any love within you to give.
<GargowL> hey is there something I can do at "metaphysical" level to help me love myself more?
<Hermes`> well you can ask that you be filled with the energy of self love
<Hermes`> you can program some dreams to help you acquire it.
<Hermes`> you could also create a talisman to help do that too
<GargowL> well I've tried to try the talisman but I fail to find will power to get up to do it at the right time
<Hermes`> that is the strongest method
<Hermes`> so it may be worth it to you to try it.
<GargowL> well I'll try the dreams first
<GargowL> because the talisman needs to be charged ad 6 in the morning and at that time I usually just care about sleeping
<Hermes`> I understand
<GargowL> (believe me, I'd lost some important events because I was too sleepy to get yp)
<Hermes`> oh well time to go
<Hermes`> it has been a good workshop
<Hermes`> see everyone on Thursday
<jsn> cya laters
<fooki> bye
<GargowL> oh just one more thing
<GargowL> a quick one
<Hermes`> ok
<gnosis> bye
<GargowL> who should I ask to fill me with the energy of self love?
<Hermes`> the archangel Haniel in the Tree of Life sphere Netzach
<GargowL> ok thanks
<Hermes`> night everyone
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Session Close: Tue Sep 25 18:57:39 2001

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