Mayans and crystals; world trade center incident; physical reality's uniqueness in the universe; now is a special time to be on the planet; war & revenge; being a torch of light; self love & the reality mirror; selfishness; helping others and finding balance with that
September 20, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Sep 20 16:55:14 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops.'
<fooki> a friend of mine mentioned that Mayans had a room full of crystal, and that it pulled so much energy from the rest of the world that it had to be destroyed
<Hermesz> that is possible
<Hermesz> the Mayans were probably descended from Atlantis
<Attuned2> how are the workshops for Americans going? are you having them?
<Attuned2> they more visited?
<Hermesz> as were the Egyptians
<Hermesz> these are the only ones
<Hermesz> the American workshops did not work out, no one showed
<Hermesz> Now who knows what would happen now if we had them.
<Attuned2> :) maybe you should try having them again
<Hermesz> maybe I'll consider it
<Hermesz> actually I'm on a landline to iris now about that
<Attuned2> hi Iris
<iris^> Hi everyone!
<fooki> hi
<iris^> Nice to see you attuned !
<iris^> fooki, glad you're back again!
<fooki> okay, happy if it makes happy.
<fooki> makes you happy
<Hermesz> how is your diet coming attuned?
<GargowL> heil
<Hermesz> hi gargowl
<iris^> Hi gargowl!
<fooki> hi gargowl
<Attuned2> oh diet. Well a moth ago I totally didn't care about what I'm eating or if I'm eating or anything. Now everything changed in this month or two, and now I'm caring a lot. And eat meat so rarely
<Attuned2> I just read you said it took you a year to become a vegetarian, and I'm taking it slowly too
<Attuned2> but I already see big difference
<Hermesz> yes it is always good to give up the meat slowly, so your body can adjust
<Attuned2> is there something that really amazes you?
<Hermesz> everything amazes me
<Attuned2> like the world
<Attuned2> are you like always aware of it?
<Attuned2> of how strange it is
<Attuned2> or whatever
<Hermesz> I do find humanity very strange at times
<Hermesz> lately, over the last 5 years I have taken a more conscious touch to the world, I guess you would say...
<Attuned2> I was just thinking of diversity of people, how precious that is
<Hermesz> part of my consciousness is always aware of what is going on there
<Hermesz> yes...
<Attuned2> what do you mean?
<Hermesz> there is no other place in the universe where you will find the diversity of people and energy beings than on the earth..
<Hermesz> I have traveled nonphysically to many places and compared to the earth it is very bland
<Hermesz> in bland in that on a nonphysical level you never find this kind of dynamics going on.
<Hermesz> think about it
<Hermesz> you have tree consciousness living with human and animal consciousness
<Hermesz> you just don't see that anywhere else
<Hermesz> If I travel to Saturn..
<Hermesz> I meet Saturn.. people. They are all very similar to each other.
<Hermesz> you won't find tree energy there at all
<Hermesz> only Saturn.. energy.
<Hermesz> So the earth is a very unique place in the universe...
<Hermesz> it is the land of the brave...
<Hermesz> because you have to be brave to put yourself in the midst of all these different energy types
<Attuned2> I think we should always have this on our minds, be aware of it. Everything looks different and wonderful then
<iris^> I think that's what I love most about this reality
<iris^> we can experience a tree, or an ocean, a sunset - it's great
<iris^> but it is also distracting so it is a great learning ground in focusing
<iris^> and perfecting skills
<Attuned2> I say :)
<Attuned2> it's so strange.
<iris^> unlike anything else!
<Attuned2> well time to go check the more "boring" instant-thought-creating realities
<Attuned2> bye
<Hermesz> many masters have told me it is a great honor and challenge to be on this planet at this time. There are unique energies for evolving consciousness that have not been around for hundreds of thousands of years
<Hermesz> people here now will reap benefits that they could not think of, as these energies shape them in new ways.
<Hermesz> this of course is another reason the planet is so populated
<iris^> agreed
<iris^> how is everything with you, fooki?
<iris^> and you gargowl?
<GargowL> I'm fine
<GargowL> and you?
<GargowL> :)
<iris^> doing ok, thanks
<iris^> it's been quiet here
<iris^> people are making their way back to work, others are still working round the clock on the massive cleanup in the city
<Hermesz> I see on the news it is still smoking there
<iris^> and I think everyone is quietly waiting to see what happens
<iris^> yes, you can see the smoke from here
<GargowL> man I hope the USA don't attack
<GargowL> that would be the end of the world
<iris^> no one really knows what is planned,
<GargowL> because if they do innocents will die, and I believe most countries will turn against the USA
<GargowL> and a war is inevitable
<iris^> but don't you think most nations also desire to live without fear?
<GargowL> and is that fear a reason good enough to kill innocents?
<GargowL> a lot of innocent ppl have already died, why kill more?
<iris^> I see it a little differently from here. I see nations standing up and saying we don't want to worry that this could happen to us. What can we do together to stop any more killing of innocents?
<iris^> the number 11: adds up to 2
<iris^> 2 means partnership
<iris^> I think this is what we are being called to do
<GargowL> but to be protected is not to destroy enemies!
<GargowL> it is to prevent such things can happen again
<GargowL> I agree the responsible should be punished, but the peoples of they countries are as innocent as the ones who died last week
<iris^> agreed. I think we all realize that. And I don't think anyone of us wants more people to suffer
<iris^> I don't know how the nations can make the people of the world safe without any more deaths but I send energy out each day that they will be guided in that direction
<iris^> that they will find a way to ensure our safety in a peaceful way
<GargowL> hey if you take a look around you'll realize that we're always in danger...
<GargowL> at any moment a earthquake can raze cities, a meteor can blow countries away and a volcano can wipe out islands...
<GargowL> you can never be safe, and if you worry about justice, karma will do it
<Hermesz> the world can seem like a dire place if you only look at the dark side of living
<Hermesz> however for every dark corner there are many more corner of light
<Hermesz> it is just that we tend to only see what is dark and the worst possible outcome.
<Hermesz> there are many probabilities where this entire situation turns out well
<GargowL> yeah...
<GargowL> but revenge leads to nothing good
<Hermesz> no one has revenged anyone
<GargowL> and as I see it this "protecting the nation" is just an excuse for revenge
<Hermesz> right now everything is posturing
<xor-> hi all
<fooki> hi
<Hermesz> hi soren
<xor-> fooki,hermes:)
<xor-> long time no see:P
<Hermesz> yes it has been awhile
<Hermesz> the idea is to try to focus on the most peaceful and positive outcome of the whole thing
<Hermesz> this can help the forces of light to bring about harmony
<Hermesz> I realize that is not easy in the face of what is going on in the world to do this
<Hermesz> but every candle of positive energy dispels that much more darkness
<GargowL> yeah, positivism is the best solution.. But also the hardest at times like these
<Hermesz> yea this is where we separate the men from the boys
<Hermesz> those of you that can hold your own against the dark energies that are assaulting the planet, no matter what way it turns out, will be much stronger and very much more in the light.
<Hermesz> and in dark energies I am not talking about any one country or action...
<Hermesz> when violence is committed like this, it happens because on the etheric plane dark energies have taken hold and there is not much light...
<Hermesz> these energies look for ways to create more conflict and violence and will prey on the weak
<Hermesz> they look to everyone on the planet...
<Hermesz> they look for your fears...
<Hermesz> the places where you will compromise yourself and your ideals...
<Hermesz> this energy will surround you like a dark fog and try to suck the very life force out of you...
<Hermesz> it wants you to give in and be fearful, and to strikeout against each other...
<Hermesz> you can dispel this energy from around you...
<Hermesz> you have to focus on the light, on goodness, you have to demand that the darkness leave you alone...
<Hermesz> if everyone could do this, then the world would take care of itself...
<Hermesz> So whatever does happen in the future, it is important to keep the darkness away from your own self
<Hermesz> in doing so, you keep it away from the world.
<GargowL> that is why people like you are needed, to "enlighten" the people who only have dark thoughts and heal the world
<Hermesz> well, I try my best, which is all that anyone of us can do.
<Hermesz> so now each of you need to be beacons of light in your part of the world.
<Hermesz> to hold on to the light and carry it with you...
<Hermesz> you don't have to say anything to anyone...
<Hermesz> if you carry a torch everyone will know.
<GargowL> well I try to be, but it's hard as most people are not ready to believe or understand
<Hermesz> you do not have to tell anyone anything...
<Hermesz> in this time your presence is all that is needed
<Hermesz> a torch does not change anyone, it radiates into the environment
<Hermesz> and then the enlightened space does the rest.
<GargowL> yeah, but the more people who have the light the more people will be influenced by it
<GargowL> so it's always good to have new "recruits"
<Hermesz> well then help those you can directly and those that you can't just throw some of your light in their direction
<Hermesz> welcome back iris
<iris^> it wasn't easy, but I'm here!
<iris^> hi xor!
<iris^> did I miss anything?
<Hermesz> well my big thing on being a torch for others
<Hermesz> no one was talking so I went on and on
<iris^> well, I like to liken myself to a lighthouse
<Hermesz> another good analogy
<iris^> lighting the way for others to travel to their destinations safely and easily :-)
<Hermesz> yea and soren, fook, gargowl can all be that light in their own parts of the world
<xor-> hi iris:)
<iris^> that's the whole idea - and then we do make a difference
<iris^> Hi !
<Hermesz> you think about it. A room with no light can be very very dark. Then you bring in one candle and it illuminates almost every corner of the room.
<Hermesz> one candle has the power to wipe out an entire room of darkness.
<Iris^> yes!
<Hermesz> well if there are no other questions I think I will wrap it up for tonight
<xor-> I got a question..
<Hermesz> oooh!
<Hermesz> hermes points to soren
<xor-> :)
<GargowL> I had one this morning, but I forgot it and can't bring myself to remembering it
<xor-> just if being selfish in a conscious way help to bring love...
<xor-> like loving myself to bring love
<Hermesz> you should love yourself
<Hermesz> that is the only way to attract a mate
<Hermesz> if you can not love yourself you can not love others, or at least it can be difficult
<xor-> not for a mate..about love in other way
<Hermesz> well it works for regular love that way as well
<Hermesz> if you feel love for yourself and your being then you emanate that love outward and others feel it.
<Iris^> agreed!
<Hermesz> this helps them to feel love for themselves and it can keep going and going
<Hermesz> an of course there is the reality mirror...
<Hermesz> which says that what you have within is reflected in the reality around you..
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<Hermesz> so if you feel love for yourself, then others will feel love for you.
<xor-> nice game:)
<xor-> so being selfish is good
<Hermesz> well, loving yourself is good.
<Hermesz> there is a certain degree of personal selfishness that is good
<Hermesz> but like many things when taken too far, selfishness can begin to hurt yourself and others.
<Iris^> and taking care of yourself because you realize what a precious being you are
<xor-> yes you are right
<Hermesz> I like to share with others what I have plenty of
<fooki> like candy? =Å9
<xor-> yes but thinking first to ourselves:)
<iris^> it will naturally turn into service for others because you will see the beauty of others because you understand and nurture it in yourself
<Hermesz> you can't help others until you can stand on your own feet and help yourself.
<fooki> well I disagree. of course there are levels in that too. You can help others if you are broken, but it's harder then.
<Hermesz> you may help them to a certain degree, but just think how much more you could help them if you were whole.
<fooki> what do you exactly mean by "being whole"? how perfect state that is?
<fooki> like if you are just a bit broken or so..
<Hermesz> some people will not hesitate to do things for others, but will stop when it comes to doing things that can help themselves
<fooki> rings a bell sort of
<Hermesz> if you are going to help others you have to help yourself as well. It is a matter of balance.
<Hermesz> in my beginning days of out of body travel and making physical connections...
<Hermesz> ^nonphysical connections
<Hermesz> these great teachers and masters would come and tutor me on the universe...
<Hermesz> they gave so much of themselves to me so that I could learn...
<Hermesz> I felt at that time a bit selfish, here I had all these people helping me and I was not doing anything for them...
<Hermesz> they told me not to worry. To focus on getting my own life and self in order first, that was the most important...
<Hermesz> which is what I did for the most part. I helped people along the way in those days but not on any kind of scale...
<Hermesz> but now today, because of that time spent learning and taking care of my own needs, I can help far more people now then I ever could then.
<Iris^> well said
<Hermesz> okay now I'm departing
<Hermesz> catch everyone next week if not sooner.
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Session Close: Thu Sep 20 19:22:57 2001

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