Eating healthy; food additives; citric acid; changing to a more healthy and balanced life style; Nostradamas and predictions; universal harmony; reality creating with emotions; creating love
September 18, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Sep 18 16:45:36 2001
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*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops.'
*** Set by |Gamble! on Tue Sep 18 02:17:10
<Hermes`> howdy
<GargowL> hi hermes
<GargowL> long time no talk :)
<Hermes`> yea it has been awhile
<GargowL> so how have things been since my last visit?
<Hermes`> well most of the summer I was not here
<Hermes`> what I mean is that I did not log on to the channel
<Hermes`> so channel wise I'm not sure you missed anything
<GargowL> oh, ok
<Hermes`> hi attuned
<Attuned2> hi all!
<Hermes`> how have you been
<Attuned2> very well!
<Hermes`> good
<Attuned2> I wanted to ask you about food additives -- what do you think and know about that, how not good they are and that?
<Hermes`> well I myself do try to eat only the most natural things. but sometimes you can't avoid those other not so healthy things.
<Hermes`> the body however has a tough time breaking that stuff down.
<Hermes`> any additives in particular you are thinking about?
<Hermes`> additives^
<Attuned2> well do you know about citric acid? it's said to be the meanest one, but it's in almost everything
<Hermes`> well I find that strange as many fruits have citric acid in them
<Hermes`> I always thought that one was basically natural
<Attuned2> yes but like only the one that is I food where it isn't naturally
<Hermesz> okay I see now that there are non-natural sources of citric acid
<Hermesz> well as with any of these things, you can do your best to avoid the non natural kinds of additives, but you can only do so much.
<Attuned2> yea..
<Hermesz> luckily the body is a real good chemistry set and and detox many of these toxic substances.
<Attuned2> how can we help it with that?
<Hermesz> well the body can handle certain amounts of this stuff. It is only when so much toxic stuff comes into the body that can't handle it. So cut out what you can of these bad products and that should help.
<Attuned2> OK, I'm doing that
<Hermesz> of course if you focus on being healthy then you will reality create healthy foods in your life
<Hermesz> I found those artificial sweeteners to be very bad
<Hermesz> I never have any of those
<Hermesz> the stuff in diet soda kills brain cells
<Hermesz> actually you would find my own food choices very limited...
<Attuned2> do tell
<jsn> citric acid: a colorless, crystalline organic compound belonging to the family of carboxylic acids, present in practically all plants and in many animal tissues and fluids.
<jsn> and hi hermes/attuned/gargowl
<Hermesz> I drink water and non caffeine teas. That is it for the liquid
<Attuned2> thanks J :)
<Attuned2> non caffeine teas?
<Hermesz> yea herbals mostly
<Attuned2> I see
<Hermesz> I will have some green tea every now and then
<Hermesz> I'm a vegetarian
<Hermesz> so no meat, fish, or chicken goes into the body
<Attuned2> and milk products?
<Hermesz> I do eat cheese but not too much of it, as it is a bit toxic
<Hermesz> not too much milk products
<Hermesz> I find the body can't handle too much of them, at least mine
<Attuned2> it's said no one's can really
<Hermesz> yea strange how we came to consume something our bodies really can't digest.
<Hermesz> needless to say, when I go out to eat it is an adventure to find something on the menu.
<Hermesz> but for me, I have found that by eliminating these foods that were not good for me, I have gained much energy and health
<Attuned2> so what is it you eat most?
<Hermesz> peanuts, raisins, various fruits, veggies, pizza (have to have pizza!),
<Hermesz> tofu
<Hermesz> soy products
<Hermesz> I also shy away from big meals, and prefer to eat very small portions throughout the day
<Hermesz> kind of like picking all day long with no big sit down meals
<Attuned2> could you tell what you eat, like what are your meals like, from morning to evening?
<Hermesz> I usually do not eat breakfast. I'll get up and exercise for an hour...
<Hermesz> then have some yogurt
<Hermesz> after that I'll pick on raisins and fruit till the afternoon, then I may make some soup or have some kind of light veggies...
<Hermesz> then I'll go back to picking on some light carbs in the late afternoon to evening, usually dry cereal.
<Hermesz> if I'm hungry in the evening I may cook up a soy burger
<Hermesz> I usually do not eat any bread
<Attuned2> why not?
<Hermesz> but I stay away from bread only because it is just too many calories to burn off
<Hermesz> not because it is unhealthy
<Attuned2> OK
<Attuned2> well thanks! you really helped :)
<Hermesz> great
<Hermesz> you can't believe the difference eating healthy and exercise has on the body
<Hermesz> till you go the whole route
<jsn> attuned, you could try out some pages like:
<Hermesz> what you have to do is commit to a three month change in cutting out all the stuff that is not good for the body. Then look back after three months and see how much you have changed.
<Attuned2> I sure intend to
<Attuned2> I guess you don't know the Fit for Life book? I suggest you check it out some day
<Hermesz> okay I'll have to check it out, it does sound familiar
<Attuned2> by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond
<Attuned2> it's kinda pretty different from the rest, you'll see
<Attuned2> well I go now. Thanks for this talk, Jason thanks for the URL, I'll check it. See you!
<jsn> hermes, you spoke about week ago that people actually mass-create like things Nostradamas has said?
<Hermesz> yes
<Hermesz> we all have a hand in creating global events
<Hermesz> I call it mass-reality creating
<jsn> wouldn't it be obvious that WW3 comes same way up many people have spoken it since WW2
<Hermesz> well it is possible but there are many people that talk about peace too
<Hermesz> so you kind of have the energy of peace and the energy of war fighting with each other
<jsn> also there's much people not knowing anything about Nostradamas, cant be sure tho, but countries like china/India... there's MANY people in those areas
<jsn> how does it affect while half of planet don't even know about person called Nostradamas?
<Hermesz> Nostradamas is not the cause of these events
<jsn> yes, the people mass-create them you said it already :)
<Hermesz> he just looked into the future probabilities and reported some of them
<jsn> but half of planet didn't even know about the prophecies[spelling]
<Hermesz> I was merely saying that taking the word of a prophet as being fact, helps to bring about that creation
<Hermesz> if enough people focus on that probability stream they can pull it into reality
<Hermesz> Nostradamas just saw one probable version of future events
<Hermesz> they do not have to happen that way, there are many other probabilities that can happen and many of them are much more pleasant than the one he saw.
<Hermesz> mankind by his nature tends to focus on the negative
<Hermesz> and this helps to bring some negative probabilities into manifestation.
<Hermesz> Nostradamas is kind of like putting a drink in front of a recovering alcoholic
<jsn> I'm more concerned about the balance
<Hermesz> what do you mean?
<jsn> by this way it means that minority of people are able to create bad events which can even have effect on whole planet?
<Hermesz> well you see it is not like that at all. Negative events are events and realities that are losing energy by their very nature. Disharmony is not supported by the universe so no extra energy is added to that. However....
<Hermesz> when thoughts and realities of harmony are created, then the universe adds energy to those creations...
<Hermesz> so in this case the few positive thinkers can out weigh the negative ones.
<Hermesz> if this was not the case the planet would of ceased to exist a long time ago.
<jsn> I see
<jsn> generally universe is for positive, but people are for negative?
<Hermesz> exactly, which is why we are here on this planet, to learn how to create in harmony with the rest of the universe
<fooki> hermes hi =)
<fooki> others too =)
<jsn> hi fooki
<GargowL> hey there fooki
<Hermesz> hi fook
<Hermesz> the earth is a teaching planet
<Hermesz> we are here to learn how to rid our selves of creating disharmony
<Hermesz> so the universe helps us to learn by supporting those creations that are in harmony with every thing that exists
<Hermesz> and not supporting those that are not
<Hermesz> so it is possible that the thoughts of peace and harmony from one person can negate the negative thoughts of a thousand or more.
<jsn> how come fear is so much more powerful reality creating tool, as fear usually has something to do with negative things?
<Hermesz> fear is an emotion, any time you mix thought energy with emotional energy you get powerful reality creating energy
<Hermesz> you can actually test this in a positive way..
<Hermesz> first think of something that invokes a positive warm feeling within you...
<Hermesz> then create and energy ball to manifest something..
<Hermesz> send it out and wait to see how fast it creates.
<Hermesz> you will find the energy balls with emotions behind them will create much faster
<GargowL> so that makes creating love easier, right?
<GargowL> too bad forcing somebody else's love is bad..
<Hermesz> yes creating love can be easy, however often you have a fear of not getting love and that gets created as well
<Hermesz> if you could lose all your fear of being unloved and alone, you could create love very very fast
<GargowL> hey that reminds me of another thing
<GargowL> wishes
<GargowL> like when you make a wish when you see a falling star, or when you throw a coin into a well...
<fooki> hermes, like if first learn to truly love yourself and happy to be on my own too so after that creating love is easier?
<Hermesz> yes fook, exactly
<GargowL> doesn't that make some stronger than usual reality creating? because so many people believe it will happen when you make a wish?
<Hermesz> yes, correct gargowl
<fooki> from that point there also is a good foundation for a lasting relationship..
<fooki> (in traditional way of thinking)
<Hermesz> a very good foundation indeed
<Hermesz> it is the best way to create a new romance, when you are completely at one with yourself and rid of the fear of being along and unloved
<fooki> hmm. like if love affairs tend to happen due to lack of energy, what drives people do it if they don't lack energy?
<Hermesz> yes you are referring to when two people have some kind of energy need and feed off of each other. Yes that is a messy way to reality create love and this happens allot. however when that lack is not there and both people can stand in their own energy field, then they can come together and be greater than the sum of them both...
<Hermesz> the best parts of both add and they can create great harmony and love between them...
<Hermesz> the universe shoves them together because it knows that they can generate more positive energy together than they could apart.
<fooki> nice =)
<Hermesz> the need to be together is not for equalizing the energy between them, but for creating much more and sending it out.
<GargowL> hey that reminds me of sumthin
<GargowL> remember that mail I sent you hermes?
<GargowL> I remembered something else
<Hermesz> sure go ahead
<GargowL> before I started to have several dreams with a beloved one, there was this night with lots of falling stars because of a comet's trail
<GargowL> and every one that I saw I wished I would find a girl that I would love and who would love me
<GargowL> and shortly after (a few days) I started having those dreams
<Hermesz> the universe delivering on the energy you sent out.
<Hermesz> the universe was delivering on the energy you sent out.
<GargowL> but since I also had my first kiss (when I was drunk, so it doesn't really count as the first) and met some girls I knew over the net I forgot that the dreams could be connected to the wishes
<GargowL> that's cool, but I wish the universe would return this energy physically, having a soul mate in dreams is good, but I need her more in "real" life
<Hermesz> the energy manifests first on the etheric plane, so if you can see it in a dream then you know you have started the manifestation process
<Hermesz> next step is to make it physical...
<Hermesz> to do that you have to show signs that this is what you want to create in the physical.
<Hermesz> you have to be extra personable, for example, or be less shy...
<Hermesz> you may have to go to places where you can meet with people...
<Hermesz> express love to those that you can, to show you are ready to express love
<GargowL> well since that night when I got drunk and made out with that girl I have become much less shy
<Hermesz> well then you may be on your way
<Hermesz> keep following that impetus to be more personable and out going.
<GargowL> the problem is that at this moment I have a crush on several girls...
<Hermesz> :)
<GargowL> and I need some time to find out which one I really love
<Hermesz> sounds like you over created it
<Hermesz> but that happens too.
<Hermesz> the universe gives you a choice at times
<GargowL> well, I think you can never have too much love...
<GargowL> :)
<fooki> hmm weird. I reckon a dream. I met this girl in it, she seemed "perfect" somehow, had this energy radiating from her, seemed very vice, balanced and peaceful. She looked at me and smiled like she understood my situation and was aware of my future, and as if she was amused by the way I looked at things. Like that was weird because I got all those things very clearly, but she didn't say anything.
<jsn> ...well I think you really need to redefine the word love here. You have become charmed by those few girls, you need to talk and spend sometime with them to know do you really love them or just want some action.
<fooki> like I never have dreams like that. That one is an unique case.
<GargowL> well, I have known most of them for quite some time... some of them I had a crush before, but it disappeared because of the big love that crushed my heart for the past 9 months
<GargowL> now that love is gone I start to have these feelings again
<Hermesz> fook, quite often you can meet with soul mates or even future relationships you may have.
<Hermesz> in your dreams
<jsn> gargowl, what I've being watching you've made love your obsession.
<fooki> I felt very lonely and was confused when she just went away =/
<GargowL> maybe...
<GargowL> I guess never being loved for so many years kinda makes me desperate to love and be loved
<Hermesz> the way to create a real lasting relationship is to work on becoming comfortable with being with yourself, that you can be without a mate and still feel happy and comfortable.
<jsn> makes sense, do you feel fear of being alone?
<jsn> hermes, sounds like my case
<GargowL> well, I can survive being alone, but I kinda fear that in the future I might never get loved...
<Hermesz> yea jason and so your relationship is very strong, as it is not built on that need.
<GargowL> but no my self esteem has risen that fear is getting weaker
<Hermesz> well then gargowl you still fear being alone
<Hermesz> it is not easy to release this particular fear
<Hermesz> especially today, because whatever you read or see, they always show people as couples.
<GargowL> yeah, that's true..
<Hermesz> the media infers that you can not be happy and be alone...
<Hermesz> this is not true of course. It only serves to make it harder for you to draw a mate to yourself
<GargowL> I have had some quite tragic romantic episodes, so whenever I see a movie or story where two people love each other very much and end up together and happy I get sad, because I fear that will never happen to me
<Hermesz> well gargowl now you know where to begin, you must get rid of that fear
<fooki> gargowl I've been there too lately =/
<Hermesz> the fear of being alone creates being alone. And because fear is an emotion it makes those thoughts very powerful.
<GargowL> well now that I'm getting more and better female friends that fear is disappearing
<GargowL> I really have improved my self esteem this last month
<Hermesz> great, keep ti up
<Hermesz> keep it up^
<Hermesz> well I must depart
<Hermesz> it was a good session
<Hermesz> I'll see everyone on Thursday, perhaps tomorrow
<GargowL> OK, fare thee well
<fooki> bye
<jsn> laters
<Hermesz> bye
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Session Close: Tue Sep 18 18:35:37 2001

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