dying and creating it; reincarnation; the pauses in life; reality creating basics
June 19, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Jun 19 16:50:07 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
<Hermes`> howdy
<Akir4> hello
<fooki> hi
<Hermes`> so how is everyone doing?
<Akir4> ok but sick
<Hermes`> sick, :(
<Akir4> yea its not nice
<Akir4> but I'm starting to feel better
<Akir4> been sick for 5 days now :|
<Hermes`> oh nasty
<Hermes`> that would have me going nuts
<Akir4> I thought u could heal yourself :)
<Akir4> hehe
<Hermes`> well you can
<Hermes`> but sometimes it takes time
<Akir4> I think it'll only work when your really really sick
<Akir4> not healthy enough to sit behind a PC anyways
<Hermes`> once you accept the reality of an illness you often have to let it run its course. Now what you can do is to figure out what this illness does for you, then you will know why you created it.
<Akir4> your saying I created my illness?
<Hermes`> we all create our illnesses
<Hermes`> one way to cut an illness short is to ask it what lesson it is teaching you.
<Hermes`> you can do that in a light meditation
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> once you know the lesson it teaches you, then you do not have to carry the illness full term
<Hermes`> it is a shortcut to getting well.
<Akir4> hmm
<Akir4> but there are also deadly diseases
<Akir4> I reckon people didn't create those themselves
<Akir4> they infected each other
<Hermes`> yea, people create those too
<Akir4> why would an entire African village wipe itself out
<Hermes`> usually when a whole bunch of people die at once it is because they are making some kind of group statement
<Akir4> hmm
<Akir4> I don't think they actually chose to die
<Hermes`> well on some level everyone knows
<Hermes`> and everyone chooses his or her death.
<Akir4> why would a happy man or woman choose to die
<Hermes`> if you just let go of life for example.. In time you will die. It may take 4 years or so, but it will happen
<Hermes`> some people have completed what they came here to do , and so they leave.
<Akir4> o I see so they don't actually want to leave but on that higher level they do
<Hermes`> I think in 80% of the cases of a death that person was aware on a conscious level that it was coming. They may not of known how or exactly when, but they had let go of life and were just waiting.
<Hermes`> the other 20% you could say were unaware but only because they themselves had chosen not to be aware of it out of fear, or for some other reasons.
<Akir4> hmm
<Akir4> so your saying every death is a logical one?
<Hermes`> yes
<Hermes`> we create our own deaths.
<Akir4> what about accidents
<Akir4> those were all meant to be as well/
<Hermes`> those too
<Akir4> why do people have to leave, its not like our natural lives last that long
<Hermes`> well there are many reasons, some people are tired of physical reality. Some people have completed what they came here to do, and whatever they need to do next can only be done in a new life time.
<Akir4> do you believe in reincarnation?
<Hermes`> yea
<Akir4> good me too
<Hermes`> it takes many lifetimes to learn all these human lessons
<Akir4> yes exactly
<Akir4> but I wonder if we would reincarnate as a human every time
<Akir4> maybe even in the same timeline
<Hermes`> I am told from my teachers that you can reincarnate again in the same time frame but it would be a different probability stream
<Akir4> probability stream?
<Hermes`> yea, think of your life as one probable version of the way you can live it.
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> you follow a certain path and when it is done, you can travel the path again, but it will be different
<Akir4> so we are here to learn, but to what end
<Akir4> perfection?
<Akir4> if there is such a thing
<Hermes`> we are here to learn how to be human, then how to be divine and become one with the universal harmony (God)
<Hermes`> we are trapped in reincarnation because we are not in perfect harmony with the divine mind and all of creation.
<Akir4> no, with us humans I reckon that would take quite a few lifetimes hehe
<Hermes`> we are slow learners for sure
<Akir4> not only that
<Akir4> its hard to learn because a large part of the world wont accept it
<Akir4> they are all too busy living their lives
<Akir4> and never stand still
<Akir4> to look at themselves
<Hermes`> very true
<jsn> hi akira, fooki, hermes
<Akir4> hello
<fooki> hi jsn
<Hermes`> hi jason
<Hermes`> yea the pause in life is important to learning the lessons
<Hermes`> when you are so busy that you can't take a look at what you are doing or where you are going, you miss all the lessons
<Akir4> yes
<Akir4> and that would be chaos
<Akir4> doing things without learning from them
<Hermes`> yes
<fooki> I'm going to bed.. cya all
<Hermes`> bye fook
<Akir4> aw
<Akir4> I viewed a few of your logs
<Akir4> your talking about creating your own reality
<Akir4> I never thought about that
<Akir4> I should learn it some time
<Hermes`> it is a powerful idea
<Akir4> yes it is
<Hermes`> because it puts the ability to change your life back in your own hands
<Akir4> are you good at it?
<Hermes`> I'm always getting better
<Akir4> yes, in this society I often feel like I'm not in control
<Akir4> which is not good
<Hermes`> yea society wants you to feel out of control, that way they can manipulate your life for you.
<jsn> yeah its so trendy to be hurry to nowhere...
<Hermes`> but once you realize that you do all the creating, then that stops real fast
<Akir4> yes but however without society allot of the 'misguided' people would run out of control
<Akir4> it wouldn't look nice
<Hermes`> yea Jason so many people will let weeks and months go by without ever looking at where they are going or what they are doing
<Hermes`> yes society is a guide for those not ready to take the reigns
<Akir4> it is a good thing basically
<Hermes`> but now it is time to take hold and become the director of your life
<Akir4> could you give me an example of creating your reality?
<Hermes`> okay, let's say you need something in your life.
<Akir4> ok
<Hermes`> so you apply the reality creating rules and then let it manifest
<Hermes`> or perhaps you want to change something you have already, like get a new job
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> you send out the energy and then a new job mysteriously come along
<Akir4> but how do you apply these rules? in meditation?
<Hermes`> you can use meditation but basically it is training your conscious mind to behave itself
<Hermes`> to be clear and focused on what thoughts are running through your head at any time and what they are creating
<Akir4> you mean asking for less and concentrating more on one thing
<Hermes`> it can be like that yes
<Hermes`> every thought going through your head sends energy out that adds or subtracts from your reality.
<Akir4> this is going to be hard, the first step is always the hardest
<Hermes`> yes it is not easy in the beginning but it does get easier
<Akir4> its going to be hard to trust in before I see any results
<Hermes`> so lets say you have loneliness in your life
<Hermes`> and you want less of that...
<jsn> akira, I'm sure you already have some results in your past, just more unconsciousness level creating.
<jsn> already>already
<Hermes`> some during the course of your day, quite often you are focusing on that loneliness and it is being created.
<Akir4> yes but if that's the case I probably wouldn't have even noticed
<Akir4> you are right though
<Hermes`> a good way to start is to focus on what you want, instead of what you do not have
<Akir4> hmm
<Akir4> you mean comparing yourself with others?
<Akir4> because what you want you don't have yet
<Hermes`> when you compare yourself to others you just give away your reality creating power to them
<Hermes`> you send your energy to them and help them to create that in their life even more
<Akir4> yes
<Hermes`> first you start with what you have and what you want
<Akir4> I see
<Akir4> are the reality creating rules on your website?
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> in the reality creator I section
<Akir4> great
<Hermes`> when you get good at reality creating you will be able to manifest small things and changes in a few hours, and the bigger stuff in a few days.
<Akir4> yes I see
<Akir4> I hope I will learn how to control it soon
<Hermes`> well you are taking the first step in a bigger world
<Hermes`> Jason is doing real good with his learning in this area
<Akir4> your doing a good job teaching people
<Hermes`> well I do try my best
<Hermes`> most people who stick with it, do well
<Akir4> I am planning on sticking with these workshops
<Akir4> I feel like I can learn allot from you and the rest
<Hermes`> great glad to have you aboard
<Akir4> thank you
<Hermes`> but keep in mind that when you can't make the chat there is always lots of stuff to read on the website to keep you going
<Akir4> yes I know
<Hermes`> sounds like you will catch on real fast with this stuff
<Akir4> I intend to
<Akir4> it seems like the only real goal in this life
<Akir4> to me
<Akir4> so, did anything interesting happen to you lately?
<Hermes`> humm
<Hermes`> not really
<Akir4> oh
<Hermes`> my life is simple
<Akir4> because you desire it that way?
<Hermes`> yea
<Akir4> a simple life leaves more energy for other things
<Hermes`> it is easier to control your own reality
<Akir4> hmm true
<Hermes`> my journey is really an inner one
<Hermes`> I try to perfect myself
<Akir4> I see
<Hermes`> and so my lessons when I have them are subtle in a physical way
<Akir4> I still have to start my own
<Akir4> I have to prepare first
<Hermes`> yes preparing is a good step
<Akir4> its half the battle
<Akir4> well I guess that's about it for today
<Akir4> I will do some reading on your website and see you on Thursday
<Hermes`> okay great
<Hermes`> we covered lots of stuff today for you
<Akir4> see you later
<jsn> laters akira
<Akir4> yes we did
<Akir4> thank you :)
<Hermes`> your welcome
<Akir4> bye bye
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Jun 19 18:10:16 2001

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