The Kosmos (not Cosoms); Enlightened People; Levitation
May 29, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue May 29 16:35:58 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!'
<Hermes`> howdy
<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<Hermes`> how are you doing?
<gnosis> ok
<gnosis> and you?
<Hermes`> I'm doing well
<gnosis> good
<gnosis> You do grammar checking on your logs, don't you?
<Hermes`> well not really. I check for big spelling errors that is it
<gnosis> yeah :)
<gnosis> I noticed
<gnosis> In one of them, I said something about the Kosmos, and you changed it to Cosmos.
<gnosis> It's no big deal
<gnosis> But Kosmos was the correct term
<Hermes`> I can fix it
<Hermes`> what log file was it
<gnosis> The Kosmos is the all encompassing universe or universes, that include all the planes, physical and metaphysical, something like that.
<Gnosis> uhm
<gnosis> hold on
<gnosis> may 8
<Hermes`> okay I'll fix it
<gnosis> about 6 pages up from the bottom
<gnosis> ok
<gnosis> do you go to any of the sessions held by others here at different times?
<Hermes`> I have not as of yet
<gnosis> is there one tonight?
<Hermes`> they are held on the first three Tuesdays of the month, there is no session on the fourth or fifth.
<Gnosis> ok
<Hermes`> but if I am around I will try to stop by and see if anyone shows
<Hermes`> tonight that is
<gnosis> yeah
<gnosis> have you ever met a really enlightened person?
<Hermes`> sure
<gnosis> heh
<Hermes`> when I went to England several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet several people that I could say were enlightened.
<Hermes`> people touched by God so to speak
<gnosis> yeah
<gnosis> have you ever seen someone levitate?
<gnosis> :)
<Hermes`> no that I have not seen
<gnosis> You believe it is possible?
<Hermes`> yes I think so
<Hermes`> there are enough stories about it happening over the course of history to know that it does happen
<gnosis> true
<Hermes`> I think the practicability of something like levitation, limits it from manifesting more
<gnosis> I think it has to be done from the astral body.
<Gnosis> and then expressed through the physical body
<gnosis> Within physicality, we are subject to those rules, like gravity.
<Hermes`> yea I certainly think it involves a lightening or speeding up of the physical body toward a nonphysical body, but doing that on the physical plane so it can be seen.
<Gnosis> I outta here
<gnosis> later
<Hermes`> hi attuned
<Attuned> hi
<Attuned> I see it's still quiet here...
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> gnosis was here earlier
<Hermes`> asking about levitation
<Attuned> I see. Why should that be learned/done?
<Hermes`> I have not ever done or seen it done. But to be honest I don't see how practical it is
<Hermes`> okay, it would help with those jobs when you need a ladder
<Attuned> maybe if ladder wasn't invented
<Hermes`> ah
<Hermes`> yes that must be why
<Hermes`> there was a story about a priest in Italy that would levitate when he prayed
<Hermes`> in the 1940's
<Hermes`> the theory is that in prayer he raised his vibration of his physical body so much that he floated
<Hermes`> of course at the time ,they thought he was possessed by the devil
<Attuned> *sigh*
<Hermes`> yea, the old "shoot first ask questions later". Hopefully we don't those things any more and are a bit more tolerant with the strange.
<Hermes`> that priest was not harmed, they just locked him in the dungeon or something like that, then he prayed even more. Finally they took it as a sign that he was touched by God.
<Hermes`> but it is interesting to read about these things at times. It makes you wonder, how or why did he levitate.
<Attuned> was just reading something about that lately, a story written by a Christian, and he said "so he did levitate but was that force a good one"
<Attuned> force that made him lift
<Attuned> isn't the force always neutral?
<Hermes`> well I suppose it depends on who emits the force.
<Hermes`> if the person himself did the levitating then I guess it depends on the person
<Hermes`> if an external force was applied like that of a energy master, then it would depend on the who that master was.
<Attuned> and how can you know by who it's emitted...?
<Hermes`> well in the case of the priest he prayed to God,
<Hermes`> but I suppose where your focus is
<Hermes`> in other words if you focus on good positive things then the nonphysical forces around you will be of that flavor as well
<Attuned> well going. bye
<Hermes`> take care attuned
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue May 29 18:35:03 2001

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