creating in the moment; the expansive self; the astral plane and losing yourself to the lower energies there; out of body travel, some helpful information; chakras
May 8, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue May 08 16:39:46 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Explore the Unknown Reality'
<Hermes`> hello jason, and soren
<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<gnosis> hi
<gnosis> how's it going
<jsn_> hi hermes
<Hermes`> going well.
<gnosis> are you enlightened, hermes?
<gnosis> :)
<Hermes`> good question
<Hermes`> what you mean by enlightened?
<gnosis> I'm not sure exactly
<gnosis> Aware of your emptiness, the self....
<gnosis> in a state of pure awareness or consciousness...or at least aware of the presence of that dimension of reality
<Hermes`> I suppose I am getting there
<gnosis> yeah
<Hermes`> of course my connection to spirit has increased over the years
<Hermes`> and I am more aware of my self now then when I started all this
<gnosis> that's good :)
<gnosis> ya know, It's kind of funny
<Hermes`> how is it funny?
<gnosis> -sorry, telephone
<gnosis> I was thinking of how there is the truth that within the present moment anything is possible,
<gnosis> and yet that is an illusion in a sense, because a certain knowledge is necessary in order to access something within the present.
<Gnosis> It's like a lock without a key
<Hermes`> yes true
<Hermes`> that is why it helps to understand how you create your world, so that you can manifest these things
<gnosis> yeah, and yet there is always going to be something beyond your present knowledge.
<Gnosis> So although infinity rests within the present, it is only through a matrix of actions that an aspect of the present can be experienced.
<Hermes`> yea the more you know the more you know that you do not know
<gnosis> so true
<Hermes`> exactly
<Hermes`> certain combinations of actions and forces come together to create the physical moment
<gnosis> Something that bothers me are the teachings of say...Ramana Maharashi
<Hermes`> what does he teach?
<gnosis> There is this all this drama and importance assigned to the present moment
<gnosis> as many spiritual teachers emphasize, and although that is true, it is often exaggerated to the point that space and time have no influence upon the process.
<Hermes`> it is from the present moment that you create your world. However, there is much more going on in the present than what you are aware of. These teachers perhaps do not take that into account
<Hermes`> the future and past merge into the present at some point as do all the possibilities of the next action
<Hermes`> it is a very busy place
<gnosis> As though I am somehow independent of my thoughts and actions, how much I ate for dinner, or that my 12 hours of sleep doesn't phase my spiritual prowess one iota
<xorolo> oh hi all
<jsn_> hi xorolo
<Hermes`> well you learn more in sleep than you ever learn in physical reality
<Hermes`> physical reality is like the test for what you learn in the nonphysical
<gnosis> exactly, our actions do matter, the present moment is the cocktail of the past and future.
<Hermes`> yep
<Hermes`> I have made many of changes on the nonphysical and seen the physical plane reshape itself to those changes.
<Gnosis> what happened to 'the crowd' that used to come here?
<Hermes`> it is the slow season
<Hermes`> probably won't pick up till June
<gnosis> I guess
<Hermes`> something happens during April and May and part of June.
<Hermes`> it becomes real quiet here
<Hermes`> the website still gets the hits
<Hermes`> it sounds like you have been doing some serious thinking, reading, and learning
<Hermes`> very good
<gnosis> It's not like I have a choice :)
<Hermes`> yea I know what you mean, once you make that turn, spirit pushes you into your lessons
<gnosis> I mean, this your freaking identity we're talking about..trying to gather all the bits and pieces of your mind scattered across the Kosmos.
<Gnosis> hehe
<Hermes`> true, however many people just rather leave all those bits scattered all over the place
<gnosis> It's obviously all filtered through your perception and beliefs, and the importance you assign to those things.
<Gnosis> But, at a certain point it can become a very serious matter.
<Hermes`> yea without knowing about all those pieces of yourself, you never quite know what you are creating
<Hermes`> and some of those creations can be trying indeed.
<Hermes`> that is why it is important to always examine your beliefs and perceptions and look to see where they are limiting you.
<Hermes`> the creative energy of the self is all focused through those beliefs and perceptions
<Hermes`> so what you have is your past self, future self, probable self, all merging in the present and focusing through the self into that present...
<Hermes`> this forms the basis of your beliefs and perceptions.
<Hermes`> and of course these beliefs and perceptions shape and form your current reality to the way it is.
<Hermes`> by altering the lens (your beliefs and perceptions) you then change your reality.
<Hermes`> that is created
<Hermes`> all those multidimensional aspects of your being now go through this new dense and all these aspects...
<Hermes`> beat against the fabric of reality's matrix and cause your reality to change.
<xorolo> hermes,a question..
<Hermes`> sure
<xorolo> when you are on astral plane there are entities,your thoughts 'materialized',emotions'materialized',right?
<xorolo> and not only my thoughts and emotions I guess,but also of other humans
<Hermes`> yes
<Hermes`> it is a very big melting pot of everyone's manifested emotions
<xorolo> how I can know the the being in front of me is an entities for itself or a thought or emotions?
<xorolo> and..if is a thoughts or emotions probably he look like I imagine them(so is subjective)
<xorolo> if I'm afraid can be a monster if I'm not can be an 'angel'
<Hermes`> most thoughts or emotions will manifest as objects and things, and not as living beings..
<Hermes`> however your own fears can manifest this way...
<xorolo> it the same also for entities?they are subjective or objective?
<Hermes`> your own fears can create a monster on the astral plane that you will have to deal with
<Hermes`> if a thing is of your own making you can banish it, by just withdrawing your fear
<Hermes`> angels and higher level beings carry a great deal of energy with them. So they light up the astral plane like a torch.
<Hermes`> it would be hard to think one of these guys are of your own making or someone else's
<Hermes`> the problem in discerning comes with all those low level things...
<Hermes`> these are the astral waste from everyone's chaotic emotions and feelings.
<Hermes`> these things will not have a bright light or great energy attached to them
<Hermes`> but you may get caught up in their energy
<Hermes`> if your lower emotions are not properly controlled..
<Hermes`> so then what happens is you get pulled into that reality
<gnosis> later all
<Hermes`> for example, you have this great urge for sex, you go on the astral plane and this urge propels you and draws near you like astral energy...
<Hermes`> because this urge is of an uncontrollable level, you are pulled into a sexual encounter on the astral plane...
<Hermes`> you may not think this is a bad thing however...
<Hermes`> usually what happens is that your energy is sucked out of you...
<Hermes`> you come away from such encounters with very little energy and the next day...
<Hermes`> you will find it very hard to maintain your reality creating abilities.
<xorolo> I see
<Hermes`> of course we are just talking about the astral plane, not the entire nonphysical plane.
<xorolo> ya
<xorolo> and if I met entities,how I can know there are not thoughts or emotions?
<xorolo> just for the light?
<Hermes`> well if you are in your controlled space, they would not appear as people.
<Hermes`> they may appear as wispy forms or you may just feel like you passed through a wave
<Hermes`> it is only when you go on the astral plane with some great desire that you can fall victim to these energies and think they are real people.
<Hermes`> the energy then takes on the form you want
<Hermes`> your perceptions and beliefs help to add to this unbound energy and create it.
<Hermes`> create it into a form
<Hermes`> for the most part, if you are in your controlled space and hold your power, then you will not be fooled
<Hermes`> in simple terms, if you feel your projection to the astral plane was uncontrolled than you can suspect who or what you met there as not being completely real
<Hermes`> if however you feel you were able to control the projection from beginning to end, then what you experienced was most likely involved other beings that were nonphysical.
<Hermes`> in uncontrolled I am not talking about a spontaneous projection.
<xorolo> ok
<Hermes`> I mean one where you have very little reality creating power during the projection to control yourself or what is going on around you
<xorolo> but there are entities that doesn't care of our feelings and are objective?
<Hermes`> nothing good exists on the astral plane...
<Hermes`> if you find a master or a angel there, they are there to help people that are caught on the astral plane, but its alluring and seductive quality
<Hermes`> , by its^
<Hermes`> they come from a higher plane and project their image onto that plane
<xorolo> I see
<xorolo> is there a way for someone that project to be caught forever in a plane and never return to his body?
<Hermes`> no
<Hermes`> your body will always pull you back
<xorolo> ok,what I thought but I wanted a confirm..
<xorolo> another quest,everyone have the ability to project?
<xorolo> and the plane where to project is a learning process or everyone born with the capability to project everywhere?
<Hermes`> everyone can and does project at some point during sleep. However you have to work on developing the ability to do it consciously
<xorolo> so conforming the Buddhists tradition he got all the 7 bodies
<Hermes`> so the idea is to learn how to project yourself consciously on each reality plane...
<Hermes`> as you go upward away from the earth plane it gets harder
<Hermes`> each plane requires more focus and energy
<xorolo> another quest..everyone you came down from a projection ..your energy grow up
<xorolo> or is wasted because you used it for the projection?
<Hermes`> your energy goes up as you consciously project because your consciousness draws on the energy around it while out of the body, and stores it.
<Hermes`> this happens too with unconscious projection but not as much.
<Hermes`> with conscious projection there is a great heap of energy that gets dumped back into the body upon return
<Hermes`> depending on where you went
<xorolo> but why sometimes I feel like empty after a projection?in effect we burn some energy in the process
<xorolo> but the dump back is greater of what we used
<Hermes`> right after a projection you will feel weak
<Hermes`> but the next day or several hours later the energy filters down to you
<Hermes`> the weakness you feel after a projection is from the physical body
<Hermes`> when consciousness is away...
<Hermes`> the physical body is not nourished by it anymore
<Hermes`> so it has to use its own energy reserves to sustain itself
<Hermes`> when you return your feel the loss of those physical energy reserves
<Hermes`> but they get filled back up and more as the energy you brought back with you filters into the physical body.
<xorolo> I see..
<xorolo> of course if you try to project for some days consecutively and you don't project
<xorolo> you have just a loss of energy,right?
<Hermes`> yep
<Hermes`> that is why I say you have to charge up for an out of body event
<Hermes`> and not try too hard
<xorolo> yeah,I agree
<xorolo> chakras functions is to pump up energy in the body?
<xorolo> or is where energy is stored?
<Hermes`> the chakra are the storage places
<Hermes`> they also are the converters, that help you to use the energy
<Hermes`> another reason why a MPE helps with an out of body event
<Hermes`> the MPE helps to build the chakra power reserve.
<Hermes`> MPE's are also good for helping to keep your energy up while physical.
<xorolo> yeah..
<xorolo> oki..i think I've finished asking quests for tonight:)
<Hermes`> ah good questions
<Hermes`> I'll have something to post today
<xorolo> yeah,good workshop
<xorolo> :)
<xorolo> going to bed now,bye hermes,Jason!
<jsn_> cya xor
<Hermes`> well guess I'll go as well
<Hermes`> laters
<jsn_> laters
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Session Close: Tue May 08 18:49:48 2001

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