healing yourself and others; mind wandering and reality creating physically; no thoughts and the moment, shutting off the chatter
May 3, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu May 03 17:45:25 2001
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*** Topic is 'Explore the Unknown Reality'
<Hermes`> hi iris
-> [iris1] PING
<iris1> Hi Hermes
<jsn> hey again hermes
<iris1> I have to go - bye all!
<Hermes`> buy iris
<xoRol> hi ppl
<Hermes`> hi soren
<Hermes`> how has it been
<xoRol> busy and materialistic days going on
<Hermes`> well that can be fun
<xoRol> oh yeah,except some sort of anxiety without reasons..
<xoRol> but anyway I'm ok
<xoRol> and you hermes,all fine?
<Hermes`> yea life is good
<xoRol> rhetorical question,is 5 years that you answer the same;)
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> but it is good that life is always good
<xoRol> yap
<xoRol> I noticed that there isn't meditation anymore..
<Hermes`> well no one showed up for it
<xoRol> hermes,physical aspect may depend from karma?
<Hermes`> I'd like to have the meditation, perhaps one Sunday a month
<xoRol> or is just DNA?
<Hermes`> a bit of both
<Hermes`> you get some from DNA and some from Karma, however
<Hermes`> what you do from there with the body is up to you.
<Hermes`> any body can be reshaped to a certain degree by thought
<xoRol> reshaped physically?
<Hermes`> in a way
<Hermes`> the mind tells your cells what to do
<Hermes`> and the future you are creating draws the cells in your body to that point
<Hermes`> the physical cells in the body can jump ahead in time
<Hermes`> they do this to see what you are trying to create
<Hermes`> then they transform themselves to that future
<xoRol> but I think you need a lot of power to do this,or no?
<Hermes`> well you need to be very clear on what you want to create health wise for yourself
<Hermes`> with myself I have seen by body go through tremendous healing changes
<Hermes`> it took lots of focus
<Hermes`> and determination
<Hermes`> but I was and are able to create healing miracles with myself every day
<xoRol> have you ever healed other ppl?
<Hermes`> sure
<Hermes`> some I was very successful and others not
<Hermes`> some people say they want to be healed but they really do not, so this makes the healing less affective
<Hermes`> and
<Hermes`> some people of course I did not have the skill to heal or I was not supposed to.
<xoRol> I see
<xoRol> jumping to another question..
<xoRol> mm..another quest,by reading RCI you suggest to have at least 5 thoughts in mind in an hour,other can be considered mind wandering
<xoRol> you have that control on your mind?
<Hermes`> yes, I stay very focused on what I need to do
<Hermes`> and I don't let distractions get in my way
<Hermes`> mind wandering wastes a tremendous amount of reality creating energy
<Hermes`> on the physical plane to manifest things, you need, short bursts of powerful thought energy.
<xoRol> guess ordinary ppl have a lot of thoughts,by myself I think I can have over 50 an hour::P
<Hermes`> well of course
<xoRol> btw,while you don't think,,you stay focused on the m oment,living the present?
<Hermes`> that is why your reality creating powers are not that strong
<Hermes`> but if you can work on that kind of focus, then you will see a great increase in what you can do.
<Hermes`> the 5 an hour is the goal,
<Hermes`> something to try to reach.
<Hermes`> yes when there is no thought, you are idle.
<Hermes`> where your thoughts are is where your moment is
<Hermes`> If I see here with no thoughts or no action..
<Hermes`> you can say I am no place
<Hermes`> I am not interacting physically to change anything
<Hermes`> and I am not changing anything in the nonphysical
<Hermes`> it is good and okay to have no thought every now and then
<Hermes`> it rests consciousness
<xoRol> sometimes I just want to stop a great way to know myself and reach some goals
<Hermes`> yes
<xoRol> but sometimes is rally stressing..i usually try to calm thoughts with meditation or some zazen
<Hermes`> it is important to have time just to be you, without any thoughts or interaction with any reality
<Hermes`> yes stress can create much havoc in your reality creating
<Hermes`> can introduce ^
<Hermes`> it is good to reduce stress as quickly as possible
<xoRol> right now for me is important to reduce drastically thoughts
<Hermes`> well then when you are not doing anything, try to turn off the mind and just idle
<Hermes`> all those random thoughts running through your head creates lots of unknowns
<xoRol> yeah,its not so simple to go in powersafe mode:)
<Hermes`> no it is hard, when you are not used to shutting off the chatter in your head.
<Hermes`> but you can do it slowly
<Hermes`> a bit at at a time
<xoRol> well..i'm gonna start right now,before going to sleep:)
<Hermes`> good night
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Session Close: Thu May 03 19:39:08 2001