reality creating disease; the sword meditation; seeing knights in the nonphysical and in dreams; entheogenics plants, salvia divinorum and Calea zacatechichi; group meditation with adventures; the power of the tongue
April 5, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Apr 05 16:30:17 2001
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*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!'
<Hermes`> hello, hello, hello
<Attuned> hello 2u2
<Hermes`> okay what exciting things are happening
<Attuned> I have a question. People who get tough diseases, where they're in pain for a long time, waiting to die. Does that happen to them cause of their "usual" reality creating, or it has to do with bad karma too?
<Hermes`> well it mostly has to do with bad reality creating. Because even if it was due to karma, there are always two ways to pay back karma, the easy nice way and the hard unpleasant way.
<Attuned> which are those?
<Hermes`> usually with disease People create it out of attention of sympathy. They take on the unpleasantness because of the attention they get from it
<Hermes`> they think that if they create this awful thing, People will treat them differently
<Attuned> oh right! that kinda slipped my mind
<Attuned> yes that is so obvious
<Hermes`> it is sad because they are unaware of the beast they are unleashing
<MagicMan`> oh hello soren, attuned, hermes
<Hermes`> of course most times People who create this stuff are unaware of it, as they don't respect the power of the mind to create what it focuses on.
<xoo> hi hermes,pure,magic
<Attuned> hey Sor, nice you're back to meditate :)
<Hermes`> nate (who you do not know) is going to do a delayed meditation with us, and then report back to see if he could tune into what we all experience.
<xoo> Attuned:nice to see u all too
<Attuned> oh a new one in our forces, ay :)
<Hermes`> it will be an interesting test to see what happens
<Hermes`> I'll let everyone know next week if he comes up with something.
<xoo> hermes I was curious to know if in Camelot the teach some kind of meditation related to the sword
<Hermes`> I'm sure they do
<Hermes`> the sword also represents the tongue
<Hermes`> as the tongue can kill just as easily as the sword
<Hermes`> so meditation on the proper use of the sword energy would be good
<Hermes`> though I have never did a sword meditation, it would be a most interesting
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<xoo> I see
<iris^> Hi everyone!
<Attuned> hey Iris
<MagicMan`> hello
<Hermes`> soren did someone at Camelot mention to you about the sword meditation?
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<Hermes`> so we have a full crew here for a meditation, how about we start now, who is in
<Attuned> let's ohmmmmmmmm
<Hermes`> Iris, Magicman, soren, you ready?
<Attuned> seems Iris is in a lag, so is Magic who says he won't
<xoo> I asked u because I spoke with a man that do astral travels and he said that some entities dressed like knights
<xoo> teach him that things
<xoo> so I recalled Camelot
<xoo> ready in 5 mins
<xoo> hi iris,jsn
<Hermes`> yes most likely they are from Camelot, those knights he sees
<MagicMan`> not me
<iris^> I'll be ready in a minute
<MagicMan`> I am just watching, go ahead
<Hermes`> and also the archangel Khamael appears as a knight sometimes
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<Attuned> ah you've made it, welcome
<xoo> oh another pure
<Hermes`> a friend of yours Attuned
<xoo> hermes,do you know about entheogenics plants?
<Attuned> yes, he's been here before
<Hermes`> is that an herb soren?
<xoo> yeah is a name related to some herbs that help u to look inside yourself
<Hermes`> so tell us a bit about them
<Hermes`> from what you know
<xoo> sure
<xoo> one of this plants is salvia divinorum
<xoo> a special type of salvia that grew in Mexico... I was able to get a bit of it and I'm doing some test/research
<xoo> from what I read it helps u to get rid of ur ego till only your conscious remain..and it promises nice trips
<Hermes`> does it put you in some kind of altered state
<xoo> other entheogenics plants are peyote,datura(the carlo's castaneda one)and some mushrooms
<xoo> Hermes`:I tried it and I just got some buzz the first time
<xoo> other times I got some nice altered state of consciousness but I don't know how to explain them..but nothing so strong or astonishing until now
<Hermes`> are there any kinds of dosage or cautions with this herb?
<xoo> the cautions are to take it with a relaxed mental setting
<xoo> and relaxed ambient..your home,soft music,incense,meditation before taking it
<xoo> is not a 'party drug',is more for 'illumination'
<xoo> btw,what I wanted to speak about is another herb:)
<xoo> is called Calea zacatechichi and it helps inducing lucid dreams
<xoo> and to recall dreams better
<Hermes`> have you tried this herb too
<xoo> yap and this works:)
<Hermes`> well just be very careful with these herbs, they seem a bit powerful
<xoo> I noticed increased dreams,I remember them very well,got some lucid one..and such
<Hermes`> iris have you heard anything about these herbs?
<xoo> yeah,the salvia is powerful..calea is very nice
<Hermes`> the important thing to watch out for is that you don't become dependent on these herbs to have these experiences.
<iris^> no, not at all
<Hermes`> I think they can show you the possibilities within yourself, but then it is up to you to develop the skills without the drugs
<Hermes`> or herb
<Hermes`> Shaman used them to open up a students mind, to show them the possibilities
<Hermes`> and then it was up to the student to do the rest.
<Hermes`> Iris you there, you ready to meditate
<xoo> yeah I'm of the same idea:
<xoo> )
<iris^> almost - I'm on a phone call
<xoo> interesting link for
<Hermes`> very long page
<Hermes`> be back in a moment
<Attuned> I'm going offline, and probably won't be back, but will be doing the meditation. so bye
<iris^> I'm good to go
<iris^> with this enhancing experiences through chemical means, I think we lose part of the learning process
<xoo> I think that can be part of learning process if we don't abuse of em
<iris^> but we relinquish our power that way
<iris^> it's a trade off
<iris^> not saying it's bad, I just think we need to realize that when we depend on something else or someone else to get us where we want to go
<xoo> of course is more simple to use herbs plants or drugs instead of depend of ourselves
<iris^> we give up part of ourselves to that something
<iris^> yes, with better results faster probably
<xoo> yeah but the fastest way is not the better
<iris^> but sooner or later we have to learn to do it without help
<Hermes`> back
<iris^> so I guess I think why not do it that way from the start?
<xoo> but I think that used seldomly and with a brain they can help,cause I see the plants as part of the world
<xoo> and we are part of the world
<iris^> so are poison mushrooms, but we wouldn't eat them :)
<xoo> well took in lil doses the amanita muscaria(red mushrooms with white points)have pshychedelic effects:P
<xoo> lets start med?is getting late..
<Iris^> and some of the other varieties - in small doses will kill you
<iris^> ok ready when everyone else is
<Hermes`> okay let's start
<iris^> good
<iris^> is it just the three of us?
<iris^> magic isn't in
<Hermes`> yea just the three of us, and amazed but she won't be back to talk about it
<iris^> that's what I though
<iris^> thought
<iris^> ok
<xoo> see u in 15mins
<iris^> good
* Hermes` gone for 15 med
<xoo> back,gone for a while
* Hermes` back
<Hermes`> okay how did you do soren?
<Hermes`> mine was quick, so I'll go first.
<Hermes`> I got lots of nothing in this med, but did get some stuff...
<Hermes`> I saw the sun, then I found myself in Tiphareth. I noted while there how the two had very similar energies...
<Hermes`> then I saw a farmhouse...
<Hermes`> finally it ended with a man carrying too much on his shoulders.
<Hermes`> that's it
<Hermes`> iris you there?
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<MagicMan`> it seems no one is
<Hermes`> I know
<xoo> lots of nothing too,but I felt a lot of energy
<xoo> and I saw a girl with red hairs and jacket jeans
<xoo> a crow..and a bridge over some kind of sea in the distance
<xoo> that's it
<iris^> I'm back
<Hermes`> I had a crow last week
<Hermes`> for me last week the crow was a spirit familiar
<Hermes`> iris what did you get
<iris^> I had lots of energy and lots of nothing and some strange things too
<iris^> I met with several people in the meadow and then found myself in that tomb in Egypt again
<iris^> then three others came in
<iris^> we stood around the tomb - at first a woman tried to open it
<iris^> I said it was disrespectful and had to stay closed
<iris^> then we put our hands in the center in some kind of pool of water
<iris^> then I think I was with xoo on a hill with the dragon in Camelot
<iris^> next we were in the meadow again and a sword appeared stuck in the ground in front of him
<iris^> then I heard a voice say
<iris^> a sword can end a life quickly by slicing off a head
<iris^> but the tongue can destroy a life just as quickly and terribly
<iris^> I also saw two large beings at different times during the med
<iris^> one was a woman - looked like a triangle shape from head to waist
<iris^> the other was tall and slim - I saw sideways
<iris^> sort of gray robe with a hood
<iris^> I think that's about it
<Hermes`> the sword thing certainly goes along with what we were talking about earlier, when soren asked about the sword meditation
<xoo> yeah
<xoo> we were just speaking about that before
<iris^> and I am pretty sure it appeared in front of him
<iris^> they made a point of how destructive the tongue (what we say) can be
<Hermes`> yea most people do not realize the power of words
<xoo> from a RC point?
<Hermes`> more in how what you say and how you say it can hurt others
<iris^> yeah that's what I think they meant
<Hermes`> especially when you are angry and lashing out, then things fly out of the mouth uncontrolled
<iris^> like the sword flew out across the neck - away went the head
<xoo> eh maybe is a way to say:hey soren silence is gold:)
<xoo> for sure it was explicit
<Hermes`> yea you find that the more you evolve the less you say
<xoo> also if don't remember of you..also if thought during meditation
<iris^> or choose your words carefully :)
<MagicMan`> see you all
<iris^> bye magic
<xoo> for sure iris took me to some place and as usual I'll don't know
<iris^> I wanted you to enjoy the dragon and maybe see some knights - they sometimes are there with the dragon
<iris^> but we weren't there long when I found us in that meadow with the sword in the ground in front of you
<Hermes`> I wonder if it was near that farmhouse I saw briefly
<iris^> was there a stone wall somewhere near there?
<Hermes`> it could of been the back of the house
<Hermes`> it was like a wall, very long
<iris^> yeah!
<Hermes`> well not bad
<Hermes`> the meditations connect a bit
<xoo> lot of nothing btw..but also lot of energy,sometimes fastidious,at least for me
<Hermes`> well it is okay to get nothing in meditation,
<iris^> lots of energy for me too
<Hermes`> sometimes it is the energy that is most important
<iris^> agreed
<xoo> ok,nice to meditate with u I'm going to bed
<xoo> see u!
<Hermes`> night soren
<Hermes`> oh well time to go
<Hermes`> see everyone
<iris^> same here
<iris^> bye all - thanks
Session Close: Thu APR 05 19:20:00 2001

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