spirituality and religion, what are they?; building your energy bank and keeping it from leaking out too fast; drugs and spirituality; using the rope method to get out of the body; group travel meditation with adventures; travel meditation basics; out of body mechanics, and that slamming that happens when you fall asleep real fast and wake up abruptly
March 29, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Mar 29 16:21:42 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!'
<Hermes`> hello
<Hermes`> how are you Soulfyfr, Gamble?
<SoulFlyFr> Hi Hermes.. Fine thanks
<SoulFlyFr> So, how are thing with you Hermes?
<Hermes`> things are well
<SoulFlyFr> Wonder where the rest of the group is
<Hermes`> yes the channel has been going into a more quiet period
<SoulFlyFr> I'm sure we will hear back soon from everyone's experiences
<SoulFlyFr> in the meantime, I have some questions for you..
<Hermes`> sure
<SoulFlyFr> lets start. Term 'religion'
<Hermes`> okay what about religion
<SoulFlyFr> Are the belief's, experiences, visions and things we/you receive classed as religion?
<Hermes`> I don't think so, however the religious background of the person will color the experience
<Hermes`> for example, I may see Christ but you may see Buddha
<SoulFlyFr> ahh! now that explains everything!!!!
<SoulFlyFr> One hears the man shout, while the other hears him whisper.
<Hermes`> right
<SoulFlyFr> so, Christianity, Buddhism, Rastafarian. These are all religions, and what is this?
<SoulFlyFr> this being what you understand
<Hermes`> when people tell me what religion they are, I look at that more like race
<Hermes`> their religion tells me about how they may approach spirituality
<Hermes`> but it does not tell me how spiritual they are
<SoulFlyFr> and spirituality being?
<SoulFlyFr> .. themselves?
<Hermes`> I suppose I'd call spirituality the amount or degree that a person is united with the Universe (God) and their own inner spark of divinity.
<Hermes`> so in this context, a person could be very religious but not very spiritual
<SoulFlyFr> ok. this is making sense. I had a watered down answer similar to yours.. I was just a bit unclear
<Hermes`> it is a very good question
<SoulFlyFr> it was getting to me for a long time. The idea of cognating religion as a window to spirituality to some extent
<SoulFlyFr> .. the answer was there, and its nice to talk about it
<Hermes`> well no doubt religion was designed as a tool to reach a spiritual state
<SoulFlyFr> .. and has it?
<Hermes`> but for the most part because it has failed short of it
<SoulFlyFr> yes.. I thought that too
<Hermes`> however without religion many people would be lost
<SoulFlyFr> I think that religion nowadays seems to be taking away that connection rather than enhancing it
<SoulFlyFr> very very true.
<Hermes`> yes, which is why the more advanced souls pull away from religion.
<Hermes`> religion restricts and tells you how to connect to God, and if you don't do it in such a way, then you are wrong.
<SoulFlyFr> do you have a religion? I suppose you don't need one as you don't need that 'tool'
<SoulFlyFr> yes..!! I found exactly that too. I think in a way it can be very controlling
<Hermes`> I was born a Catholic, but as you said I don't consider myself belonging to any religion
<SoulFlyFr> what first interested you in growing and realizing to what you are now?
<FORTYoz> :)
<SoulFlyFr> Hi FortyOx
<SoulFlyFr> * Oz
<FORTYoz> hey SoulFryEr
<FORTYoz> * FlyFr
<FORTYoz> :)
<SoulFlyFr> hehe!!
<FORTYoz> Hermes what's up
<SoulFlyFr> Did something start you off on the path to what you are now?
<FORTYoz> Yeah, an orgasm..
<Hermes`> I was never really happy with being Catholic, it never filled me with much feeling of God...
<FORTYoz> Oh, to hermes :)
<Hermes`> however I suppose the turning point was when I was 16 and had an uncontrolled out of body event.
<SoulFlyFr> Hmm.. I thought something like that might have happened
<Hermes`> in that moment I became everything and nothing.
<SoulFlyFr> wow.. Fantastic
<Hermes`> I was terrified and excited
<Hermes`> it was unlike any other out of body adventure I had since
<SoulFlyFr> .. and from then onwards.. allot of meditation, reading and thinking!?
<Hermes`> no, actually it scared the crap out of me...
<SoulFlyFr> I bet.
<Hermes`> I shut down the entire thing and did not pick it up till 10 years later
<SoulFlyFr> man, I hope I don't get scared when I achieve my first OBE
<Hermes`> it was enough of an experience however to show me that there was much more than what I was being told about God and the universe
<SoulFlyFr> *achieve
<Hermes`> at 26 I then began my spiritual quest
<Hermes`> well sooner at 21
<Hermes`> but I really did not try the out of body till I was 26
<SoulFlyFr> did it take you long to get the hang of it?
<Hermes`> about 6 months
<Hermes`> but I was very persistent
<SoulFlyFr> .. and had a lot of energy.
<SoulFlyFr> ?
<SoulFlyFr> I feel very tired after my attempts
<Hermes`> it is tiring, but you can work through that.
<Hermes`> I think OBE takes a great deal of effort
<Hermes`> I was lucky I suppose that I had the early experiences I had with it.
<Hermes`> Hi iris
<iris^> Hi Hermes!
<SoulFlyFr> everyday this connections gets stronger and its feels great. I think I've come to realize that lots of negative thinking is a terrible energy drain
<iris^> Hi Everyone!
<SoulFlyFr> Hey Iris
<iris^> Hi Soul!
<Hermes`> absolutely, every negative thought takes away energy from you
<SoulFlyFr> Iris. How are you?
<iris^> Good, thanks, and you?
<SoulFlyFr> and do people with negative thoughts around yourself drain you?
<SoulFlyFr> Yah. Just airing some questions to Hermes that were important.
<iris^> good :)
<Hermes`> not any more but they did
<SoulFlyFr> I guess an OBE at 16 is frightening if you had no previous knowledge about it
<FORTYoz> very :)
<SoulFlyFr> So now you deflect the energy ??
<Hermes`> I think after a certain point of taking in energy, you learn How to keep your energy so that it does not leak out.
<Hermes`> yes it gets deflected
<Hermes`> but I can honestly say that this is only a recent happening ( the last few years)
<SoulFlyFr> Just think happy thoughts! That's a good energy boost I feel
<SoulFlyFr> Its part of you ongoing development, right?
<Hermes`> yea, part of the process, you have to acquire the energy and then learn How to keep it
<SoulFlyFr> Does it have anything to do with Auras binding or something
<SoulFlyFr> one binds with another
<Hermes`> well your energy leaks out into others
<Hermes`> but yea if you have any attachment to others they can tap into this energy
<SoulFlyFr> yah, so you would keep it by maybe creating a barrier to stop it escaping?
<Hermes`> you can try that, however it does not work
<SoulFlyFr> what works for you
<Hermes`> the best thing to do is to limit contact with the people that take huge amounts of your energy...
<Hermes`> and keep trying to build up your energy, realizing that some of it will have to go out...
<Hermes`> then at some point, you just learn How to keep the energy
<SoulFlyFr> positive attracts positive so if your + then no energy drainers will be around.. Is that right?
<SoulFlyFr> positive people I mean.
<Hermes`> yes eventually as you change your makeup to more positive, then those negative people fade away...
<Hermes`> at the start however, these negative people find you very attractive because you are giving off what they need, energy
<Hermes`> so they go out of their way to tap your energy
<SoulFlyFr> so the question is, How can you block the energy draining? and begin to build it up?
<Hermes`> you have to take in more than you give out
<Hermes`> you have to use energy management and be cautious to How you use your energy
<Hermes`> consider it very precious
<SoulFlyFr> ok.. Fair enough. MPE's and physical exercises.. What else and How can it be managed?
<Hermes`> it is all part of learning How to become an energy master
<Hermes`> you can't waste your energy
<Hermes`> you have to choose where it goes and what to do with it
<Hermes`> well figure out who are what drains your energy and then start to limit them..
<SoulFlyFr> limit them?
<Hermes`> yea, don't have contact with them as much
<Hermes`> the way energy transfers is through contact, in person, telephone,
<Hermes`> even through he computer to a certain degree
<Hermes`> through
<SoulFlyFr> man, this is bad. What if some of those people are friends.. Who are sometimes a drain and sometimes not
<Hermes`> you have to look at yourself like a battery. You only have so much energy. When it is out it is out.
<Hermes`> so you have to determine where the waste is and close that...
<Hermes`> take that energy and put it someplace else
<Hermes`> with your friends, not all of your friends will drain you
<Hermes`> some more than others
<Hermes`> try to limit the ones that drain you allot,
<MagicMan> hi just checking up on everyone
<SoulFlyFr> Hi MagicMan
<Hermes`> What I try to do is give each person a certain amount of energy...
<MagicMan> everything alright?
<Hermes`> then if they take all that energy in 5 minutes, then that is all the time they get from me
<SoulFlyFr> hehe!! How can you tell if someone is taking your energy?
<Hermes`> you feel it
<Hermes`> you have to take note to How you feel as you are with people
<MagicMan> ok I guess everything is, bye all
<Hermes`> you will actually feel How much energy is going out of you
<SoulFlyFr> Bye MagicMan (?)
<SoulFlyFr> come to think of it, I don't usually think on such a subtle level.. I'll pay attention
<SoulFlyFr> next time I am with someone
<Hermes`> yes, now that you know about it, you will feel it
<SoulFlyFr> as easy as that
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> it is a juggle at the beginning of learning to manage your energy
<Hermes`> take some from here and put there
<Hermes`> the most important part of it however, is the time for yourself, to get the energy
*** |Gamble sets mode: +o jsn
<SoulFlyFr> hmm.. I usually feel very drained throughout the day.. That I can feel.
<Hermes`> probably because you let out more energy then you take in
<SoulFlyFr> probably. Allot of it goes on McDonalds
<SoulFlyFr> Opps.. talking about money there
<SoulFlyFr> * talking
<SoulFlyFr> but, I can use That idea as to energy.. The money is The energy. If you spend to much, your poor :)
<SoulFlyFr> and sometimes people can steal it too.
<Hermes`> yep
<Hermes`> good analogy
<SoulFlyFr> using something I can relate to easily is allot easier than having to think of 'energy'.. I haven't ever seen an energy before.
<Hermes`> true it is an unseen force
<SoulFlyFr> .. a bit like The way a dream is constructed. out of everyday components you see
<SoulFlyFr> rather than a black and white message
<SoulFlyFr> well I think I should sit back and let someone else sit in The hotseat
<SoulFlyFr> I've had so many answers tonight
<Hermes`> yea good questions
<Hermes`> How are you doing fortyoz?
<Hermes`> well Who is in for The meditation today?
<SoulFlyFr> I have one friend..
<SoulFlyFr> hehe! he thinks drugs can help your spiritually..
<Hermes`> oh boy
<SoulFlyFr> Hermes. Tell me why they cant..!
<Hermes`> well for one, they give you a false sense of connection to The universe...
<Hermes`> it is chemically induced and not based on a real connection...
<Hermes`> so What happens is you just become dependent on The chemical to make you feel That way...
<Hermes`> then of course long term wise, after death you are not closer to being connected to God and you don't have The drugs any more
<Hermes`> shamans used to use drugs to help loosen The mind of The adept...
<SoulFlyFr> What did That do?
<Hermes`> but they were only used once or twice, then after That , The student was responsible for making The connection on his own
<SoulFlyFr> so How did The drug help?
<Hermes`> it allowed them to have some kind of a spiritual experience, to help them to believe in it
<SoulFlyFr> * drugs
<SoulFlyFr> ahh so The spiritual experience they had was fake? or am I wrong
<Hermes`> usually this was done without The students knowledge
<FORTYoz> Hermes`: I'm good ;)
<Hermes`> it was real enough to propel them forward to make The connection themselves
<Hermes`> I won't lie, you can take certain drugs and it will loosen your consciousness from The body...
<Hermes`> then you have an OBE. However, The drugs just make you dependent on them
<SoulFlyFr> Ok.. Things like LSD?
<Hermes`> and you never learn How to have these experiences on your own.
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> LSD did cause some OBE's but it also short circuited The brain a bit..
<SoulFlyFr> I guess that's why Rastas smoke pot. They say it makes them closer to Jah
<Hermes`> sound got piped to The eyes
<Hermes`> sight got piped to The ears
<SoulFlyFr> What??
<Hermes`> it is a false connection, and you become dependent on The drug for That connection.
<SoulFlyFr> ohh I understand. yea
<Hermes`> it is just another form of becoming high
<FORTYoz> LSD is wack
<FORTYoz> I've had really good results with RSB's rope technique lately
<Hermes`> I have seen wonders in The universe That you could never see with any drug induced experiences. It is well worth The effort to learn How to do this on your own, without drugs.
<Hermes`> forthyoz yes I have had several people tell me they liked That method.
<SoulFlyFr> I've really got to be going now. Thank you, Hermes, for The great answers. And goodnight to everyone else on channel
<FORTYoz> Hermes`: when I first heard about It I thought It was just another visualization method, which don't work for me.. But then I read more and It doesn't use visualization.. For me It was weird, actually felt myself grabbing The rope with my astral hands and really PULLING myself out of my body
<iris^> Bye Soul
<FORTYoz> my astral body and my physical seem to have a magnetism That was making It hard to pull out but I just persevered and pulled really hard mentally and It worked. Was cool
<Hermes`> yea It works well because It mimics a physical moment and this pulls you out. Many people thing getting out of The body should feel mental, but It is not. It actually feels physical like.
<Hermes`> when I first got out of The body, I could not tell If I had actually got out of The bed physically.
<FORTYoz> yeah, there's too much resistance For me to just get out of my body .. realized this after trying about 20 times hehe
<FORTYoz> The rope worked great
<FORTYoz> It gets me into trance state really fast
<FORTYoz> I still need to use earplugs, I need to make myself not be bothered by little sounds
<Hermes`> yea in time It will be easier with distractions
<Hermes`> I used to run a fan to mask out The sounds
<FORTYoz> The sound is a weird kinda loud clicking in The wall, its not constant so It catches me off guard
<FORTYoz> er guard
<Hermes`> yea That would be distracting
<Hermes`> so What happened on this out of body event?
<FORTYoz> /names
<FORTYoz> not much, just kinda walked around in darkness
<FORTYoz> need to do It again tonight :)
<Hermes`> well It is something
<Hermes`> sometimes you have to walk into The next room before you will start to see things
<FORTYoz> I've had some cool OBE's The last few months but I can't really remember them because I don't write them down, need to start
<Hermes`> other times
<Hermes`> If It is all dark It is because you are in your third nonphysical body...
<Hermes`> you are prepared For a extended trip
<Hermes`> What you do then
<FORTYoz> often I try to transport to places away too fast and I feel like I'm going at supersonic speed and I kinda dropped back into my body after a while
<Hermes`> is spread your hands out like you were waiting to catch a wind and kind of float upward
<FORTYoz> hmm okay
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> That is What happens
<Hermes`> you then travel at very fast speeds
<Hermes`> then after traveling For a bit, you will wind up someplace
<FORTYoz> after you guys doin a meditation today?
<FORTYoz> yeah I need to be more controlled
<Hermes`> well It is up to you fortyoz
<Hermes`> If you want to meditation we will
<FORTYoz> yeah I do :)
<Hermes`> okay then, Iris are you there? Are you ready to start?
<FORTYoz> my friend sneakythief might join in a sec
<Hermes`> great
* FORTYoz puts in earplugs hehe
<iris^> I'm here and ready
<Hermes`> okay, then, let's do It jason, Gamble If you feel The need join in.
* Hermes` meditating For 15 minutes
* FORTYoz as well.
<FORTYoz> send me some energy while your at It ;)
* FORTYoz back in 15
<Hermes`> sure
*** sneakythi is now known as phase-1
* Hermes` has returned
* phase-1 has joined
<phase-1> dave's probably passed out :]
<Hermes`> hehe
<Hermes`> That happens
<Hermes`> sometimes I go into a meditation and wake up hours later
<Hermes`> Iris may have passed out as well
<phase-1> I don't pass out when I meditate
<iris^> well, I got interrupted
<phase-1> I usually have to roll over and break my trance before I end up sleeping
<phase-1> is anyone else staring at The screen, waiting For a conversation to start? :]
<Hermes`> I Was getting a tea
<Hermes`> did you get anything Iris before you got interrupted?
<phase-1> Fantastic :) I like green tea.. It really helps my thoughts For some reason
<Hermes`> yea green tea is real good For you. I like to have It in The afternoon when my power starts to drop.
<Iris^> I like green tea too
<Hermes`> I got another strange meditation
<phase-1> heay so Hermes, in a 15 minute session.. What kind of experiences do you have?>
<iris^> What happened?
<Hermes`> first I saw a woman and she jumped into The water and then turned into The water...
<phase-1> like a witch :)
<Hermes`> then The waves started swimming like a person
<phase-1> maybe It Was her
<Hermes`> then later on I saw a woman and a man and a crow, and there were in some place...
<Hermes`> I got The feeling of magic
<Hermes`> then I saw The abyss as a dark black pool...
<phase-1> Hermes': are these images your imagination or, apparitions?
<Hermes`> and I felt The feeling of falling into It
<phase-1> apparitions
<Hermes`> That Was It, some other stuff, but I can't recall It just yet.
<Hermes`> phase-1 these are visions and travels That we have learned to do.
<Phase-1> It sounds like a dream to me!
<Hermes`> we call this a travel meditation
<Hermes`> It gives you information and help
<Hermes`> and teaches you stuff
<phase-1> so is your mind traveling somewhere?
<Hermes`> oh yes most definitely
<phase-1> in The astral plane?
<Hermes`> any one of The nonphysical planes
<phase-1> oh I see :]
<Hermes`> with The group energy It helps to teach you How to do these travel meditations
<phase-1> How do you learn to do this? or should I have a look at wisdomsdoor For That
<Hermes`> well you pick things up by joining in every week
<Hermes`> we all talk about What we saw and this helps to unlock our inner abilities to travel
<phase-1> Thursday at ""?
<Hermes`> every Thursday at 22:00 we start
<phase-1> ic IC but What If you don't see anything in the he first place?
<Hermes`> this week we started later
<Hermes`> well at first you don't see much
<Hermes`> then as The weeks go on you start to have some experiences, as The energy builds up
<phase-1> but I've been meditating For a while now, and all I see is little electric zapping things hehe
<Hermes`> and much of The time we share similar experiences in meditations
<Hermes`> well, I know It helps to do this with a group
<Hermes`> and It helps That some people in The group already know How to travel
<phase-1> with The exception of The astral projection I had where I flew around my house and then out my window to my neighbors drive way
<Hermes`> If you come here For three weeks straight and meditate by The fourth If not sooner you will be getting stuff.
<Phase-1> yes, ok I'll be her on Thursdays then.. I've been neglecting meditation to much
<Hermes`> and then you won't need The group after a time, because you learn How to do It on your own
<phase-1> today I did get into some weird "trance" or whatever
<phase-1> that's awesome
<Hermes`> yea you may have felt The energy
<Hermes`> and perhaps saw some colors
<phase-1> yah I get The energy totally
<phase-1> but not really color
<Hermes`> you may get colors next time
<phase-1> It kind of feels like I'm going deeper into blackness, layers of The black
<Hermes`> yes It is a deepening of The trance
<phase-1> and The weird thing is, my eye lids start to twitch like crazy!
<Hermes`> The energy helps propel you into It more
<Hermes`> then you were starting The process
<phase-1> great, I've had It many times.. I can almost bring them on too
<phase-1> is this process The go signal?
<Hermes`> yea It is a dropping down and in
<Hermes`> That blackness you felt is probably connected to That black pool I saw. The letting go into The unknown
<Hermes`> The moment fear you get That holds you back
<Hermes`> next time you will go deeper
<Hermes`> which is How It should be
<phase-1> ok, I'm looking forward to It :)
<Hermes`> Iris did you get anything?
<phase-1> only thing is, I've been meditating For close to a year now..
<Iris^> and I saw you Hermes guiding two people on a journey - maybe a sign :)
<phase-1> It took my 6 months to get out
<phase-1> and since then, I haven't been out For like 6 months..
<Hermes`> I wonder If ti Was those two people I saw with The crow
<Hermes`> I got The feeling of magic connected to them
<iris^> did they have backpacks - like hikers?????????
<Hermes`> well phase1 you may have more now,
<Hermes`> The meditations sometimes will help your OBE's
<Hermes`> well I can't say they looked like hikers
<phase-1> you mean The"group" meds?
<Hermes`> they looked more medieval looking
<Hermes`> yea phase1 one The group meds can help OBE's
<Hermes`> but The crow could of just as well been a bird outside
<Hermes`> and The abyss a big cliff on a hike
<Hermes`> but I don't know Who they could be
<phase-1> hehehhe
<iris^> well, It Was kind of dark - you all just looked like you were traveling across this land
<iris^> across
<Hermes`> yea phase1 individual interpretation plays a big part in understanding What happens in these travel meditations. One person picks up on something one way and another in another way.
<Iris^> I also got That spiral energy again before I saw you
<iris^> haven't had That in a while
<Hermes`> That spinner being's energy
<iris^> yeah
<Hermes`> Maybe he is more connected to me than you.
<Hermes`> do you get him at all outside of The group meditation
<phase-1> IC IC
<Hermes`> I guess we lost iris, oh well
<phase-1> :]
<phase-1> heay Hermes', do you know What to call The sucking feeling?
<Hermes`> ? when do you get this?
<phase-1> I got It once when I feel a sleep For a moment, woke up and my whole body bounced, like a defib
<Hermes`> ah
<phase-1> then this sucking feeling, It Was going up up up and out of my head
<phase-1> It Was sOoooo intense.. But It ended up just stopping
<Hermes`> The bouncing is when you come out of your body real quick and then wake up and get slammed back
<Hermes`> The other is probably The rest of your nonphysical energy leaking out
<Hermes`> The chakra did not close probably
<Hermes`> so The energy Was going to wherever you were going before you woke up
<phase-1> oic!
<phase-1> that's real technical.. Let me analyze
<Hermes`> hehe
<Hermes`> to leave your body you do so either from The brow chakra or The solar plexus
<phase-1> yah that's kind of similar to What I Was told by my moms friend who's an initiate to The science of spirituality
<phase-1> where is The solar plexus?
<Hermes`> my guess in That instance you went out The brow chakra
<Hermes`> The solar plexus is just above The belly button
<phase-1> k wait, this none physical energy Was leaking out from where?
<Hermes`> On a normal OBE return The chakra closes after you are back in...
<Hermes`> But on those real fast in and outs, The chakra remains open For a 30 seconds or so
<phase-1> so The chakra stores this none physical energy?
<Hermes`> The chakra is The transmitter of It
<phase-1> The guy I told you about, he said my coondalinie or something like That, might have been un coiling!!
<phase-1> he said It wasn't a good thing
<phase-1> ok But who's, What and where is this none physical energy?
<Hermes`> Kundalini
<Hermes`> I doubt That Was It
<Hermes`> The Kundalini energy is stored in The spine
<Hermes`> It spirals upward through The spine
<phase-1> hmmmm
<Hermes`> when It does It burns all The way up
<phase-1> burns???
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> like hot coals
<Hermes`> you would know If It Was kundalini
<phase-1> omg that's scary
<phase-1> ok ok
<Hermes`> most likely It Was just your nonphysical energy leaking out The top of you
<phase-1> yah It felt like It Was coming from all over within But Was leaving through my upper area
<phase-1> somewhere in my head
<phase-1> I guess The brow
<phase-1> ok But wait, so my "spirit" Was out of my body and left through my crown chakra "The brow".. then I woke up and my spirit came zooming back in through my chakra But my chakra didn't close and energy Was leaking out???
<Hermes`> yea
<phase-1> I still don't understand What this energy is all about
<Hermes`> okay
<phase-1> why is It in there.. And where is It stored
<Hermes`> your nonphysical self is energy
<Hermes`> The body holds this nonphysical self into place through chemicals And bonding action...
<phase-1> om this is so interesting
<Hermes`> in an out of body travel, your energy leaves The body through one of those two chakra...
<Hermes`> It opens up And starts releasing The energy of your spirit...
<Hermes`> when enough of The energy is out, your consciousness can transfer itself to That place...
<Hermes`> which is What happens...
<phase-1> OH!
<Hermes`> now because this happened fast, your consciousness had just transferred itself out...
<phase-1> And this energy is The physical make up of my body?
<phase-1> well no
<Hermes`> then your physical brain said "wait a minute I'm not ready....
<Hermes`> And stopped The process causing your consciousness to be slammed back into The body real quick...
<Hermes`> The chakra at this point Was not aware you had returned
<phase-1> does this process happen every time we leave into dream land?
<Hermes`> so It Was still sending your nonphysical spirit out
<Hermes`> yes It happens all The time, however The return is much slower
<phase-1> hhehehehe
<Hermes`> so you don't actually feel your energy leaking out or your consciousness slamming back in
<phase-1> I've read your dream articles But, It really makes more sense hearing It directly from you
<Hermes`> well That is why I'm here, glad I could help
<phase-1> I'm thinking of my physical conscious much differently now
<phase-1> like a hindrance kind of
<Hermes`> It is a tool to help you while you are in this reality
<phase-1> I mean, If I don't know all this stuff .. it's because my brain cannot comprehend It
<Phase-1> yes I understand That
<Hermes`> well when The time is right you seek The knowledge, And you are seeking It now
<phase-1> But I'm really realizing The limitations of The brain
<Hermes`> yes this is a limited reality
<phase-1> heheheh
<Hermes`> those limitations however teach us to hone our precious resources
<phase-1> yah eh
<phase-1> I want to draw a picture or something, of The process hehe
<Hermes`> yea do It
<Hermes`> That can help you to understand, And to reach For more
<phase-1> it's just That It sometimes seems unreal But, It clicks in And becomes more practical And believable
<phase-1> scientifically
<Hermes`> when I am out of The body It is physical reality That seems unreal. It is all a matter of perception
<Hermes`> But true, understanding helps with The reality of It
<FORTYoz> hmm
<phase-1> awesome I'd love to feel like this world is less real And That another is more.. This place can be a real drag sometimes..
<Hermes`> hehe,
<Hermes`> yea
<FORTYoz> went a little too deep into meditation :P
<phase-1> pass out? or leave body?
<Hermes`> I see That fortyoz
<FORTYoz> Was in trance For a long time then blanked out
<Hermes`> remember anything from It fortyoz?
<phase-1> Hermes': If I want to practice travel meditation.. Should I lay down And do The same thing I usually do or.. Should I imagine flying around The world or What?
<FORTYoz> hmm not a whole lot, just felt really warm And It Was bright inside my third eye
<Hermes`> with travel mediation you just clear your mind And Let The images And feelings just come to you.
<Phase-1> k
<Hermes`> at first they will seem like imagination, But over many months or practice It becomes more real
<Hermes`> That is why The group helps, because when we talk about It, we see common things...
<Hermes`> This teaches you How to focus And make That happen more often.
<Phase-1> IC .. ok But is there any reason why in meditation.. That I don't get any images .. The only thing I see is weird electricity And sometimes flashes..
<Hermes`> meditation is like That, For The most part
<Hermes`> you clear your mind And just relax
<Hermes`> But The next step is to use meditation to travel And learn
<phase-1> can I travel without having an actually OBE?
<Hermes`> yes, That is What makes It very accessible to everyone
<phase-1> oohh ok
<phase-1> yah cause I've tried And tried And haven't been able to have another OBE
<Phase-1> I think I Was pushed out The first time..
<Hermes`> The first time they push you out to wake you up That It exists
<phase-1> maybe my guide keeping me interested
<Hermes`> exactly
<phase-1> IC IC
<phase-1> well.. I really want to meditate now.. Do you suggest my usual style or The travel style?
<Hermes`> Do The usual And save The travel For The group, at least For a few weeks
<Hermes`> then you can try The travel on your own
<phase-1> I mean, Should I try to OBE or just Do That mind travel meditation
<Hermes`> you can keep up with your OBE
<Hermes`> It won't effect The travel meds
<phase-1> ok :]
<phase-1> 22:00 is What time?
<Hermes`> GMT
<Hermes`> here It is 5:00 EST
<Hermes`> usually between 22:00 And 23:00 we start The meditation
<Hermes`> Greenwich Mean time
<Hermes`> What time zone are you in?
<phase-1> west
<Hermes`> so That would be 2PM your time I guess
<phase-1> est stand For east "something" time?
<FORTYoz> your usually around 12-3
<Hermes`> or is That 3PM
<FORTYoz> usually earlier
<FORTYoz> like 12
<Hermes`> well right now It is 7:50 here
<FORTYoz> 4:50 here
<phase-1> grr.. I'm at school till 1:00 on Thursday
<FORTYoz> Florida is pretty easterly :>
<FORTYoz> easterly?
<FORTYoz> heh
<Hermes`> oh well time to go
<Hermes`> I'll catch all of you on Tuesday
<FORTYoz> okay
<Hermes`> And If not then on Thursday
<Hermes`> take care
<FORTYoz> thanks, cya :)
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Mar 29 19:53:02 2001

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