your abilities after death; what is the best plane for a beginner to have Out of Body adventures on?; group meditation with adventures; the Christ Energy
March 1, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Mar 01 16:28:22 2001
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<Hermes`> where be everyone
<Hermes`> ?
<jsn> hi hermes
<Hermes`> howdy jason
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<Hermes`> hi iWonder
<iWonder> hi all
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<MagicMan> re
<Hermes`> ah now the room is filling up
<iWonder> hi Magic,
<iWonder> lag, arghh
* iWonder the is unbearable
<iWonder> I mean the lag
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<iWonder> testing, 1,2,3
<Hermes`> 456
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<iWonder> hi Magic
<xoooo> hi ppl
<iWonder> eheh
<MagicMan> yes I hear...heared you b4 too
<iWonder> hi Hermes
<Hermes`> so is the lag okay iwonder
<iWonder> glad you did .)
<MagicMan> hey soren
<iWonder> hi xoooo
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<Hermes`> hi soren
<iWonder> :)
<Hermes`> so did anything exciting happen to anyone this week?
<iWonder> is there anything going on, or may I ask a question ?
<Hermes`> sure ask away
<Hermes`> in the mean time I go refill my tea
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<Hermes`> welcome back iwonder
<Hermes`> send in your question
<SoulFlyFr> I sure could use some tea
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<iWonder_> err, finally
*** iWonder_ is now known as iWonder
* Hermes` attempts to dcc over some tea but the fluid spills out of the modem wire.
<Hermes`> iwonder send in the question
<iWonder> the question is, when we pass away, do we still keep the abilities we have on OBE's, like flying, changing surroundings
<Hermes`> the same abilities you have when you are nonphysical are the same as the ones you will have after death
<Hermes`> so the answer is yes
<iWonder> thinking of a place and getting there, or are we somehow restricted
<SoulFlyFr> Do we go to the same place where we go when we OBE when we die?
<Hermes`> as you can see, it is much easier to go from physical life to nonphysical life than the reverse.
<Hermes`> yes the same places are accessible to you when you die, however..
<Hermes`> interaction with the physical plane is discourage
<iWonder> Let's forget for a moment we all dislike talking of passing away :(
<SoulFlyFr> Man, I wish I could master OBE's.. Its really starting to annoy me!
<Hermes`> well just keep at it, persistence is the key
<MagicMan> he did already
<Hermes`> then he needs more
<SoulFlyFr> I find I cant do it very often because I need ALOT of energy to start falling into the correct trance
<Hermes`> it does take lots of energy, which is why I say to do several MPE's a day
<iWonder> even Camelot ?
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<iWonder> I mean, is Camelot available to us ?
<Hermes`> If you visit Camelot in an OBE it would still take lots of energy. It is much easier to get to Camelot in a travel meditation
<Hermes`> yes you can visit Camelot in an OBE too
<iWonder> I ask this, cause most books I read speak of us straight to the astral plane
<Hermes`> yea, well, I guess they are not thinking about your evolution
<Hermes`> I like to aim people to the etheric plane, Malkuth, or now Camelot
<Hermes`> the astral plane is not a good place to learn new things
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<Hermes`> however some books refer to the nonphysical plane as the astral place
<Hermes`> plane
<SoulFlyFr> aren't they the same?
<Hermes`> well
<Hermes`> in very specific terms the astral plane refers to a certain region of the nonphysical plane
<Hermes`> but some authors just call the nonphysical the astral plane, which is not very accurate
<Hermes`> you can project to the astral plane, when there you are in your emotional body
<iWonder> which leads me to the next question
<Hermes`> as you know emotions can be chaotic
<Hermes`> so I find it is a hard plane to learn the ropes of OBE in
<Hermes`> okay next question
<iWonder> when we pass away, in which plane do we end up ?
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<Hermes`> which ever one you have learned to control
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<Hermes`> you will gravitate to the plane you can most control
<SoulFlyFr> how/where do you gain that control?
<Hermes`> by your time spent in the physical plane, the nonphysical plane..
<MagicMan> uh just a side usual I can only meditate b4 11pm as usual
<Hermes`> as you evolve and grow spiritually, you can move to a higher plane
<Hermes`> and that is in how long magicman?
<Hermes`> Iris is logging in now, so we can start as soon as she comes in.
<Hermes`> I'm trying to hurry iris up
<MagicMan> 34 min
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<iris^> Hi everyone!
* iWonder never hurry up a girl when she's putting on the makeup :)
<MagicMan> hey
<Hermes`> hehe
<iWonder> hi Iris
<MagicMan> lol
<Hermes`> okay let's begin
<iris^> nice to see you all
<iris^> where's amazed?
<Hermes`> good question
<Hermes`> okay let's begin the meditation so we can hear about Magicman's adventure
*** MagicMan (~MagicMan@ Quit (Memory cannot be defined but it defines mankind.)
<xorolo> ok see u in 15mins
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* Hermes` ohmming for 15
<MagicMan> damned latency
<MagicMan> hm freenet huh...I'll try that brb
*** MagicMan (~MagicMan@ Quit (Memory cannot be defined but it defines mankind.)
* iWonder BRB, nature call (it's not what u're thinking)
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<Hermes`> magicman we are starting the mediation
<MagicMan> damn another one that doesn't allow me
<Hermes`> or did
<iris^> I'm ready when everyone else is
* Hermes` is now really mediating and will return in 15 minutes
<MagicMan> uh I dunno if I can get the signal with this lag
<iWonder> ready
* MagicMan gone
<iris^> ready
* iWonder away for 15
* iWonder back
<xorolo> back
*** MagicMan (magicman@ Quit (rebooting brb)
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<MagicMan> back
*** PhD ( has joined #energyworks
<iris^> back too
<MagicMan> hey phd
<PhD> welcome MagicMan
<iris^> hi phd!
<iris^> glad you returned
<PhD> hello iris^
<iris^> we're just finishing the meditation and waiting for everyone to get back
* Hermes` is back
<Hermes`> okay while I fire up another tea someone start
<MagicMan> why do I always get the "welcome"? :)
<iWonder> eheh
<PhD> erm.. is there sth wrong about it?
<iWonder> who's it gonna be ?
<MagicMan> man hermes I'm surprised you didn't have to stop in the middle of the meditation to take a piss with all that tea :)
<Hermes`> nope waited till after
<iWonder> ROTFL
<SoulFlyFr> he he!!
<MagicMan> nope phd but just now you gave me the "welcome" and "hi" to iris :)
<PhD> MagicMan: I didn't say 'hi', I said 'hello'; and that's just because I didn't want to repeat the same word ;)
<Hermes`> okay magicman you go first
<MagicMan> well I better start off then since its was quiet today...what I got first was some big rock or mountain, then seals in the ocean then I was sitting at the edge of a rock with my feet on the water and looking at the horizon for a while...later I got some rings linking and forming a globe and that's about finish off the meditation I did the 21 breaths to tranquility
<Hermes`> I like the wrap up, I'll have to try that myself
<MagicMan> mistyped breaths probably
<Hermes`> what kind of rings, like some kind of animation
<MagicMan> well take for example the peel of an apple being joined together but all were separate pieces and not spiral cut
<Hermes`> some kind of global unifying symbol I suppose
<MagicMan> ah its pretty vague...onward with experiences
<MagicMan> who's next?
<SoulFlyFr> I have to go now. speak to u all next Tuesday
<MagicMan> doh well bye soul
<iWonder> bye soul
<iris^> bye soul
<iWonder> guess it's my turn
<Hermes`> sure
<iWonder> I went to that camp fire I saw in my last meditation
<iWonder> nobody there
*** SoulFlyFr ( Quit (Leaving)
<iWonder> so tried to connect to Iris
<iWonder> I felt some sort of mother warmth feeling
<iWonder> she seemed to be telling me something, which I couldn't understand
<iris^> I hugged everyone today :)
<iris^> I felt this great love and warmth today too
<iWonder> next I was in a strange place, like inside a big cave
<iWonder> :)
<iWonder> the light around seemed torch like
<iWonder> then a wooden cup appeared in front of me
<iWonder> this is when I heard a shouting voice saying clearly INRI
<iWonder> I backed off as fast as I could
<iWonder> tried to tune to Hermes, and saw a big white triangle over a dark land
<iWonder> tried to tune to Magicman and saw a nice PI (3.1416) portal like shape carved, beautifully carved in brown wood
<MagicMan> hey I'm a number :P
<iWonder> tuned to Soren and saw a cave glowing with blue shinning light
<iWonder> that's all
<MagicMan> well mathematical constant actually
<iris^> this is very interesting
<MagicMan> I recognize INRI from the WLE but I don't remember what it means
<Hermes`> In Enochian it means Earth, Air, Fire, Water
<Hermes`> In the Jewish religion it means something else I can't remember just now
<Hermes`> that cup was probably the cup of Christ, or the Christ energy.
<iris^> was the sign placed over Jesus on the cross - Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews"
<iris^> but I have read it really meant something else just can't remember what
<Hermes`> yea, I think it also means "thine is the kingdom the power and glory"
<Hermes`> which would make sense because earth air fire and water do connect to that saying
<Hermes`> the cross is the meeting place for those elements
<Hermes`> each end of the cross is another element
<Hermes`> (I knew it would come back to me)
<iWonder> well, the way the voice shouted left me the impression it was a warning
<iWonder> and the feeling was, make sure you're ready, that's why I backed off
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> you do have to be ready
<Hermes`> it is a powerful energy
<Hermes`> it opens up the heart chakra
<Hermes`> and that connects you with everyone and everything
<iris^> humm, the warmth feeling of love today :)
<Hermes`> so now you feel and can sense things much easier than before
<Hermes`> pick up on other people's stuff much easier
<Hermes`> yea Iris
<iWonder> I've had that "habitually" since I was kid, I think
<iris^> not such a bad thing to have :)
<Hermes`> I guess when you are ready the cup is there for you
<iWonder> and you Iris ?
<iWonder> and Soren ?
<iris^> I had some things that were similar t you iwonder
<iris^> when we began I was in a fast spiral with 6 others
<iris^> it was like a galaxy
<iWonder> I saw that 2
<iris^> we were spinning so fast
<MagicMan> we were only 5 hm
<iris^> I know - I thought that was strange but...
<iris^> from the spiral I was in that Egyptian tomb again
<iris^> and 6 of us stood around that tomb and put our hands on top of one another
<iris^> I know there were 6 because they wanted us to stand a certain way
<iris^> there was this intense blue color all around us
<iris^> I felt this warmth and love and hugged everyone
<iris^> then I was alone there
<iris^> I got a message written in symbols
<iris^> one was a cup, a sun,
<iris^> an eye
<iris^> I don't remember the other symbols
<iris^> thought it was funny you got the PI
<iWonder> a tau cross ?
<MagicMan> hm there's a page on the net to decode Egyptian symbols
<iris^> because I saw something with two lines
<iris^> yeah, I think I need to find out what they mean
<iris^> what's a tau cross?
<iWonder> the Egyptian cross
<Hermes`> Ankh
<iWonder> I saw it at first when starting the meditation, forgot to tell u about it
<iWonder> yah the Ankh
<iris^> ah, like the Ankh?
<MagicMan> well I'll all about the rest of the meditations in the log, see you all
<iWonder> yes
*** MagicMan (magicman@ Quit (Memory cannot be defined but it defines mankind.)
<Iris^> yeah, that may have been one of the symbols
<iris^> it was like they were one after another in gold on a ring or something
<iris^> I thought there were about 6 symbols too - that would be about all of them
<iris^> maybe not
<xorolo> (reading above)
<iris^> well after that I was near the cave at Camelot
<iris^> saw Hermes and Sandalphon on a white horse - strange
<iris^> oh, somewhere before that I was carrying a woman
<Hermes`> I did hug Sandalphon in my meditation, but it was brief only lasted a second
<iris^> who had passed out
<xorolo> incredible iris:)
<iris^> I saw you with him for a second - then I left
<iris^> :)
<xorolo> every time I wonder..
<xorolo> btw,that's what I got during this meditation
<xorolo> at the start a big wall
<iris^> really!
<iris^> tell us
<xorolo> like the Chinese one,was very long and white
<xorolo> then some trees with many fruits on them
<xorolo> later I saw a bridge
<xorolo> under that bridge a river..maybe is the Camelot's one but this time I inspected it carefully
<xorolo> it was white and curved
<xorolo> with some blue colors on it
<xorolo> later on I remember I was in the desert and there were some camels around
<xorolo> after that I was in space..and there I recognized some symbols iris got..
<Iris^> wow!
<xorolo> I saw moon,sun,a cup(was more similar to a spoon near a planet)
<xorolo> and a eye
<xorolo> the eye was blue color with an eclipse around it
<xorolo> and that's it,I had the feeling of a green tunnel and a place full of water but that's maybe just my imagination
<xorolo> that's all,the energy I got today was very warm..
<Iris^> me too - and mine ended the same way
<iWonder> felt the same
<iris^> also felt like you were at my side through most of it
<iris^> I remember a half circle as one of the symbols - like a half moon
<Hermes`> I got a bridge in my meditation, but it was a big kind that goes across a river, silver colored
<Hermes`> must be soren's bridge
<iris^> :)
<xorolo> was a very nice bridge,with some ornament
<xorolo> I remember the bridge because was one of the most vivid vision I got till today
<Hermes`> the rest of mine besides those few flashes were a continuation of last week, and probably related to the other meditations here today. I was in ancient Egypt. I sat in a chair in that temple with the blue crystal. They aimed it at my heart chakra. The Blue light expanded past myself and just kept going and going. The rest of the meditation continued like this with myself being within this nice blue energy.
<iWonder> that's nice
<xorolo> blue energy was predominant today..
<Iris^> yeah! that's the blue energy in that same place!
<iris^> so intense
<iWonder> it's long past midnight here, I must go
<iris^> there is a chair in that room with that tomb thing
<Hermes`> I guess it was the same place then
<Hermes`> okay night iWonder
<iris^> bye iwonder - so glad you were with us today!
<xorolo> ye wonder
<iWonder> would like to stay a bit more, thanks to you all
<iris^> the chair is on the opposite side of the room - and raised a little like up on a few steps
*** iWonder ( Quit (night)
<iris^> it's a big gold arm chair in my meditation
<Hermes`> yea it is big
<iris^> like a throne
<xorolo> I'm going too I feel tired
<iris^> of sorts
<xorolo> nice meditation today,as usual
<Hermes`> what I remember of the room is the chair, but off to the left and right of the chair it is dark, so I don't know what is in the rest of the room
<iris^> thanks for being here,xor
<iris^> it's always so nice to travel with you :)
<xorolo> see u next time!
<Hermes`> bye Soren
*** xorolo (~xoo@ Quit
<Hermes`> yea soren is doing very well
<iris^> sitting in the chair, the corridor would be to your right
<Hermes`> he has a previous lifetime connected to the Golden Dawn
<Hermes`> I'll have to look next time. It is dark there because the chair is so lighted up
<iris^> really
<Hermes`> yea, he is not completely aware of it
<Hermes`> I've mentioned it to him
<iris^> all along that corridor there are writings on the walls
<Hermes`> cool, nice to know we are all connected in this meditation
<iris^> does he not like the connection to that lifetime?
<Hermes`> he does not feel it, if you know what I mean
<iris^> yeah, I know
<iris^> that temple or whatever is pretty important
<Hermes`> I guess I'll have to explore it more
<Hermes`> it is a new place for the group to meet, it is not Camelot, and not Malkuth
<iris^> I feel such a strong connection to Hermes Trismegistus when I am there
<iris^> no, it's a Hermes place :)
<Hermes`> feels like it is connected to Egypt and Hermes Trismegistus
<iris^> I believe it is his sphinx, temple, or whatever they are when you die
<Hermes`> yea, the first time I went into the temple I was at the sphinx
<iris^> powerful place whatever
<iris^> me too
<Hermes`> well I'm sure we will learn more about it as we go on
<iris^> little by little as usual :)
<iris^> I have to look up those symbols
<iris^> because it really was a message
<Hermes`> yea, patience "the Sandalphon lesson"
<Hermes`> let me know what you find
<iris^> ok
<Hermes`> well I guess time to depart from the channel
<Hermes`> I'll catch you on I'M
<iris^> ok see you soon!
Session Close: Thu Mar 01 19:52:19 2001

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