what are the benefits of meditation; dealing with upsets and learning from them; group meditation with adventures; Tiphareth and Master Jesus
February 22, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Feb 22 16:51:28 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Why are we alive? That.. is the question, isnt it?'
*** Set by Gamble-! on Thu Feb 22 07:41:06
<Hermes`> howdy
<Hermes`> how is everyone tonight
<Amazed1> ..and the prodigal son has returned :)
<Hermes`> :)
<Amazed1> we missed you here
* Amazed1 is in a funny mood (tearing up some pants)
<Hermes`> ah
<Hermes`> well, do a good job on those pants
<Amazed1> oh believe me, I'm doing my best
<Hermes`> must be a new fashion thing
<Amazed1> no no heh, it's not that
<Amazed1> they're old ones and started tearing on their own, so I thought aren't I the always-ready-to-lend-a-helping-hand girl? :)
<Amazed1> helping is in my nature, couldn't turn it down
*** iris2 ( has joined #energyworks
<Amazed1> hey Iris!
<iris2> Hi everyone!
<Hermes`> hi iris
<iris2> Hi amazed, hi Hermes
<Hermes`> so anything esoterically exciting happen to anyone this week
<Hermes`> who is PhD? or is it a regular with a new name?
*** Orion7 ( has joined #energyworks
<Hermes`> whoa Orion
<Orion7> I AM
<Orion7> I am here
<iris2> hey orion!
<Amazed1> we have a newbie here, PhD, he doesn't really know about the benefits of meditation, so if anyone cares for telling about it..
<Orion7> greetings to all
<iris2> knew we'd meet up somehow!
<iris2> the benefits of meditation, humm...
<iris2> at first it probably just starts off to be relaxing
<iris2> - time to be with yourself, within yourself
<PhD> and what is the outcome?
<iris2> stick with it and its the way to expand and evolve
<Orion7> well there's, increased mental clarity, increased energy, greater awareness of yourself and others, benefit of making a connection with your spirit guide, help in dealing with troubles or situations in physical reality, guidance provided by nonphysical entities...
<Orion7> the list is quite long
<iris2> and that's just the start :)
<PhD> and what do you mean by the word 'meditation'?
<Amazed1> so are you rethinking about joining us Phd? :)
<PhD> I don't know what joining is about, Amazed
<PhD> Meditation n: a calm lengthy intent consideration [syn: {contemplation}, {reflection}, {reflexion}, {rumination}, {musing}, {thoughtfulness}]
<Orion7> well joining doesn't spell it out correctly
<Amazed1> there, you have all the answers within yourself :)
<Amazed1> I meant joining in this group meditation here
<Orion7> it's more like, participating in a group effort, where we each encourage one another to stick with the efforts and practice of meditation and where we share our experiences
<iris2> meditation is setting aside a time and place where one can quiet the mind and do all those things you just listed, PhD
<Orion7> and attempt to support each other and often help to decipher what can sometimes be cryptic experiences
<iris2> also in the group meditation we share our energy
<PhD> what kind of energy?
<Orion7> there is only 1 kind of energy
<Orion7> however in many forms
<iris2> and, as orion points out, together we can often clarify meditation experiences for one another
<Orion7> in this case, I suppose 'spiritual energy
<Orion7> I know you just got bombed with allot of information
<Orion7> I hope some of it makes sense for you
<PhD> I guess I can't stick to your terminology...
<Orion7> in total it's an effort to make improvement in our lives and that of others and to grow, expand our awareness and knowledge and to evolve beyond that which we are today
<Orion7> err grow=grow
<PhD> evolve into what?
<Orion7> eventually
<Orion7> into divine beings
<Orion7> but more immediately, to evolve to something greater than what we presently are
<PhD> and how do you measure the change? how do you know there are improvements?
<Orion7> and to gain greater clarity and focus that will help us in our daily physical adventures
<Orion7> you feel it
<iris2> feelings
<Orion7> and experience the effects in your reality
<Orion7> the results are obvious to anyone who makes an honest and consistent effort
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<iris2> you just know it - you feel better - your life runs smoother
<Orion7> hermes you can jump in any time now.,.,
<Orion7> hi MM
<iris2> Hi Magic!
<MagicMan> re
<Hermes`> hehe, I like listening
<MagicMan> seems not even on my client works now
<iris2> one needs to start with the thought that we are basically energy beings
<Orion7> I couldn't get into stealth either until I dropped my shields (firewall)
<Orion7> I raised shields after connected and everything's fine
<MagicMan> nope...I was there just 5min ago
<Hermes`> amazed why don't you tell Phd what meditation has done for you?
<MagicMan> you are trying to convince him, why?
<Hermes`> he is asking about it
<PhD> god, iris! and what do you mean by energy beings? is this has something to do with the idea that mind is independent of the brain?
<MagicMan> ah
<MagicMan> oh well it seems only jirc for me from now on
<Amazed1> Phd, when you OBE you're an energy being too
<iris2> humm,
<PhD> Amazed1: I haven't had an OBE...
<iris2> I would rather think we are independent of mind and body
<Amazed1> well couldn't really name exactly what it's done for me, but all gets better, in general
<PhD> that's right, I am
<Orion7> am what?
<Orion7> oh
<Orion7> ok, sorry wasn't reading
<iris2> precisely
<PhD> _we_ are independent of _mind_? aren't we the mind?
<iris2> the mind works with words
<iris2> feelings don't work with words
<iris2> we are more than mind
<Orion7> out of speculation, I 've considered that the physical body (including) is but a physical manifestation/representative (the physical form and extension) of us as nonphysical energy beings
<Orion7> now of course, this is just my imagination talking, but I 've not hear another explanation that works better for me
<iris2> the casing through which we work in this reality
<Orion7> exactly
<iris2> to slow us down enough to function here
<Orion7> now I'm starting to imagine that you're getting confused
<Orion7> :)
<Orion7> there's allot to understand, allot to ask and many answer that will not sit well with you or help to explain things clearly until you yourself become a part of the practice and seek answers and understanding on your own.
<Orion7> only you can find the explanations and answers that will make sense to you
<Orion7> and this takes time
<iris2> agreed
<iris2> you will find your answers through meditation
<Orion7> I used to throw some severe temper tantrums because I wasn't getting answers that worked for me - from others I asked
<iris2> through the experience
<Orion7> and boy was it ugly
<Orion7> I 've no concept of how Iris and Hermes ever put up with me
<Orion7> :)
<iris2> you helped us expand!
<Orion7> right ok, make it sound nice if ya want
<Orion7> :)
<PhD> in fact I 've read about OBE's, psychic functioning, reincarnation, NDE's, etc.. I bought a course on tapes (the gateawy experience by the monroe institute) to learn myself obe-ing, remote viewing, so on, but I get no results...
<Orion7> understandable
<Orion7> there is probably much that the book left out
<Orion7> and I doubt the book teaches you how to make connections with nonphysical beings that will assist you in accomplishing your desires
<Orion7> nor how to raise your energy so you'll have enough to do these things
<PhD> the book weren't manuals, you know...
<Orion7> well
<Orion7> perhaps you need a manual instead :)
<iris2> books are just words giving knowledge to the mind. Meditation gives experience for the soul
<Orion7> and a little help from others
<Orion7> PhD: where are you located if I may inquire?
<PhD> bialystok--city in north-east poland
<Orion7> nice
<Orion7> I am in New York City
<Orion7> center of the universe
<Orion7> :)
<Amazed1> *grin*
<PhD> yeah, great place :)
<Orion7> it can be
<Orion7> tell me, how does our interpretation of meditation and it benefits differ from other things you've learned prior to inquiring here?
<Orion7> sound about the same?
<PhD> I'm now sure what do you mean. Could you rephrase it, please?
<Orion7> well I was just wonder , I figured you have heard of meditation before
<Orion7> and you've probably heard what it is
<Orion7> so I was asking you to compare what we have said
<Orion7> and what you knew before you asked us, and tell me if it was allot different or about the same
<Orion7> I'm just curious
<PhD> it's the same, actually
<Orion7> ok
<PhD> but the dictionary definition is different
<Orion7> it's like religion
<Orion7> there are many many interpretations
<Orion7> the one in the dictionary is not likely to be from a person who has experienced it for himself
<Hermes`> with this on line meditation (which we will start soon), we focus more on a kind of light mental travel, where we try to pick up images and feelings and put them together into a kind of story. I did this then this, then this happened, ect.
<Orion7> that's probably why it's so different
<Orion7> (please excuse my typos, I'm using a crummy keyboard)
<Orion7> actually it was a great keyboard till I spilled soda on it :)
<Hermes`> ah, I was going to say, all that computer equipment over there and no good keyboard.
<Orion7> yea well this was my best one, wireless
<Hermes`> oh man
<Hermes`> ouch!
<Orion7> but thanks to me allowing my brother to upset me, I dumped a glass of coke on it
<Orion7> (by accident( if you believe in accidents:))
<Hermes`> nothing worse than coke for the keyboard
<Amazed1> the lesson is: don't drink coke!
<Orion7> agreed
<Hermes`> Amazed where is Gargowl
<Hermes`> he usually meditates with us
<Amazed1> *shrug* I wouldn't know
<iris2> and xor, iwonder
<Hermes`> well we will give them a few more minutes
<Hermes`> if they don't show then we will start
<MagicMan> hm well maybe they are experiencing the same problems as I did
<Hermes`> that is possible
<Orion7> actually amazed: the lesson for me was, 1. control my emotions and 2. keep the soda off the table
<Orion7> :)
<MagicMan> I gargowl connects through
<MagicMan> I (know)
<Hermes`> family is great at showing you where you can be compromised
<Hermes`> they know all the right buttons to press
<Orion7> oh my brother excels at that
<Hermes`> however they can be great teachers to you in this way
<Orion7> he's a master
<Orion7> supreme master
<Hermes`> when a family member finds a place he can get in, then close that sucker up
<Orion7> err supreme master
<PhD> do you use mantra?
<Orion7> yea well I 've an 11 days test coming up where I 'll be trapped with my brother
<Orion7> I'm going to visit him in Florida next week
<Hermes`> that will be a nice long test
<Orion7> needless to say I 've planned 2 escape maneuvers incase I can't hack it and must get out
<Hermes`> PhD, I don't use a mantra but I suppose you Could I use mantra's for other things, other than meditation.
<iris2> occasionally I use a mantra to quiet my mind but not usually
<Orion7> even called AT&T and switched my cell phone so I 'll have service while there and will be able to call someone, since the nearest pay phone is 10 miles from his house
<Orion7> I think I'm starting to sound paranoid :)
<MagicMan> not at all
<iris2> do you want to go, orion?
<Orion7> I do
<Orion7> but I have been trapped in the past, in situations where I was miserable and couldn't do anything about it but wait it out
<Orion7> I don't want to be in that condition again
<Orion7> and if anyone can cause it to happen, it's my brother
<iris2> then that's that - visualize in your mind a great trip - the way you want it to be
<Orion7> I'm trying
<iris2> and let it go
<Orion7> he already got under my skin the other day,
<Orion7> I disconnected from the net and haven't spoken to him yet
<iris2> - that's the hard part :)
<Orion7> he was mistreating me, and being disrespectful and inconsiderate
<Orion7> I refuse to be treated that way so I broke off communication for a few days
<Hermes`> ah, that means some part of yourself is allowing him to do that to you.
<iris2> does he know that's why you broke communication?
<Orion7> yes the part of me that chooses to keep associating with him
<Orion7> I have not spoken to him and he isn't like to consider that he;'s done something wrong,
<Orion7> so I 'll have to go with a big "NO on that one
<iris2> then your silence isn't helping
<iris2> (isn't)
<MagicMan> checking out
<Hermes`> yea exactly what I mean, he is unaware of what he did, because you allowed him to act that way with you.
<MagicMan> see you all
<Hermes`> some part of you has allowed that behavior
<Orion7> doesn't matter actually, I 've learned there's no discussing and reasoning with him, his method of operation is to make others the culprit and remain the victim himself
<Orion7> he does not play fair
<iris2> not meditating Magic?
<Orion7> you can not talk to him
<Hermes`> has nothing to do with talking to him
<MagicMan> its too late
<Hermes`> it has to do with finding that spot within yourself that allows it and remove it
<Orion7> well I'm not that strong
<MagicMan> bye
<iris2> :(
<Orion7> I'm not willing to spend all my energy warding off any possibilities of him getting to me
*** MagicMan (~jirc@ Quit ( -L&L-)
<Orion7> I 'd rather just never speak to him again if he insists on operating like this
<Hermes`> well then life will just bring this up in another way. till you resolve it within yourself.
<Orion7> his behavior is part of deeper
<iris2> humm, seems like neither of you grow from that
<Orion7> I agree with both of you
<Hermes`> well let's start the meditation before it gets much later
<Orion7> it's just too much energy to spend for me
<Orion7> and not worth it
<Orion7> it's not just me, he treats everyone else the same
<Orion7> and there are no others in my reality that I 've this sort of trouble with
* PhD is away for 20s
<Orion7> yea lets start
<Hermes`> that is because Family is great at finding the places we need to work on
<iris2> sometimes you need to walk away - but I think he should know why
* PhD 's bask
<PhD> back
<Orion7> when I tell him anything about why he always points at me
<Hermes`> gamble you're meditating today right
<Orion7> I 've no interest in childish battles he likes to play
<Orion7> gamble is actually here?
<Hermes`> he's always here
<Orion7> oh
<Orion7> he never speaks
<Hermes`> amazed you ready?
*** xoooo (^ has joined #energyworks
*** xoooo is now known as xorolo
<xorolo> hi ppl
<Hermes`> Phd, if you want to join in you can. Just clear your mind, relax and take note to anything that goes on.
<iris2> hey!
<Orion7> hi
<Hermes`> hi soren we are just starting the meditation
<Orion7> do I know you ? by another nick?
<Orion7> ah soren, I should have guessed
<Orion7> hi soren
<Gamble-> he will try the med-ing :)
<xorolo> just starting?
<xorolo> I thought I was late:)
<Hermes`> great Gamble
<Orion7> soon
<xorolo> btw I'm busy for another 10 mins guys..
<Orion7> I think we are starting sooner than that
<iris2> can we wait?
<xorolo> ok,so I'm out or I 'll join in the last minutes:)
<Orion7> well I can't speak for others but I have someone waiting on my for computer support, so I can't stick around too much longer
<Hermes`> okay then let's start
<Hermes`> soren join in when you can,
<xorolo> yeah
* Hermes` is ohmming for 15 minutes or so
* Orion7 is setting up to meditation
<xorolo> aye going to meditation:)
* Hermes` has returned
<Orion7> Ok I'm back
<Orion7> good timing
<Orion7> had a little trouble stilling my emotions
<Hermes`> I wonder why
<Orion7> very funny
<Hermes`> :)
<Amazed1> wow I had a Special one (but you know I can't really explain it)
<Hermes`> you must
<Amazed1> was wonderful (not to mention I got The Feeling back!!!)
<Hermes`> that blissful connected to everything feeling
<Amazed1> yeeeeeeea
<Amazed1> and more
<Amazed1> and I was like IN my head
<Orion7> smoothing was messing with the top of my head
<Hermes`> great, amazed. it sounds like you are getting really connected with that energy
<Hermes`> was it energy orion?
<Amazed1> and TONS (erm right..) of energy pouring into me.... was real wonderful
<Orion7> I don't know
<Orion7> either r that or the wind :)
<iris2> iris back here
<Orion7> felt like my hair was moving around
<iris2> I took orion and amazed to Daath
<Orion7> Daath?
<Hermes`> wow nice trip
<iris2> some special something for them today
<Amazed1> really?!!
<iris2> yeah
<Amazed1> aww real nice of you :)
<iris2> they helped you let go of something holding you back
<iris2> :)
<Orion7> I'm surprised you Could get me anywhere
<Orion7> I couldn't really settle down
<Orion7> I 've had a very emotionally charged week
<iris2> I had to really grab your hand
<iris2> they wanted you there to gain balance
<Orion7> yesterday I was on a rampage for the first time in years
<iris2> - equilibrium
<Orion7> hm
<iris2> - focus
<iris2> something like that
<Orion7> ok
<Orion7> well I managed to get quiet for a couple of mins but that's about it
<iris2> well, hope it helps
<Orion7> and it felt like someone was messing with my hair in the top center of my heard
<Orion7> me too
<iris2> you were only with me for a short time
<Gamble-> well I got interrupted.. and will leave now. bye all
*** Gamble- ( Quit (EOF From client)
<Orion7> err "top center of my head"
<iris2> well, all I know is it had to do with balancing you - or better term "centering" you
<Orion7> ok
<Orion7> well I have to go deliver help that I 've promised
<iris2> ok
<Hermes`> okay see you Orion
<Orion7> I 'll catch up with you all later
<Orion7> nice seeing everyone
<Orion7> I 'll be back
<iris2> bye, orion
*** Orion7 ( Quit
<xorolo> bye orion
<iris2> good :)
<Hermes`> well mine was very different this time and a bit hard to understand.
<Hermes`> I was in ancient ancient Egypt and they were building a pyramid...
<iris2> go ahead, hermes
<Hermes`> There was some kind of festival that was going to be held
<Hermes`> a Pharaoh was there and he was selecting baskets of fruit to use for the festival
<Hermes`> this one this one, not that one, ect
<Hermes`> then I was in a temple
<Hermes`> and the priest put a blue gem in a holder on the altar...
<Hermes`> the light from the sun shined through the gem and a blue cobalt light came out of it and illuminated the whole room...
<Hermes`> the priest said this was the light of wisdom...
<Hermes`> then I was outside and saw a soldier and he had a sword...
<Hermes`> then the scene changed and his head was either kicked off or chopped off...
<Hermes`> and they threw both of these down a big hole....
<Hermes`> then the phone rang in my room and I was jolted from the past to the same place in the present...
<Hermes`> it was a busy city street I guess in Egypt someplace.
<Hermes`> then as I got my wits back and came out of the meditation...
<Hermes`> I saw a face in my eyelids or the impression of a face...
<Hermes`> I got the feeling the face was master Jesus but I am not sure.
<Hermes`> end
<Hermes`> very different this week for me
<xorolo> nice trip:)
<Hermes`> yea a bit convoluted in parts
<iris2> wow
<iris2> at the beginning of my meditation we were all in a field - someone on a white horse came up to you and handed you a scroll, hermes
<iris2> you read it and looked over near the woods line where someone was waiting
<iris2> then you were gone - went off on this adventure, I guess :)
<iris2> I have had that blue gem experience in another meditation - not today (today)
<Hermes`> must be important then
<xorolo> I have some nice flashes too,very relaxing
<xorolo> but no blue gems:)
<iris2> I thought at the very end xor went with me to master Jesus - perhaps it was you, hermes
<xorolo> got a rainbow at the start,then rested near a beautiful fall with many red plants around..then got a ship in the middle of the sea
<xorolo> iris..i *think* I got
<xorolo> at the end...the figure of Jesus
<xorolo> crucified
<iris2> yes! I was certain it was you - perhaps hermes too but definitely you
<xorolo> why so sure?:)
<iris2> I can't say, I just knew it was you
<xorolo> think I passed also in a yellow tunnell..but I'm a bit tired and I was falling asleep at some point:)
<iris2> well, the Sephira (sapphire) for master Jesus is yellow
<iris2> I presented you to master Jesus, saying you were pure of heart
<iris2> he agreed - and placed his hand on your head and blessed you
<iris2> then it was over
<iris2> I know he was very happy with you
<xorolo> wont happen all the days:)
<xorolo> what I saw was a cross in the distance with someone on it.
<iris2> doesn't have to :)
<xorolo> and I thought it was Jesus
<xorolo> it=he
<iris2> well, somehow I guess you touched the energy *(energy) of Tiphareth today
<iris2> that happened after amazed and orion touched on Daath
<xorolo> what's the energy of Tiphareth about?
<iris2> it is the Christ energy
<xorolo> aha,got the page on the site
<xorolo> well that place was filled of peace and harmony..with the fall and the rainbow
<iris2> :)
<iris2> it's where the rainbow comes from :)
<Amazed1> wow really
<iris2> yeah :)
<iris2> healing abilities are hidden in the rainbow
<xorolo> nice poetic explanation;)
<xorolo> I'm going to sleep,i'm really tired..
<xorolo> see u all next time and goodnight:)
<iris2> ok - nice journey today
<Amazed1> sleep well! you blessed one :)
<xorolo> eh:)
<iris2> goodnight :)
*** xorolo (^ Quit (Zzzz)
<iris2> PhD, was your experience ok?
<PhD> not really...
<PhD> I had none
<iris2> ?
<Amazed1> it was your first time you tried this right?
<PhD> I used to practice something which is called autogenic training
<iris2> ?
<PhD> It's method of progressive relaxation, which I came to know from the book by Gerhard Leibold
<iris2> well, don't think about visualizations - rather think about how you felt
<iris2> so you can sit and quiet your mind?
<PhD> I meant that I practiced autogenic training a couple of years ago (it was an answer to Amazed question)
<iris2> yes, I know
<iris2> I was just wondering if the training helped you to quiet your mind
<PhD> I think so...
<Hermes`> usually the first time you only feel things or perhaps see a dim colors.
<iris2> it seems similar to meditation
<iris2> yes, that's why I asked if you Could remember any feelings
<PhD> hmm.. colors..when I fall asleep I can see images sometimes, but they're always black on gray...
<Hermes`> well no matter the next time it will get better.
<iris2> that's ok - pay attention to the images
<iris2> meditation takes a lot of patience with ourselves
<iris2> some people stick with it - others don't
<iris2> but if you do, I am certain it will be worth it for you
<iris2> at the beginning of my meditation today, I took your hand and gamble's hand
<iris2> we went to a place to relax
<iris2> open fields, crystal castle - sort of fantasy make believe world
<iris2> and I left you there to investigate - become familiar
<iris2> what I am saying is I think there is something here for you or I wouldn't have had this experience
<PhD> that's your belief...
<iris2> yes it is - and always your decision on the path you take
<iris2> I just wish you well on your journey and sincerely hope you find what you are searching for
<PhD> thank you for your sincerity
<iris2> and thank you for sharing this session with us
<Hermes`> well I'm dropping out if there are no other questions.
<Hermes`> I 'll catch everyone later on in the week.
<Hermes`> come back again PhD
<iris2> me too, I think we have had quite a day
<Hermes`> bye
Session Close: Thu Feb 22 19:40:31 2001

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