kundalini rising and chakra blockages; travel meditation with adventures; bridging the gap between the pineal and pituitary glands; illuminating the thousands; crossing the abyss; IKH the holy city; dealing with Khronozon; Kether; the energies of NIAKOD & NEMO
February 15, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Feb 15 16:27:17 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
<Hermes`> hello hello hello
<Hermes`> I predict the humming of ohmming in near future
<Amazed> hi!
<jsn> hi
<jsn> ..
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<jsn> hi
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<jsn> hi
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<Amazed> lol, žhi Jason
<jsn> Hey that's one weird z
<Amazed> I didn't yet get used to my new keyboard, [enter] is smaller than it used to be
<jsn> I don't use enter
<jsn> Its useless
<Hermes`> hehe, yea so what you use instead
<Amazed> it is?
<jsn> Yeah just throw it to trashcan
<jsn> Is hermes lagging?
<Hermes`> oh no
<Hermes`> kill the lag
<jsn> I use 'return' lol
<Hermes`> my typewriter has a return key
<Hermes`> but it does not seem to work the computer
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<Hermes`> hay magicman you awake
<Hermes`> awake
<Hermes`> hi Iris
<jsn> likes to lag each Thursday
<MagicMan> barely
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<Infinity^> Hi everyone
<Hermes`> hi Infinity
<iris2> Hi everyone!
<jsn> =) I use to have computer that said return just below the backspace, it seems to be enter nowdays tho =)
<Infinity^> Thanks for replying to my email Hermes`
<MagicMan> why is everyone pinging me all of the sudden?
<Infinity^> I felt lagged magic :)
<Hermes`> we're trying to wake you up magicman
<Amazed> yes J
<Amazed> hi Iris
<jsn> Yepyep amazed
<Infinity^> hrrm, brb
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<MagicMan> consider it done
<Amazed> Magic you're not in the lag??!
<jsn> amazed, magic is in same server as hermes
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<MagicMan> I'm having a 3min ping from jason, don't know about the rest
<Infinity^> MagicMan: I'm not doing to well either. Not sure what the problem is.
<Hermes`> It is the Thursday lag
<Infinity^> Hermes`: Can you explain what the chakras feel like once they are open and have energy in them?
<MagicMan> if you can connect to servers besides I'd suggest switching
<Hermes`> well when they are open fully you really just feel energized. When they are blocked up you feel pressure
<Infinity^> Like I was saying in my email to you... I feel a pulsing and If I concentrate I can feel it in the different upper body chakras. Not so much in the head ones.
<Hermes`> well the MPE can help to unblock those chakra
<Infinity^> Ok
<Hermes`> try to do one in the morning and then midday and then in the evening
<Hermes`> for about 2 weeks, then you can drop to once or twice a day
<Infinity^> Ill try that.
<Infinity^> It can vary from a gentle warmth, a localized pressure, or bubbling (like stomach wind), a localized dizziness, a tingling, a gentle pulsing, to a heavier throbbing, or a combination of some or all of the above.
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<GaRg0wL> hello
<Infinity^> Hi GaRg0wL
<Hermes`> well that could be some kind of chakra blockage
<Hermes`> the energy stretches can help too with that
<iris2> Hi
<Hermes`> energy stretches -->
<Hermes`> your kundalini energy is probably rising
<Infinity^> Thanks Hermes`
<Hermes`> and especially when you meditate.
<Hermes`> as it goes upward it burns away the blocks
<Hermes`> the MPE and the stretches should do the trick
<Infinity^> Hermes`: I hardly feel anything in the root chakra though. I try to concentrate there, but have not had much luck
<Hermes`> well there may not be any blocks in the root chakra
<Hermes`> when they are open and working right you really don't feel anything there.
<Amazed> I think you could do MPE with red energy
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<Infinity^> Hi SoulFlyFr
<Hermes`> all right full crowd here
<Hermes`> send out for extra chairs
<iris2> looking good in here
<Hermes`> yea red energy can add an extra boost to burn away the blocks
<SoulFlyFr> Hi Infinity and to everyone else, how is everyone?
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<x0r--> hi ppl
<iris2> Hi
<Amazed> maybe we could start the meditation?
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> being there are no more questions
<Hermes`> who is in for the 15 minute meditation
* GaRg0wL is out
<SoulFlyFr> I wont be today.. have to go very soon, my sleeping patterns are up the wall!
<iris2> I'm in
<Hermes`> okay being there is this lag here going on, let's start the meditation at when all our clocks hit the 30
<Hermes`> then return 10 to 15 minutes later
<SoulFlyFr> .. what was the conversation about tonight? I will catch up on the Library later about it
<Hermes`> we talked bout energy blocks in the chakra
<Hermes`> doing MPE's and some energy stretches to unblock them
<SoulFlyFr> .. and what happens when they are blocked?
<Hermes`> well they can cause some problems in the surrounding area of the body they are near...
<Hermes`> however more so they present uncomfortable feelings when your kundalini energy rises..
<Hermes`> as this energy goes up the spine it energizes each chakra
<Hermes`> and if that chakra is blocked it generates heat and pressure
<Infinity^> draw energy from the feet up right Hermes`?
<Hermes`> eventually the energy burns through the block
<SoulFlyFr> .. and it causes pain?
<Hermes`> but energy stretches and the MPE can make it easier to clear
<SoulFlyFr> what sort of pain? aches?
<Hermes`> yea it can cause pain
<Hermes`> sometimes it is like a burning sensation
*** GaRg0wL ( Quit (Death is only the beginning. Why don't you go ahead and begin?)
<Hermes`> but it can also feel like pressure
<Hermes`> usually you will feel a tingling in the bottom of the spine as the energy goes up
<SoulFlyFr> Ok.. I will catch up with that later on the library
<Hermes`> then heat up the back of the spine anywhere there is a block
<SoulFlyFr> I get ALOT of pressure on my third eye.. everyday
<Hermes`> well that could be a block
<SoulFlyFr> I've noticed so,something similar to this before.. I don't know whether it is related to kundalini energy though
<Hermes`> you can have a blocked chakra without the kundalini energy rising
<SoulFlyFr> I thought that was negative thoughts from other people.. maybe both?
<Hermes`> the kundalini energy just makes the condition more acute
<Hermes`> mandala's are good for clearing the brow chakra
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<Hermes`> okay now we are really late with the meditation let's start
* Hermes` is ohmminggggggg
<Infinity^> gotta run
<Infinity^> thanks all
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<O7> hola!
<O7> <---Orion7
<Amazed> hehey stranger
<O7> hi
<O7> quiet here, what's going on
<Amazed> meditation
<O7> oh :|
<O7> oops
<O7> k I'll wait quietly
<Amazed> yea get silent :)
* Hermes` is back
<Hermes`> hi orion
<Hermes`> good to see you here
<O7> hi there
<Hermes`> okay who meditated and what were the adventures
<O7> how's it going
<Hermes`> soren hello, did not see you come in
<Hermes`> life is good
*** O7 is now known as Orion8
<Orion8> which one is soren
<Hermes`> x0r
<Orion8> ah
*** Guest2 ( has joined #energyworks
<Orion8> hi soren
<Orion8> hi mm
<Orion8> iris
<Orion8> etc..
<Hermes`> welcome visitor guest2 from the website
<Hermes`> okay here is what I got. First I hung out above the abyss in ZIP, just in case anyone made it across. then...
<Hermes`> I came back to the other side to the Holy City but this time it looked like an old western fort, instead of a shiny castle...
<Hermes`> then I let go a bit and drifted and saw a vision of a bucket of water being dumped on Amazed head...
<Hermes`> then a few minutes later I saw a baby dragon being born, and for some reason I thought of Gargowl, but he is not here now.
<Amazed> not again that..
<Hermes`> then time was up.
<Hermes`> the bucket of water is some kind of emotional cleansing for Amazed
<Orion8> I'm thinking you came out of meditation early hermes
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> does look that way doesn't it
<Hermes`> there is a lag here but only by 3 minutes
-> [Orion8] PING
<Orion8> I'll brb
*** iWonder ( has joined #energyworks
<Amazed> hey there!
<Hermes`> hi iwonder
<Orion8> really
<Amazed> you missed meditation
<Orion8> jsn and I are 2 secs apart
<iris2> Hi iwonder
<iWonder> hi all
<iris2> and orion!
<Orion8> [Hermes` PING reply]: 7secs
<Orion8> hi iris!
* iWonder sorry for being late
<Hermes`> Orion it is stealthnet that I am on, it always has lag problems on Thursday
* iWonder sorry for being late
<Hermes`> that's okay iwonder
<Hermes`> Amazed how did your meditation go
<Orion8> I see
<iris2> you guys missed the meditation :(
<Orion8> I arrived just a few minutes ago
<Orion8> I thought meditation was at 4 EST
<Amazed> mine was the usual, was there only for 10 mins
<iris2> supposed to be at 5 but usually later
<Hermes`> amazed, did you get any feelings or light or ?
<Amazed> yes I always get feelings, but don't really know how to describe them
<Orion8> oh ok
<Amazed> or what were they
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<Hermes`> I guess you did not feel the bucket of water being poured on you
<Amazed> no and I actually again felt the pressure in head
<iris2> like last week?
<Amazed> yes
<Hermes`> that pressure is probably your nonphysical self trying to break out through the pineal gland
<Amazed> where is this gland exactly?
<Hermes`> when you nonphysical travel it is either through the solar plexus or the pineal gland
<Hermes`> well about the middle of the head
<Hermes`> okay what about you soren? any adventures
<Orion8> you mean forehead
<Hermes`> yea the forehead
<Hermes`> no
<Hermes`> it is behind the brow but in the middle of the head
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<Hermes`> I'd have to hunt down an diagram to be more precise
<Orion8> center of the brain?
<Hermes`> yea but a bit forward
<iris2> the pineal gland supposedly was joined to the pituitary at one time and it was the flow of energy between two that gave us special abilities
<Hermes`> yea I heard that too
<iris2> so when we do energy practice stuff we are creating a energy zap between these two glands
<Orion8> I see ok back to the meditation
<iris2> that is probably what amazed is feeling
<Hermes`> yes could be, she is learning to bridge that gap
<Hermes`> Magicman any adventures?
<MagicMan> I didn't go in
<Hermes`> well that leaves you Iris
<iris2> well, I saw us in the field again
<iris2> energy was wrapped around us
<iris2> then we climbed a tower
<iris2> I thought it was like one of the pillars but I think it was a lighthouse
<iris2> because when we got to the top I heard "we will be like a beacon (beacon) of light for others
<iris2> then I found myself in Daath facing Kether
<iris2> I was trying to balance opposing forces
<iris2> then I was on a stage and I heard someone say you can feel the energy between people - it is like the energy a singer feel;s between the audience and himself
<iris2> you can feel it when it is there
<iris2> that was about it - it was quiet today - not many people - I was mostly by myself
<iris2> oh, and I did see a woman with light hair in a blue dress - whatever that was!
<iris2> and a knight on a horse at the end :)
<Hermes`> yea that was the person that dumped the water over Amazed
<iris2> really?
<Hermes`> yea, I only got a glimpse of her
<Hermes`> she had heavy makeup on her eyes
<iris2> I thought of amazed when I saw her
<Hermes`> anyone you know amazed? or perhaps yourself
<iris2> yeah - I thought she was dressed to go out
<iris2> or was part of the stage thing
<Hermes`> well for me it was brief, this woman was there and she dumped a bucket of water over Amazed head
<Amazed> well I don't have white hair
<Amazed> light
<iris2> no, it wasn't you - just had something to do with you
<Hermes`> well Amazed you will have to be on the look out for anything like this over the next few days.
<Amazed> doesn't remind me of anyone
<Amazed> emotional cleansing?
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> or a bucket over your head :)
<Amazed> heheh
<Hermes`> wear leather, it dries fast
<iWonder> lol
<MagicMan> bye
*** MagicMan (magicman@ Quit ("The mystery of life is not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.")
<Orion8> that was interesting
<Hermes`> well sometimes it is better
<Orion8> well all, I must go, I have a few things to do and just wanted to stop briefly and say hello
<Hermes`> today's meditation seemed more quiet
<jsn> Cya laters orion
<Hermes`> bye orion
<iris2> stop again!
<iris2> I think the meditation was very quiet
<Amazed> what about Soren
<iris2> but there weren't many of us in it
<Orion8> k
<Amazed> Sor you there?
<Orion8> everyone take care
*** Orion8 ( Quit
<Hermes`> the meditations are much better with more people
<iris2> well, there's more energy to go around!
<iris2> and more adventures to share
<Hermes`> I suppose after last week's heavy Abyss encounter the quiet one was needed today.
<Hermes`> and so we had less people too to keep the meditation energy more quiet
<iris2> makes sense
<iWonder> remember our last Thursday meditation ?
<iWonder> the Abyss and Kether
<Hermes`> yea that was a big one
<iWonder> I waked up during the night, with this huge feeling...
<Hermes`> yea that huge feeling is the energy there
<iWonder> ...for each one of you who reaches ME, thousands will be spared
<Hermes`> wow
<Hermes`> what a powerful message
<Amazed> thousands will be spared??
<Hermes`> each person that brings the light from across the abyss into physical reality, is like a beacon
<Hermes`> like Iris got in meditation
<Hermes`> each person's light will illuminate thousands of people
<Hermes`> it is like a flashlight in a dark room
<Hermes`> it lights the whole place up
<iWonder> I dunno
<iris2> and the person on stage - reaching out to a whole audience
<iris2> many audiences
<iris2> very powerful messages here
<Hermes`> yea good one iris... in tune as always
<iris2> :)
<Hermes`> iwonder it sounds like Khronozon is helping you
<jsn> Hey, why they have so hard names? Why Khronozon just cant be 'joe' ?
<iris2> not surprising after our adventure into the abyss :)
<iris2> agreed!
<Hermes`> hehe yea Jason
<Hermes`> they should
<Hermes`> these ancients did have a thing for strange names
<iris2> don't the sounds of their names send out energy in themselves, Hermes?
<Hermes`> yea they do
*** x0r-- (~soren@ Quit (
<Hermes`> in the case of Khronozon, each letter in his name is from the angelic tablets and it carries with it the energy from each square of that tablet
<iris2> thought so
<iris2> so we can say it is much more than a name
<Hermes`> yea, it is a key to the energy that you are trying to learn how to control
<iWonder> well, for now I wish "whatever" his name is, would me leave alone, or better get stucked in this physical body and feel what pain looks like
* iWonder just blowing off steam
<iris2> ?
<Hermes`> iwonder you can go to the holy city in IKH for protection, that is what it is for
<Hermes`> if you feel your consciousness getting too close to the abyss, then just look for that shiny castle and go inside
<iWonder> looking up in the chart
* jsn zzz.. Nights; have fun.
<Hermes`> in today's meditation I saw the Holy City as a wooded fort
<Hermes`> wooden^
<Hermes`> but it can appear as anything you like
<Hermes`> of course in reality what you are doing is going to a certain energy place within yourself
<Hermes`> the pictures and symbols we see or feel are just ways for us to do that
<iWonder> I'm reading about IKA
<iWonder> I'm reading about IKH
<Hermes`> great
<iWonder> he hates silence, right ?
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> if you have an active mind or let it wander he loves it, and uses it against you
<Hermes`> if you stay focused and quiet, there is nothing he can do to you
<Hermes`> <style>
<Hermes`> a{text-decoration:none}
<Hermes`> a:hover{text-decoration: underline + overline; color:red;}
<Hermes`> </style>
<Hermes`> disregard above
<Hermes`> it is supposed to be:
<Hermes`> URL for IKH
<Hermes`> iris what do you find works well against Khronozon?
*** x0r-- (~soren@ has joined #energyworks
<x0r--> nice meditation tonight,missed it :/
<Hermes`> we were yelling for you
<iWonder> I think I have the key to this condition
<iris2> I had to get to know him -
<iWonder> he doesn´t want "silence", he wants a perfect state of balance
<iWonder> so, I better back off, for now
<iris2> it took many times going back
<Hermes`> well yea, when you are balanced you are in a state of silence
<Hermes`> from and energy perspective
<Hermes`> you have not energy leaking all over the place for him to use
<iWonder> I understand
<iris2> we would be silent facing one another
<iris2> somewhere in that I began to understand and even befriend him
<iWonder> kinna reminds me, someone against his own shadow :)
<iris2> I don't think backing off is the answer
<iris2> others that have done that never advanced
<iris2> and actually gave up their journey altogether
<iWonder> well, just had an idea
<iris2> I think you have to keep going back and facing him - to understand
<Hermes`> yes you have to go to the abyss, look into it, then go away and figure out what you need to fix.
<Hermes`> then go back
<Hermes`> and keep doing this till you are balanced
<Hermes`> and at a point of silence
<iWonder> what about merging into Khronozon ?
<iWonder> let's put it this way
<iWonder> if he is my worst nightmare, then I must be his own
<iris2> I think he reflects your fears
<iWonder> sort of to speak
<iWonder> no shortcuts, huh ?
<iris2> and each time you face him, you face a fear - and then work it out
<iris2> I think he is more of a reflection of our own fears
<iris2> he's really there to help you
<Hermes`> yea that is his tool, he looks inside us, finds our fears and exposes them to us, so we can eliminate them.
<Hermes`> yes he is a great help
<iris2> work with him - don't try to fight him
<Hermes`> I thank him all the time for his help
<iris2> me too :)
<Hermes`> even though it may be a bit hard to hear that help
<iWonder> ok, let me try to put my mind together
<iWonder> step 1- get rid of this damn pressure
<iWonder> step 2- how to
<iWonder> step 3- ?
<Hermes`> well do step one first
<iWonder> OK, IKH it is
<iris2> what do you mean by pressure?
<iWonder> heavy head and body pressure
<iWonder> didn´t mentioned it last Thursday, sorry
* Hermes` phone be back in a bit
<iris2> I felt that in meditation last week
<iWonder> everyone felt, as I remember
<iris2> why do you think it is coming from Khronozon?
<iris2> yes they did
<iris2> and amazed felt it again today
<iWonder> I must have got stuck somewhere near the Abyss, cause it kept growing harder and harder
<iWonder> could be something else though
<iris2> I felt it when we were all standing around this Egyptian mummy's tomb holding hands
<iris2> a tremendous energy came down on us and I felt the pressure
<iris2> but then we stood before Kether
*** x0r-- (~soren@ Quit (Ping timeout)
<iris2> so it may be the opposing forces at the abyss
<iWonder> I don't know, Iris
<iris2> me either but it's really strange
<iWonder> it may have nothing to do with the Abyss
<iris2> today again I was in Daath - similar to abyss - trying to balance opposing forces
<iris2> so maybe that is what you are feeling
<iris2> because opposing forces have to balanced to cross the abyss
<iris2> last week when I stood in front of Kether I said "we are ready"
<iris2> and the reply was "you are getting ready"
<Amazed> heh :)
<Hermes`> :)
<iWonder> like,some of us might be ready
<iris2> or close to it
<iWonder> ok, I'll deal with this, no sweat, seen worse before :)
<iris2> have patience
<Hermes`> generally, you approach the abyss, have a looks see, get the crap scared out of you, then do some fixing, and come back for more.
<iris2> enjoy the journey :)
<iris2> after a while you get more comfortable going there
<iWonder> :)
<Hermes`> yes, till you reach the point where you and Khronozon can look at each other and come to a mutual understanding of each other
<iris2> and somewhere along the line we learn there is a lot to learn from Khronozon
<iris2> and the fears are gone
<iris2> and you walk across in silence
<iWonder> I'll dwell on this (I have to)
<iWonder> :)
<iris2> patience :)
<iris2> just let it happen in its time
<iWonder> what is it do important about Kether ?
<iWonder> I mean "so important"
<iris2> to me it is the ultimate place on the journey
<iris2> where everything is one - no more opposing forces
<iris2> where we can experience our true being without the polarity we feel in physical reality
*** Gamble` ( has left #energyworks (Gamble`)
<Hermes`> below the abyss there is a constant struggle for balance, and to find pure energy...
<Hermes`> above the abyss there is perfect balance and pure energy
<Hermes`> the state above the abyss is how we must learn to be all the time
<Hermes`> the struggle is to bring these perfect forces into balance within ourselves below the abyss in an environment that is normally out of balance
<iris2> and Kether is the ultimate pure energy
<Hermes`> yes Kether shows you what it is like to be in balance
<Hermes`> the nice part about Kether is that you do not have to cross the abyss to have a foot in it
<Hermes`> it exists a bit here and there. So that you can learn what perfect balance feels like
<Hermes`> of course not all areas of Kether can be accessed until you actually do cross the abyss
<iWonder> right now, I would like a hint on how to get to IKH, if you don't mind
<Amazed> uff good night everyone
*** Amazed ( Quit (Share your knowledge with others and contribute to the world.)
<iWonder> I'm in a hurry :(
<Hermes`> well do you mean in a meditation, dream or while awake
<Hermes`> okay
<Hermes`> here is another Enochian word that can help
<Hermes`> it helped me alot with dealing with the abyss and its energy.
<Hermes`> NIAKOD
<Hermes`> nee-kay-oh-dah
<iris2> I used it too - it helps
<iWonder> nee-kay-oh-dah
<Hermes`> it will guide you to the holy city in an energy sort of way, and protect you from the heavy energy from Khronozon
<iWonder> I'll keep it to that last moment, but I don't think I can handle much longer
<Hermes`> just keep saying that over and over
<iris2> you know it is the point - IKH - where you really do "lose your mind"
<Hermes`> the forces in IKH are strong. It is very quiet in the Holy City that sits in IKH
<iris2> let go of the thinking process - so don't "think" so much :)
<Hermes`> but also the forces in IKH are like a magnet pulling you out there
<Hermes`> There is also something else that may help
<Hermes`> you can call on the Enochian energy of NEMO
<Hermes`> nee-em-oh
<Hermes`> wait
<Hermes`> I mean nee-moh
<iWonder> got it
<Hermes`> the energy of NEMO is much lower than the Abyss energy
<Hermes`> so what you can do is use NIAKOD to shield you from the abyss energy
<Hermes`> then use the NEMO energy to lower you down and away from it
<iWonder> just would like to say, that I know how to balance the energy of the Abyss
<iWonder> the downside is that it may take more than a lifetime to do it
<iWonder> so, the shield comes handy
<Hermes`> yea we are all very slow learners
<iWonder> I'm not going to give it up, I just need a place to rest, I think
<Hermes`> well give those calls a try and let us know how they work for you
<iris2> and try to relax about it
<iris2> it should all be "fun" :)
<Hermes`> oh yea fun
<iWonder> so, we are talking of the mental plane, aren't we ?
<Hermes`> yes all this takes place there
<iWonder> no wonder my mind is as it is
<Hermes`> it is not easy for sure, but we are the ones that make it hard
<Hermes`> Iris is right when she says it should and can be fun
<iWonder> I'll take this approach, if you agree
<iWonder> travel through it, without paying much attention to the thought forms
<iris2> the idea is just to lose your thoughts
<iris2> and just experience it
<iris2> a sort of letting go
<iris2> so, enjoy :)
<iWonder> will try
<iWonder> :)
<iWonder> hey it can´t be that hard
<iWonder> I'm gone
<iris2> it isn't :)
<iWonder> thank you all, and good night
<iris2> thank you - good night :)
*** iWonder ( Quit
<iris2> looks like we're winding down here
<Hermes`> yea I'm going
<iris2> me too
<Hermes`> catch you later, come back again Guest2
Session Close: Thu Feb 15 20:21:03 2001

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