that feeling of perfect clarity; the buzzing sound at the start of an OBE; group meditation with adventures; getting ready to cross the Abyss; using nonphysical tools to affect the physical plane; the game of life, what! no save or restore
February 8, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Feb 08 16:41:50 2001
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*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!'
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<Hermes`> ohmmmmmmmm
<Hermes`> I see, much wealth coming to everyone that meditates today
<Hermes`> hi everyone
* Amazed ohmmmmmms back
<gnosis-> bye all
<gnosis-> :)
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<Amazed> hey I had this unusual clarity in the morning
<Hermes`> what did you discover
<Amazed> was real strange
<Hermes`> was it just a feeling
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<x0r--> hi astral travelers
<Amazed> hm discovered, I don't know
<Amazed> yes feeling
<Amazed> hey Soren
<Hermes`> I like those moments of pure clarity
<Hermes`> they happen more often as time goes on
<Hermes`> hi soren
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<iWonder> hi there
<Amazed> and what can you do while having this moments?
<x0r--> hi wonder
<Amazed> hey iwonder
<Hermes`> hi iwonder
<iWonder> hi Hermes
<Hermes`> actually nothing but just feel the universe course through you
<Hermes`> in those moments of clarity, I have not really been able to manifest anything any easier
<Hermes`> it just seems you are connected to everything
<Hermes`> then of course if fades away and you wonder if you ever had it afterward
<Amazed> yes! and it feels so great and special, that's quite enough
<Hermes`> yes it is a moment of being connected and not so much a moment of movement
<Amazed> ok you two now start talking about Enochian again, I feel like getting that feeling again :)
<Hermes`> ahaha
<Hermes`> I guess some good came out of our talk
<iWonder> what feeling ?
<Amazed> hm how do you call it Hermes?
<Hermes`> a moment of clarity
<iWonder> a samadhi ?
<Hermes`> a moment of connectedness to everything
<Amazed> Iwonder I got it while you 2 talked about Enochian yesterday
<iWonder> hey good :))
<iWonder> way to go Amazed :)
* Amazed smiles
<Hermes`> iris is on the way, so when she gets here we will start the meditation, as she has run
<Hermes`> she has to leave soon
<iWonder> ok, so and how did u felt, Amazed ?
<Amazed> wonderful.... connected, and I 'd say like having world on my shoulders
<x0r--> hermes,the sound u hear when u try to OBE can be paragonated to the sound of blank noise radio station?
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<iWonder> hi Iris
<Amazed> hey Iris-in-a-hurry
<iris2> Hi everyone!
<x0r--> hi iris
<Hermes`> the buzzing sound
<Hermes`> that comes from your ears being focused into the body and you are hearing the blood running through your body.
<Hermes`> it comes from focusing within the body instead of out of the body
<iWonder> yeak, I keep hearing that day and night :(
<Hermes`> yikes
<iWonder> sometimes I wonder whether it's the phone ringing or the damn buzzin'
<Hermes`> well the ringing is something else
<Hermes`> that is caused by high blood pressure
<Hermes`> and or you drink too much caffeine tea
<Hermes`> the something beginning with a T in the tea causes that
<Hermes`> what is that called Iris
<iWonder> probably caffeine as in the coffee
<Hermes`> okay iris you ready to start the meditation
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<GaRg0wL> hi
<Hermes`> hi gargowl
<iWonder> hi Gargowl
<Hermes`> just in time we are about to start the meditation
<iris2> I'm ready
<GaRg0wL> yeah, sure
<GaRg0wL> how long?
<iWonder> ready
<Hermes`> okay everyone lets begin 15 minutes
* Hermes` ohmming for 15 minutes
* GaRg0wL is away
<iris2> ok
* x0r-- is idle, dancing with this fluffy goat [bX(l/on p/off)]
<GaRg0wL> ooh... my head.. it hurts
<GaRg0wL> sorry, couldn't go on
<iWonder> what happened xor ?
<iWonder> what happened gargowl, sorry
<GaRg0wL> my head started to hurt
<iWonder> I wasn't very lucky either
<GaRg0wL> what happened?
<Amazed> I have this strange pressure in my head too
* Hermes` returns
<Hermes`> okay each of you only got pressure in the head
<Hermes`> well today's energy was on focus
<Hermes`> and how you have to be very very focused if you want to cross the Abyss
<GaRg0wL> well, I got a couple of images before I gave up due to the head pains...
<Amazed> I felt a lot of energy coming down the spine
<Hermes`> what were those images
<GaRg0wL> first I saw myself (the warrior I described several weeks ago) flying around, and then I saw two warriors fighting
<Hermes`> I also felt the energy too, it came from Kether
<Hermes`> perhaps you were battling yourself
<Amazed> it did feel white
<GaRg0wL> maybe...
<Hermes`> for most of the meditation I was on the edge of the Abyss.
<Hermes`> and I got the feeling that all of you were there too
* x0r-- has returned. (dead, 18m 22s)
<GaRg0wL> I could only really see one of the warriors, and he had a big sword (two-handed sword) but was wielding it with only one hand...
<GaRg0wL> he seemed very tired as he would put down his sword between each strike to take some breath...
<GaRg0wL> the other one was just taking the hits without resisting
<Hermes`> it could symbolize the inner battle with Khronozon as you try to cross the abyss
<Hermes`> the lesson is to be very still and very focused when trying to cross the abyss or battle with Khronozon
<Hermes`> he does not like silence
<iris2> head pressure today?
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> I'm wondering if they were picking up the energy from the Abyss
<Hermes`> it can be very heavy and overpowering at times
<x0r--> interesting meditation
<GaRg0wL> I guess that shows I'm not ready for the Abyss
<Hermes`> well not yet
<Hermes`> but you have to get used to it, which is why you were brought there
<Hermes`> what you have to do is stand at the edge of it many many times before you try to cross it
<Hermes`> get used to the heavy energy
<Amazed> does time of the day have effect on meditation?
<Hermes`> it can
<iWonder> my meditation today was all under a moonlight
<GaRg0wL> hmm.... actually, in the meditation technique I was using I was supposed to walk out of a cave... instead, I immediately started flying when I got out of the cave today
<Hermes`> but this is just the finish up of a block of meditations to help prepare you for the Abyss crossing. Next week will be very different, as we go back and cover the things you need to cross the Abyss.
<Hermes`> well flying is a symbol of freedom
<GaRg0wL> or a symbol that there is no ground beneath you (like a deep abyss) ;)
<x0r--> what other u got guys/girls?
<iWonder> at first I saw a campfire and a circle of people dancing around it
<iWonder> after a few confusing scenes I was standing in front o what seemed...
<iris2> I have to go back to work everyone - sorry I can't stay. I sent my meditation to Hermes - see you soon!
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*** iris2 ( Quit
<iWonder> ...a dark construction (bye Iris) with something that seemed huge metal gates...
<x0r--> bye iris
<x0r2---> uff..lag
<iWonder> there were people by my side, someone asked , should we cross the gates or jump over
<iWonder> I thought to my neither
<iWonder> I thought to myself, neither
<iWonder> then I was flying out into the universe, and asking someone could it be the tree of life actually is to be found up here and not down there
<iWonder> every think was very dark during the all meditation, that's about it
<Hermes`> wow that sounds like a crossing of the Abyss kind of meditation
<Hermes`> well here is Iris's meditation, I'll paste it in here, it has some of your elements in it.
<Hermes`> <iris> Then we were seated at what seemed the Last Supper table with Master Jesus in the middle. He was giving us a lesson. Next I got the keys we were given several weeks ago. We went to Tiphareth Next about five of us made it to stand before Kether. We just took in the peace of the place without going in. Then we came back to the field and everyone split up.
<Hermes`> wait
<Hermes`> lets try this again
<Hermes`> <iris> At first we met in the field and all stood in a circle while energy surrounded us. Then we were lifted up like floating in a strand. We drifted to a desert with a sphinx there. It was huge. We entered. There were gems in cabinets along the walls. and writing. We entered a big room with a tomb in the middle. We surrounded the tomb and held hands. Tremendous energy came down from above.
<Hermes`> <iris> Then we were seated at what seemed the Last Supper table with Master Jesus in the middle. He was giving us a lesson. Next I got the keys we were given several weeks ago. We went to Tiphareth Next about five of us made it to stand before Kether. We just took in the peace of the place without going in. Then we came back to the field and everyone split up.
* Hermes` has to go on another errand and will return in 10 minutes
<Amazed> so what about yours Soren?
<x0r--> I'll be back in 5 mins
<x0r--> and told about it
*** x0r-- ( Quit (suspence!:))
<Amazed> heheh
<iWonder> :)
*** x0r2--- ( Quit (BitchX-74p4 -- just do it.)
<iWonder> what about you amazed ?
<Amazed> I don't get images..
<iWonder> oh
<iWonder> sometimes I don't either, it's more intuitive than pictorial
<Amazed> well I did get some snake, no a staff in shape of snake and some person sitting like on a throne
<Amazed> but don't know why, just didn't want to focus on images anymore
<iWonder> looks like Hermes has as "fishy" problem again :)
<Amazed> :)
*** xor--- ( has joined #energyworks
<xor---> back
<Amazed> don't keep us in suspence any longer! :)
<iWonder> :)
<xor---> :)
<xor---> ok!
<xor---> the lesson I think I got from this meditation is
<xor---> don't waste ur energy
<xor---> use it carefully..
<xor---> btw
<xor---> at first I got a star..and entered in this star
<xor---> passed trough a blue tunnel and came up to a jungle or some place like this
<xor---> was amazing because was full of plants..
<Amazed> so you were amazed? :)
<xor---> I ride this jungle with an horse till I reach a pyramid (seemed like a Maya temple)
<xor---> ama:hehe:)
<xor---> got to the top of that temple and enjoyed watchin the sky full of stars..
<xor---> then..when I tried to tune with all of you that what I got
<xor---> tuning with hermes I saw a big palace,like an hotel
<xor---> with iris I saw a box with a lock and a key near it
<xor---> I took the key and opened the box,inside there was a paper and an hammer
<xor---> with iwonder I saw a dragon..and some snake..
<xor---> with gargowl I saw a cave..and with amazed
<xor---> well,pure was surrounded by water
<Amazed> I was?
<xor---> other spare flashes were a smiley face and some swords...
<xor---> amazed: I saw you in a water environment..
<xor---> and that's all:)
<Amazed> ok thanks for letting me know where I was :)
<xor---> :)(
<Amazed> you're real good at this S!
* Hermes` back
<xor---> sincerely mostly I just think is my fantasy
<xor---> but I recognize some common points with u
<xor---> and I wonder:)
<Amazed> well Gargowl was in a cave
<iWonder> and with Hermes 2 :)
<iWonder> last time we were near the Abyss he was having a pint in pub
<xor---> yeah I thought the same:)
<iWonder> lol
<xor---> dunno what to do,that guy is always drinking;)
<Hermes`> wow soren you did good, you got lots of stuff
<Hermes`> hehe yea
<Amazed> so why do you say your lesson was to not waste energy?
<Hermes`> it must be because I only drink water in the physical I have to drink beer in the nonphysical
<xor---> amazed:yes I thought about it a start,was like an doesn't fit with what I saw in meditation but I feel it was a lesson
<iWonder> priorities messed up Hermes :)
<Hermes`> yea I can see that
<iWonder> looks like soren had a nice meditation
<Hermes`> yea, soren did good
<Hermes`> Amazed is often surrounded by that water energy
<Amazed> feelings right?
<xor---> look..the star I saw I knew symbolized the 5 elements..
<Hermes`> the dragon and the snake could have something to do with iWonder's inner conflicts
<Hermes`> yea soren it does, each point of a pentagram is an element
<iWonder> there's plenty of them, just take a pick :)
<Hermes`> I think all of you did well tonight
<iWonder> Where were you Hermes ?
<Hermes`> I promised a friend I 'd pick him up from work
<Hermes`> the transmission in his car is shot
* iWonder don't think for a second u're gonna walk out this way
<GaRg0wL> <xor---> with gargowl I saw a cave..
<iWonder> oh
*** Gamble- ( Quit (Excess Flood)
<Hermes`> gargowl you had a cave in your meditation
<GaRg0wL> what kind of cave? just a cave with stone walls or did it have any special features?
<xor---> gar:was more like a vulcan..cave..very much physical
<GaRg0wL> I had a cave in my meditation starter exercise
<xor---> garg0wl: I think there was some only a fast flash
<GaRg0wL> I always walk through a cave with walls made of several types of crystals
<GaRg0wL> well, I live in a volcanic zone, there are several volcano made caves and tunnels around here
<GaRg0wL> but I don't think there is any fire in them
<Hermes`> fire could just be a symbol for something like transformation or energy
<GaRg0wL> however, there is rumored to be a very strange cave somewhere on this island, where all electronic equipment stops working, and fire goes out when you go in... they say there is something inside, and I 've been thinking about this cave a lot recently...
<xor---> hermes,any hint about the hammer?
<xor---> it was nice to see that iris got how to use the key..and I found an use for the key too
<GaRg0wL> maybe xor you saw me inside this cave? I 've been thinking about sending LAs into it or going there in dreams.,.
<xor---> garg0wl:yes I saw you inside that cave
<xor---> garg0wl:but mostly there was a Vulcan environment..
<Hermes`> soren what hammer, I can't find it in the log
<GaRg0wL> well, I'll try going there (nonphysically) and then I'll tell you if there was any volcano inside :)
<xor---> wait I paste
<xor---> ok:)
<xor---> <xor---> tuning with hermes I saw a big palace,like an hotel
<xor---> <xor---> with iris I saw a box with a lock and a key near it
<xor---> <xor---> I took the key and opened the box,inside there was a paper and an hammer
<Hermes`> yea let us know what you find nonphysically in that cave Gargowl
<xor---> tried to read the paper but I wasn't able to read it
<Hermes`> the hammer may be the hammer of Thor, or symbolize that energy
<Hermes`> it may be a gift to you
<xor---> what the energy of Thor useful for?
<Hermes`> lightening flashes when he throws his hammer
<xor---> so can be considered like an energy representing strength..
<Hermes`> I guess I would not want to get konked with that tool
<Hermes`> yea an energy that controls the natural forces
<Hermes`> I mean a tool that controls the energy of the natural forces
<xor---> nice gift
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> you can use these gifts in the physical
<Hermes`> all you do is imagine or think about the tool and use it
<Hermes`> it then will change the physical plane in some way
<Hermes`> you have to remember that change occurs first on the etheric plane and then filters onto the physical plane
<Hermes`> so these gifts and tools can help you in your everyday life
<xor---> yes,the scepter was useful to me to control some situations
<Hermes`> ah, there you go
<GaRg0wL> it would certainly be useful to me to knock down a couple of guys with an electric hammer...
<Amazed> for what did you use it?
<xor---> I think I'll go around knocking with that hammer
<xor---> :)
<iWonder> btw, talking of objects there was a jewel in my pocket for Sandalphon, thanks for the hint Hermes
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<Hermes`> great iwonder, did you get a chance to give it to him yet
<xor---> amazed: I used it to clear my mind in an important situation to get rid of unuseful thoughts
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<iWonder> ya, the gates opened
*** GamBot sets mode: +o Gamble-
<iWonder> ended up in a beautiful garden
<Hermes`> iwonder it sounds like you will be doing some extensive travel up and down the Tree of Life now.
<Hermes`> soren you used the scepter to do that?
<xor---> yes
<Hermes`> nice use for it
<xor---> I had the control of the now moment:)
<xor---> and reflected negative energies to the sender..
<Hermes`> it sounds to me that you will be loaded with all sorts of tools soon
<Hermes`> the more you use them the more you get
<xor---> cool..first I need to learn how to use them
<Hermes`> yea that is part of the fun
<Amazed> but remember don't waste energy :)
<Amazed> just like in a game..
<xor---> yeah..also when I feel full of energy I control it..
<xor---> to use in more useful moment
<Hermes`> yea, physical reality is like one big video game
<Amazed> I have this theory we can live SAME WAY like we're in such game
<Amazed> like almost literally
<GaRg0wL> video games have a very important feature: Save Games :)
<xor---> heheeh yes garg0wl:)
<xor---> how I wish to reload some saved ones;)
<Amazed> and pause game, not so here..
<xor---> or put in pause..
<iWonder> :)
<iWonder> perhaps that's what reincarnation is all about
<Amazed> yea just a new game for the spirit
<xor---> and the planes are the levels
<GaRg0wL> no, I think reincarnation is replaying a game
<xor---> I think of reincarnation of how many lives character got
<Hermes`> oh yes and we have lots of those
<Hermes`> but I agree the save game feature in life would be quite nice
<iWonder> that for sure, but with a restore option
<Hermes`> of course, you can't have a save without a restore
<GaRg0wL> yeah.... "I wonder if I could jump over that abyss... oops, guess not! Options -> Load Game"
<Hermes`> ahaha
<iWonder> lol
<iWonder> gotta go, night guys and gals
<Hermes`> okay take care iwonder,
<iWonder> thanks, all of you 2
*** iWonder ( Quit
*** xor--- ( Quit (*
<Hermes`> well I guess that will do it for tonight
<Hermes`> good session as always. Could not do it without all of you
*** xor---- ( has joined #energyworks
<xor----> hey,don't run away:)
<Hermes`> ok
* Hermes` stopped running
<GaRg0wL> lol
<xor----> :)
*** Gamble- ( Quit (It's the dream afraid of waking, that never takes the chance.)
<xor----> going..see u guys!
*** xor---- ( Quit
<Hermes`> yea I'm dropping too
<Hermes`> bye
Session Close: Thu Feb 08 19:19:20 2001

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