increasing spiritual energy with physical activity; active meditations; using the OLAP to heal; giving a gift to Sandalphon; using the Enochian Tablets and a bit about the inner workings of them
February 7, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Wed Feb 07 16:44:54 2001
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*** Topic is 'what sport do you do?'
*** Set by jsn! on Wed Feb 07 15:27:28
<Hermes`> hi Amazed, naf, jason, gamble
<Amazed> howdy H!
<naf> heop
<Gamble-> hi
<Amazed> do you know Hebrew?
<Hermes`> I just know some keywords used in creating certain energies
<jsn> Hi hermes
<Hermes`> okay so what sport does everyone do
<jsn> sleep
<Amazed> heheh, we're pretty non-sportish here except for naf
<Hermes`> well it is true that increased physical activity will increase your spiritual energy
<jsn> Increased?
<Hermes`> yea Jason, the increase in physical activity allows you to take on more spiritual energy
<Hermes`> your body is like one big battery
<Hermes`> and the more physically active that battery is the bigger the spiritual charge it can take on
<jsn> How you can increase it all the time? Does this explain why those bodybuilders want more and more?
<Hermes`> yea, that is part of the equation
<Hermes`> the more physical activity that you have the more endorphins are released into the blood
<Hermes`> this heightens not only all the physical senses but allows you to take on more of a spiritual charge
<jsn> And somehow those sporty people don't exactly give a very spiritual view out of them
<Hermes`> well just being sporty will not make you a guru
<jsn> Exception could be of course those shaolin monks
<Hermes`> but physical activity is one factor in becoming more charged with energy to use
<Hermes`> yea there is a great example of the use of spiritual and physical energies
<Hermes`> like everything a balance is needed
<Hermes`> what happens long term wise if you only focus on obtaining spiritual energy, your body at some point will not be able to contain it all
<Hermes`> and that energy will begin to break down the body
<Hermes`> so a bit of being physical can help here
<jsn> Well its good that I have crappie physical job that keeps my body at least in some sort of shape =)
<Hermes`> I've had some jobs like that myself
<jsn> Hermes have you heard of Osho?
<Hermes`> no what is osho
<jsn> Its some guru from India
<Hermes`> what has he done to become known
<Hermes`> what I mean is why have you heard of him
<jsn> Tomi told me about him told also that he's pretty known and talked person
<jsn> Tomi = that fellow you did chat few months back in here
<jsn> Chat with
<jsn> Anyway he has www page:
<jsn> You could check it out someday
<jsn> It covers pretty much I just thought if you have heard of him already and give an opinion
<Hermes`> well I'll have a look at the website
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<iWonder> hi
<Hermes`> hi iwonder, magicman
<MagicMan> just stopping by to say hi (hi)
<Hermes`> the IRC is much better today than yesterday
<MagicMan> anything going on?
<iWonder> hi Amazed
<Amazed> hey!!
<iWonder> hi Hermes
<MagicMan> (lag test are you getting this ? say yes)
<Amazed> yes
<iWonder> 9 seconds Magic
<MagicMan> much better...
<iWonder> yeah yesterday was a pain in the modem
<Hermes`> we talked earlier about how being sporty or active physically helps you to take on a greater physical charge
<Hermes`> wait that should say
<Hermes`> spiritual charge
<Hermes`> then Jason asked if I knew about Osho (which I did not), so now it brings you guys up to date
<jsn> They have this very nice looking meditation center in India
<Hermes`> wow it is shaped like a pyramid
<jsn> Yeah it looks very nice place actually
<MagicMan> well leaving, bye all
<Hermes`> see you magicman
<jsn> Bye =)
<Amazed> bye M
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<jsn> It sure is a bit silent day
<Hermes`> yea start gibber gabbering
<jsn> lol
<jsn> I've heard that one before but cant really recall what it exactly was
<Hermes`> it means start talking away
<jsn> Well I could tell that green thing you told me actually helped a bit
<Hermes`> what green thing
<Amazed> "Hence my emphasis on active meditations. That's a balance. First be
<Amazed> active, so totally that passivity follows automatically. When you have been
<Amazed> active and the whole energy has moved, you would like to rest."
<jsn> The green energy in MPE
<Hermes`> ah that's right
<Hermes`> good glad it helped
<Hermes`> good gibber gabber there amazed
<Amazed> so what do you say, active meditation
<Hermes`> I like active meditations I do them all the time
<Amazed> how do you do it?
<Hermes`> the first part of my meditation is very active, all sorts of things going on in my head, do some travel...
<Hermes`> then after awhile all that stuff stops and there is nothing
<Hermes`> well it is not hard to do, just let your mind wander around
<Hermes`> in meditation
<Hermes`> don't force it into quiet
<Hermes`> you can try to do a travel meditation in the beginning as well
<Hermes`> and then later on you can have the quiet kind of mediation
<Amazed> yes..
<Hermes`> usually my head is spinning with things going on, and this part of my meditation is spent packing these physical things away
<Hermes`> then next I may do a bit of travel to the Sephira or the Aethyrs, then things get real quiet as I have expended all the activity
<Hermes`> it is in this part of meditation where I get energy and rest, healing, and even direction.
<Amazed> what about OLAP, on your thanks page you said they keep you in state of health. how do you ask them, or how often ?
<Hermes`> every time I feel out of wack a bit I call them in to heal me
<Hermes`> usually it works very well, but sometimes I do catch a good old cold
<Hermes`> my body and I are very sensitive, so unusually I can feel when something is going out of adjustment
<Hermes`> so before it goes too far I'll call the OLAP either in meditation or out of body and have them come in and take care of it
<Hermes`> I guess you could say my line to the OLAP healers is always ringing
<Amazed> ok I see :)
<Hermes`> I don't think you can ever get a busy signal with the OLAP. They love to heal
<Amazed> :)
<jsn> :)
<jsn> |01:05.22| [CTCP PING reply from Hermes`]: 47 seconds
<Hermes`> of course the more you use the OLAP the better the connection to them
<Amazed> ok there we go again..
<jsn> There we go
<jsn> =)
<Hermes`> so I say, just yell when you need a fix or a healing
<Hermes`> you can just say over and over the OH-EL-AA-PAY
<Amazed> well I do that quite a lot
<Hermes`> and then concentrate on the part of the body you want to heal
<Hermes`> I'll use my hands too to help direct the energy as well
<iWonder> [Hermes` PING reply]: 13secs
<jsn> Here I go, cya laters
<Hermes`> bye Jason
*** jsn ( Quit (-)
<Amazed> well last week I was going on acupuncture and was saying OLAP and that they like work through needles, on places where needles were. so don't know who's fault it is, but I'm back in balance now :)
<iWonder> :)
<iWonder> those are good news
<Amazed> :) yeeea
<Hermes`> great
<Hermes`> that is a good use of the OLAP
<iWonder> I think I have an adventure coming up
<iWonder> sorry adventure
<Hermes`> what kind of adventure?
<Hermes`> kind^
<iWonder> I keep seeing a pope in green dressing, in front of a gate
<iWonder> The gate opens up to a pathway surrounded by trees
<Hermes`> Sandalphon wearing green. I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this
<Hermes`> but then again Sandalphon by tradition was always seen in a garden
<iWonder> For some reason the gates do not open, and he just stands there, still
<iWonder> I've had this vision for 10 times or more upon entering med.
<Hermes`> I guess he is waiting for you to do something
<Hermes`> give him something
<Hermes`> probably if you put your hand in your pocket something will be there.
<iWonder> Good, didn´t tried that
<iWonder> Tried to question him, but no answer
<Hermes`> well Sandalphon usually sends you on some kind of quest to bring him back something or deliver something. It is possible you have completed the quest but have not returned the item to him
<iWonder> I've got a medallion at VTA
<iWonder> that's the only thing I remember from this adventures
<iWonder> I wasn't´t thinking the 2 systems could be connected in some way
<Hermes`> well they can be at times
<Hermes`> did you get anything at VTA
<iWonder> yah, a medallion
<Hermes`> ah so try to give him that when you see him next
<Hermes`> if it is for you, he will just give it back to you
<iWonder> Hermes about the tablets
<Hermes`> okay what about the tablets
<iWonder> the Enochian ones, any good site to learn of them ?
<iWonder> on the other hand is it a bad idea ?
<Amazed> Enochian?
<Hermes`> you can try here
<Hermes`> I think magicman had found this site
<Hermes`> Enochian = ancient angelic language and energy calls
<Hermes`> OLAP is an Enochian call
<Hermes`> it not only sends a ring to the Enochian healers it also unlocks the Enochian healing energy
<Hermes`> the entire key goes:
<iWonder> "restore the path " ?
<Hermes`> yea 'restore that path to that which is harmony" it means
<Amazed> I see! and what is done with this tablets?
<Hermes`> the tablets are used as a way to record the calls
<Hermes`> they are encrypted
<Hermes`> so you need to know how to read them to extract the calls
<Hermes`> and the tablets are laid out in such a way that you can find the kind of call you are looking for
<Hermes`> for example one section is in the quadrant of the element water
<Hermes`> and you could go to the water quadrant to find calls that would deal with emotions or feelings
<iWonder> I found a lot about the tablets but not the meaning for entities
<Hermes`> there is a rather big and not so easy reading book that has much information on them
<Hermes`> it is called "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie
<Hermes`> information on the tablets is sketchy, as no one is a real expert on them
<Hermes`> the real experts died before they had a chance to really document the tablets
<iWonder> may it's better to stick around with the tree of life, just being cautious
<Hermes`> well for the beginning for sure
<Hermes`> later if you want to explore the tablets you can
<Hermes`> but much of what you need to learn and do can be got in the tree of life and the Aethyrs
<iWonder> aren´t the Aethyrs part of the Enochian system ?
<Hermes`> yes they are, but you really do not need to know much about the tablets to use the learning system
<iWonder> I c
<Hermes`> the tablets are more for invocation, where you call the information or the energy to you...
<Hermes`> the Aethyrs are where you go to the energy yourself and get it
<Hermes`> the second is easier and safer
<Hermes`> as when you leave you leave that energy there in its environment
<Hermes`> when you invoke an energy it comes to you
<Hermes`> and it is not always easy to predict how these energies will work when they are out of their natural environment
<Hermes`> Of course the calls I use here are very safe; like the OLAP
<iWonder> I find it fascinating
<Hermes`> it is a very intricate and interesting system of energy
<Hermes`> it really shows the depth of God in many ways
<Hermes`> and the subtle nature of the universe
<iWonder> I have to go
<iWonder> perhaps we can bring this subject later on
<Hermes`> okay have a good night iWonder
<Hermes`> sure any time you want to talk about it
<iWonder> same to you Hermes
<iWonder> by Amazed
<Amazed> cya
<iWonder> bye naf
*** iWonder ( Quit
<Amazed> hey something strange just happened to me
<Hermes`> what?
<Amazed> I was just looking at the screen and fell into meditation
<Hermes`> oh, perhaps from our conversation,
<Amazed> I thought so
<Hermes`> we may have stirred up some energy and you picked up on it
<Hermes`> did you get anything?
<Amazed> hm, that expanding feeling
<Hermes`> perhaps if it went on longer you may have found yourself someplace
<Hermes`> like inside the tablets
<Amazed> really?!
<Amazed> what do I do inside the tablets
<Hermes`> well it could of been a mini lesson
<Hermes`> the tablets are like a whole universe of energy and energy beings that are connected to each other
<Hermes`> and each section has its own qualities and its own unique beings that occupy that section
<Amazed> section? cause I was looking at that crosses
<Hermes`> each small square
<Hermes`> as you put various squares together you get different combinations of energy
<Hermes`> some of these combinations have been already marked out, like the grand cross in the center
<Amazed> yes aren't they put together by lines
<Hermes`> well in the real universe of the tablet there are not boundaries to these energies.. The energy just varies across time and space...
<Hermes`> for example, the energy of water decreases and gives way to the energy of earth which increases as you move from the water quadrant to the earth quadrant
<Hermes`> so if you were in the universe of the tablet you would move past energy beings that were made up of water energy and move into an area where there were more beings made up of earth energy
<Hermes`> each being or person in each quadrant is unique, just like each person in a town or city is unique
<Hermes`> if you call on that particular being or energy that does something well, then you can make that kind of manifestation happen
<Hermes`> however with most calls, you invoke a group of beings or energy to make something happen
<Hermes`> because like in physical reality, if you want to build a house, you can't just call one person
<Hermes`> so if you want to create some kind of change in the world you have to call or invoke a certain group of beings or energies and get them to work together
<Amazed> do you invoke them?
<Hermes`> sometimes
<Hermes`> when I am having trouble manifesting something and need help
<Hermes`> as my reality creating powers increase, I use them less and less.
<Hermes`> it is not a system that you have to learn
<Hermes`> but it is another way to manifest things in your reality
<Hermes`> it is both easier and harder
<Hermes`> easier in that once you unlock the energy the manifestation must follow
<Hermes`> cause and effect
<Hermes`> harder in that if you are not absolutely clear on what you want to manifest, things can get sticky
*** naf ( Quit (Shuji! Let's eat lunch together! Helevetisti nauriksia kaikille!)
<Hermes`> with the Enochian calls there is no safety system that prevents you from manifesting something that is out of balance with your reality
<Hermes`> so if you inadvertently manifest something that throws your reality out of balance, then you have to deal with that.
<Hermes`> with straight reality creating, there are some warnings and holds on your manifestations that slow them down a bit, so that you are sure this is what you want.
<Amazed> so we actually then don't need to invoke this energy.
<Amazed> energies
<Hermes`> no not really, it is just another system of reality creating that you can learn to use if you want to
<Amazed> well I don't.
<Hermes`> I have done most of the work, there are a few Enochian calls that I teach because they are helpful to students
<Hermes`> you really do not need any thing else
<Hermes`> all your reality creating can be done from your own consciousness
<Amazed> yes!
<Amazed> well interesting this was. now I go
<Hermes`> yes I will depart as well, good chat
<Hermes`> see you tomorrow
<Amazed> I'm looking forward to my realizations in the morning
<Hermes`> yes!
Session Close: Wed Feb 07 19:42:36 2001

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