brainwave generator preset ; using sound to heal; living and dying; poverty and wealth; the evolving soul; creating love without negative karmic side effects; talking to your spirit guide; travel meditation with adventures; the Tree of Life sphere Binah and the archangel Tzaphkiel; chakra awakening; yoga meditation
February 1, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Feb 01 16:34:06 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
<Hermes`> ohmmmm
<Hermes`> okay how is everyone tonight
<gnosis-> hello
<Hermes`> good to see you here gnosis
<MagicMan> hi hermes..
<gnosis-> yeah
<Hermes`> so have all of you been working hard on removing those bad patterns, that we talked about last time?
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<Hermes`> why is it every Thursday there is this big lag between me to everyone else
<MagicMan> why do you say that...hardly even people chatting
<gnosis-> You are doing it! :)
*** Hermes` changes topic to 'visit the site -->'
<gnosis-> hehe
<Hermes`> yea I must be creating it
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<gnosis-> the website looks nice
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<MagicMan> what's new about the site seem pretty much the same except for some icons here and there
<Hermes`> nothing new
<Hermes`> I just needed to put a topic up there
<gnosis-> oh
<gnosis-> I guess I have been to the site in a while
<Hermes`> well the site is always changing, but this version has been up for a couple months now
<MagicMan> tell me what do you think of this
<Hermes`> well to be honest I never found these kinds of things effective
<Hermes`> what I do find effective is lots of meditation and hard work getting rid of the garbage
<MagicMan> I'm talking in general...and that there is a bwgen preset that is said to be the same thing
<Hermes`> have you tried it
<MagicMan> yes and it apparently add effects not all positive
<MagicMan> <MagicMan> its called "personal growth meditation". I did it for 5min and when I opened my eyes I couldn't see straight everything was out of focus. I'm gonna think twice b4 I use that puppy again
<Hermes`> really
<Hermes`> wow
<MagicMan> and well you do have to meditate to them (the presets) to have good results you know
<MagicMan> and the growth they talk about is more on a neural stand point
<Hermes`> yea I was reading that
<Hermes`> well I can give a listen to the demo later
<MagicMan> and its supposed to listened to for 30min and I only did 5min
<MagicMan> the demo?
<Hermes`> sounds like you are sensitive to it
<MagicMan> why don't you use the bwgen one?
<Hermes`> yea the website has a 30 minute demo of it
<MagicMan> you can't import the preset without it
<gnosis-> actually
<gnosis-> If you rename the personalgrowth preset to presets, it will work
<Hermes`> ah never thought of that
<MagicMan> er well then you loose the builtin presets
*** SoulFlyFr ( has joined #energyworks
<gnosis-> yeah
<MagicMan> its a neat trick but its not good enough
<MagicMan> hi soulflyfr
<Hermes`> great I 'll try it later
<SoulFlyFr> Hi everyone..
<Hermes`> hi soulflyfr
<MagicMan> don't use the personal growth one just yet I gotta find out if its safe
<MagicMan> well use it for a short time anyway
<Hermes`> it will be nice when we have some good research into the field of using sound to heal and change the body
<MagicMan> it wont do much that way eh
<Hermes`> I met a man who used sound in England to heal
<Hermes`> his work was remarkable
*** xoo (^soren@ has joined #energyworks
<xoo> re
<MagicMan> he used binaural beats?
<Hermes`> yea, he created them on a kind of homemade instrument
<Hermes`> it sounded like those Jamaican drums
<MagicMan> don't you mean shamanist drums? :)
<Hermes`> no, Jamaican
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<SoulFlyFr> Hi Hermes, Magicman, what's the conversation topic if you don't mind..
<Hermes`> if you have never heard one it is hard to describe
<Hermes`> it is like a cross between bells and a drum
<MagicMan> but that's a new one...most of the healing stuff on bwgen is done outside the headphones(binaural beats)
<Hermes`> right now we are talking about using sound to heal and invoke trance states
<MagicMan> eh I think I know something like voodoish
<MagicMan> right?
<Hermes`> well I'mnot sure what you mean
<Hermes`> the kind of drum he had, was metal and when you hit different parts of it, different notes came out
<MagicMan> well nm, I think I know what it sounds like
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<SoulFlyFr> Hey, yeh, if it ist any help, I listen to music by a composition bands called Native American, it contains flute, pan pipe and drums.. It's very good
<Hermes`> yea I like that kind of music too
<MagicMan> were talking about something a little lower in the Americas
<SoulFlyFr> .. like a large wok or pan that appears slightly dented hermes?
<Hermes`> yea
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<MagicMan> soren what's the problem?
<SoulFlyFr> Here's another type of music that helps you to space out.. It's Gregorian chant.. Its the most ancient type of music without instruments
*** GargowL ( has joined #energyworks
<GargowL> hi
<xoo> too slow with other connection
<SoulFlyFr> Hi Gargowl
<Hermes`> yea I have some chant tapes here
<Hermes`> I like them too
<SoulFlyFr> I am thinking these may be good for stilling the mind?
<Hermes`> yea they work good for that
<GargowL> is there any way for someone to die, without involving another person and without being considered a suicide?
<Hermes`> well in a sense all deaths are suicides, as you choose the time and place of your death
<GargowL> when do we chose that?
<Hermes`> when we are ready to go
<Hermes`> no one leaves the planet who does not choose to do so in advance
<Hermes`> you create and illness or an accident
<Hermes`> or get old and eventually just let go of life and it goes
<GargowL> then if somebody dies in a airplane crash, that person chose to die that way?
<SoulFlyFr> what about old-age?
<SoulFlyFr> My friend died in a bus crash, he was about 20..
<Hermes`> in old age you just let go of life and then you die from one of your organs failing
<Hermes`> sometimes a person just wants to live a partial life,
<Hermes`> of course there are zillions of reason for why people want to die
<SoulFlyFr> What would determine the want to live for any given amount of time?
<GargowL> then what's the difference between dying in an accident and shooting yourself?
<SoulFlyFr> Unhappiness?
<Hermes`> gargowl, actually there is not a big difference between the two, however with the shooting yourself thing, you are acting on impulse and the wish to die was not cultivated over time
<Hermes`> so with a real suicide you may be terminating your life before you are really really ready to go
<GargowL> what if someone wishes to die and after some times shoots himself?
<MagicMan> ER its still an impulse
<Hermes`> well if you really wish to die, you can reality create it in a few years
<Hermes`> and in this time you have prepared for it
<Hermes`> 5 to 7 years
<SoulFlyFr> .. like create a disease or something?
<Hermes`> yes
<GargowL> so, if somebody wishes to die during 5 years, it will naturally happen?
<Hermes`> of course if a person were to prepare for it for 5 years and then kill themselves with a gun then it would be the same
<GargowL> what about people who die before 5?
<Hermes`> well it is just a general figure the 5 to 7 years
<SoulFlyFr> he he...
<Hermes`> the idea is that the person has prepared themselves for it over time
<SoulFlyFr> Herme's is really in the light tonite..!
<MagicMan> hm death wish vs not being fearful of dying
<Hermes`> so there is less emotional shock involved
<GargowL> yes, but what about people who die very young? how can they wish to die if they barely know the world?
<Hermes`> they can be unhappy
<GargowL> but they can also be happy and die
<Hermes`> on some occasion a person will incarnate and spend only a few years here to accomplish some learning or task
<Hermes`> then they leave
<Hermes`> for example
<Hermes`> a child incarnates to help his parents to learn something
<Hermes`> then when the parents have learned it he leaves
<MagicMan> now here's an interesting case an abortion is considered what? the mothers reality creating, the babies or both?
<Hermes`> with abortion it is both
<Hermes`> in most abortion cases the entity knows ahead of time that it won't go full term
<GargowL> what about people who live all their lives in a country that is in war, and live in poverty? aren't they bound to be unhappy and to want to die?
<Hermes`> and these people usually are scared of physical reality so the brief encounter with it helps them to get over this fear
<MagicMan> man gargowl didn't you get it yet, you create your world ;)
<Hermes`> there are powerful lessons with war and poverty
<Hermes`> these people have chosen to be there and learn these lessons.
<Hermes`> however
<Hermes`> I am compassionate towards those souls that are learning those lessons, they are not easy
<Hermes`> and if I could I would try to help each one out of that reality creation
<SoulFlyFr> Gargowl.. But there quality of life is not comparable to ours, things mean more or less to them that they do with us
<Hermes`> well you can not compare your life to anyone else's
<Hermes`> lives are not for comparing
<Hermes`> they are for living
<SoulFlyFr> .. isn't inevitable if you are born in poverty to continue that reality>
<Hermes`> not really, because once you have learned those lessons you can leave that condition
<Hermes`> however it is true that many people born to poverty die to poverty
<Hermes`> sometimes these lessons can take entire lives to learn
<GargowL> then we all have only one person to blame for anything that happens to us: the person we were before incarnating
<Hermes`> well the evolving soul must learn all the human lessons. It does not have to learn them in any special order...
<MagicMan> hm why do I bother questioning It always comes back to the same thing.
<SoulFlyFr> that must mean though, he sent you on a mission in this life to accomplish
<Hermes`> you could have chosen to learn about poverty early on in your evolution, while other people have decided to learn about It later on.
<Hermes`> that person that is poverty stricken now could of spent the last 20 life times as a king
<Hermes`> and you could of spent the last 20 life times poverty stricken.
<GargowL> ok. Just one more question before I leave (my mother wants to use the computer):
<Hermes`> sure
<MagicMan> and you could on the other hand be done with both
<Hermes`> yep that too magicman
<GargowL> if I want somebody to love me, and I RC It so she loves me, is It karmically bad?
<GargowL> mi = me
<Hermes`> It is only bad if you reality create a specific person to love you.
<Hermes`> you can safely Just reality create being loved in your life and let the universe decide the who
<GargowL> eyah, that's what I want, so I guess I shouldn't do It
<Hermes`> that way you will attract someone who desires to be with you and not force another person who does not want to be with you, to be with you.
<Hermes`> gargowl, Just focus on creating love into your life, and forget the who. The universe will send you someone far more compatible than the person you are thinking about.
<GargowL> then what about this: I love he and she likes me as a great friend. Wouldn't It be wrong if I RC that she would like me more, enough to love me?
<Hermes`> It would be forcing her to be in a closer relationship than she desires
<Hermes`> so you would incur negative karma from It
<GargowL> I see
<Hermes`> and in some way someone would force you to do something you did not want
<GargowL> ok, that's what I wanted to ask
<SoulFlyFr> How do you create being loved in your reality?
<Hermes`> you focus on creating love, make energy balls and use visualizations of yourself being loved and in a relationship
<Hermes`> but don't use any specific person
<Hermes`> Just kind of sketch in your mind how you wish this person to be
<Hermes`> but don't say "I want this person!"
<SoulFlyFr> ahh that's a nice visualization! So, in a way, this is almost like fantasizing?!
<GargowL> but what about if you REALLY love someone, and no matter how you try you always visualize yourself being loved by that person?
<Hermes`> yes It is
<Hermes`> well the problem you have here is that you are locked your energy up to that person
<Hermes`> so It will be almost impossible for you to create another love interest.
<Hermes`> you have to let go of that person first
<MagicMan> well as usual I have to be the one to remind you all (meditation)
<Hermes`> you have to stop seeing yourself with that person
<Hermes`> let her go and live her own life
<Hermes`> this could mean putting distance between the two of you for a time
<GargowL> got any tips for forgetting a loved one? I'mtrying to do that without much success...
<Hermes`> yea magicman I was hoping iris would show up, she said she was going to be late
<Hermes`> I Just gave you some, use energy balls, visualization, and try feeling loved
<Hermes`> when you feel loved your will pull love toward you like a magnet
<SoulFlyFr> So the rule is here is to use imagination and be creative about what you want.. what you wish for...
<GargowL> but what if that person is my friend and wishes to continue to be so? getting her away from me wouldn't be wrong?
<MagicMan> well hermes okidoki I couldn't do It at this hour anyway
<Hermes`> well gargowl if you have strong feelings for your friend and this is tying up your energy then you have to do what It takes to free your energy up
<Hermes`> iris said she can't make It for another 30 minutes, so we can start or wait
<Hermes`> It is up to all of you
<GargowL> ok...
<GargowL> gotta go now
<Hermes`> however there is no guarantee she will be here by then either
<GargowL> thks for the help
<Hermes`> take care gargowl
*** GargowL ( Quit (Love is Just an illusion created to bring pain into your heart. You CAN'T STOP L)
<SoulFlyFr> See you around Gargowl
<SoulFlyFr> Hermes, what you wish for might come true?
<Hermes`> sure wishes come true
<SoulFlyFr> .. and wishes are in effect, reality creating? Am I with you?
<Hermes`> yep
<MagicMan> in reality no, in effect yes :)
<SoulFlyFr> I have some more lingering questions for you..
<Hermes`> sure
<Hermes`> go ahead
<SoulFlyFr> Is It possible I could speak to my spirit guide. Like ask him/her their name, and where they are from etc etc...
<Hermes`> yea, in a dream, or an OBE, or in meditation
<Hermes`> some people can hear their spirit guide inside their head; so that would work too.
<SoulFlyFr> As a voice or a feeling or maybe an the minds eye?
<Hermes`> any of the above
<Hermes`> yea
<SoulFlyFr> Hmm.. ok. That's something I will have to try. By the way, still haven't had consicousness OBE yet, although, I think I may have had one during a sort of LD
<Hermes`> well that is good. Usually you will have several OBE's from dreams before you have one from the conscious state
<Hermes`> It helps to prepare you
<Hermes`> also It helps to have some mental conversations with your spirit guide
<Hermes`> this will help to bridge the gap between the two of you
<Hermes`> talk to him or her like you would a friend
<SoulFlyFr> AHh.. You mean from the consciousness shift?
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> instead of Just letting your mind ramble on and on, direct the conversation to your spirit guide
<SoulFlyFr> Maybe I could try your crystal meditation too try and talk to him/her
<Hermes`> yes the crystal meditation can help as well, the crystals will amplify your energy and make It easier
<SoulFlyFr> This is something I must work on.. It seems like It may work.
<SoulFlyFr> I remember waking up and very slightly opening my eyes and thinking about an OBE, I then tried to move out of my bed, and to my surprise, I sort of slid out of my bed like a snake, and onto the floor! It felt very light and almost a very very accustomed feeling, like id done It before..
<Hermes`> nice
<SoulFlyFr> .. but I then tried to open my eyes, and I felt myself or my body, in my bed again. Although, not sure whether this was a dream or not..>
<Hermes`> It can be hard to tell the difference when you are in that in-between state of consciousness
<Hermes`> yikes I guess we should start the med soon
<Hermes`> are you ready magicman?
<SoulFlyFr> I think to myself, what if everyone was aware and fully enlightened, and It makes me think how much we would get along as a world..
<Hermes`> what a great place It would be then
<SoulFlyFr> You know what I would most like to see? Respect for mother earth.
<Hermes`> yea the earth does deserve It
<Hermes`> for all she does for us
<SoulFlyFr> .. lets hope my terraforming project of the future doesn't come true..
<SoulFlyFr> Ready for med..
<SoulFlyFr> .. my dream about It that is!
<Hermes`> what dream is that?
<Hermes`> magicman you there?
-> [MagicMan] PING
<xoo> ready in 2 mins
<Hermes`> great soren
<SoulFlyFr> I told It you the other day, It was about being surrounded by construction work in a non-oxygen atmosphere.. I remember allot of copper oxide there too..
<MagicMan> yes
<Hermes`> I don't remember that
<Hermes`> magicman are you ready for the meditation
<MagicMan> like I said not at this hour
<Hermes`> well try to mediate along at the computer if you can
<Hermes`> put the brainwave on and see what happens
<Hermes`> as soon as you are ready soren say the word
<xoo> ready
<Hermes`> okay lets begin, 15 from now
* Hermes` ohmming for 15 minutes
* Hermes` has returned
<SoulFlyFr> How was the meditation session? Didn't go into It today..
<xoo> I wasn't concentrated Just,thought to be in space and relaxed
<Hermes`> I guess It was Just soren and I then
<Hermes`> It was a good meditation.
<Hermes`> I was in the Tree of Life sphere Binah..
<Hermes`> I was talking to the archangel Tzaphkiel there
<Hermes`> he was saying that Binah is like the womb
<xoo> what did you spoke about?
<Hermes`> It is dark but has the glimmer of light
<Hermes`> It is a pre-state energy that nurtures and builds
<Hermes`> It is silence but growth
<Hermes`> It is also the place where the master and the student are born and merged
<Hermes`> It is the energy of death and life and the place where the two meet
*** MagicMan (magicman@ Quit (Connection reset by peer)
<SoulFlyFr> How ddid that information aid you?
<SoulFlyFr> It certainly sounded like there was allot of message there
<Hermes`> well It really Just goes along with what we were talking about today
<Hermes`> that there is an order to life and death and that even though It may not always make sense.
<SoulFlyFr> .. silence but growth? What did that mean?
<Hermes`> It means that by being still you give yourself time to grow. You grow in the pauses more than you do in the outgoing part of your life
<Hermes`> Just like in death, the pause gives the soul time to grow
<SoulFlyFr> Do you mean like by being on your own for a while, contemplating, thinking?
<Hermes`> sure yes
<Hermes`> the warrior rests before the next battle
<Hermes`> otherwise he can not learn and heal from the previous one
<SoulFlyFr> I've always thought this was true!
<SoulFlyFr> Anyway, I really must go now..
<Hermes`> okay have a good night
<SoulFlyFr> I hope everyone else had an some insights in meditation. Thank you all for sharing tonight
<SoulFlyFr> Buh Bye!
<Hermes`> so soren you did not get anything
*** SoulFlyFr ( Quit (Leaving)
<Hermes`> so soren did you get anything else?
<xoo> nope,Just this
<xoo> aha,interesting thing
<xoo> last day I got a strong feeling on my third eye chakra
<Hermes`> what kind of feeling?
<xoo> uhm difficult to describe
<xoo> like a vamp of energy,like a pulsing
<Hermes`> It could be the opening up of the chakra
<xoo> felt It for a lot,more than other times
<xoo> like 20 seconds
<Hermes`> the chakras will feel funny when they start to fire
<Hermes`> you get vibrations, or fuzzy feelings
<Hermes`> sometimes heat
<Hermes`> sometimes mild pain as the blocks are burned up
<xoo> is the chakra I feel most
<xoo> hermes,what do you think of yoga like meditation method?
<Hermes`> if you like that kind of meditation then do It
<Hermes`> I sit in a yoga posture for my meditations
<xoo> yes, I practice It few times at week
<Hermes`> but not in a specific yoga pose. I have several hand positions I use for my energy balancing
<xoo> what are the differences in meditation we practice here?
<xoo> I use yoga meditation mostly for exercise my concentration
<xoo> to don let mind wander
<Hermes`> well this meditation here is for traveling and learning
<Hermes`> It is not too much for relaxing
*** Gamble- ( Quit (It's the dream afraid of waking, that never takes the chance.)
<Hermes`> but you can use It for relaxing as well
<Hermes`> sometimes I will Just meditate and not go anywhere, Just feel my own presence or travel within my own body
<xoo> felt a deja-vu
<xoo> :)
<Hermes`> I also do a strict yoga meditation but this is usually after doing some yoga moves
<Hermes`> I use It to circulate the energy around that the yoga has raised
<xoo> I see
<xoo> kundalini is raised during yoga?but anyway is always energy..
<Hermes`> yes yoga helps to raise the kundalini energy, which helps to balance your other chakra
<Hermes`> It does It in a mild way
<xoo> OK
<xoo> now I'm going,feeling tired
<xoo> see u soon!
*** xoo (^ Quit (xoo has no reason)
Session Close: Thu Feb 01 19:52:43 2001

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