falling into bad reality creating patterns and how to get out of them; living in the moment; talking about your problems, does it really help?; reflection and the past and future; Tiphareth for learning
January 30, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Jan 30 16:28:45 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!'
*** Set by Gamble`! on Sun Jan 28 07:09:28
<Hermes`> howdy
<Hermes`> so what exciting things are going on today?
<MagicMan> hi hermes...
* MagicMan hears crickets
<MagicMan> eheh
<Hermes`> get rid of the crickets, bring in the tigers
<MagicMan> I guess you didn't get the joke
<Hermes`> yea I did
<Hermes`> tigers are much more noisy than crickets, so make some noise
<MagicMan> oh I didn't get it then eh
* MagicMan makes some noise
<MagicMan> ok lemme translate all that, nothing's going on as far as I know
<MagicMan> how about over there in the sunny land of Florida?
<Hermes`> nope
<xoo> hi hermes
<Hermes`> hi soren
<xoo> re
<Hermes`> I see soren is gone again
<MagicMan> he's enjoying keeping us in suspense
<MagicMan> there he is again
<xoo> re again
<Hermes`> yes you like to come and go
<SoulFlyFr> Goodeveing
<Hermes`> hi soul
<SoulFlyFr> * Goodevening even
<xoo> hi soul
<SoulFlyFr> Been upto allot recently.. Sorry I haven't been able to come more often, but how are you all doing?
<Hermes`> I doing okay
<Amazed> hi y'all
<Hermes`> amazed, when did you get here
<SoulFlyFr> Hey Amazed!
<MagicMan> hi soulflyfr, wb amazed
<xoo> sol:I doing well
<Amazed> now
<SoulFlyFr> Hi MagicMan, how are you?
<MagicMan> I'm good, u?
<Hermes`> so what aspect of each of your own selves are you currently working on to change and evolve?
<Hermes`> you should always try to be working on something
<SoulFlyFr> Hermes.. Here's my change
<xoo> don't speak very much and control emotions:)
<SoulFlyFr> To rid myself of selfishness and not be so stupid all the time!! he he!
<Hermes`> that is a good one soren
<Hermes`> and that is a good one too Soulflyfr
<MagicMan> me: to not pretend I'm working on some aspect of myself like u guys are ;)
<SoulFlyFr> :)
<Hermes`> maybe we really are working on these aspects
<Hermes`> okay then magicman, what would you change in yourself if you could?
<Hermes`> I like putting you on the spot magicman
* MagicMan moves to the spot (kitchen)
<Hermes`> have each of you noticed that when you are with certain people you tend to talk about certain things...
<MagicMan> back from kitchen...anyway I don't know what you mean by that
<Hermes`> and some of these things can be very bad for your reality creating
<Hermes`> this is especially true when you are with family and loved ones.
<Hermes`> you tend to fall into a pattern and many times these patterns are a good place where bad reality creating begins
<jsn> ..
<jsn> hey
<Hermes`> what happens with loved ones and family members is you drop your guard and let out some of the negative patterns you carry within you.
<MagicMan> well Peggy's gift is the answer to that one. by not having expectations of a persons response you avoid talk patterns and don't fall into that. (nuff said) eh
<SoulFlyFr> Yess!! Most defiantly
<Hermes`> yea magicman but how good are you at following that
<MagicMan> hm that's a little different but not having expectations helps as well
<SoulFlyFr> What patterns are these?
<Hermes`> you have to examine yourself when you are with certain people and try to discover them
<MagicMan> how should I know, I'm a thinker not a "doer" :)
<Hermes`> the point is, is that it is with these subtle areas that you reality create some of the nasty stuff in your life you would like to get rid of
<Hermes`> well after you are with a particular person or group of people, think back to what you said, and how you said it. What did you talk about, was it good or bad?
<Hermes`> do this with everyone in your life
<Hermes`> you will soon see the hidden patterns emerging
<Hermes`> for example...
<MagicMan> how do you come up with these topics from the blue?
<Hermes`> when you are with your sister you tend to talk about negative health issues
<SoulFlyFr> So, your saying whenever we talk to people, we are never ourselves?
<Hermes`> these topics are things you all need to learn
<Hermes`> you tend to take on patterns with certain people and these patterns can be good or bad
<Hermes`> you should be aware of what pattern you tend to be when you are with certain people, so you can figure out if this pattern is good or bad
<Hermes`> hidden in these areas are where much of your bad reality creating comes from
<Hermes`> your good reality creating comes from here too, but it is those negative patterns that you want to change and remove
<Hermes`> and of course you will not find it easy at first to change these because the people y you are with expect you to act or talk this way...
<SoulFlyFr> Does it really matter?
<Hermes`> it does matter for your reality creating
*** GargowL ( has joined #energyworks
<Hermes`> let's say you are trying to create a love interest in your life
<SoulFlyFr> So, what if there is a bad pattern what do you do?
<GargowL> hi
<Hermes`> and every time you are with your brother you start to talk about all the bad relationships you and he have had in the past...
<MagicMan> hey I <MagicMan> ;
<MagicMan> ;) I mean
<Hermes`> those conversations are not going to help you to create a new love relationship -- at least not one that will last very long.
<jsn> Hi gargowl =)
<xoo> hey gargowl
<Hermes`> so if you find a bad pattern you have to change it or turn it around to the positive
<Hermes`> instead of talking to your brother about all the bad things that happened to you in relationships, talk about the good things
<GargowL> oops... I just spent my two Physics classes today talking with my friends about how unlucky I am when it comes to love....
<SoulFlyFr> .. so if you had a pattern in your head that all relationships would last for a long time, they would?
<Hermes`> there you go Gargowl, a pattern showing itself
<Hermes`> yes soulflyfr, that is the first part, the second of course is not talking the opposite
<SoulFlyFr> .. same here Gargowl.. except it was in a Media class!
<Hermes`> see now you guys have uncovered and possible area where you are creating not so good things
<SoulFlyFr> but sometimes I feel I really need someone to confide in about negative things..
<Amazed> and not keep it inside?
<Hermes`> ah but do you really need that
<Hermes`> I know we hear people saying this all the time "you have to get it out!"
<Hermes`> but do you really need to get it out
<SoulFlyFr> Is that a good thing? I suppose there is nothing better than your own thought..
<SoulFlyFr> Yes.. all the time
<Hermes`> when you verbalize something on the physical plane you wield energy to propel it into motion
<SoulFlyFr> I suppose not really..
<Hermes`> what you should do is keep this sort of thing down to a minimum if you can
<SoulFlyFr> Suffer in silence! ;o) I always trying to deal with these things on my own
<xoo> the silence is gold:)
<SoulFlyFr> .. the negative things to a minimum?
<GargowL> but usually when we let it out we calm down and stop thinking about it. Isn't that good?
<Amazed> but doesn't it "eat" us from inside?
<Hermes`> well the truth is you should not even be thinking this way
<Hermes`> of course I did not say it was easy
<Amazed> but if it stays in unconsciousness?
<Hermes`> when something happens to you, there is always a positive reason for it. The idea is to focus on the positive and let the negative go
<Amazed> it's not good it's inside, anything negative
<SoulFlyFr> Its the way society is though.. a negative mass !
<GargowL> for example, yesterday I had a quite bad event and I couldn't stop thinking about how unlucky I am, but today I talked to my friends and now I don't think about it so much
<Hermes`> I know people say if you don't talk about it it stays in the unconscious mind. But I don't believe that. I think that by talking continually about something unpleasant you actually load it into the unconscious mind through repetition
<SoulFlyFr> Ahh Good point
<Hermes`> well Gargowl, in that situation you feel better because you have pushed your negative energy from you into your friends, which is not a good thing...
<Hermes`> it would be much better to send that energy into the earth or up to God to process
<Amazed> right! of course
<SoulFlyFr> How do you do that..? Visualization?
<Hermes`> yes you can use visualization, or you can ask God or your higher self to take it from you
<SoulFlyFr> Man, all these good and bad vibes are making me damn hungry
<Hermes`> you can see it go into the earth
<SoulFlyFr> I will try that next time the inevitable negative feeling arrives :o)
<Hermes`> yes do give it a try and see how it feels.
<Hermes`> these are all subtle ways we undermine our own realities
<Hermes`> and they are good places for each of you to work on as well
<Hermes`> as a test
<Hermes`> for two weeks try not to fall into these negative patterns we talked about
<Hermes`> and see how your reality responds
<SoulFlyFr> I've noticed actually by just thinking day in, day out, how small things I wouldn't ever notice, have cropped up in my mind
<Hermes`> yes, you create what you focus on
<Hermes`> and you are seeing this
<xoo> I think we gotta live a lot in the moment,without ever thinking and think just few things..
<xoo> btw,check this article out
<Hermes`> yes staying in the moment and not 'thinking" so much can help greatly
<GargowL> what about crying? does crying help release bad energy?
<SoulFlyFr> Ahh! I'm thinking about stuff all the time! How can I change those patterns to 'live for the moment?'
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<Hermes`> of course you need to release these powerful emotions when you have them. but try to be careful where you release them too
<xoo> SoulFlyFr:concentrate on what you are doing
<Hermes`> try to release them into the earth for up to God, because those energy beings can process these powerful feelings and bring positive results from it
<jsn> Hermes, living in moment can cause some bad things? Example: Everything is gone bad lately and I living the moment, things feel very bad, I 'll just decide to live up to moment and not give a 2nd thoughts and jump off the roof....
<jsn> Example#2: some man just does rape a human just for not thinking too much but going more in animal way and not thinking the actual event so much...
<Hermes`> well you must live in the moment but control what thoughts and feelings you are generating
<jsn> Control usually is thinking the situation more deeply?
<Hermes`> you must always control your thoughts and actions
<Hermes`> but you must also try to live in the moment when you can
<Hermes`> the moment is the only thing you can change
<Hermes`> you can not change the past or the future
<jsn> But your reality creation technique is to modify future events
<Hermes`> sure, from the present moment you try to change what probability you are on
<Hermes`> so that the future when it gets to you, is the one you want
<Hermes`> of course there are going to be times when you will think about the past or future
<MagicMan> I see I'm not the only one who comes up with extreme examples
*** Pe- ( has joined #energyworks
<PE> Hey
<Hermes`> you should set aside time to do this
<jsn> magicman :)
<MagicMan> hi PE ...long time away
<PE> yep.. exams :-I
<xoo> hi PE
<SoulFlyFr> Hi PE
<SoulFlyFr> Hermes; Set aside time? Like in the evening, on your own..?
<MagicMan> btw jason the words fook says(if its fook) in melupappi just crack me up Finnish is a funny language eheh
<Hermes`> yes, have very specific times when you will reflect on the past or the future
<PE> Uh, oh, so some people I have never seen ... I mean in my actual life :-/
<Hermes`> then the rest of the time enjoy the moment, you created it, why not take advantage of it
<SoulFlyFr> .. and is there a reason why you do this? I seem to reflect all the time..
<Hermes`> too much reflection will reality create what you are thinking about
<Hermes`> and most times when you reflect it is on the negative things that have happened in your life
<Hermes`> also
<jsn> magicman, oh funny, well that is good =)
<Hermes`> continual reflection takes you out of the present moment, and that wastes you reality creating power
<Hermes`> reflection should be limited to very specific times in your day, and not to exceed more than 5% of that day
<SoulFlyFr> Ok. I understanding you now! Is there a purpose tho, for reflecting back at a set aside time?
<Hermes`> well the purpose of living in a time framework, is so that you can can learn from your past actions
*** gnosis- ( Quit (Leaving)
<Hermes`> and use that learning to make better decisions in the future
<Hermes`> so some amount of reflection is necessary
<Hermes`> but not as much as you think
<Amazed> what about you say: to create the present best it can be, you must make past and future best they can be?
<SoulFlyFr> .. because, at the end of the day, life is one big lesson!
<Hermes`> yes Amazed that too is a tool for reality creating, and you should set aside some time to use these tools.
<SoulFlyFr> maybe.. make a mental note for each day of the lessons you have learned that day
<Hermes`> when you set aside a certain time to do these kinds of past and future things, you are focusing your power in that direction and that is good.
<Amazed> maybe not only mental..
<Hermes`> but when your mind just clicks into the past or the future at random, you are wasting your valuable present moment reality creating power
<Hermes`> yes soul, it is good to go over what you have learned during the course of a day
<xoo> writing help a lot..
<Hermes`> you can write your lessons down too
<SoulFlyFr> Excellent. I will remember all that we've talked about tonight.
<SoulFlyFr> But, I must go now.. I 've got college early tomorrow..
<Hermes`> okay take care soulflyfr
<xoo> bye SoulFlyFr
<SoulFlyFr> Thanks everyone.
<Amazed> bye
<PE> See you!
*** SoulFlyFr ( Quit (Leaving)
<MagicMan> well leaving
<Hermes`> the idea is to be aware of where you thoughts and your power is going at all times
<PE> Any more question?
<Hermes`> and hopefully now we have uncovered a couple more areas that you can examine
<MagicMan> bye
<Hermes`> PE if you have a question send it off
<xoo> bye magic
*** MagicMan (magicman@ Quit ("If I could be who you wanted, all the time". L&L)
<PE> take care, MM
<PE> I have some, but I can not recall them
<Hermes`> hehe
<PE> My mind is already working at them
<PE> But the funny in the thing is that I don't know these questions
<PE> I know that there are, but I don't know them
<Amazed> can't put 'em in words?
<PE> Can't put them in thoughts
<PE> I am working on recalling (?) my OOBE adventures, with no success
<Hermes`> yea it gets harder to remember them as the day goes on
<GargowL> hey, I like that when I programming in c++... I can't think why the programs work, but I just write down a few things and it works! and after that I read the code and still don't get how it works
<PE> I thought it was impossible to recall them due to the stress of the exams, but my exams have ended...
<Hermes`> well give it time
<PE> How much?
<PE> There was a month or so I didn't even think at them
<PE> There was weeks I was working on it
<PE> There is something missing, like a key
<PE> But I can't see the key, although it is .... my eyes
<PE> front of my eyes
<GargowL> nose?
<PE> The key...
<Amazed> I must go :( bye
*** Amazed ( Quit (living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment)
<Hermes`> yea I know what you mean. The key is some thought or part of a thought that can unlock the rest of the memory
<PE> So you think I have only to live, and sometime I got the key?
<xoo> only to live is already a good task
<PE> It is like I would like to learn, but I am not allowed to enter into the library
<Hermes`> well you can program dreams or OBE's to go to Tiphareth. Much learning goes on there
<PE> I haven't had any OOBE since may
<Hermes`> well you can travel to these places in dreams or even in meditation
<Hermes`> and of course, life will teach you these lessons too
<PE> I 'll try it
<PE> But life is so slow :
<PE> :)
<Hermes`> well it is slow, but it does teach lots of lessons over the course of time
<PE> It is true
<xoo> going,see u all!
*** xoo (^soren@ Quit (xoo has no reason)
<Hermes`> see you soren
<PE> Xoo is soren? Good to know
<PE> By the way, what is like the weather in Florida?
<PE> nonono
<PE> What is the weather like in Florida
<Hermes`> it has been a bit cold but the last few days nice and warm
<PE> This is the correct question
<Hermes`> it has been going down to freezing at night
<PE> Cold? How cold?
<Hermes`> but in the day you need a long sleeve shirt
<PE> uh... ohh
<PE> br
<PE> Today we had some snow :)
<Hermes`> yea it is usually not so cold
<Hermes`> snow, oh I do not miss that
<PE> neither me :)
<Hermes`> well I guess we will call it a night
<Hermes`> good chat people
<PE> My body started to miss the sleeping ...
<Hermes`> see all of you later
<PE> See you soon!
<PE> Take care!
Session Close: Tue Jan 30 18:49:35 2001

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