pyramids; constructing a pyramid for your room; tarot cards and some card meanings; the use of pentagrams; group meditation with adventures; protection energies; the Holy City (IKH) and the Abyss; VTA and sacrificing yourself for others
January 25, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 25 16:12:30 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!_'
<Amazed1> he-ey H!
<Hermes`> hi there
<jsn> hip
<Hermes`> how is everyone tonight?
<jsn> Nice I was again only one who tried the pyramid trip unless u tried too, don't know about everyone tho
<Hermes`> I did try
<Hermes`> but I did not make it
<Hermes`> wound up doing something else that was on my to do list
<Hermes`> I'm not always in control of where I go
<jsn> And I think the pyramid/sphinx should be the place
<jsn> If we change it every week it will be harder
<MagicMan> new record
<Hermes`> yea, and the pyramids are real cool nonphysically
<Hermes`> they kind of have this red glow to them
<Amazed1> but I did want to try it!! but I couldn't fall asleep nicely, took me 2 hours (not cause of the OBE try), so I kinda stopped trying
<Hermes`> which is from the energy that they absorb
<Amazed1> what's that energy exactly?
<Hermes`> some kind of cosmic energy
<Hermes`> it is not earth based
<Amazed1> are they bigger than they are physically?
<Hermes`> they are big physically
<MagicMan> (I don't think I'm lagging, maybe u are)
<MagicMan> hey hermes...
<Hermes`> they don't need to be bigger nonphysically
<jsn> Hey magicman everyone else is having 2-5sec ping to each other =)
<Hermes`> To be honest however I have only been to the pyramid's nonphysically a few times, so I could not really report all the intricate nonphysical natures of them.
<jsn> =)
<jsn> Some psychical thing about pyramid shape is that someone wrote that it can make razorblade last longer
<jsn> It kind of sharps it
<jsn> Don't know if its true.. But I think we spoke about this some time ago
<Hermes`> well the energy in the pyramid is very pure, so it will tend to keep things running longer
<Hermes`> the reason things break down in the physical plane is because of negative energy
<Hermes`> the more negative energy these things absorb the less from perfection they become
<Hermes`> you can see this with cars
<Hermes`> the man who is very positive and friendly will have a car that is usually working and in good shape
<jsn> If we would build pyramid houses instead of huge apartments it could be good for health? =)
<Hermes`> however the guy that is constantly negative and dislikes things will have a car that is much trouble
<jsn> Or at least razorblades.
<Hermes`> hehe, yea
<Hermes`> you can build a small metal pyramid and hang it in the center of your room
<Hermes`> on the ceiling
<Hermes`> the shape actually continues beyond the actual physical device..
<Hermes`> so the pyramid would encompass the entire room nonphysically and you would get many of the benefits of having an actual pyramid around the house
<jsn> What if I just buy some pyramid figure and place it to book-shelf
<Hermes`> well the idea is to extend the shape under the pyramid. If you put it on a book shelf then only the space under the book shelf will be encompassed in the pyramid energy
<Hermes`> I have a small pyramid that I put on top of a table in the corner of my room. I use it to charge crystals and pendants and stuff
<Hermes`> but I don't hang any from the top of my room
<Hermes`> however you could, if you want to have the pyramid energy all around you in the room.
<jsn> If I place pyramid upside down does that mean that my neighbors in upstairs will be more quiet and peaceful =)
<Hermes`> hehe
<Hermes`> good idea
<Hermes`> but the pyramid works best with gravity in mind
<Hermes`> in other words
<jsn> I think its good idea, it would look nice to have pyramid hanging from the ceiling
<Hermes`> an inverted pyramid away from the earth ground would not work correctly
<Amazed1> but hey! what you said before, positive man's car.. well I adore my puter here, I send it love and ALL, and still it works not too well, strangely and uniquely
<Hermes`> yea, the pyramid does not have to be big. It just needs to be near the top of the ceiling
<Amazed1> and I also used to have a pyramid on top of my puter..
<jsn> I think some glass-pyramid would look nice with lamp inside of it hmm
<jsn> Or does that lamp do bad?
<Hermes`> it can have a lamp
<jsn> Ah I gotta go bbl
* jsn away
<Hermes`> on the computer, that is a good place for one
<Amazed1> you know the puter's clock doesn't work nicely anymore. I'd say the pyramid absorbed too much of the cosmic energy and now my puter realized time actually doesn't exist! :) so why should the clock work
<Hermes`> hehe
<Hermes`> actually I have found that sometimes direct pyramid energy is not so good for electronic devices
<Hermes`> and I do not know why
<Amazed1> oh
<Hermes`> a few times I tried to fix some electronic things that were intermittent and put them under my pyramid...
<Hermes`> well they just stopped working completely after that
<Hermes`> which still has be a bit baffled by it
<Amazed1> ahhh seems my mystery is solved
<Hermes`> I suppose our electronic equipment is not exactly compatible with the energy that comes from a pyramid
<x0rolo> hi all
<Amazed1> hey
<Hermes`> but it would be nice to hear of other people's encounters with using pyramids as well
<Hermes`> hi soren
<Amazed1> I used to wear one on my head sometimes
<Hermes`> ah like in the movie "back to the future"
<Hermes`> how did that feel?
<Amazed1> nice and strange
<Amazed1> did you notice on all old religious paintings or in churches, God is very often drawn with a triangle/pyramid halo instead of the usual round one?
<Hermes`> really, I'll have to take a closer look at those
<Amazed1> hey iWonder!
<Hermes`> Those medieval artists knew much more about the cosmos then they let on to believe
<iWonder> hi
<x0rolo> hey wonder
<Hermes`> those church artworks are all full of symbols and charts
<Hermes`> hi I wonder
<x0rolo> Hermes, a question..
<Hermes`> sure
<x0rolo> what's the meaning of the moon in a Celtic spread?(the one with 10 cards)
<x0rolo> or just the meaning of the moon if u don't use that spread
<x0rolo> the moon was the ten card..
<Hermes`> the moon card is changes happening behind the scene, without your knowledge...
<Hermes`> it is also secret things
<Hermes`> it can also mean psychic energy or power
<Hermes`> in the ten spot it would mean..
<Hermes`> that the outcome will be determined by forces you do not know about or can not control
<x0rolo> I felt it. I had hard time to find a meaning to it:)
<iWonder> hi Amazed
<Hermes`> yea that would be one of the few spots for that card that would limit your ability to change the matter
<iWonder> hi Hermes
<x0rolo> hope that forces will play good with me
<Hermes`> well you be good to them, and they will be good to you
<x0rolo> I have 2 other question about spots if u want
<Hermes`> sure
<x0rolo> 5 of wands in third spot(subconscious) and pope in eight spot..
<Hermes`> third spot is that on top or on the bottom
<x0rolo> bottom
<Hermes`> that card hints at the inner struggle going on within you to resolve this matter
<Hermes`> there is much opposition
<Hermes`> the pope in the 8 spot says that people around you have a very limited view of what is going on
<Hermes`> they have very strong opinions on it
<x0rolo> yap..also the 9 of swords(first spot)say the same of the 5 of wands..
<x0rolo> great hint for the pope..
<x0rolo> I gave it another meaning, mostly based on the matter
<Hermes`> yea the 9 of swords in spot one says that is the energy around the question
<Hermes`> fear, anxiety, impending doom
<x0rolo> yap
<x0rolo> luckily the second spot was filled by 2 of pentacles
<Hermes`> ah which means you stand to make some money from it
<x0rolo> believe in myself, take the challenge and some other hints
<Hermes`> or if not money, then the manifestation of something very physical like
<Hermes`> but still something that has worth to you
<Hermes`> otherwise it would not of come up as a pentacle
<x0rolo> worth to me=I give it important meaning?
<Hermes`> yea
<x0rolo> really an amazing tools that tarots
<Hermes`> yea, it can help to unlock the hidden things in a situation
<Hermes`> and help you to understand yourself and how you create things in your world
<x0rolo> yeah.. ah the 2 of cups and the 2 of swords I saw last med were pretty right
<Hermes`> as soon as Iris gets here we will start the meditation
<x0rolo> there was a join days ago with a person I lost time ago.. but that join was ambiguous.. was 2 of cups and 2 of sword together
<Hermes`> ah a meeting with a old friend and a person you have had some disagreements with
<x0rolo> yeah
<Amazed1> Hermes can you tell us about the power of pentagram, it's used as a magic sign
<Amazed1> hey Iris
<iWonder> hi iris
<iris2> Hi everyone!
<x0rolo> hi iris
<Hermes`> the pentagram invokes or removes earth based energy
<Hermes`> the energy of earth, air, fire, water
<Hermes`> it sometimes in meditation can mean the coming of difficulty
<Hermes`> as the pentagram symbolized the invocation of an earth based energy, and that usually means power applied to solve some problem in your life
<Hermes`> basically to use a pentagram you can visualize the symbol in your mind, or more traditionally draw it in the air above you...
<iris2> Hi!
<Hermes`> how you scribe the pentagram will determine how the energy is used and what kind of earth energy it invokes
<Hermes`> but for a real simple way to use it...
*** Gamble` sets mode: +o jsn
<iris2> Glad to be here- with you all
<Hermes`> just see the pentagram in your mind, say what kind of energy you want to use with it (earth, air, fire, water). And then state whether you are invoking or banishing the energy
-> [iris2] PING
-> [iWonder] PING
* iWonder gives a big fraternal hug to Iris
<Amazed1> of which color should it be?
<Hermes`> well you can use any color you like, I think by tradition they are imagined in blue
<iris2> :)
<Amazed1> and what exactly you do with that energy then?
<Hermes`> here is a site for anyone looking to learn the Tarot: medieval
<Hermes`> okay who is ready for the meditation
<Amazed1> I can't :(
<Hermes`> oh no
<iWonder> are colors important ?
<Hermes`> colors with pentagrams?
<Hermes`> the color with a pentagram can have some small effect, but I have found they work no matter what color you use.
<iWonder> what's the difference between an earth or air pentagram ?
<Hermes`> the earth pentagram invokes the energy of earth. This energy is physical, good for manifesting things and for protection...
<Hermes`> the pentagram of air is a good energy for communication or ideas or transmitting information
<iris2> in a minute here
<Hermes`> a fire pentagram is good for transformation or breaking things up
<Hermes`> or for energy in general
<Hermes`> a water pentagram is good for emotions, feelings, desires, love
<Hermes`> and a spirit pentagram is good for connection to the Earth and to your higher self and God
<Hermes`> magicman are you in for the meditation
<MagicMan> nope, sorry
<Hermes`> you did so good last week too
<Hermes`> okay that leaves you soren, me and iris
<iris2> :(
<Hermes`> and iwonder
<iWonder> I'm in
<iris2> no amazed, no magic :(
<iris2> :)
* iWonder Humming for 15
<iris2> I'm ready
<Hermes`> okay let's start
<x0rolo> later
* Hermes` meditating away for 15
<iris2> good to go
* iWonder back
<Amazed1> how was it iWonder?
<iWonder> I was a bit lost
<Amazed1> lost?
* Hermes` has returned
<Hermes`> how were you lost?
<iWonder> trying to follow you guys :)
<Hermes`> oh well I was all over the place
<Hermes`> first I was in England, then I jumped to Camelot to a pub there with some knights. Then I jumped to IKH where the Holy City is located, just before the abyss. And there I was in a white knight outfit with some other knights of the holy city
<x0rolo> knights!
<x0rolo> :)
<iWonder> I didn't felt xorolo, I felt you and iris and tried do follow you with my "newly" discovered friend
<iWonder> I mean friend
<x0rolo> wonder, u was in some kind of cave?
<iWonder> no, in a mountain like place, over what I thought was davenport, but turned out later in Daventry
<Amazed1> what friend?
<x0rolo> there were crystals around?
<iWonder> I couldn't see much, it was more like I felt I was
<x0rolo> cause I tried to tune with u.. and saw a cave with many crystals..
<iWonder> I could sort of hear and feel, but not see
<iWonder> why don't we wait for Iris
<iris2> I'm back
<Hermes`> the crystal cave is located halfway up the right most tunnel coming from Malkuth
<iWonder> anyway this newly friend, is a strange thing
<x0rolo> was orange the color of the tunnel?
<iris2> orange all over!
<iris2> could also feel for a while and not see :)
<Hermes`> could be the left tunnel,
<Hermes`> the right tunnel has the pillars of light and dark with the river up the center
<Hermes`> I mean towers
<Hermes`> darn my mind is not working tonight
<Hermes`> the right tunnel has the towers of light and dark
<Hermes`> the left tunnel has the pillars of light and dark, but there is also that crystal cave there too
<Hermes`> wait
<Hermes`> sorry
<Hermes`> the crystal cave is up the center
<iWonder> well, I tried to follow you guys around, but too fast for me
<iris2> everything was so fast - like racing through the universe
<iWonder> have any of you seen a white star like shape, that rolls sometimes like a vortex
<iris2> like a spiral?
<iWonder> yes
<iris2> I have but not today - other times we meditated
<x0rolo> I'm at phone, following a little..
<iris2> going up toward Tiphareth?
<iris2> or Yesod?
<Hermes`> the crystal cave is up the center toward Yesod
<Hermes`> it is half way up, it is the Universe Card of the Tarot
<iris2> that's what I thought
<Hermes`> that will take you to the link with the diagram and the cards
<Hermes`> so iWonder, what about this new friend?
<iWonder> I found out today noon, it's some sort of white light energy that comes out of right arm
<Hermes`> really wow, and have you figured out how to use it
<iWonder> when it's steady looks like a bright white cross with a star in the middle
<Hermes`> sounds like a rose cross
<Hermes`> sometimes the rose can look like a star
<iWonder> when it moves it spins as a circle
<iWonder> I didn't know exactly how to use it
<Hermes`> well let's see, the banner of the east has a star in the center of it
<iWonder> I was under some kind of psychic attack
<Hermes`> <-- banner of the east on this page
<iWonder> too dizzy to react, when I saw it come out of my arm
<Hermes`> so this is some kind of self defense energy you have or are projecting.
<iWonder> it seems to have an intelligence of it's own, though it also seems to obey some o my commands
<iWonder> it looks to me that way
<Hermes`> it sounds like handy tool to have around.
<iWonder> if it attacks a source it stops moving turns into the cross shape and expands, very brilliant white
<iWonder> when it comes back, it's color is blue
<iWonder> at least during the attack today, it seemed to returned weak
<Amazed1> what did it attack?
<Hermes`> yea good question amazed.
<iWonder> at the med today it was trying to help me follow you
<Hermes`> it was hard to stay in one place in today's meditation. I'm not sure why
<iWonder> do you think I should not use it ?
<Hermes`> use it, it must be there for you
<MagicMan> bye
<Hermes`> it is a gift no doubt from your nonphysical teachers
<iWonder> about the attack...
<iWonder> ...I don't know what it was, but I saw this light moving in several directions...
<iWonder> ...and glowing at some points
<iWonder> seconds after I felt thing though
<iWonder> I met a girl, blond long hair, couldn't see her face, asking for help
<iWonder> she sounded frightened, something about a monster
<iWonder> so I sent (I call it starlight) to take care of her...
<Hermes`> so this energy could be connected to her
<Hermes`> that was nice of you iwonder
<iWonder> may be
<Hermes`> the more you help others the more the universe rushes to help you
<iWonder> that's when starlight returned in blue
<Hermes`> that sounds like a real nice protective tool
<iris2> was this in med?
<iWonder> yes it was trying to guide me, to find you guys
<iWonder> sorry for the double "you" :(
<iris2> yeah, I was moving very fast
<iris2> I thought I lost you for a while
<iris2> but found you toward the end
<x0rolo> I think I found some of you..
<iWonder> me, Iris ?
<iris2> yes
<x0rolo> I remember of you wonder in the cave..
<x0rolo> of iris I remember she was flying
<x0rolo> and I saw hermes in a building.. entering in a green door
<iris2> fast :)
<iWonder> the energy was very strong
<iWonder> could that be the cave where I met your friends, Iris ?
<Hermes`> soren, that was either the door to the Camelot pub or the door to the holy city.
<iris2> maybe but I don't think so. I think it was the cave in the Sephiras
<x0rolo> maybe..
<x0rolo> first thing I saw was a knight on a white horse
<iris2> think it was the cave in the Sephiras
<x0rolo> then.. a whale:)
<x0rolo> at some point I decide I wanted to travel..
<x0rolo> so I took an orange tunnell.. before the entrance of the tunnel there was an huge man..
<x0rolo> once entered in that tunnel I end up in place all white, deserted
<x0rolo> and it isn't the first time that I end up here
<x0rolo> that white place had an abyss at the end..
<x0rolo> but looking better I noticed there was a BIG fall
<x0rolo> so I just ran and jumped:)
<x0rolo> and that's all from what I can remember..
<Hermes`> the Holy City is all white
<Hermes`> well at least my version of it
<Hermes`> and the abyss stands at the brink.
<x0rolo> holy city is the etheric city?
<iris2> I did almost exactly the same
<Hermes`> no the holy city stands at the brink of the abyss, in the mental plane. I'll get a link
<x0rolo> what u got iris?
<x0rolo> Hermes`:oki
<iris2> I think when you wanted to go traveling you took me along :)
<iris2> took
<iris2> I haven't traveled that fast in a long time!
<Hermes`> so Iris you took a jump in the Abyss as well
<iris2> yes at the end - I thought we all did but I know it was more than me
<Hermes`> you guys are nuts
<Hermes`> I hung out inside where it was warm
<x0rolo> tremendous nothingness...that fit well with the idea of this place
<iris2> I don't know that it was the abyss though :)
<x0rolo> iris2:you jumped too?:)
<Hermes`> just kidding of course, it is always good to jump into the Abyss. Shakes out all the dust in you.
<iris2> I jumped on a long slide right down
<iris2> and all the orange and yellows and reds turned into white :)
<iris2> then someone interrupted my med and that was how it ended!
* iWonder where I lost you
<iris2> I thought we were sliding back down from the Sephiras
<iris2> we all started out together :)
<Hermes`> it seems you went from the Sephira to the Aethyrs
<iris2> then I think soren got this idea about travel and wow off we went
<Hermes`> which is fine because the two learning systems do over lap in places
<Hermes`> the holy city is most near Binah in the Tree of Life
<iris2> now that could be
<x0rolo> I remember orange tunnel.. checking the chart:)
<iWonder> the last thing I remember was this mountains, and one of you telling me it was Daventry
<iWonder> or something
<iris2> I know we went as far as Geburah
<Hermes`> maybe iWonder your mountain is your symbolic representation of the Abyss
<iris2> Daventry?
<iWonder> or davenport
<Hermes`> Just a guess but Davenport could be a representation of the Holy City
<iris2> I thought you were with us at that point, iwonder
<iris2> I thought at least three of us jumped
<iris2> Hermes may have been socializing in the pub :)
<x0rolo> the energy was very strong and relaxing..
<x0rolo> eh:)
<x0rolo> always drinking;)
<iWonder> I guess Hermes finished off those pints for me ehehe
<iris2> the energy was extremely strong - and I too found it relaxing
<iWonder> friendly
<iris2> Hermes, did you do all the relaxing we felt :)
<Hermes`> yea I had fun with the knights
<Hermes`> and left the abyss to you folks
<iris2> great socializing on the job!
<iWonder> :)
<Hermes`> yea, I was at a table all in white sitting around with the other knights
<iris2> while we were running around the Sephiras!
<iWonder> hope there's some ale left for me tonight (sigh)
<Hermes`> I thought about the abyss outside and said, Nope, much better in here
<iris2> thanks
<Hermes`> :)
<Hermes`> well the abyss is all about timing
<Hermes`> it is good to know when to take the dive and when not to
<iris2> ?
<Hermes`> and having a pint with your buddies is certainly not the time for abyss hopping
<iris2> :)
<iWonder> I c .)
<Hermes`> I think it was good adventuring
<Hermes`> we seemed to all stay together
<iris2> it amazes me how we do it :)
<iWonder> me 2
<iris2> it's nice :)
<iWonder> oh, I have a question
<iWonder> almost forgot about it
<Hermes`> sure
<iWonder> about a week ago during a med, I entered a dark room, in the center was an altar
<iWonder> with candles, a cup and a knife
<iWonder> I understood I was to cut my finger and drop some blood in the cup
<iWonder> I looked around the room trying to figure out who or what was there
<iWonder> I did it carefully (well as much as I could) and didn't learn anything new
<iWonder> so I left, since then this thought is chasing me
<iWonder> anyone had this experience before ?
<Hermes`> that is the cup of Babylon
<Hermes`> it is connected with today's Holy City and abyss meditation
<iWonder> what does it mean ?
<Hermes`> this is the link:
<Hermes`> you have to shed your blood into the cup of sacrifice and gain back your humanity
<Hermes`> otherwise you become like a pyramid of dust and wander the city of Pyramids
<Hermes`> devoid of feelings and concern for your fellow man.
<Hermes`> it is an important preparation for your crossing in to the abyss
<iWonder> is this good or bad ?
<iWonder> :((
<Hermes`> likewise the Aethyr VTA is located several levels down from IKH
<Hermes`> this is good
<Hermes`> it shows you are willing to sacrifice yourself for others and take back what makes you human
<iWonder> if it is so, it feels good
* iWonder what have I got myself into ?
<Hermes`> those people that gain in spiritual knowledge that do not give of themselves to others start walking down the dark path
<Hermes`> it is one of the places where you can get hung up in your spiritual evolution
<iris2> that is also a lesson in Tiphareth
<Hermes`> yes, of brotherly love
<Hermes`> compassion, and helping others
<iris2> and giving of yourself
<iris2> :)
<iWonder> have you taken that step ?
<iris2> which is where we traveled all over today
<Hermes`> yes we had a nice field trip in the upper mental plane
<iris2> I sure hope I have :)
<iWonder> I meant the cup
<Hermes`> and if you think about it iwonder, when you sent your friend to help that girl you were shedding your blood into the cup
<Hermes`> you took the first step and started to help others with your spiritual knowledge
<iris2> that was the test :)
<iWonder> ok, I'll do it
<iris2> you passed :)
<Hermes`> yea you got an "A"
<iWonder> hope so :)
<iWonder> no, I just happened to trust you !
<Amazed1> well I have to go. hope I'll be joining you in this travel meditations soon too. all the best to you all!
<Hermes`> okay have a good night Amazed
<iWonder> well, time for me to rest and dwell about this latest events
<iWonder> a lot of thinking to do :)
<Hermes`> yea it has been an eventful session
<Hermes`> good to close it now anyway
<Hermes`> I'll depart as well
<iris2> agreed
<Hermes`> All of you did real well
<iWonder> good night all, and thanks for the wonderful time
<Hermes`> catch you all later in the week
Session Close: Thu Jan 25 19:49:30 2001

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