group meditation with experiences; energizing a particular chakra; seeing auras; seeing the glass half full and dealing with sadness
January 11, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 11 17:26:56 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!'
<Hermes`> howdy
<GargowL> merry meet
<Hermes`> are you guys warming up your meditation caps
<iris^> Hi all!
<iris^> warming body with cup of tea
<Hermes`> ah good idea
<iris^> :)
<GargowL> I'm not joining you today, got a lot on my mind... (and on the taskbar)
<iris^> :(
<Hermes`> that is the best time to meditation
<Hermes`> kick out that garbage
*** SoulFlyFr ( has joined #energyworks
<SoulFlyFr> Hi everyone!
<Hermes`> hi soulflyfr
<Hermes`> are you a new face or an old one in disguise
<iris^> Hi!
<SoulFlyFr> I am indeed! Used to be DreadSpitir
<SoulFlyFr> * DreadSpirit
<Hermes`> ah well welcome back then
<xor--> hi iris,soul,hermes
<SoulFlyFr> Hey Xor
<iris^> Hi xor!
<Hermes`> so soren you in for the meditation today?
<xor--> sure
<SoulFlyFr> hermes.. what does tonight's meditation include? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do
<Hermes`> oh just relax, clear your mind and then take note to any images you may see
<Hermes`> then we compare what all of us saw here
<Hermes`> but it is also okay to not get anything. Some meditations are very quiet
<SoulFlyFr> ahh ok. . Ill try it when were all ready
<Hermes`> soren you there? you ready?
<SoulFlyFr> Hey.. I was wondering.. How do you find out all this information about consciousness' and what goes on?
<Hermes`> magicman what about you? are you in?
<Hermes`> books, dreams, nonphysical lessons, and trial and error
<xor--> I'm ready when u ppl are:)
<SoulFlyFr> same here..
<iris^> and here
<Hermes`> okay then
<SoulFlyFr> is it 15 mins again?
<Hermes`> let's all start and return here in 15 minutes
<Hermes`> if you can only do 10 then do ten and hanging out here
<iris^> no magicman?
<Hermes`> I guess he is not around the computer screen
-> [MagicMan`] PING
<SoulFlyFr> .. well, speak to you all in 15.. g'bye
<Hermes`> okay lets start
* Hermes` ohming for 15
<iris^> guess we're going?
<xor--> yapo
* Hermes` is back
<MagicMan`> hm seems I missed it
<MagicMan`> no matter
<SoulFlyFr> How did it go Hermes
<iris^> welcome back all
<Hermes`> well I did not get much
<Hermes`> it was mostly just energy..
<Hermes`> I was on a cloud for a bit with some doves flying around me
<SoulFlyFr> energy.. how was that perceived to you?
<Hermes`> and then later I had green and violet energy coming all around me
<Hermes`> the energy was like light, and then streams of it
<Hermes`> very tiny fine streams all over the place
<SoulFlyFr> So, you saw it in your mind
<SoulFlyFr> ??
<Hermes`> well in my minds eye
<Hermes`> sort of
<Hermes`> the energy was all around, I could feel it
<Hermes`> it went through me
<SoulFlyFr> yes.. I sorta saw things like that too
<SoulFlyFr> Does it feel like a wave of tingling going through your whole body? That's what I felt several times
<Hermes`> yes that comes and goes with this kind of energy
<Hermes`> energy meditation
<Hermes`> sometimes they will travel up and down your spine
<Hermes`> this time however it was more all over the body
<SoulFlyFr> Its weird.. I didn't know what it was before..
<SoulFlyFr> Have you any techniques on opening chakras? I'm not sure what I should be feeling when I open them.. I do feel this weird feeling of openness though..
<Hermes`> well
<Hermes`> you can use the MPE with colors
<Hermes`> using the color of that chakra to energize it
<Hermes`> basically you may feel nothing
<SoulFlyFr> That's where you pull energy down isn't it?
<GargowL> wow... I didn't know that... I don't remember reading it on the chakra section...
<Hermes`> or you may feel the body around that chakra tingle
<Hermes`> yes the MPE is a general purpose energy getter
<Hermes`> but you can customize it for a particular chakra by using a color
<SoulFlyFr> Well, ever since I started chakra meditation.. I get this aching, pushing area on what I think is the 3rd area or forehead chakra
<SoulFlyFr> .. its just happens.. on the train, in college, on the bus.. usually when I'm around other people
<SoulFlyFr> What does it mean, and can I use it when I get that aching feeling?
<Hermes`> when a chakra is waking up, as your brow chakra may be. It can get sensitive and it can feel some discomfort at times...
<Hermes`> yes using the color dark blue with an MPE can help to ease it.
<Hermes`> basically you are picking up on other people's non harmonious energy
<GargowL> hey, that happened to me a few days ago... I was watching a movie on TV and my 3rd eye starting feeling strange...
<GargowL> like there was something expanding inside it
<Hermes`> yes gargowl that is a sign that it is opening up, expanding and becoming more sensitive
<SoulFlyFr> non harmonious energy? Is that surrounding energy (auras?)
<SoulFlyFr> GarGowl - It feels so damn strange! Like someone is pushing on it really hard?
<Hermes`> yea it was a nice way of saying people's negative energy thoughts
<GargowL> I 've also noticed that I now see auras all the time... they are just very weak, and I 've got so used to them I don't even notice them
<GargowL> Soul: yeah, that's exactly it
<SoulFlyFr> Does that mean the other main chakras will follow as you meditate (more of the tingling)
*** jsn ( Quit ( *
<Hermes`> usually they will open one or two at a time, but it should go through them all
<SoulFlyFr> Excellent! Ill keep at the routine meditation.. I've got something to work to now
<Hermes`> gargowl, sounds like your brow chakra is getting real sensitive, if you are seeing aura all the time
<SoulFlyFr> GarGowl - How did you train yourself to see auras?
<GargowL> well, they're REALLY weak, and I have to think about them to see them...
<GargowL> I started with an exercise Cyprus found on the web... I only did it twice, but the results were great...
<Hermes`> if you try to stare past a person or thing it may be easier to see the energy aura.
<GargowL> and I also practice seeing auras on several objects when I'm bored in class
<Hermes`> what was that exercise Gargawl
<GargowL> I had to look at an image (two circles and a dot...) for some time...
<SoulFlyFr> I can see them, but there very hazy and dull. I have a friend who can see them very well, and she had NO previous practice at meditation or auras!
<MagicMan`> hm so was the meditation?
<SoulFlyFr> Is that exercise on the net GarGowl?
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<GargowL> one circle was red with an horizontal line splitting it in two and the other blue with an vertical line
<GargowL> it had 2 exercises...
<GargowL> on the firs, I had to look at a doc in the middle of the two for a while, in the other, I had do get the two circles together...
<GargowL> then I had to see the cross the horizontal and vertical lines formed, instead of seeing one circle at a time
<MagicMan`> I see the meditation stories are all done
<GargowL> it is on the net, somewhere...
<GargowL> I no longer know the site
<GargowL> something about the Thiaouba Prophecy or something like that...
<SoulFlyFr> MagicMan.. What did you see?
<SoulFlyFr> Ill search for it GarGowl
<GargowL> I don't know how to spell Thiaouba, I just know it sounded like that...
<MagicMan`> I did not meditate this time
<Hermes`> Gargowl, if you draw it up for me I can post it with this log file
<Hermes`> or just draw me a rough sketch and I'll do the rest
<SoulFlyFr> .. hey, that would be good
<GargowL> I don't think I can do that... I think the tonality of the colors were important, and I'm not sure I which side was the red or the blue circle.... those details were quite important..
<Hermes`> I see
<GargowL> because one of the eyes would only see one of the colors or something like that...
<GargowL> but I did print it, and I can search for it this weekend and scan it (it will take some time to find, I think it is inside those drawers I haven't opened for 2 years)
<Hermes`> well then if you happen across the website let me know and I'll add it to the log file at a later time
<GargowL> haven't = haven't
<Hermes`> yea that would work too
<SoulFlyFr> Wow.. I've just found this software and hardware for your home computer that let you do aura photography (who need it anyway!)
<GargowL> cool
<MagicMan`> hm I see no one mentioned the Wednesday group travel so did not work
<GargowL> gimme link ;)
<Hermes`> yea the Wednesday travel session kind of faded away for now, but we will bring it back in a few weeks
<SoulFlyFr> .. I'm still learning OBE.. but every time I get to the rush in the head stage.. my heart beat goes it.. and bang, that's it, I'm awake
<SoulFlyFr> it = up
<SoulFlyFr> I think I get to exited or something
<Hermes`> well each time approach that stage you will get less anxious each time
<Hermes`> and then once that drops, you will progress to the next stage
<SoulFlyFr> Hopefully, with practice :o)
<SoulFlyFr> The vibration stage?
<GargowL> that's the main page, I'm looking for the aura thing now..
<SoulFlyFr> Nice one Gar
<SoulFlyFr> !!
<Hermes`> yea the vibration stage
<Hermes`> good work there Gargowl, all the log readers will thank you
<GargowL> that's it
<GargowL> there is an explanation of auras and further down there's the exercise
<SoulFlyFr> Hey, there's even stuff about Levitation! Now, how does that work?
<MagicMan`> what an awful site...sensationalist, commercial not to mention badly crafted
<Hermes`> levitation, easy: attach yourself to a crane and tell the crane operator to lift you up.
<GargowL> yeah, the site is too commercial... and it should have had an better web-designer...
<SoulFlyFr> He he.. It does look a bit cruddy!
<GargowL> well, you can achieve a short levitation using Rocket-Jumping (Quake joke)
<SoulFlyFr> remember you could do that stuff on Duke Nukem 3D!
<SoulFlyFr> Anyway, I've got college tomorrow and I need sleep ! Thanks for the chat tonight everyone
<Hermes`> okay goodnight soulflyfr
<GargowL> yeah, but true RJ only came to life with Quake! In Duke3D you could get anywhere with the jetpack ;)
<MagicMan`> see you
<GargowL> see ya
<MagicMan`> so hermes...anything up lately?
*** SoulFlyFr ( Quit (Leaving)
<Hermes`> life is good
<Hermes`> soren did you get anything in meditation
<MagicMan`> that might be nice to feel ...but you saying it reminds me of some rich guy who does nothing all day :)
<Hermes`> everyone poor or rich should be able to say "life is good!"
<jsn> Yeah listen this: life is good
<MagicMan`> yea well...should is the correct word alright
<MagicMan`> most can't
<Hermes`> the secret is..
<GargowL> Secondly, after 2-3 minutes you seem like loosing sight, with bright background becoming dark purple or pink. Your sensitivity and awareness greatly increase. All emotions cease.
<Hermes`> the more you say "Life is good" the better it becomes. You create it that way.
<GargowL> remember that thing with the turtle? that's exactly what happens!
<MagicMan`> huh stuck in a time warp?
<MagicMan`> bot=got
<GargowL> except it doesn't take 2-3 mn, it takes 2-3 seconds!
<Hermes`> all of you should say at least once a day "Life is good!" then it will help to create it
<GargowL> anyway, I gotta go... I have to get up early for school
<MagicMan`> bye
<Hermes`> okay night gargowl
<Hermes`> thanks for the aura exercise
<GargowL> no problem ;)
<GargowL> Farewell and Blessed Be!
*** GargowL ( Quit (Piracy is a crime! Don't attack ships!)
<xor--> Hermes`:not very much
<Hermes`> yea it was mostly a energy meditation
<xor--> just felt relaxed and some nice flash
<Hermes`> with not much traveling going on
*** ceqi ( has joined #energyworks
<ceqi> hi
<Hermes`> hi ceqi
<Hermes`> welcome
<xor--> like an eye,some Egypt,me like a Greek
<MagicMan`> well bye all
*** MagicMan` (magicman@ Quit (L&L)
<Hermes`> bye magicman
<Hermes`> some people have seen this eye
<Hermes`> I'm not sure what it is
<xor--> ah an another things,a flash of violet energy
<xor--> like..if you have an idea of that nice balls with some electrical circuit inside that emanate energy when u touch them
<Hermes`> so you saw that violet energy too
<xor--> deep violet and pink violet
<Hermes`> the violet is a transformation energy
<iris^> I felt this energy all day today
<Hermes`> ah then you were the one that brought it
<xor--> there were thin rays coming from a massive part
<xor--> and there were 2 of them
<iris^> it got stronger as we got closer to meditation time
*** jsn ( Quit ( *
<xor--> what u got in meditation iris?
<iris^> at first we were together again holding hands
<iris^> and some one was trying to pull our energy strands faster and faster -
<iris^> trying to get our energy to move fast enough for - I don't know what
<iris^> we sort of spun off from it like a top once the energy was strong enough
<Hermes`> it must be from that spinning master I met about a month ago.
<Iris^> yeah, maybe
<Hermes`> he must be hanging around,
<Hermes`> we had spinning in one of our other meditations too
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<iris^> another thing I wish I could understand :)
<Hermes`> he spins energy and this throws off negativity
<Hermes`> at least that is what he says it does
<iris^> now this is interesting then because right after that I met with someone who was very sad
<iris^> I hugged them
<iris^> he said something about losing his father
<iris^> or he was in search of his father
<iris^> I'm not sure
<iris^> but he felt much batter and at peace once he cried and I hugged him
<iris^> maybe he had the negativity spun off!
<Hermes`> could be
<iris^> then the group met the dragon briefly
<xor--> iris,what is the color of your eyes?
<iris^> rode a roller coaster briefly
<iris^> they change a bit from gray to blue to green
<iris^> why?
<xor--> cause a saw a blue eye in meditation and thought it was referred to you
<iris^> humm, maybe
<xor--> btw,got in some cavern near the sea?
<iris^> where I live?
<Hermes`> only cave where you life is the subway
<Hermes`> life=live
<iris^> :)
<iris^> not near that subway anymore -
<xor--> :)
<iris^> got lots of huge rocks piled together near the sea
<xor--> just in meditation:)
<iris^> but there is a nice big cave in meditation in Camelot
<iris^> one of my favorite places
<xor--> mine had some kind of lake inside
<iris^> it could be the Camelot cave
<iris^> it's near the dragon
<Hermes`> we had the cave last week in meditation
<iris^> yes we did
<iris^> there's water inside
<xor--> I don't remember the last meditation
<iris^> you were there today?
<xor--> yap
<xor--> I remember of also of some green dragon at start of meditation
<iris^> that's him! and he is near that cave
<iris^> I don't remember being there long but we were there
<xor--> nice:)
<iris^> his green stood out to me today
<xor--> anything interesting you remember?
<xor--> he was coming from some kind of blackhole at high velocity and seemed angry:P
<iris^> probably because of that violet and green energy
<iris^> it was fast but I don't remember anger - I felt sadness more than anger
<iris^> but I thought that sadness was from someone in the group
<iris^> lots of sadness actually
<xor--> you sense well:)
<iris^> :)
<iris^> I just wish I could make more sense of it at times
<Hermes`> Soren why are you creating sadness in your life?
<xor--> hermes, I'm human,sometimes I just feel sad
<xor--> but is useful,it give some relax
<iris^> and feelings are feelings
<Hermes`> well it is better to focus on happiness
<Hermes`> if you can
<xor--> see I remember other particulars of meditation
<xor--> sincerely I think that is the price optimistic pay,being always optimistic but some day just feeling sad
<iris^> it is the polarity of this reality
<iris^> when they are feelings I don't want to carry with me, I try to acknowledge it and let it go
<xor--> nice technique:)
<iris^> :)
<iris^> sometimes they go easier than others
<iris^> but it is like that spiral - the longer we hold onto those negative feelings the faster they grow
<xor--> yeah
<xor--> is always like that
<xor--> btw if you hold in optimistic feelings is the same:)
<iris^> YES!!!!!!!!!
<iris^> and life passes too quickly to dwell on the negative
<xor--> ok,we're never changing optimistic:)
<iris^> rather to look at the glass of water as half full than half empty :)
<Hermes`> I like my glasses full
<iris^> yes!
<xor--> hehe:)
<xor--> u see a source of water hermes:)
<Hermes`> ah yes, my source of water never ends
<iris^> speaking of water, the water in the cave was probably for emotions
<xor--> well, water is purification
<xor--> maybe is there to purify who enter
<iris^> yes
<xor--> btw, no one see ancient Greece surround in meditation?
<iris^> not that I remember
<iris^> I was in a green field with others
<xor--> green field also here
<xor--> btw,when I was in Greece was nice, there was a big lighthouse
<xor--> I was going to take some boat
<iris^> oh yes!
<iris^> did you?
<xor--> u saw a lighthouse too?
<xor--> NO; DIDN'T
<xor--> ops
<iris^> yes, but I thought it was the lighthouse in Camelot
<iris^> maybe not
<xor--> not sure it was Greece, but I was dressed like a Greek so:)
<iris^> like with a robe or toga
<xor--> what's the difference?
<xor--> ahh..
<xor--> uhm..a robe
<iris^> thought so
<xor--> red one, had a little bag with me
<iris^> wear them lots in Camelot - perhaps that's where you were all along
<xor--> nice trip:)
<iris^> if you were by the cave and the lighthouse and the dragon - that is very nice
<iris^> they are very special to me
<iris^> sometimes I go there when I am sad - to let it all go and enjoy these things
<iris^> it always lightens my heart
<xor--> are there fairies in Camelot?
<iris^> yes,
<iris^> but what do you mean by "fairy"
<xor--> mhm, have you ever read dream of a midnight summer?
<xor--> gnomes, fairies
<iris^> midsummer night's dream?
<xor--> yeah
<iris^> many years ago
<iris^> well, last week in meditation was the little tiny being, remember?
<xor--> yes,I remember about that
<xor--> but there were two or I'm wrong?
<iris^> two of them at the cave
<iris^> lots of magical beings in the forest too
<iris^> for the most part it's a fun place
<xor--> I'll try to visit it frequently
<xor--> now I'm going to visit it in dreams:)
<xor--> nice chat, see u soon
*** xor-- (~soren@ Quit (::: Total time wasted: 3 hours 36 minutes 13 seconds)
<iris^> another interesting meditation
<Hermes`> yea as always
<iris^> it always amazes me
<Hermes`> yea I'm going to drop in a moment
<Hermes`> okay time to go bye all
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Session Close: Thu Jan 11 20:41:54 2001