deja vu; nonphysical learning; a neat eye strengthening exercise; seeing with the third eye; you are what you eat; group meditation with adventures
January 4, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 04 16:36:05 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams and more are yours to explore!'
<Hermes`> hi all
<Hermes`> I am here but not yet
<fookgb> hi
<Hermes`> be back in a few minutes
<iWonder> hi
<Attuned2> hi (when you do get here)
<xorolo> hi hermes
<MagicMan> (hi)
<xorolo> back to the future part II is always amazing eh
<Attuned2> YEA!
<fookgb> xorolo, yea, that's a good movie =)
<Attuned2> definitely!
<Attuned2> I just adore it
<xorolo> watching it right now
<xorolo> really cool:)
<MagicMan> (not sure which of them is that one)
* fookgb envies xorolo =9
* Attuned2 does too
* xorolo likes Italian TV;)
<xorolo> I'm back doc,I'm back from the future
<xorolo> tatataaa
* fookgb wonders how on earth people talk so much on Italian soap operas! =))
<fookgb> one of those hooverboards would be nice =)
<xorolo> yeah:)
<Hermes`> okay I'm here now
<fookgb> why does watching stars affect to some chakras?
<Hermes`> it does
<Hermes`> it could
<Hermes`> I suppose
<Hermes`> but I have not really heard of it
<fookgb> I read from it from somewhere
<Hermes`> well in theory
<Hermes`> each star emits a different energy pattern
<Hermes`> so looking at the star would help you to tune into that energy pattern.
<Hermes`> I can see the basis for it, but I have never heard it used that way
*** gnosis- ( Quit (Leaving)
<fookgb> ok
<fookgb> I must go to bed..
<fookgb> bye
<xorolo> hermes,I remember you told me,but I cant remeber..what are meaning of deja vu?
<Hermes`> good night fook
<fookgb> bye
<xorolo> bye fook
*** fookgb ( Quit (Leaving)
<MagicMan> see you fook
<Hermes`> deja vu is when you have the feeling you have done something already, that you are currently doing.
<xorolo> yap,interested in nonphysical meaning:)
<xorolo> if there is one
<Hermes`> ah
<Hermes`> well part of your consciousness actually lives in the future
<Hermes`> and a deja vu happens when what you are doing now connects to what you did in the future
<Hermes`> so you get a kind of beating effect...
<Hermes`> it is like taking two of the same notes but at higher octaves and play them at the same time.
<xorolo> ok,got it
<xorolo> another question..i dreamt this night of someone speaking me about relation between old testament and mathematics
<xorolo> in the dream was sort like of revelation for me and there was a theory beside what that guy speaking about it
<xorolo> but I just forgot it
<xorolo> speaking about it=told
<xorolo> any hints or something you know about it?
<xorolo> what's come in my mind is Kabablah but I don't know very much about it
<Hermes`> well
<Hermes`> what I know of the old testament there is a kind of mathematical sequence to the writings
<Hermes`> this was done so that any translation errors could be spotted.
<Hermes`> in the old days the book was copied by hand
<Hermes`> and this code was put there so that the book could be checked for accuracy
<Hermes`> I suppose it is like today checksum for computers
<Hermes`> of course the teacher could of been talking about something else
<xorolo> yap,don't remember very much of it but it was interesting
<Hermes`> some of those nonphysical lessons can be real fun
<Hermes`> much of those lessons are beyond the physical mind, so you often return with a vague memory of it
<iWonder> I once read a gematria operation where one of the aspects of Jehovah turned out in the number PI.
<Hermes`> wow that is very interesting indeed
<Hermes`> perhaps your lesson soren had something to do with that
<Hermes`> numbers and their relation to the universe and god
<iWonder> I think it was in the secret doctrine book series
<Gamble-> if you search for "bible code" you can find countless sites about what secret messages the old testament might contain
<xorolo> ya,hope to receive an continuation to this lesson
<iWonder> good tip, Gamble
<iWonder> Hermes, is the shape of the brow chakra like an half moon ?
<Hermes`> as far as I know they are all sphere shaped
<Hermes`> there is a picture of one on my website
<iWonder> I was doing this eye exercise pressing my eye lids (this is to keep the sight sharp)
<Hermes`> really that works? I'll have to try that
<iWonder> when I saw a vortex of energy going around in all directions...
<iWonder> ...after a while I saw a black hole distant like, and there it was this brilliant shape
<iWonder> well he exercise is simple, breath in hold the breath and press the lids with the index fingers...
<iWonder> this 3 times once a day. It is said some people stopped wearing glasses after sometime.
<iWonder> this is a Rosicrucian exercise
<Attuned2> I bet faith in it helps to *s*
<Hermes`> well I'll have to try this eye exercise
<Hermes`> as far as your vision, so you saw this vision with your third eye then
<MagicMan> what a scientific breakthrough there lol
<iWonder> don't forget you are pumping energy into the optical nerve
<iWonder> that's what I would like to know
<Hermes`> ah yes
<Hermes`> the fingers are good energy transfer pints
<Hermes`> points^
<Hermes`> so you let go of the breath and release the pressure on your eyelids
<iWonder> well wouldn't mind a couple of pints :)
<Hermes`> ahaha
<iWonder> that's right
<iWonder> the pressure is done while the breath is in, release the pressure on breathing out
<Hermes`> okay got it, three times a day
<Hermes`> see now you are teaching us stuff
<iWonder> 3 times, once a day
<iWonder> once
<Hermes`> oh okay
<Hermes`> 3 times but only once a day, so we do three cycles of this routine in a row
<iWonder> 3 breathes
<Hermes`> now I got it
<iWonder> talking of teaching (lol on that one) how can I take advantage of seeing the brow chakra ?
*** iris^ ( has joined #energyworks
<Hermes`> okay so this half moon shape was being seen in your third eye
<Hermes`> hi Iris
<iris^> Hi everyone
<xorolo> hi iris
<iWonder> hi Iris
<iris^> sorry I'm late
<iris^> but glad I'm here now
<iWonder> do you think it's the 3rd eye ?
<Hermes`> it sounds like you activated the third eye and then saw something
<Hermes`> Iris, iWonder was doing this real neat eye exercise and saw a half moon kind of figure in front of him.
<iris^> this sounds interesting!
<iWonder> I was pressing them rather hard, cause they were hurting that day
<iWonder> I'm used to see colors and light flashes, but never this energy vortex
<Hermes`> yea I've seen those colors and stuff
<Hermes`> when I rub my eyes
<Hermes`> but never anything so definite of a shape like that
<iWonder> I t was very clear and lasted more than a minute
<MagicMan> it was probably like the one time I saw something like that too
<iWonder> you saw something alike ?
<MagicMan> something like that...long time ago I reported this as well I'll search the log
* xorolo is idle, automatically dead [bX(l/on p/on)]
<Hermes`> when I rub my eyes I see all sort sof fireworks going on
<Hermes`> okay but let's first move into the meditation before it gets too late
<iWonder> with the exercise you'll see funny things
<Hermes`> yea I'll let you know what I get with it
<Hermes`> who is in for the meditation?
* xorolo has returned. (dead, 2m 24s)
<xorolo> rdy for it
<iris^> Iris is ready
<iWonder> count me in
<Attuned2> count me out
<MagicMan> was gonna sit this one out cuz kinda busy but I see an interesting combination of people today this will be interesting
<MagicMan> mostly vets in it :)
<Hermes`> okay then let's start if there are no objections
<iris^> ok
<iWonder> ok
* Hermes` ohmming for 15 minutes
<iWonder> how long ?
* xorolo is idle, ohm [bX(l/on p/on)]
<Hermes`> 10 to 15 minutes
<Hermes`> whatever you can take
* MagicMan gone
* iWonder away
<iWonder> back
* MagicMan back
* xorolo has returned. (dead, 17m 18s)
* Hermes` is back
* xorolo gettings some food
<Hermes`> Iris have you returned?
<Attuned2> guess meditation makes you hungry Soren heh
<Hermes`> when we had the group meditations in New York we would order pizza afterward
<Attuned2> really
<Hermes`> yea
<iWonder> let's move to NY
<Attuned2> hey can I just ask is it true "you are what you eat"?
<Attuned2> is food this important?
<Hermes`> well to a point it is
<iWonder> YES
<Hermes`> the body is a temple
<Hermes`> and what creates that temple is the kinds of food you eat
<Hermes`> so if you want your temple to be good strong and healthy then only put the best things for it into it
<xorolo> gnam
<xorolo> :)
<Attuned2> yea.. it's just I put food on The Lastest place in my life
* xorolo cooking a toast
<Attuned2> I wish we didn't have to eat..
<iWonder> like pizza for instance, slows down spiritual development, but makes it easier for you to learn Italian
<Hermes`> well it can be last, just as long as what you put into it when you do eat is good for you
<iWonder> can´t have it all :)
<Hermes`> ahaha
<xorolo> what a softly and warm energy tonight
<iWonder> so is the toast, eh
<Hermes`> :)
<xorolo> :D
<Hermes`> okay soren continue, what else did you get, besides the craving to eat
<xorolo> for the first time I got some dynos:)
<Hermes`> dynos?
<xorolo> very primitive ambient,with never seen plants and ..dynos
<xorolo> dinosaurs(?)
<Hermes`> ah
<MagicMan> I think he means dinosaurs
<xorolo> yeah that huge beasts;)
<xorolo> then..moon and sun when I tried to tune with hermes..
<xorolo> a long flight over a sea,with an island above and some icy mountains in the distance
<xorolo> at last I was with other ppl riding horses in a wood near a sea
<xorolo> and that's all:)
<iWonder> mine was funny
<iris^> very nice
<Hermes`> I guess you got a glimpse of the past there soren
<xorolo> I think everything was ambiented in the past
<xorolo> maybe some civility in the island..but who knows
<Hermes`> do you think the people in the woods were related to the dinosaur part
<iWonder> I tried to connect with the group, a broadsword in front of me, next I was in front of a green dragon (like a comic book character) there was a cave to the right, a town in front and a castle to the left on a mountain, the dragon moved aside I entered the cave
<xorolo> Hermes`:yes,I get this feeling
<xorolo> Hermes`:mostly I feel the island was Atlantis but it *just* a feeling..
<xorolo> I thought ppl with me riding horses was ppl of this channel
<Hermes`> what happened next iWonder
<iWonder> there was a lot of light at end of the cave but couldn't go further, came back to the entrance, the dragon blocked the cave
<iWonder> next a doll like girl appears and kept staring at me for a while, then she tries to leave
<xorolo> (ahh..and got another things..we were riding to Camelot,no related to dinos..i was dressed like a knight but with no armor,just the with dress ppl put under the armor and with a sword)
<iWonder> I said something like hello and she comes back, keeps staring until she hands a scroll to me and says read it
<iWonder> the scroll had 2 trees on left and right top, the only words I could make out were...
<iWonder> ..."Ondinet" (the title), "Loft" and a the bottom "Regis"
<iWonder> there was also a guard wearing armor and helmet, and some white flags with red crosses
<iWonder> like the one he was wearing over his armor
<iWonder> I think it's about it
<iris^> it sounds like a place in Camelot
<Hermes`> perhaps that scroll is some kind of talisman
<iWonder> I kept it
<Hermes`> and those words, some kind of words of power
<iris^> good
<Hermes`> did you take the sword too?
<Hermes`> or was that just there
<iWonder> gee forgot to take it
<iWonder> anyway the sword disappeared when I saw the dragon
<Hermes`> it certainly does sound like a Camelot adventure
<iris^> the dragon stays outside a cave in Camelot
<iris^> two small beings live in the cave
<iris^> the guards often hang out around there
<iris^> they are all friends
<iWonder> the dragon was comic, but the doll had a serious and surprised face
<iWonder> the guard didn´t even paid attention to me
<Hermes`> Iris you spend a lot of time in Camelot I see.
<Iris^> they are all usually lighthearted
<iris^> well, I have friends there :)
<iris^> It's an easy bridger from one reality to another
<iris^> I also try to look after things there - make sure everything is ok
<Hermes`> I did not get too much. I was held in place for most of the meditation with these energy strands going in and out of me. These energy strands seemed to connect me to the universe. Then at the end I was in Camelot and saw Sandalphon. He was in his pope outfit. He told me he was going to a formal affair.
<Hermes`> So perhaps soren you did tune into me. I'm not sure where this energy was going. it could of been connected to the sun and the moon.
<xorolo> maybe,I just saw 2 planets
<Hermes`> PureHeart how about you?
<Attuned2> ahm this is the last time I answer to this nick ;)
<Hermes`> sorry
<Hermes`> I mean Attune
<iWonder> :)
<Hermes`> Attuned
<iWonder> 2
<Attuned2> well I said I couldn't join in, was busy
<Hermes`> oh
<Hermes`> okay magicman you are up.
<Attuned2> I think he's not there
<Hermes`> ah
<Hermes`> now serving number 9
<Hermes`> okay Iris that is you
<iris^> once again I saw the magician first
<iris^> then I saw the group standing in a circle holding hands on top of a planet
<iris^> it was a flat surface, white or gray - maybe snow
<iris^> energy strands were being wrapped around us as we stood there
<iris^> then I was at the bridge in Camelot and someone was there - I think Sandalphon
<iris^> I asked what's with this bridge that we're always here
<Hermes`> good one to ask
<iris^> he said it stands for a bridge from one reality to another - that's what we are!
<iris^> then I saw all of us again
<iris^> only now we were in a circle and I was looking down
<iris^> I saw our feet all around this red spiraling thing
<iris^> so I jumped in and spiraled down, came up and joined the group again
<iris^> then we were back in the grass at Camelot
<iris^> I remember the castle in the background
<iris^> there were a few other images I got along the way but that's about it
<iris^> I saw a woman dressed in Camelot kind of gown
<iris^> someone gave roses to someone else - don't know who?
<iris^> there was a woman with long curly blond hair
<iris^> and the magician at the end - smiling as usual :)
<Hermes`> I suppose soren's riding adventure and your people in a circle could be connected
<iris^> yeah, maybe yes
<MagicMan> sorry about the away time all
* xorolo is idle, automatically dead [bX(l/on p/on)]
<MagicMan> gotta go...see you all
*** MagicMan (magicman@ Quit (L&L)
<Hermes`> sounds like we were all very busy in this meditation tonight
<Hermes`> iris who is the girl in the cave?
<iris^> remember those two beings that bothered Natalie?
<iris^> they have taken up residence there
<Hermes`> I have a vague memory of it
<iris^> they were like annoying "ghosts" with her
<Hermes`> she wanted us to make them go
<iris^> throwing things around and such
<iris^> well, I didn't know what to do with them
<iris^> so I put them in the cave with a bible and the dragon on guard
* xorolo has returned. (Dead, 3m 22s)
<iris^> and told them they couldn't come out until they read it
<Hermes`> so at least one of them did some reading and then passed some info on to iWonder.
<Iris^> yeah!
<iris^> they really reformed - in time
<Hermes`> that explains why the dragon was there guarding the cave
<iWonder> but the girl was out of the cave
<iris^> oh now they are free to go wherever they wish
<iWonder> inside the cave I saw nothing but light or snow at the end
<iris^> but they kept their home in the cave
<iWonder> what do they look like ?
<iris^> well, right now they're into this winter holiday thing
<iris^> so they have lots of lights and snow around the place
<iris^> they're really a lot of fun and they keep the dragon company
<iris^> I see them as small beings
<iWonder> yea she was small
<iris^> almost the size of maybe a 5 year old
<iris^> 3 year old maybe
<iWonder> blond
<iris^> yes
* iWonder is excited about his first visit to Camelot
<iris^> they are light - pale
<iris^> :)
<Hermes`> yea good work there iWonder
<iWonder> well, thanks to you :)
<iWonder> remember I couldn't meditate ?
<Attuned2> wow Iris "with a bible and the dragon on guard"
<iWonder> seems things are getting better
<iris^> well, you've just visited some of my favorite beings there!
<iWonder> :)
<iWonder> I wonder what the scroll means
<Hermes`> sounds like Latin
<iris^> I thought that too
<Hermes`> how is your Latin Mary?
<Hermes`> mine is not so good
<iris^> I'll need a dictionary!
<iWonder> I've seen the word "loft" somewhere
<iWonder> "regis" means something like royal
<iris^> "Regis" is king or kingly
<iWonder> yea
<iris^> ordinet - ordinary?
<iris^> or the order of things?
<iWonder> I'm not sure "Ondinet" is the right word, I had trouble reading this one
<Attuned2> Malkuth is kingdom
* xorolo is idle, automatically dead [bX(l/on p/on)]
<Hermes`> gamble any chance of finding a Latin dictionary on the net?
* xorolo has returned. (Dead, 11s)
<iris^> may tie regis into kingdom
* xorolo try to get his Latin dictionary
<Gamble-> I couldn't find a good one last time I searched for one, tho that was a long time ago.
<Iris^> ordinarius - according to order
<iris^> ordinatim - regularly
<iris^> ordinatio - rule, government
<xorolo> regis can be like a signature
<xorolo> since is at the bottom
<iWonder> it was at the bottom of the scroll, yea
<iris^> ordinatus - arranged, orderly
<iris^> ordino - to appoint!
<iris^> that's it
<iris^> et is probably the verb ending
<xorolo> dunno loft what is about
<Hermes`> wasn't it a ondinet
<iris^> ordino is the verb - the "et" is a specific verb ending
<iris^> can't find loft though
<iWonder> could be ondinet, ondinat ...not sure
<iWonder> loft I know I've it somewhere
<iWonder> seen it
<iWonder> what if it was "ordinat" ?
<Hermes`> it could be ordinat
<Hermes`> it is tough to bring back words from that realm
<iris^> et means "he is seeing"
<Hermes`> I was just wondering if there were any Latin words starting with"on"
<xorolo> ordinat=he put in order,he rule
<xorolo> ordino,as,avi,atum,are
<xorolo> Hermes`:seems no
<Hermes`> well ordinat would certainly go along with the meaning of Regis
<xorolo> with ond
<iris^> ordinet means he is seeing or he will see
<iWonder> may be I'll see that scroll again, later...i kept it
* iWonder looks at the clock and sees 0:40 a.m.
<Hermes`> well here is a page in Latin that contains both the words ordinet and regis:
<Hermes`> of course i can not read Latin so I do not know if it is connected at all.
<Hermes`> no "loft" in this page however
<Hermes`> yea the meaning of the scroll will become apparent to you over time
<Hermes`> often the meanings of these adventures is a bit hazy after they happen.
<Hermes`> then later you discover what these symbols mean to you.
<iWonder> for now I will take a nap, gotta get up early for work
<Hermes`> yea good time to wrap it up here
<Hermes`> good med people
<iris^> maybe that's what it says - the "cloudy" or "lofty" will become clear
<iris^> so let's sleep on it!
<Hermes`> okay bye all
<xorolo> bye hermes,wonder
<iris^> bye everyone
Session Close: Thu Jan 04 19:43:49 2001

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