>connecting with God and your Higher-Self, Keeping this connection, what to avoid; channeling and power overloads from it
January 2, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Tue Jan 02 16:36:39 2001
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'Happy new year!!!!'
<Hermes`> hello there
<Hermes`> okay where is the full house
<Hermes`> Happy New Year everyone, by the way
<Hermes`> okay I see you guys are all so alive
*** Attuned ( has joined #Energyworks
<Attuned> hi
<Hermes`> hi attuned
<Hermes`> welcome
<Attuned> it is I, Pure
<Hermes`> ah
<Hermes`> you are in secret
<Hermes`> how was your holiday pure?
<Attuned> nope, not this time. it's new nick for the new age of my life
<Hermes`> ah
<Hermes`> okay
<Attuned> holiday.. Special
<Hermes`> I guess that means it went real well
<Attuned> how about yours?
<Hermes`> it was good, but much too much social interaction for me. It drains me quite a bit
<Hermes`> I'm looking forward to some recharging this week
<Hermes`> so what are you looking at accomplishing this year?
<Hermes`> Actually myself i have not really thought about it.
<Attuned> well, attuning with my Higher Self (that's what my nick stands for :)
<Attuned> any tips?
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<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<Attuned> hey Gnosis
<gnosis-> hi all
<Hermes`> I suppose you will need to set aside some personal one to one time for yourself on a regular basis. And you also have to watch very carefully everything that goes on around you for clues as to how to get rid of the garbage that keeps you from connecting with your higher self
<gnosis-> Hermes
<Hermes`> yes :)
*** Attuned ( Quit (*
<gnosis-> Do you have any advice on reaching God consciousness, or an awareness of that presence?
<gnosis-> how to get there
<Hermes`> well the most important part of the journey is to want this connection very very much. Kind of like the way you think about a person you are in love with.
<Hermes`> you get that feeling in the heart chakra
<Hermes`> it is this kind of intensity that can quicken the process
<gnosis-> what's it feel like?
<gnosis-> a happiness or compassion?
<Hermes`> what does it feel like to be in love with another person?
<gnosis-> along with a one-pointedness of mind
<gnosis-> ok
<Hermes`> well when you are connected to God it feels like your being stretches across vast distances
<Hermes`> you feel warm, loved, safe, comfortable.
<gnosis-> Besides astral or dream experiences, there are two other states that seem to stand out.
<Gnosis> each has lasted no more than an instant, one is an illumination, a bright, white, flashing light
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<gnosis-> the other state is a blankness, like when a records skips, that period where there is no perception, no sound, sight, feeling, just a blankness
<Hermes`> these are also two very valid states of consciousness
<gnosis-> what are they?
<Hermes`> the two you just mentioned
<gnosis-> haha
<Hermes`> there is the state where you are connected to everything, you can call it a state of illumination...
<Hermes`> the other is a state of nothing, where you are surrounded by nothing but yourself and your connection to God
<Hermes`> dreams, daily life, OBE's are all just different degrees of one or the other state of being
<gnosis-> If i am seeking absolute freedom of consciousness, is there any state I should try to reach?
<Hermes`> the most important state is your connection to God. The more connected you are with God the more freedom you will have.
<Hermes`> but if you are talking about trance state, then I would have to say one that is very quiet, the nothing state is the best for establishing this connection
<Hermes`> once you can hold this connection with no distractions, then you can try to hold on to it with your reality revolving around you.
<Gnosis> ok
<gnosis-> thanks
<Hermes`> good questions actually
<Hermes`> Attuned was asking something similar
<Hermes`> She is going to be trying to make this connection too, over 2001.
<Gnosis> cool
*** Attuned ( Quit (*
<gnosis-> not very busy in here
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<gnosis-> Is your connection to God constant, Hermes?
<gnosis-> -if I may ask
<Hermes`> I have it almost 90% of the time
<Hermes`> I still have to work on it a bit more
<gnosis-> that's great :)
<Hermes`> yes, it is a blessing, but it was hard work along the way.
<Hermes`> it is the little things that disconnect you
<Hermes`> like being angry at someone, or not thinking kindly at situations and people.
<Gnosis> yeah
<Hermes`> of course strong emotions too
<Hermes`> it is a kind of balancing act that you have to do
<Hermes`> not too much of this or that
<gnosis-> I can relate
<Hermes`> and you get better at maintaining this balance the more you do it
<Attuned1> not even too much of good emotions and thoughts?
<Hermes`> well if you feel very very happy to the point of being drunk over it, that can get in the way as well
<Hermes`> when you are over the edge of happy you tend to let you guard down
<Hermes`> and think you do not have to be as vigilant with your thoughts and actions
<Hermes`> for example
<Hermes`> you are out with your friends and having a real good time laughing having fun...
<Hermes`> then someone starts to make fun of someone in a polite sort of way, and you forget and go along with it, by getting swept up in the moment.
<Hermes`> this then generates negative karma that can disconnect you from your God connection
<Hermes`> so as always have a good time but be vigilant with your actions and thoughts at these moments
<Hermes`> as far as kind thoughts, these are always good to have
<Hermes`> it is the emotions that you must be careful of
<gnosis-> bye all :)
*** gnosis- ( Quit (Leaving)
<Hermes`> gossip is also something to watch out for, it can disconnect you as well from God
<Hermes`> but here I am not talking about the kind you see on TV or in the movies
<Hermes`> I'm talking about the subtle kind that goes on between family and friends
<Hermes`> when you talk about things that are happening to others
<Hermes`> the general rule is not to talk at all about others when they are not there
<Hermes`> because you tread a very dangerous energy path here if you are not real careful with how you use the conversation
<Attuned1> at least nothing not nice
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<MagicMan> hi all
<Hermes`> hi magicman
<Attuned1> hey M
<MagicMan> you're all quiet it seems
<Hermes`> not really
<Hermes`> we have been talking about connecting with your higher-self and God and how to keep it connected.
<MagicMan> good topic (I guess)
<Hermes`> yes I think so
<Hermes`> when you are connected with God and your higher-self life just flows right through
<MagicMan> well you're gonna have to stick with new stuff from me
*** jsn ( Quit (-)
<Hermes`> I also use mantras all day long to keep this connection
<Hermes`> and as I go off to sleep as well
<Hermes`> as it is so easy to just become detached as you are out and about with others
<Hermes`> I use the "I am the Light"
<Hermes`> "So Hum"
<Hermes`> "I am that I am"
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<MagicMan> "To be or not to be"
*** Gamble- sets mode: +o jsn^
<Hermes`> yea well...
<Hermes`> :)
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<Attuned1> oh Hermes btw today I again dreamt like some teacher is talking to me, I was again scared after it like that "last thing on your mind is not the last" time.. could that be some warning or something?
<Hermes`> it could have some kind of personal meaning or warning to you, yes
<Hermes`> but it is a crazy phrase
<Hermes`> what did it say today?
<Attuned1> totally don't remember, but a lot of things.... just remember he was bold heh. It was strange I could read what he's saying, I know I was thinking it was really important things
<Attuned1> wanted to write it down but when it ended I had the vibrations so I tried to get out, instead fell asleep again
<Hermes`> well most of that communication was probably meant for your unconscious mind
<Hermes`> a kind of programming to help you along
<Hermes`> so if you did not really remember it, that is why
<Attuned1> oh
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<Hermes`> I'm not sure however why you feel scared afterward
<Attuned2> yes that's what I wonder too, I feel scared after such dreams usually
<Hermes`> I know sometimes I did mistake my spirit guide's actions as an attack, and was scared.
<Hermes`> in the beginning at least
<Hermes`> later I came to understand that it was something else and my inner fears had misinterpreted it
<Attuned2> well the being scared I'm talking about here is so being so scared to be alone in the house after this dreams, and also being scared when I again fall asleep I'll end up in that dream again
<Hermes`> perhaps the teacher is coming through with too much energy and so your internal defenses are going up
<Hermes`> if this is the case a chat with him will do the trick
<Attuned2> yes could be! once I dreamt I was like channeling some being and all so didn't feel nice, and we were all scared and I told myself in the dream I'm quitting with all this things. And when I woke up I was thinking that too, but then later in the day when I kinda forgot that feeling from the dream, I wasn't thinking so anymore
<Hermes`> these channeled beings have to step down their power, otherwise you will feel very frightened as you said.
<Hermes`> sometimes in the beginning of making the connection they do not step the power down enough
<Hermes`> and so it overloads you, makes you feel very uncomfortable
<Hermes`> what you can do is try to send mental messages to this channel to ask it to step its power down a bit
<Hermes`> sometimes they are unaware that it is overloading you
<Hermes`> the way the power gets stepped down is through other beings that are connected to you and the channel source...
<Hermes`> A channeled source will dictate some information to say being "A" he then communicates it to being "B" who is on a lower plane...
<Hermes`> then this process can continue till it gets to you.
<Hermes`> each time it goes through a being on a lower plane from the original the power is stepped down
<Attuned2> I see
<Hermes`> eventually as your channel becomes stronger these beings inbetween can get removed, and then the information you get will be more clear.
<Hermes`> well I guess that will wrap things up for tonight
<Attuned2> yes thanks
<Hermes`> have a good evening
<Hermes`> keep up the good work
<Attuned2> I have the whole year to :) see you
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> :) bye
Session Close: Tue Jan 02 18:42:08 2001

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