E-Particles. Something from Nothing. It’s Magic!

Hermes' Blog: October 12, 2021

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RC Radio: E-Particles. Something from Nothing. It’s Magic!
E-Particles and reality creating. Manipulating 3D, 2D, and 1D reality to create something.
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E-Particles and the transformation of one form into another in physical reality. --> Here is hopefully a short lesson on E-Particles within physical reality. E-Particles are undifferentiated energy. Let’s call it not-matter. E-Particles can become anything you want. Consciousness can transform E-Particles into anything. Reality creating would not be possible without E-Particles.

In physical reality E-Particles play an important role in transforming one thing into another. Let's say you want to create a tabletop. To create this tabletop, you have to go and cut down some trees to get wood. You must reshape that wood into a flat substance. Then assemble the flat planks of wood into a tabletop. You may use glue to hold the pieces together. Then you might want to cover that table with something like plastic or shellac to protect it.

In this whole transformation process, E-Particles are involved. The E-Particles allow you to transform something that already exists in one form and turn it into another. In my example here, we are turning a tree or a bunch of trees into a tabletop. Your consciousness will interact with E-Particles and your vision of what you want the tree to become. These E-Particles will transform the material from what it is now to what you want to make it into.

Yes of course the whole process takes place using your hands to do the work. But make no mistake about it, without the mind directing the energy and the shape and the form and using E-Particles to help fuel that transformation, it would not happen.

There is magic in transforming one substance into another. In physical reality we take this for granted. We think we're just taking a substance and remaking it, no big deal. But it is a big deal. If you think about what you are doing, you have taken a tree and converted it into a tabletop. The two things are very different even though they may be made up of the same material. Your vision along with the transformative properties of E-Particles allow the physical substance to be remade into something else. It's magic.

About Picture
This picture is my idea of what an e-particle would look like. I cannot say I have seen e-particles in my OBE adventures. However, the more I learn about them, I can guess they are some sort of energy and probably spherical as that is the perfect container shape for energy. The background represents created reality, and the e-particle is the undifferentiated energy that is waiting for transformation. E-Particles are in high concentration in 7D reality, the architect level of creating. I do hope that at some point, I will have an OBE to observe one of these, if that is possible of course.

Light, Peace

Cooking Silver! (15 seconds)

Short video of the Colloidal Silver cooking using the new bubble tube feeder and rod holder. Listen to RC Radio show to know more about its creation.

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