Atom City, 7D Reality

Hermes' Blog: October 8, 2021

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Atom City, 7D Reality

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Topics Covered: Atom City and 7D reality, what is it? About Nemo Membership plan and my new fictional book, “HAS – The Story.”


Consistent 7D reality is new to me, just under a year of travel there. Before this point, my reach for 7D reality was sporadic. Atom City and 7D reality is the next frontier for the Jedi. My plan is to have the Jedi able to reach Atom City around Christmas this year 2021. I am working on mechanisms to make this process easier. Atom City is the first of these mechanisms. It opens up 7D reality to Travel Meditation and Out of Body travel.

Atom City is very different from Kether City in the Tree of Life. Kether City is a 5D reality with parts of Kether reaching 6D reality. To reach 7D reality you must go beyond the TOL and even LIL in the Aethyrs. Now that the pathways are there, it will be easier for others to reach it.

I am sure I will have more to say on 7D reality in the future.

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Atom City exists on the outskirts of 7D reality. It is a place for people coming from physical reality to feel more comfortable as they make the transition to this high spiritual plane.

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