Lightsaber Vending Machine!

Hermes' Blog: August 13, 2021

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I am having a bit of fun with today’s Blog picture. At Wisdomsdoor we talk about being Jedi and slinging our lightsabers in alternate realities. We are always reminding ourselves of some very important things, and this is one of them.

Believe it or not walking in alternate realities and remembering who you are is not as easy as you may think. I was only reminded in an adventure last evening when several demons decided to bind me up and play games with me. For Jedi this is an easy fix. Break bonds, take lightsaber, make Swiss cheese out of demons. Except when you forget that you "CAN" do these things.

There are many layers of the psyche and, when you engage in alternate realities, you never know what may come out, or in this case be lost. The fix is to make sure that you affirm before going into these alternate realties who and what you are, what you want to take with you, and perhaps who you want to be.

In Physical reality, you are who you are, but in nonphysical reality, it is tricky. There is something called the “CORE.” This CORE is who you are, your essence. The CORE resists change. This resisting of change is one of the reasons evolving the self can be a slow and painful process. What you want to change must reach your CORE. Problem is the CORE does not exist in this reality. It is at the Soul level of yourself. To make changes here you must be persistent over time.

So, when you go alternate realities, you are engaging more of your CORE. If you are not a Jedi in your CORE, then you may not be a Jedi in all these alternate realities. So always affirm to take your lightsaber with you into alternate realities.

I will accomplish this by saying in my mind, before traveling to these realties, just what or how I want to appear there. Now the real cool part of this process is who you become in these alternate realties has a greater chance to change your CORE to the new directive.

If you are smart, you see what I am talking about. This technique of asserting who you want to be in alternate realities (and this includes dreaming) will more quickly alter the CORE. The bonus is that changes in the CORE resist alteration. So, if you make your CORE Jedi-aware. You have now become a potent individual at the deepest level of reality.

Have Fun Jedi, and may the CORE be with you!

About Picture
This picture was inspired by one of our Jedi travelers. He noticed on a visit to HAS that there was a Lightsaber Vending Machine there. The thing about the travel adventures to this place is that things just pop up. Once they are there, well they are there. After he saw the Lightsaber vending machine. It was there for everyone else. Who put it there? Probably one of the nonphysical masters. I have seen this machine now and so have others. It is how HAS has grown over the years from one-room nonphysical space to a large multi-reality. I not sure I can even call it a place anymore. It has become a living reality of its own. It is way cool stuff if you ask me.

Light, Peace

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