Orion Stargate: 2021 Year of Transformation

Hermes' Blog: January 1, 2021

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Happy New Year 2021 to all of my friends and vistors to the website! This year we transform ourselves! It will be glorious!

Welcome to the Year of Transformation! Yep this year we all change and for the better. All that hard spiritual work you been doing will finally start to bare physical fruit. This change is mainly due to the Orion energies now being able to get to the earth more easily, due to a portal that was opened in December.

My Jedi work hard everyday for their spiritual transformation and I expect to see them leap ahead in the coming months. This is the year to push spiritually and make your perfect self happen. Want to change your DNA and unlock some of its hidden secrets? This year is the year to do it!

About Picture of the Day

The Horsehead Nebular stands framed within a stargate, channeling the energies of Orion into the Earth. The Stonehenge like pillars are an indication of the destination of the energies landing on the Earth. YinYang symbol indicates a true balance of energies hitting the Earth for the first time in many thousands of years. In the far back of the picture stand 12 Obelisks balancing the 12 celestial energies that fall on the Earth. Also the Obelisks are a reference to the brief (non occult) occurrence of strange Obelisks appearing around the planet at the end of December 2020.

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Light, Peace