Coronavirus (COVID-19) Naysayers and Doomsdayers!

Hermes' Blog: March 23, 2020

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Naysayers and Doomsdayers!

Naysayer and Doomsdayer reality creating. Creating negative realities on others. Reality Creating Momentum. Negative Reality Creating. Just RC Radio show, press above to Listen.

Note: I apologize for my mispronouncing of the words “naysayer” and “doomsdayer” in the audio. You can imagine it is quite a tongue twist. To replace those words in the audio file would mean that I have to rerecord the entire thing.

These radio shows are also now on Youtube. You can click the Youtube link at the top of every page to go there!

Click here for the monthly: Heal-Luck-Protection talisman. I am making this available to everyone. Normally I send this to people who send me a monthly donation. Please accept this gift in this most trying of times.

New shows to continue. I will try to do one every day or few days, then at somepoint we get back to one a week. Right now spirit is hammering me to get these out there.

Light, Peace

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